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Found 126 results

  1. A New Purchase

    Hello Forum After my first post and all the advice I received regarding to what would be a good foundation to my stack, I have taken that advice and I thought I would show a couple of photos. The new additions to my small collection are stunning. A 2018 1/10 Gold Britannia and Several 2018 Silver Britannia. Thanks again everyone, I am very pleased with this purchase.
  2. Free Postage on Selected Bullion!

    Free Postage Deals! We are offering a range of investment gold products with free postage. There has been no increase on our premiums in order to offer "free" postage as is traditionally done when businesses offer "free" postage. With us you get the same low premiums as before but with actual free postage. So now you can take delivery for the same price as a collection. Buy any of the products in the link and your entire basket qualifies for free postage. This is a limited time offer whilst stocks last. For those of you who prefer to collect from the showroom - we'll make you a brew when you come to collect. This is the first time we've offered free postage. Let me know what you think
  3. Hey everyone! I was wondering if we could start a thread where we share some of the best youtube videos we have found about gold and silver money, rather than just videos about your personal coin collections (although those are cool too!) For example, here are some great ones that I have found. I hope you will all share some of your favorites as well (This is episode one of what I think is very interesting and informative series) (this one is made by a company that I have bought some precious metals from - they've been really great to work with )
  4. Hello everyone - Welcome to the JANUARY 2018 Group Order from PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING CAREFULLY AS IT CONTAINS IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT JOINING THIS ORDER. Also, if you are interested in joining this order please "follow" this thread so as and when I have updates I can more easily share them. Disclaimer Joining this group order is at your own risk. Please make sure you read the following carefully. I (Backyard Bullion) cannot take financial responsibility for lost/damaged items that are part of this order. By joining this group order you agree to this. What is the group order all about? This group order is a way to combine shipping costs for buying silver from Europe. We pay drastically less for our silver because we essentially do not pay VAT. I organise these orders so that people can get cheap silver but also so that I can unbox a large quantity of silver for my YouTube channel. It helps grow my social media, my BYB brand and my reputation within the community. You may have noticed that we have changed dealers. Previously we have used a Belgian dealer but as are actually cheaper on most items and have significantly better shipping and customer services it makes sense to use them. I have also personally visited their offices and met the manager. I have very high confidence in their ability to do business with the forum members as part of these group orders. If you would like to see the videos where I went to Estonia to meet them then please check out the following VLOG and interview: How will the order work? The way this works is simple. You will decide what you want by looking at their website and send me a shopping list of what you want. I will send you a screen dump of the basket and total on their website and then I will send you another screen dump from showing the conversion and total in £. You then send this via PayPal F&F or Banks transfer and as soon as I get the funds I will pull the trigger with When to order and pay Backyard Bullion? I will only be placing orders on the weekend. I will not be able to place orders mid week unless there are extenuating circumstances. This is simply because I am a busy person and organising and keeping track of these orders is difficult. Feel free to send me your shopping lists during the week but understand that I will not be able to lock it in until the weekend - this is just the way it has to be so be aware that prices may fluctuate in the run up to the weekend. I would rather do it like this than potentially forget or miss recording orders and making mistakes. Deadlines & Timelines for this order The order will close on Sunday 21st January @ 8pm UK Time You will need to have got funds to me by then if you would like to order anything. I estimate that I will receive the order by no later than 28th January meaning I can get things posted out to you in the week commencing 29th January. Please note this is an estimate and may change. Shipping costs & Share of international postage. With our previous Belgian dealer, shipping was free if the order was more than €5,000. There was a reason for this - they used cheaper and less reliable shipping providers. European Mint uses the likes of FedEx/TNT/UPS etc. which will be more expensive but provides a much better quality of service and peace of mind. So there will be a share of shipping for people joining the order. Overall thought this will be offset but the cheaper base cost of the coins that the European Mint offer. Also, I have arranged an exclusive 20% off for shipping for this group order so I am confident this will be cheaper than any other dealers in Europe. Including the discount their weight/price thresholds are therefore as follows: Weight EU VAT Total under 500g € 16 € 3.20 € 19 500g - 1kg € 24 € 4.80 € 29 1kg - 2kg € 32 € 6.40 € 38 2kg - 5kg € 48 € 9.60 € 58 5kg - 10kg € 72 € 14.40 € 86 10kg - 20kg € 112 € 22.40 € 134 Individually we will all pay a % of the total shipping cost based on the value of your individual order. So if your total is £170 and the total value of the order is £5000 you would pay your % (3.4%) of the shipping - which for this size order would likely be €86. This would work out to be €2.92 - as you can see a very small amount in extra shipping. This total will be paid for after the order has closed. I will keep an eye on the shipping weight and if we are close to a certain threshold I might advise that some orders be shipped separately or held for future group orders. How do I get my coins from Backyard Bullion? You will have to pay for onwards postage and packaging from me to you. We will sort out the onwards postage and packaging once the order has been completed. Onwards shipping is at your choice and risk via Royal Mail. It is at this stage that we will sort out the share of international postage. Please note that the maximum that you can send via Royal Mail Special delivery for a decent price is 2kg (about 55 oz) . If you would like to order more than this please get in touch to discuss shipping options. Is it worth it to join? Yes - The European Mint is cheaper by quite some margin than the other bullion dealers. Some of their coins may be more expensive (the more collectable type coins) but certainly not by much. A prime example is with Britannias where The European Mint is about 70p cheaper per coin. Even with the additional costs of shipping it is still cheaper! Plus you get a much better quality of service and shipping provider. Another reason to join the more you buy the cheaper it gets for everybody! Does Backyard Bullion charge for this service? I do not charge for you to join this group order. But I do ask for an optional £1 "service charge" per person. If you would like to pay more as a "Tip" please feel free but I will not take offence if you don't pay anything at all in the form of a tip. What happens in the event of an issue with delivery from the European Mint? As I said in the disclaimer at the top of this thread, I cannot be held financially responsible for the loss/damage of any items in this group order. The European Mint has their own business insurance to cover the loss/damage of parcels and I will act as a point of contact for sorting this out - but as I said I cannot be held financially responsible for the loss of items. Have you got any questions? If you have any questions or would like any more information then please don't hesitate to ask here or via PM. If this was all too much to take in I will be making a video explaining this all in more detail which I will share here on Saturday so make sure you "follow" this thread and get that update when it is ready! In the meantime - get me your shopping lists! Backyard Bullion
  5. January gold price and ftse performance

