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Found 11 results

  1. Creating this thread for anyone with an overdate, variation, errors etc who want to ask questions or have them checked out by other forum members. Makes sense to keep a single thread for them all!
  2. Half sovereign pricing thoughts

    I have these two half sovereigns, 1987 proof and a Manx 1973. Prices are all over the place, what would a collector pay for these pieces?
  3. Hi I was just wondering if anyone could give any info on 2007 UK Three Sovereign Proff Coin Collection and Britannia 1992 Gold Proof Coin Set. Mainly looking at price they would sell and and how in demand they are. Thanks for any info given.
  4. Why is it

    Why is it that on a silver forum site, the most popular coin by far, is a Sovereign? Not that I mind, I have them as well as silver
  5. 1911 sovereign help

    I have a 1911 sovereign that I bought some time ago as a regular bullion sovereign, but is it possible this is actually a 1911 proof (albeit circulated)? Probably wishful thinking on my part, but would like any opinions from the sovereign experts here. Hope this pics are good enough. The coins isn't in the best of shape as you can see. Thanks in advance!
  6. Hello, I was hoping The Gold Forum could assist me. I recently purchased this rather nice 1911 full sovereign and it came in this very fragile paper flip-wallet kinda holder. It has 'Royal Mint' on the front and some handwriting. Does anybody know when this packaging was issued and if the writing is significant? Thank you very much.
  7. 2017 Proof Sovereign Blemish

    Hi everyone, New to stacking here and I'd just thought I'd share with you my first ever proof coin which unfortunately I'll be sending back to the Royal Mint. What I thought was a little odd was that I ordered several days later than some of you and yet I received a lower proof number than some of you guys, I ordered late evening on the 29th October and I received proof #01499. The card with the unique code was also all creased, must just be my bad luck, surely the Royal Mint wouldn't send out a coin that had previously been returned. Anyway see what you think. Apologies for the poor photos, I'm stuck with using my phone.
  8. Why are newer sovereign's 'browner' ?

    I'm still learning about sovereigns but I was wondering why the newer sovereign's seem 'browner' compared to the older ones? I don't own sovereigns yet to compare myself. I do understand they are struck in 22 carat (11/12 gold and 1/12 copper?) to make the coins harder and more durable but I can't help wondering why modern sov's seem browner and especially seeing this photo on this thread: Thanks
  9. Greatings from Italy

    Hi everybody, after 2-3 times of lurking, I decided to get in. I'm a noob from Italy, currently interested in the market of golden sovereigns. Have a nice evening, Nunkest.
  10. VAT on collectable sovereigns?

    Anyone ever heard of such a thing as : Buyer beware, the coin will be subject to 5% Vat under code ; IMPSO5200 ( Classed as a Collectable).
  11. Would anyone care to recommend a dealer to purchase half sovereigns from in the United States?