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Found 99 results

  1. I have for sale quantity 4 proof 1980 half sovereigns. Original bright red leatherette case Certificate Royal Mint screw capsule Unit price £135 plus £7.50 special delivery. Free shipping with 2 or more. PayPal Friends & Family or Bank Transfer.
  2. withdrawn

    Hi, I'm selling my: 1/2 oz Silver Lunar Series II with Presentation Box - £380 - Accepting Offers Paypal - Friends and Family
  3. I have for sale 132g of 0.925 Silver coins for below scrap price. Price is £50 + Postage of your choice and risk. Payment by Bank Transfer or PayPal F&F
  4. withdrawn

    Sold elsewhere
  5. Coin in original cap, it does have some toning, Starting the bidding at £70, bidding in £1 Minimum increments. Auction finishes 9pm Sunday night, any bids placed in the last five mins of the auction will extend the auction by a further 5 mins until sold. ie a bid placed at 8.57pm would extend the auction till 9.03, a bid at 9.02 would extend till 9.07 until no bids have been placed for five mins. Postage £8 Special delivery, or £4.50 Signed for at your own risk. Payment Via Bank transfer or PP gift.
  6. withdrawn

    Hello All, I have the following for sale, I have bought these all in mint tubes so are mint quality, they only thing I do is take them out and put them in a plastic coin flip. I have the following coins and quantity, Postage is your choice and on top of the price. Price Amount Owl 15.85 19 Kangaroo 16.1 25 Philharmonic 16.1 20 Noahs ark 16.1 20 Maple 16.2 25 Eagle 16.75 20 Taku 17.9 19 Cook Island 18.15 19 Superman 18.6 24 Libertad 17.8 32 Brit 16.45 25 Brit 20 P 18.25 31 Gorillas 20.5 12 Steamboat W 20 14 1985 Libertads 20 14 PS. The kangaroos are sold I messed up the formatting and can't remove them without the text getting screwed.
  7. withdrawn

    Hi All. Available: 1/10 oz Rooster Lunar Gold (Perth) / Britannia x 7 1/20 oz Rooster Lunar Gold (Perth) / Britannia x 4 1/2 oz Rooster Lunar Gold (Perth) / 1/2 oz Britannia Gold 1/2 oz Tiger Lunar Gold (Perth) / Britannia x 42 1/10 oz Dragon Lunar Gold (Perth) / Britannia x 7 1/20 oz Dragon Lunar Gold (Perth) / Britannia x 4 Bulk traders preferred . Face-to-face meet preferred I'll take some pics if any interest.
  8. Would love to get hold of these pandas in capsules not bothered about slabbed graded ones just mint condition bullion in capsules.
  9. withdrawn

  10. Hi Guys, Selling in the UK only Thought I might offer this here first! A casio compass watch in great condition. These retail at £50+ Selling for £20+ postage of your choice. Grab a bargain Listing for a few days then going on eBay
  11. As above coin in great condition capsule slightly broken as shown £125+postage of your choice at your risk paypal f&f or bank transfer thanks
  12. withdrawn

    Hi All, Anyone selling their milked coins.. Please list what you have.
  13. withdrawn

  14. Seeing how quickly GoldBenj completed his 1980 proof gold half sovereign today I am considering listing the same coin at the same price of £145 plus shipping. I also have the proof full sovereign 1980 that I could offer for £280 plus shipping. For both I would ship for free so £425 total. The half sovereign is in a red leatherette box and the full sovereign in a green leatherette box, both with certificates and coins in Royal Mint screw capsules. If anyone is ready to order but wants close up pictures or has any questions then I can respond this weekend. Payment by bank transfer or PayPal friends & family. Shipping by Special Delivery £7.50 per coin or free if taking both at the same time. Sorry I don't have time today to add pictures and I would rather snap them in daylight. For anyone interested, but needing more time, I do have more than one of each so could list a second set if there is demand.
  15. I have for sale one 2004 Proof Half Sovereign with minor handling marks. Only visible in certain angles. Those of which I have tried to highlight in my images. Price is £140 + Postage of your choice. Payment via bank transfer or PayPal F&F
  16. withdrawn

    Hi all is anyone interested in 100 2015 silver Brits at £17 each + free shipping
  17. Hello all, I'm looking to buy the following, 1/2 oz Lunar year of the Rooster 1/2 oz Lunar year of the Goat If anyone has these for sell could you please PM me, thank you.
  18. withdrawn

