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Found 43 results

  1. Why is it

    Why is it that on a silver forum site, the most popular coin by far, is a Sovereign? Not that I mind, I have them as well as silver
  2. Hello everyone I am new to the forum and was seeking some advice. Got quite a bit of a collection left to me from my father with a mixture of coins and bullions (about 40-50 in total) with a majority being 1 oz. I have krugerrands, american eagles, bullion bars, chinese panda coins, elizabeth coins etc. I am unsure where or who to sell it to so I need some advice. Should I sell it to a local jeweller or I am better off finding a collector? Any advice would be appreciated Thanks EDIT: I am located in the U.K
  3. Hello would someone help me please?

    Hello my name is Percy Cateriano, I'm 23 years old and live un Peru (South America). I started collecting coins about 3 and a half years ago and really enjoy doing it. My collection is still pretty small, just about 13 silver coins. I have both a 10 yuan silver Panda (2012) and a 2016 MS-69 Britannia from NGC. I Also have a domestic collection of very beautiful (i think haha) proof silver coins minted from the Peruvian Central Bank as a part of the Iberoamerican Series (1991 - Present) but unfortunately here there are no graduating companies so if someone could help me and give me some advice about how to submit my coins to NGC (I don't wanna become a member of NGC because I have so few coins and I've never done a submition before). Thanks for your help. I'll post some photos of my small collection.
  4. Change is finally here for silver

    Keep an eye out for a site They are launching their site this Monday. There is a lot of talk around this new site, it's going to change everything and finally free precious metals coins and bars.
  5. Seling and/or trade?

    I'm trying to figure out what would be the best platform for selling or Trading my coins. If I placed this in the wrong section on the form please let me know. It is my first post. I have a few sets I'm trying to build and I have an excess of kooka's, koalas and those sorts that I'm going to sell or trade not sure which one or maybe both. And with the profits or the training to obtain the missing coins to my sets. I'm asking has anybody had better luck on eBay selling individual or maybe a lot mix up two or three coins at a time with mixed years or? I was considering one kookaburra one koala and then adding a Chinese panda to come up with a mixed bag sort. Any suggestions from other sellers or Traders would be appreciated thanks.
  6. I'm pretty new here and loving the forum (yet to see any negativity at all) I think a pod cast would be a great addition to the forum A live platform for news debate and all things silver and gold Guest could feature with all manor of subjects up for discussion, references to YouTube channels, any shows or exhibitions (like a calendar feature) advice on stacking and the like This may not be feasible or possible but it's just a suggestion from a keen newbie looking to soak up as much knowledge and information as possible Cheers for your interest SS
  7. What do you use to store your prescious treasures ? I'm thinking of a felt or velvet lined wooden box with a hinged lid and no spacers If anyone can recommend somewhere to find a similar box please let me know Thanks in advance Darren
  8. New products for sale

    Hello everyone We have lots of new stock for you to have a look at All come with FREE UK DELIVERY Kind regards Jay
  9. Good Afternoon all

    Good afternoon everyone My name is Darren I live in sunny Somerset and I'm looking to invest in gold coins rather than join a new pension scheme at work as I am 46 years old and would like to keep my savings as liquid as possible I'm here to learn the ropes make friends and hopefully buy some gold coins from honest reliable people in the know Hope to talk to some of you soon Kind Regards Shortstack
  10. Are you looking for a 2009 Kew Gardens BU 50p? Well, we are auctioning a perfect coin in the original presentation folder on ebay - whatever it sells for will be donated in full to N-Vision. N-Vision is a a local charity for the blind and visually impaired. If you'd like to bid on the coin you can see it here The auction ends on Wednesday 11 October - during John 'Gilly' Gillmore and his BBC Radio Lancashire afternoon show (12 noon to 4pm) which will be broadcast live from Chard's showroom. We'll be talking about coin collecting and there will be lots of guests as well. There will be a Tombola and refreshments available for a small donation - all money raised is going to N-Vision. We'd love you to join. If you are a coin collector bring any coins that you would like to show Gilly or would like advice on. Lawrence will be on hand to give his expert opinion! If you can't join us but would like to listen to the show, you can tune in on 95.5 MHz, 103.9 MHz, 104.5 MHz, 855 MW, 1557 MW or BBC iPlayer - please note this link is to the live feed. Please let me know if you need anymore information.
  11. HI guys joined the forum a while ago haven't made a post before except for the welcome. Just wondering out of general interest and to find a few like minded individuals/Collectors does anyone here collect irish coins/banknotes, i myself do (Hence the post) just seeing what interest there is since were right beside the UK
  12. Hello everyone £320 for all 20 troy oz 10x 1 troy oz 999 fine silver Saint Guardian 10x 1 troy oz 999 fine silver Lady liberty Includes tube Plus Postage £7.55 Special delivery. Message me for payment details.
  13. New Swan Coin incoming?

