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Found 35 results

  1. wanted

    Is anyone selling? please PM with what you have and price if so Cheers Shaun
  2. I'd also take 2017 if anyones got one yet.
  3. wanted

    Cheapest bullion half sov wanted. Post or PM prices for any spares you have. Ta
  4. I am looking for a high quality, unmarked proof full sovereign 1988 preferably in an original RM screw capsule. It does not need to be in a box or have a CoA. Target price £260 or thereabouts depending on condition. I just missed one of these the other day which was sold hours earlier in FDC condition - hence knowing the fair price. Also, As above but a proof half sovereign 1992 also in VGC. No idea of a fair price but possibly £130 ?
  5. wanted

    If anyone has any 2007 gold coins for sale please let me know. My brother is looking to tie up a bit of money and has decided to chuck into gold coins. Its the year he got married, the soppy sod. Singles, proofs, sets etc. H
  6. wanted

    Does anyone know where I can get one of these? Thank you
  7. Has anybody got one for for sale? Failing that, I see Apmex have them. I'd help out with shipping if you added one to your order. Cheers in advance.
  8. Anyone have a 1/4 oz queens beast griffin they would like to sell? Rather buy from here than elsewhere although I think coininvest have some.
  9. wanted

    I purchased the 2009 proof set via a good deal on ebay auction and I have decided to try and get the series as it only started in 1997. Anyone have any proof sets for sale at a good price? I will also consider single 1oz proofs. Note that the sets regularly come up for auction on ebay and can be got for £100-120 which I am happy to wait and bid on rather than pay the higher buy it now prices.
  10. wanted

    As above, I'm looking for a Rwanda proof Rooster if you can help me out drop me a pm
  11. 1) 2012 proof sovereign 2) 2011 1/4oz gold britianna Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. wanted

    Hi all, I fancy another sovereign, let me know if you are selling. Nothing fancy. Cheers
  13. wanted

    Please post how many and price. Many thanks
  14. wanted

    Anyone willing to relinquish any for 11 a piece? I am in stockpiling mode
  15. wanted

    please pm me with price
  16. wanted

    Does anyone want to sell a half sov or two at the moment? Specifically looking for a 2005 but interested in whatever you've got. Eithet post here or PM me details and price. Thanks
  17. wanted

    Hi All, Looking for the below if anyone has any spares: 2017 Australia 1oz Silver Lunar Roosters Queens Beasts 2oz Silver Lions I'm looking for coins without milking (appreciate that seems to be a rare event with QBs). Drop me a pm. Ta
  18. wanted

    Hi everyone, does anyone have one of these with Coa available please in excellent condition for sale please? Regards Chris
  19. Hi I am after a 2005 silver Britannia if anyone has one and at a fair price then I will be interested
  20. Hi all, i am after a lunar monkey in the size as above. Its to make into a pendant for my new daughter as she is indeed a cheeky monkey.... Please drop me a PM if you have one you want to unload. Cheers
  21. Anyone have one please cash waiting? Thanks
  22. wanted

    London - Junk Silver
  23. hi all happy christmas i'm looking for 2012 and 2002 both proof full sovereign thanks
  24. Hi i'm new here want to get my son on his 1st birthday !!! 1/4oz 2016 Australian Lunar year of the monkey gold coin sold out at atkinsons just after I decided to get one .. :/ so if anyone got one at a good price ? thanks
  25. That moment when you need to refresh your collections and add some bits in, i'm looking for (all individual 1oz silver) . . . 2016 Aussie + UK Lunar Monkeys 2017 Aussie + UK Lunar Roosters 2016 + 2017 Chinese Pandas 2016 Kookaburra Preferably as much as possible from a single supplier for costs. Cheers!