    Selling my Elephants from 2009 - 2017 I would like to trade them to 13oz of Bullion coins ( i prefer maples) or sell for €240 (€14 postage to Uk) Capsules have scratches on them. 1 x 2009 in capsule 1 x 2010 in capsule 1 x 2011 in plastic bag 1 x 2012 in plastic flap 1 x 2013 in capsule 1 x 2014 in capsule 1 x 2015 in capsule 1 x 2016 (have milkspots) in capsule 1 x 2017 in plastic bag
  19. withdrawn

    1 x 250g Geiger Poured bar (not security line) 1 x 5 oz prey bar 1 x 5 oz pamp bar (no COA) 1 x 5 oz scottsdale poured bar - sold £16 an oz plus postage for all Prices do not include postage Payment by bank transfer or paypal F&F (add 4% for g&s)
  20. withdrawn

    Hello everyone, I have gotten all the Beatrix Potter coins apart from the 2016 Peter rabbit. I understand this one is difficult to obtain, and seeing the price is high I see why, but saying this I hope someone as got the coin for sale and I know there will be a big mark up understandable. If anyone would like to do business in private pm please see if I can afford. Sorry for the long advert. Cheers.
  21. Hi, I have decided to sell this 1oz BU date run Britannia's, 1998-2017. All coins are in good condition and include the Britannia case. Price £599 £560 + postage payment by PayPal f&f or bank transfer Thanks
  22. withdrawn

    Complete koala set Only sold as a lot. I would like to trade against 19oz bullion or €350 (€19 postage to UK) 1 x 2007 (This coin is ordered i should receive it in a few days) 1 x 2008 in capsule (small spot on the edge and back, see picture below) 1 x 2009 in capsule 3 x 2010 2 in capsule, 1 in plastic flap 1 x 2011 privy lion in capsule 1 x 2012 in capsule 1 x 2013 in capsule 1 x 2014 in capsule 2 x 2015 in plastic flap 1 x 2016 in plastic flap (Picture coming soon)
  23. - 2006 1/20oz gold panda - €100 €80 - 2014 1 oz Year of The horse UK in plastic flip - €25 €24 - 2010 1/2oz Pitcairn islands lanternfish proof 1000 mintage - €25 €20 - 2000 2 oz Lunar Dragon slightly spottet and in broken plastic flip (don't have another one to replace) - €65 - 2014 2 oz Elements of life cheetah. With real cheetah Dna.999 mintage - €150 €130 Also a family member of mine is selling a 1 oz gold rooster 2005 Lunar perth mint. I don't know his asking price but feel free to do a bid and i'll ask if he sells. If interested, tell me where you from and i will check for the postage price. I send from belgium
  24. I'm thinking of ordering some Korean Tigers. These are from South Korean Mint - Korean Minting, Security Printing & ID Card Operating Corporation (KOMSCO) Some spiel: The obverse of the new Korean Tiger Bullion Series Medal features a tiger, symbol of courage, power and good luck. A geographical representation of the Korean peninsula in Hangul, or Korean script, is on the reverse. KOMSCO plans to offer these bullion medals on an annual basis. The medals will be minted on state-of-the-art machines and will incorporate anti-counterfeiting features. One example of such a feature is the changing appearance of the Hangul lettering as the medal is tilted and rotated. The Korean Tiger Bullion Series Medal will be struck in 0.999-fine gold, but other specifications have yet to be released to the public. 2016 Has been out for almost a year now and the 2017 is new. 2016 had a mintage around 4000. 2017 will most likely be more. Although from the Korean Mint, these are classed as medals since they are not legal tender and are just investment gold. The coins seem to have a proof like finish but they are classed as bullion. I know there is a current trend to have "flashy" coins/medals graded these days. These are sold as bullion in capsules and in a box. As such, there is no guarantee on the quality but being from Korea, I'd imagine they will be top notch quality. I am going to have along think about this over the weekend. Full disclosure. I am only doing a group buy to bring my own coin costs down and I will be making ~£15 on each coin. Please bear in mind that an international bank wire will cost you around £9 alone and I will be handling all aspects of ordering and customs etc. To make it worth while there needs to be around 8 buyers. I might still go ahead if there is slightly less. I aim to order on Sunday night. Currently there is only 12 of the 2017 in stock so it's not a guaranteed order even if 8 people join. If there isn't enough coins when it comes to ordering then it will be a first come first served basis but I won't order if there is less than 6 coins. 2017 will be £305 + £7.50 Special Delivery 2016 will be £320 + £7.50 Special Delivery
  25. I have for sale 66g of .925 Silver coins. Coins are Toned/Damaged 1983 Silver Proof One Pound (Scratched/Toned) 1972 Silver Proof Crown (Damaged/Scratched) 1980 Silver Proof Crown (Toned/Light Contact marks) Price is £25 + Postage of your choice. Payment via Bank Transfer or PayPal F&F