    As I went to the comment section of the Perth Mint youtube page on their new videos of releasing the new 2018 designs one commenter asked "Swan 2 ???" and the official youtube channel of the perth mint responded with "Stay tuned :)". What do you think, does this mean that they are coming out with a new swan design or a coin similar to the swan?
  14. New look website

    Hello everyone EJP are delighted to be able to offer you an 8% off coupon!Coupon code: EJPBullion#01 *T&C's: 8% discount on final check out price. 1 use only. Expiry 30-09-2017We also have a new look website that is updated on a regular basis with product launches & special offers, so please keep visiting We would love to hear your thoughts so we can keep improving. We will also be excepting Crypto currency soon aswell. What coins would you like to be able to use? Have a great day. Kind regards
  15. Just ran across this video on Youtube. Its very well done, especially if you love coins and movies! Note that I have no affiliation with the uploader whatsoever.
  16. hey, I'm young. just bought my first house and I'm working class. I'm not exactly able to throw tonnes of money into gold / platinum etc. so until that beautiful day comes I've taken to silver coin collecting, starting with the Britannia's and queen beast's as they aesthetically. I've collected back until 2011, 2010 backwards seam to be up 250% in price so I understand that the premium definitely increase and makes them a good investment. I watch youtube videos and hear about thing like the lunar series or silver panda's. yet I go to find them and they're either second hand and marked up or not on sale from the original vendors. I also almost bought the firstcoincompany ares god of war but thought "$200 for a coin, that's ridiculous"...only to find it is sold out and going for $1000 on ebaby now...DOH! how do you get a heads up about the up and coming coins? is there central places that are good to find information about what is coming out and a good investment...or do you literately just keep checking the market for new release and make snap judgement. I'm totally new to this and I'm happy to take any recommendations advice on what to do and how to do it. even if its that I've been a twat and britannias are not a great place to start. thanks in advance, Gareth.
  17. Help needed

    Hello everyone ive had a set of coins passed to me and I'm looking for a rough value, they were re-minted in 1964 and they are 64% silver other than that I'm drawing a blank, as you can see by the photos theses coin are in excellent condition any help will be appreciated many thanks
  18. Silverpicker Here!

    Hi Everybody, I cannot believe it's taken me this long to sign up for The Silver Forum. Many of you may already know me from my Silverpicker youtube channel (, but for those of you who don't, hello I'm Silverpicker! I am an avid PM enthusiast/coin collector and I am here to have fun and get to know more like minded people. Looking forward to exploring the forum and learning from all of you guys! Best wishes, SP
  19. scrap silver

    I have never collected scrap silver..just need a ball park figure for about 30 ounces

