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Found 13 results

  1. Hello everyone! I mentioned earlier in the year about creating some 250g Silver Forum Bars to compliment the 1oz and 100g Bars. I have completed my prototype bar and here it is! These bars are really chunky and have a great feel to them. They have the Silver Forum logo on them as well as "250g", 2018 and of course the all important Hallmark from the Edinburgh Assay Office. They will also have their serial numbers stamped on the side of the bar. I am now taking pre-orders for these bars. If you would like to have one of these bars made then please let me know by commenting here or PM'ing me. These bars will be minted to order throughout the year and the mintage will be declared at the end of 2018. Because they are large pieces I am expecting a maximum of 25 of these to be made. But if you all want one please feel free to prove me and @ChrisSIlver wrong. In terms of reserving specific serial numbers it will be on a first come first served basis. If you would like a specific serial number then please let me know - if more than one person wants the same number we can try and work it out together or simply do a coin toss. Serial numbers 1 & 2 are reserved for @ChrisSIlver and myself. Pre-orders, production and delivery As I mentioned above I will be making these bars throughout the course of 2018. I hope to be able to make these in a number of batches to keep production and hallmarking costs to a minimum. As such I envisage the first batch to be created, stamped, hallmarked and ready for delivery by May 2018. If you would like to order these bars then I would ask for a minimum of 50% deposit to be paid to secure your bar(s). Feel free to pay the full balance - but I would require at least a 50% deposit. Prices are set as follows Standard member price - £200 Premium member price - £175 Postage: +£7.50 via Royal Mail Special Delivery (fully insured) or +£4 for 1st Class Signed (at your risk) Free Special delivery postage included for more than one item. A few notes on pricing These bars are hand poured, hand stamped and polished by me. They take a lot of time and energy and equipment to create. These are premium hand poured silver products, not cheap bullion. They are a way to support me (as a fledgling business), my brand and the Silver Forum. Proceeds from the sale of these bars go towards the upkeep and running costs of this forum. This helps keep membership prices as low as possible for premium and gold premium members and ensures that standard members can still use this forum for free. Standard members - The difference in price is as a way for you to support the forum in a one off style payment rather than signing up for membership. But also please feel free to upgrade your membership to take advantage of the discounts available. The price also incorporates the Hallmarking costs, this includes postage of these bars to and from Edinburgh and the application of a large hallmark. Speaking of which here is a closeup of the hallmark: If you are interested then please let me know in this thread or via PM. Also, I welcome all feedback and any questions you might have about these bars. Thanks for reading and thanks for supporting The Silver Forum!
  2. First Time Silver Melting Advice

    As much as I enjoy to stack silver, I have decided that i would like to branch off and try something a little different, in the form of melting down and creating my own hand poured silver. My plan is to start off by melting down small amounts of silver, in the form of 1 oz .999 silver bullion coins, ones that I picked up at a cheap price and that have several scratches etc on them. AKA the "runts" of my silver litter . Because I am only starting out by melting 1 oz of silver, I have decided to melt the silver using a blow torch with the idea of purchasing a kiln at a later date if things go well. My ultimate aim is to start off by pouring small 1 oz silver ingots, and in the future I'm hoping to start producing more interesting designs, that being just a distant dream at the moment. I have carried out some basic research in the form of YouTube videos and online tutorials in how to melt silver at home. So far I have ordered the following equipment: 1 x Crucible (60mm diameter) 1 x Tongs1 x Graphite Stirring Rod1 x Graphite Crucible Ingot Mold 1x Butane Flamethrower Blow Torch (Maximum firepower: 1,300”C ) Borax - Sodium Tetraborate Decahydrate So I'm basically just after any advice from anyone on here who has knowledge or experience in this area. Do I need any other equipment? Any Tips? Any good YouTube videos to watch? etc... the more advice the better. Thanks in advance
  3. Hello everybody! The 100g Silver Forum Bars are due back from Hallmarking this week! Which means that it is time to start gathering payment for the bars! Firstly I would just like to say a massive thank you to all the members who have reserved their bars already! We have had 75 of the bars reserved in pre-order. If you would like to add any bars to your existing reservation or if you have not reserved a bar yet then please get in touch! Feel free to comment on this thread to reserve your bars. The following numbers are currently available. 36 - 44, 49, 51 - 55, 57 - 63, 71 - 76, 81, 83 - 84, 86, 89 - 97, 102 - 110, 112 - 121, 124 - 126, 129 - 131, 134 - 138, 141 - 143, 145 - 147 Delivery estimates Assuming you pay before Sunday 24th September then the first batch of bars will be posted on Monday 25th September. All items will be posted by signed for delivery or special delivery depending on the size of your order. For those of you who have reserved bar(s) already please can you calculate and make a payment as soon as possible (prices are below). I will be contacting you all individually later in the week as well but I thought posting the payment information here would help reduce the work load! PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR SILVER FORUM NAME AS A REFERENCE ON ANY PAYMENT! And once you have made the payment please message me with your delivery address. I may have had your address from previous orders or as part of the group order but I will still need you to confirm what address you want it sending to as I don't know whether it is different or has changed! Payment information You can pay via any of the following: Banks Transfer Account No. 76626253 Sort Code: 51-70-06 Paypal Friends & Family Paypal Goods & Services (please add 5% to your total) Prices are based on membership as follows Standard member: £83 per bar Premium member: £75 per bar Premium gold member: £67 per bar Postage: +£3 - However free postage will be offered if you purchase more than one bar. International postage will be more - if you would like an accurate quote please get in touch. So a standard member buying one bar is £86 a premium member buying two bars is £150 you can work out the rest! If you have any questions regarding payment please let me know! PM me or comment on this thread.
  4. 5% off coupon for Hand poured Silver

    Hello Everyone I'm new to the forum. I thought I would start off on the right foot by offering a 5% discount coupon for you all to use on our hand poured range. We at EJP Bullion are a small business that has been running for just over a year. We always try and offer quality items for good fair prices. Please check out our website anything we dont have that you would like us to source for you please let us know via the contact us form. We work with UK Silver smiths and suppliers but also have links in the states and Europe. Now down to the discount coupon handpoured#123 Find our hand poured page here:- Thanks for your time hope you find something you like. Regards EJP Bullion