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Found 6 results

  1. Anybody here use Coinbase to invest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin? I've finally decided that I want to dip my hands in the cryptocurrency game so I've opened a Coinbase account after hearing about this American-based company from various people and places, but I've not been able to verify my payment details as their website doesn't really specify how to do this for UK investors. I would like to invest in Ethereum and Litecoin (not Bitcoin because it's way too expensive for me) but can't because of this payment verification confusion. Any pointers?
  2. Hallo from Kent

    Hi there, I have just started my interest in coins, predominantly silver, for collecting and investing. I am currently interested in collecting sets and especially like world wildlife and landscapes. For investing I have started stacking bullion, pandas, maple leaf, lunar, britannias and eagles are all of interest. Any help or advice would be gratefully received. Kind regards Colin

    Hi all, I badly need some help finding the total ounce figure of all my foreign silver coins. This has been bugging me for a long time and I should of done this a long time ago. This would be much appreciated. Thank you. Below is a list of my foreign silver coins, their years of mintage, their country of origin and how much I have of them. 1867-1967 Canadian 10 cents - 4x 1960 Canadian 50 cents - 1x 1963 Canadian 50 cents - 1x 1958 Canadian 50 cents - 1x 1965 Canadian 50 cents - 1x 1912 American 1 dime - 1x 1919 American 1 dime - 1x 1952 American half dollar - 1x 1948 American half dollar - 1x 1945 American half dollar - 1x 1966 American half dollar - 1x 1968 American half dollar - 1x 1943 American half dollar - 1x 1965 American half dollar - 1x 1954 South African 2 and half shilling - 1x 1895 South African 1 shilling - 1x 1954 Swiss 5 francs - 1x 1967 Swiss 5 francs - 1x 1939 Swiss 5 francs - 1x 1966 Dutch 2 and half guilder - 1x 1954 Dutch 1 guilder - 1x 1957 Dutch 1 guilder - 1x 1968 German 5 deutsche mark - 1x 1973 German 5 deutsche mark - 1x 1992 Hungarian 200 forint - 12x 1976 Polish 200 zloty - 1x 2001 Portuguese 500 escudos - 1x 1958 Austrian 25 schilling - 1x 1858 Austrian 1 franc - 1x 1964 French 5 francs - 2x 1962 French 5 francs - 3x 1929 French 10 francs - 1x 1960 French 5 francs - 2x 1915 French 1 franc - 1x 1958-2001 Italian 500 lire - 2x 1951 Belgian 50 francs - 1x 1939 Irish 2 florin - 1x 1933 Irish half crown - 1x 1946 Australian florin - 1x 1966 Australian 50 cent - 1x 1960 Australian shilling - 1x 1960 Mozambican 20 escudos - 1x 1952 Mozambican 20 escudos - 1x 1917 Egyptian 5 piastres - 1x 1948 Turkish 1 lira - 1x 1964 Japanese 100 yen - 1x 1952 Lebanese 50 piastres - 1x Really need help with this. Once again thank you.
  4. Hello everyone, Im Silverwings and I have been collecting silver and gold for 3 months. I had inherited a few gold and silver coins many years ago and decided to research about these coins and found a wealth of information on youtube and I started collecting silver and gold from that point on. Im learning a lot from other stackers as we share information and I couldn't be happier to share with such a wonderful community. Now I found the silver forum and I look forward to communication and learning with more wonderful collectors. Thanks. Below is a link to my first video explaining why I stack in 2017.
  5. I mean from an educational angle, as in how would you teach your kid the basics around precious metals, the importance and value of such things and hopefully planting the seeds for future understanding of wealth preservation away from fiat currencies and savings accounts with paltry interest rates? For me, it's all about fun in the beginning. Getting them interested in the colours, faces, animals etc and then in future them seeing how a toy can be bought for x pounds Sterling or x grams of silver or gold, then as time goes on how you need more and more currency to pay for the same items. Interested to know if anyone has ever actively educated their kids in this area, or if not what your suggestions would be.
  6. Hi, Just introducing myself to Forum members. My name is Richard from Wales UK. I am a former Bank Manager (please don't hate me ;-) ) UK Investment Adviser and International Wealth Manager. Now retired from the Financial Services Industry I run my own marketing company helping small businesses improve revenue and profitability. Despite having advised clients in the past to invest 10% of their wealth in precious metals, it was primarily directed at gold and mining funds, shares and ETF's. Having over the past few weeks, followed most of the gold, silver and currency gurus on You Tube, I am presently persuaded of the importance of holding physical as opposed to 'paper commodities' should the 'Armageddon Prophecy' occur. I am currently leaning closer towards Gold at present in view of the enormous appetite of World Banks and Governments - especially in Asia and the East - to purchase as much as they can at current prices. I also admire the Chinese Government's efforts to persuade their people to do likewise. Whilst I prefer to touch and admire silver coins and bars (as they are more affordable) my concern stems from reading the World Silver Survey 2013 (from the Silver Institute) which shows that (at least 2012 and recently prior) there has been a surplus of silver available - especially when compared to Industrial and Investment demand - and this surplus is predicted to continue - despite what the Guru's (most of whom incidentally own gold and silver brokerages) suggest. However, I will admit, I can see the argument that should economies around the world collapse, there will be a flight to gold and silver, thereby rapidly increasing its price. It therefore occurs to me that Silver is a great bet in an 'end of the financial world' situation and a good bet in a 'rapidly improving economy' world (because of industrial demand) but a questionable one, when neither occurs. BTW 20% VAT on the purchase of silver hardly helps its investment case as one would need rises close to previous highs to make just a small profit, (even at current prices). Having said that, if i were closer to 20 years old as opposed to 50 years old, I would certainly invest £20 - £100 per month in physical silver (depending on income) on the basis that i was saving it over the long term and not tempted to use it to make depreciating asset purchases. If I had a good job/income, I would probably purchase a sovereign every month with the same view in mind. That's me ladies and gentlemen - not certain that I am right - who is? I am looking forward to many debates on here and believe that a UK forum for PM Investors and potential investors is a great idea! Richard