    first trading day of the year. gld is up($), mostly flat in £'s. ftse 100 is down ~0.5% and red all day. not a great start to the year. is this a sign for what's to come the rest of the year? or can we expect things to pick up? HH
  6. January gold price and ftse performance

    first trading day of the year. gold is up($), mostly flat in £'s. ftse 100 is down ~0.5% and red all day. not a great start to the year. is this a sign for what's to come for the rest of the year? or can we expect things to pick up? HH
  7. Bitcoin seems to be crashing, everyone trying to run for the exits. Not sure how low it will go, but my guess is that money will first flow into dollars (or whatever local currency), then soon to gold. Thoughts?
  8. Whoever did this is a great person!

    If it was someone in this forum that would be awesome!
  9. Why is it

    Why is it that on a silver forum site, the most popular coin by far, is a Sovereign? Not that I mind, I have them as well as silver
  10. Are Euro gold coins worth grading?

    I have 2 gold Euro coins from 2003, both are to celebrate 1 year of the Euro. One is a French 20 euro coin and the other is a Spanish 200 euro. What I would like to know is, does anyone collect Euro commemoratives? Both coins are gold proof, if there is a market out there, would I just be wasting money getting them graded or would I cover my costs on resale? Curious to know peoples opinions, thank you.
  11. 1911 sovereign help

    I have a 1911 sovereign that I bought some time ago as a regular bullion sovereign, but is it possible this is actually a 1911 proof (albeit circulated)? Probably wishful thinking on my part, but would like any opinions from the sovereign experts here. Hope this pics are good enough. The coins isn't in the best of shape as you can see. Thanks in advance!
  12. 1/4oz or 1oz coins?