    Hi all, I badly need some help finding the total ounce figure of all my foreign silver coins. This has been bugging me for a long time and I should of done this a long time ago. This would be much appreciated. Thank you. Below is a list of my foreign silver coins, their years of mintage, their country of origin and how much I have of them. 1867-1967 Canadian 10 cents - 4x 1960 Canadian 50 cents - 1x 1963 Canadian 50 cents - 1x 1958 Canadian 50 cents - 1x 1965 Canadian 50 cents - 1x 1912 American 1 dime - 1x 1919 American 1 dime - 1x 1952 American half dollar - 1x 1948 American half dollar - 1x 1945 American half dollar - 1x 1966 American half dollar - 1x 1968 American half dollar - 1x 1943 American half dollar - 1x 1965 American half dollar - 1x 1954 South African 2 and half shilling - 1x 1895 South African 1 shilling - 1x 1954 Swiss 5 francs - 1x 1967 Swiss 5 francs - 1x 1939 Swiss 5 francs - 1x 1966 Dutch 2 and half guilder - 1x 1954 Dutch 1 guilder - 1x 1957 Dutch 1 guilder - 1x 1968 German 5 deutsche mark - 1x 1973 German 5 deutsche mark - 1x 1992 Hungarian 200 forint - 12x 1976 Polish 200 zloty - 1x 2001 Portuguese 500 escudos - 1x 1958 Austrian 25 schilling - 1x 1858 Austrian 1 franc - 1x 1964 French 5 francs - 2x 1962 French 5 francs - 3x 1929 French 10 francs - 1x 1960 French 5 francs - 2x 1915 French 1 franc - 1x 1958-2001 Italian 500 lire - 2x 1951 Belgian 50 francs - 1x 1939 Irish 2 florin - 1x 1933 Irish half crown - 1x 1946 Australian florin - 1x 1966 Australian 50 cent - 1x 1960 Australian shilling - 1x 1960 Mozambican 20 escudos - 1x 1952 Mozambican 20 escudos - 1x 1917 Egyptian 5 piastres - 1x 1948 Turkish 1 lira - 1x 1964 Japanese 100 yen - 1x 1952 Lebanese 50 piastres - 1x Really need help with this. Once again thank you.
  21. Hello everyone, Im Silverwings and I have been collecting silver and gold for 3 months. I had inherited a few gold and silver coins many years ago and decided to research about these coins and found a wealth of information on youtube and I started collecting silver and gold from that point on. Im learning a lot from other stackers as we share information and I couldn't be happier to share with such a wonderful community. Now I found the silver forum and I look forward to communication and learning with more wonderful collectors. Thanks. Below is a link to my first video explaining why I stack in 2017.
  22. Chard (1964) Ltd

    We Don’t Just Sell Coins, We Know Coins With over 50 years in the coin and bullion trade, we really do know our stuff, although we learn new things every day! All of our team are trained in identifying fakes, grading coins and buying and selling all coins, bullion and jewellery. We guarantee that every time you telephone Chard your call will be answered in-house by a trained member of staff - and if you should happen to get a trainee they will let you know and ask if you are happy to be a part of their learning journey. Inform, Educate and Inspire We would love to say that our motto is to "inform, educate and entertain” but unfortunately Lord Reith beat us to it at the BBC about 100 years ago, so our motto is “Inform, Educate and Inspire.” Our websites are about a 50 / 50 split of information pages and product pages. We prefer to give our customers good quality, impartial information and advice, to help them come to the best decision, rather than use pushy hype and salesmanship. In an industry where knowledge is key we believe it is extremely important to be transparent, and we publish our premiums so they are there for all to see. We are happy to discuss our margins with anyone who asks and do not hide behind prices or complicated formulae. Over 50 Years In The Industry It’s hard to believe that we have now been in business in sunny Blackpool for over 50 years. We have seen precious metal prices fall and rise, VAT added to investment products and then removed, the United Kingdom join and (possibly) leave the EU and we have seen nine prime ministers! From our small beginnings we have now developed into a multi-million pound business, employing fifteen members of staff, serving customers all over the world and still working on the same basic principles. 2017 UK Bullion Dealer of the Year For the third year in a row, we have been voted the UK Bullion Dealer of the Year. We are proud of our Blackpool roots and are determined to go the extra mile - the Golden Mile! We're adding more items all the time to our website If there is something that you are looking for, please don't hesitate to contact us on 01253 343081, email us at or send @ChardLizzie a message.
  23. The Work of Jody Clark

    Hello Silver Forum, I'm in a bit of a dead-end regarding a numismatic hunt and would like your help. I've been a big fan of the Royal Mint's Britannia series and may be an Anglophile in general, so I was naturally drawn to the newly designed 5th definitive portrait design of Queen Elizabeth II. The designer who won the competition to be the engraver for that portrait (most likely the last one ever of QEII), is also the designer of the infamous "booty" Britannia proof coin of 2014 (image below), and the Queen's Beast series of coins that was introduced last year. If you haven't guessed by now I'm a fan of Jody Clark and his work. What I'm having difficulty with is finding more information on his other designs. So far I've discovered he designed the 2014 Ryder Cup silver medal (there are two versions of the medal but same design), a 2014 NATO Summit medal which was given to the Heads of State in attendance, and even the reverse of a Tanzanian coin (all pictured below). Does any other Silver Forum member have information on Jody Clark's other designs which were done for Lesotho (a medal), Costa Rica, Azerbaijan, or any information on the design's mentioned above? I've written to the Royal Mint to find out more information, but they haven't responded and I doubt they will. It wasn't a question about an order and I'm not residing in the UK so I bet my email was tossed. Appreciate the help all! D