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Found 146 results

  1. wanted 32mm Ringed Air-tite Capsules

    Anybody have this size capsule to sell please. Can't seem to find any. Thanks, Richard
  2. Thanks for your offers. Shipping destination is Germany. I check my britannia tubes and found even more mule 2014... Lucky me.
  3. Don't suppose anyone on here i is selling either the antique or proof version of this coin from UK/Europe? I love it
  4. Looking to complete an 1887 coin set, not too fussed about grade I'm looking to buy: Half crown Crown If anyone has any of the above please just post here or pm me
  5. wanted Silver Proof 1 oz Britannias

    Hi all I'm on the hunt for the above, with case and COA please. Any year bar 98, 03, 09. Cash or trade gold fractional / 5 oz silver bars. Many thanks.
  6. Hi Im needing some Royal mint gold proof full sovereign coin boxes and coa if anyone have any spares laying around. Years i need are 1986, 1989, 1992, 1993, 2002, 2014, 2015, 2017, im also interested in other years Thanks
  7. wanted 2017 f15 kookaburra

    His does anyone have a f15 2017 kookaburra for sale please?
  8. wanted Lunar 2 GOLD 1/10th Oz

    Hello Everybody, I'm looking for any of these which are available. I've started off my collection with a 2010 Tiger & now I want the rest of them! Anyone selling? Rgds SZ
  9. Must be UNC ,grade range MS64-66,not slabbed.Will pay max 275 pounds for it.Please don`t upload blurred photos,taken in poor light or over exposed.Take photos from different angles and be transparent about any flaws might have. Thank you! PS: NO TUNGSTEN CHECKING HOLES OR ACID TESTED
  10. Anyone got one of these at a reasonable price? I was going to get it in the sites bulk order but the europeanmint doesn't seem to stock it.
  11. wanted Pamp Storage Case

    Hey, Anyone happy to part with a good condition PAMP storage case or know where to get one at a reasonable price? Thank you :-)
  12. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has any Bullion full sovereigns from 1900-1932 they will be willing to let go? I would prefer Edward ones as I would like to complete that date run first then move onto the George ones. Any dates will be fine apart from 1908, 1910, 1911, 1918 will pay dealer prices Please just post here or pm me Thanks
  13. wanted 1/4oz QB Lion

    1/4oz Gold Queens Beast Lion wanted!
  14. Hi, Does anyone happen to have 25 capsules for 1oz silver Britannias. Preferably black ring ones but doesnt need to be. Also looking for a tube to put them into even if it only fits 20 or so. Will be able to do sale on the 7th when I get paid. Thanks
  15. Any condition, just want for silver value, pm as I don't get notifications of comments
  16. Hi, Has anyone got a 2001 (non d) or a 2008 1/10 Gold Panda preferably in OMP they would sell please? I would be happy to pay circa £160 for a 2001 and £220 for a nice example of the 2008, I would like both parties to be happy so would listen to any higher prices for the right coin. Cheers Dave
  17. Hi, Has anyone got a 2001 (non d) or a 2008 1/10 Gold Panda preferably in OMP they would sell please? I would be happy to pay circa £160 for a 2001 and £220 for a nice example of the 2008, I would like both parties to be happy so would listen to any higher prices for the right coin. Cheers Dave

    Hi everyone does anyone have a 2009 gold Kew Gardens for sale I really want one so let me know if you have one thanks
  19. wanted 2010 + 2016 Panda coin

    Hi All, Does anyone have a 2010 and 2016 silver panda for sale to help complete my later years ✌
  20. wanted Silver Swan Perth Mint

    Hi everyone, I am looking for a regular (preferably) or proof version of the Silver Swan from Perth Mint PM me if you have one or two coins at a good price !
  21. wanted Kew Gardens sets

    Hi all does anyone have a BU 2009 set or the proof 2009 set or proof silver set and the piedfort set just looking for the Kew garden coins but want the sets if you have any loose Kew Gardens let me know but don’t want circulated coins these are the sets I mean
  22. Anyone selling any 2oz coins or looking to in the New Year maybe ? Thanks in advance SS
  23. wanted 2016 Full UK Sovereign

    Looking for a 2016 Full UK Sovereign. If anyone has one for sale please let me know. Thanks
  24. I've nearly completed a date run set in all amounts of English 50% pre 47 from halfcrown to threepence the last of which I was hoping someone here had some spare Dates would have to be clear and not very slick or badly worn feel free to comment or pm me What I'm after is as follows Halfcrown 1924,1926,1934,1936 & 1943 Florin,Two shillings 1920,1924,1926,1927,1934 & 1935 Threepence (3d) 1923,24,25,26,27,28,29,30 1943,44,45,46. The approximate weight of all the above totals at nearly 170 grams and at the time of this post worked out at a scrap value of nearly £30 but im sure could work something out depending on the condition of the coins.
  25. Hi all, Long shot I know but does anyone have 6 of the above capsules. I have recently bought some coins from Germany and they have arrived in the square Quadrum capsules and not the originals. I have a shiny new display box to use but the after market capsules I've got are all too wide to fit. I am more than happy to make a donation to a charity of your choice or BT the money to you, I was thinking about £15 so if anyone can help then please get in touch. Happy Xmas to you all.....