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Found 19 results

  1. Sent off some coins to NGC (part 1)

    A few weeks ago I put together a package to submit coins to NGC. I haven't received the coins back, but I have checked the status and see the coins have been finalized and graded. Below are two of the coins I sent in. One 2013 1/4 ounce silver Britannia and one 2014 1/4 ounce silver Britannia. What's unique about these coins other than their small size and limited mintage is that they are made with silver from a famous shipwreck, the SS Gairsoppa. There's edge lettering on the coins indicating this. I was hesitant to purchase these coins at first since they're in ANACS holders and I trust NGC and PCGS grades a bit more. However, I love the Britannia coins and these were so different and unique that I was drawn to them. I would be curious what forum members think will happen grade wise to these coins. Thoughts on ANACS? These coins and how they'll grade? Or, what about these coins in general, something forum members like? Thanks!
  2. Another coin copyright/patent issue! The first coin that had some copyright controversy was the Isle of Man "Britannia Rules The Waves" coin where the motto was an infringement on the UK Royal Mint's Property rights. I don't fully know the legal issues other than the motto was not able to be used by the Isle of Man since the UK Royal Mint had rights to it. Well there is another controversy and this time it is two Commonwealth countries suing each other. From what I gather there is a special technique that the Royal Canadian Mint developed to put color on coins. And, according to the RCM, the Australian coins using colorization are using that method without permission! See the article link at the end of the post. Has anyone started hoarding the Australian $2 coins in question? Or any other colorized coins? Anyone following this or the other "copyright coins" to see how they have done in terms of price movement?
  3. Has anyone on the forum picked one of these up or seen them floating around on eBay or other websites? They are sold out at Modern Coin Mart, see the link below. I completely missed it! It seems the Royal Mint are continuing with a tradition started in 2015 of having multiple Britannias available per year. This is the 3rd type as far as I can tell. For 2018 there are the textured background silver Britannia coins known as the "radial sunburst" coins and designated as such on NGC labels, the Oriental Border coins, and now this plain fields coin which is simply listed as a DPL on the NGC label. Limited mintage as far as I know and they are still available raw from the Royal Mint last I checked. Let me know your thoughts!
  4. Was just putting in my pre-order for the new Queen's Beasts coin and noticed that Apmex is taking pre-orders for the 2018 Great Britain 1/10 oz Platinum Britannia BU. This looks to be the first time that the Platinum Britannia is available in 1/10 oz size. I went ahead and picked up a couple as my first ever platinum purchase. I much prefer the "dotted" background behind the Queen on this year's BU Britannias compared to last year's "spackle" background. What do you all thing of it?
  5. Just wanted to start a thread with some drawings I plan to do overtime when I get some spare time. I used to be pretty good but haven't drew in ages so my talents have went down hill. So gonna show here hopefully an improvement every so often and then topic will fit in with the forum. All drawings will be my take on any coins that have came out. If you wish to post drawings to of your take on coins Id love to see them. Some of my drawings including the first may be worse than others as its just for fun to come up with new ideas so any critique or feedback is welcome Anyway here is one I started tonight when I came up with the idea to get the thread going. My (unfinished) take on the Britannia coin. Tried to make the shield look cool with the lines that are usually in the background of the Britannia design which didn't turn out well. The trident going behind the shield while she holds both. Side view was best for me as I'm not great at faces so the helmet done fine. The writing was hard to get correct maybe in future will change the way i done it on my drawing board with a protractor and compass. Recently liked the oriental border on the new 2018 Britannia and this is kind of where i got this idea from. Also see the bezel of some Rolex before looking like this with diamonds. So thought the border was cool going in and out all the way round so it wasn't just plain. So yeah will try and do at least one a week and might even sometimes do a better design than the real thing ( hmm the zombie dog).
  6. A New Purchase

    Hello Forum After my first post and all the advice I received regarding to what would be a good foundation to my stack, I have taken that advice and I thought I would show a couple of photos. The new additions to my small collection are stunning. A 2018 1/10 Gold Britannia and Several 2018 Silver Britannia. Thanks again everyone, I am very pleased with this purchase.
  7. Hi I was just wondering if anyone could give any info on 2007 UK Three Sovereign Proff Coin Collection and Britannia 1992 Gold Proof Coin Set. Mainly looking at price they would sell and and how in demand they are. Thanks for any info given.
  8. Is this a mule or is this a fake?

    Hi everyone I got this 1997 Britannia Silver Proof 20p coin as part of a larger lot in an auction a few years ago. I noticed it had gold gilding and did a bit of home research and discovered that none had been minted. I contacted the Royal Mint who confirmed this stating, " that the gilding must have been applied to the coin after it had left the mint". What do you think? If it is a genuine mule, should I get it slabbed? Any information or advice would be warmly appreciated. Many thanks, Piggybank
  9. 1/4oz or 1oz coins?