    HI everyone dont know if this has already been asked but I was wondering peoples thoughts. Which do you think is the better option, buying 1/4oz coins such as Queens Beast or Britannia or buying the 1oz coins but obviously less frequently, also if you could explain why you think your option is the better. Thanks for the options that will follow
  13. December 5% off sale

    Hello everyone It's my pleasure to offer you all the chance to use a coupon that will give you 5% off from now until the end of December. You may use this multiple times from now until the end of December on anything we offer at EJP Bullion. We also offer free UK shipping. The coupon code is:- EJP5 Kind regards Jay Parker
  14. any help with this new site?

    I would like to get anyone's thoughts on a new site i came across yesterday. name I have always been brought up to believe in the value of precious metals but I believe we are in a loosing battle as their true value will never be truly realized. It's destroying me, cryptocoins keep going up in value I see a dog on a coin and its market valuation is over 150 million and i just don't get it. I have invested most of my money is precious metals but they are going no where and i can't really use them for anything. Then i came across this site yesterday that made a lot of sense to me. I would ask that we start a group discussion about it and get some thoughts together about it.
  15. Will you order a Peter rabbit again? Can’t make my mind up, will you order one of these little rabbit?
  16. Black Friday

    Anyone found any dealers that will be giving stuff away come Friday?
  17. High Demand Releases

    I was wondering if there is any rumors floating around out there about some potential new releases with low mintages coming out soon. If so let’s put them out there. I heard of some Perth Mint Releases coming out. A Dragon and Tiger sober coin and an Emu Silver coin as well. Also heard that there will be a new Saltwater Croc Gold Coin. So hold on to those 2014 Silver Saltwater crocs. They may go up in value here soon.
  18. I'm pretty new here and loving the forum (yet to see any negativity at all) I think a pod cast would be a great addition to the forum A live platform for news debate and all things silver and gold Guest could feature with all manor of subjects up for discussion, references to YouTube channels, any shows or exhibitions (like a calendar feature) advice on stacking and the like This may not be feasible or possible but it's just a suggestion from a keen newbie looking to soak up as much knowledge and information as possible Cheers for your interest SS
  19. What do you use to store your prescious treasures ? I'm thinking of a felt or velvet lined wooden box with a hinged lid and no spacers If anyone can recommend somewhere to find a similar box please let me know Thanks in advance Darren
  20. Good Afternoon all

    Good afternoon everyone My name is Darren I live in sunny Somerset and I'm looking to invest in gold coins rather than join a new pension scheme at work as I am 46 years old and would like to keep my savings as liquid as possible I'm here to learn the ropes make friends and hopefully buy some gold coins from honest reliable people in the know Hope to talk to some of you soon Kind Regards Shortstack
  21. Hi all, i have come across a 2000 China 1 oz silver gold gilded panda coin. When I inquired from the seller that I can't find any record on this coin he indicated that a German firm gilded 1000 coins of this year. Is this bs? Does anyone have any knowledge about this? Thanks
  22. Hello, I was hoping The Gold Forum could assist me. I recently purchased this rather nice 1911 full sovereign and it came in this very fragile paper flip-wallet kinda holder. It has 'Royal Mint' on the front and some handwriting. Does anybody know when this packaging was issued and if the writing is significant? Thank you very much.
  23. Do I have a strategy yet?

    I’ve been around the Forum for a few weeks now, following various postings, watching videos, buying the odd coin or bar, signing up to all sorts of Bullion sites, scrutinising the rise and fall of spot prices on an hourly basis, learning basic German, keeping an eye on EBay and going quietly fretful and frighteningly obsessive as the days go on. My wife has even begun to use phrases like: I don’t know you any more...... Why do we never eat together? Like we used to....... If you mention the words BU, proof or low mintage once more....I won’t be responsible for my actions..... I realise this could take over the whole of my life, alter my ability to reason, affect relationships, destroy my bank balance. I need a sound, reasonable strategy to the business of collecting or stacking, which will be acceptable to a wife who is growing more suspicious and dubious. Tell me, those of you who have successfully negotiated this dilemma.....What is your strategy?