    HI everyone dont know if this has already been asked but I was wondering peoples thoughts. Which do you think is the better option, buying 1/4oz coins such as Queens Beast or Britannia or buying the 1oz coins but obviously less frequently, also if you could explain why you think your option is the better. Thanks for the options that will follow
  10. 2017 Silver Britannia Proof

    Whats everyone's thoughts on the 2017 Britannia design? Most of you have probably already talked about it but I'm new to this so will have missed a lot! I got one last week and think it looks good, but then I've never had such a shiny coin before got it in the box as well so probably spent a bit much. I've only got a couple of coins all from the royal mint and think they're nice, what's your opinions on other mints and the quality of them?
  11. hey, I'm young. just bought my first house and I'm working class. I'm not exactly able to throw tonnes of money into gold / platinum etc. so until that beautiful day comes I've taken to silver coin collecting, starting with the Britannia's and queen beast's as they aesthetically. I've collected back until 2011, 2010 backwards seam to be up 250% in price so I understand that the premium definitely increase and makes them a good investment. I watch youtube videos and hear about thing like the lunar series or silver panda's. yet I go to find them and they're either second hand and marked up or not on sale from the original vendors. I also almost bought the firstcoincompany ares god of war but thought "$200 for a coin, that's ridiculous"...only to find it is sold out and going for $1000 on ebaby now...DOH! how do you get a heads up about the up and coming coins? is there central places that are good to find information about what is coming out and a good investment...or do you literately just keep checking the market for new release and make snap judgement. I'm totally new to this and I'm happy to take any recommendations advice on what to do and how to do it. even if its that I've been a twat and britannias are not a great place to start. thanks in advance, Gareth.
  12. Hello Silver Forum! I've been on this forum for some months, but never introduced myself here. I'm a US collector of Silver Britannias and Lincoln Cents mostly. I recently started a Queen's Beast collection and occasionally am a sucker for random beautiful coins. I have a few bits and pieces in my collection that don't fit anymore and will be looking to sell some on this site and eBay. Looking forward to interacting with all of you!
  13. The Work of Jody Clark

    Hello Silver Forum, I'm in a bit of a dead-end regarding a numismatic hunt and would like your help. I've been a big fan of the Royal Mint's Britannia series and may be an Anglophile in general, so I was naturally drawn to the newly designed 5th definitive portrait design of Queen Elizabeth II. The designer who won the competition to be the engraver for that portrait (most likely the last one ever of QEII), is also the designer of the infamous "booty" Britannia proof coin of 2014 (image below), and the Queen's Beast series of coins that was introduced last year. If you haven't guessed by now I'm a fan of Jody Clark and his work. What I'm having difficulty with is finding more information on his other designs. So far I've discovered he designed the 2014 Ryder Cup silver medal (there are two versions of the medal but same design), a 2014 NATO Summit medal which was given to the Heads of State in attendance, and even the reverse of a Tanzanian coin (all pictured below). Does any other Silver Forum member have information on Jody Clark's other designs which were done for Lesotho (a medal), Costa Rica, Azerbaijan, or any information on the design's mentioned above? I've written to the Royal Mint to find out more information, but they haven't responded and I doubt they will. It wasn't a question about an order and I'm not residing in the UK so I bet my email was tossed. Appreciate the help all! D
  14. What should I buy?

    Hello guys, tax return season is coming up here in the states, I'm trying to purchase some silver. I don't know what to buy, maybe a mint tube of Libertads or Mapples or Britannias? What do you guys recommend? I wan to keep it under $600 US. Or would it be better to just buy a 1/4 oz of gold? Thank You.
  15. Looking for a 2014 six coin silver Britannia proof set if anyone has one to sell. Thanks.
  16. 1999 Silver Britannia Grading?

    Hi all, I have a 1999 1oz Silver Britannia that seems to be in its original mint seal. The coin looks in perfect condition. I was wondering whether or not I should sent it away to be graded, I've heard that these are quite rare in good condition. Also, how much would it be to get a coin graded? Cheers.
  17. Silver Britannia's + Milk Spots

    So, i received a 1998 britannia, very happy with it but when i was adding it to the stack, i decided to check my tubes as there were 1-2 i had never looked at. I found milk spots on around 80% of the coins. Each spotted coin varies from very little to almost covering 1 side. It seems to be worse of the queens face side but its on both. I remember this happened to some of my 2014's also. Little lost about what to do about this as brits are the corner of my stack. I dont want to be buying nice new shiny slices of heaven cut by the hand of god bruce lee style and sent to earth in coin form and praying for them to not spot up every year only to be disappointed every year. Of course i also lose value which is a bummer. I also have a tube of 2013 1.5oz polar bears and they've turned nasty also but they canadian. In fact come to think about all of my stuff in tubes have milk spotted except for 0.5oz sharks and 0.5oz apmex rounds. Everything else is in quadrum caps. Maybe time for a change to save to remaining few. Just looking to discuss of this has happened to you before and what you've done about it if anything.
  18. 1998-2011 Britannia opinions

    Is this a worthy collectible set? If so, how much would be considered a good deal to buy it in BU condition? Do you guys across the pond collect these? I looked around at the mintages and this seems like an OK set with not that many around, especially as a set. These are not graded and are raw.
  19. Anyone like toning with your Britannias?

    "Bright colors on this beautiful silver coin." One assumes this has been tampered with. Gawd knows how you could have stored a 2014 coin to get this effect.