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  1. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    Thought I'd start this thread to allow the posting of ALL deals on gold rather than having multiple new threads My deal today is with Atkinsons who have the 1/10th Isle of Man Angel. I've bought one because I've been after this little guy for ever and ever and they don't come around very often. When you do find them, they're usually proof with a crazy price tag. Only one left though at the time of posting.
  2. @GoldSilverblog Moved to YouTube section
  3. Just received a phishing email. Usually get Pay Pal, eBay, Amazon and Bank ones but Coinbase is a first for me.
  4. Black Friday

    50% will be on the stuff they can shift. The good stuff expect 20% tops.
  5. Calling all seasoned stackers

    Really needs to stop. It's gone off topic and is getting a little fired up. I'm sure I saw some "not so nice" words used which seems to have possibly been edited out. Keep it civilized.
  6. for sale or exchange Remaining Stock - Big Sale

    @Webster I’ve removed your other thread from the discussion area. Please keep sales in the appropriate thread. Thanks
  7. completed Silver for sale

    1oz 888 poker silver coin capsule cracked £24.50 if still availabke
  8. Investing in Lego

    I've been asked some advice from a member today and have been asked in the past as well so I'm going to write a little about my strategy etc. First off, Lego is now very saturated. With so many people reselling/investing these days the returns as not as much as they used to be. The Lego company has seen massive growth over the last few years but that has slowed down and this year they've actually shrunk. There's still money to be made but it's just a bit harder. I see two issues with investing. There's simply far too many people doing it these days with the help of sites like Brickpicker as well as various dedicated threads within Lego forums. There are lots of new people joining in all the time but then there are quite a few who have left because of the extra competition and slower/less returns in recent years. The second issue is the sheer number of sets now offered by Lego. There are so many lines now that there is so much choice for consumers so there's reduced incentive to go after older sets when there's so much variety. What stared off as just picking up some sets for my son for when he's a little older has ended up taking over my main line of business. I ended up selling off most of the sets which I'd saved for him because they'd become so valuable. When I started off it was mainly Star Wars and the Modular sets. At the time, those gave the best returns but now I will sell everything and anything. If it's cheap I'll pick it up. 90% of sets will make a profit but some will take longer than others. The amount of profit is also dependent on how long you hold it for so as stocks diminish, the value increases. Obviously there has to be a demand for that set but there's always some one out there who wants it at some point and if it's a less popular set, it can take a while. Patience is the key. For a newbie, my recommendations are (in no particular order): Star Wars : Caters for both children and adults Architecture: Mainly adults and they have the disposable income Technic: Mainly adults and they have the disposable income Ninjago: Mainly kids but with a TV series it is quite popular and even more so now they've released a movie Friends: For girls but it's a growing market. Super Heroes: This is mainly for kids and a lot of it can be dependent on the minifigures. Modular & Creator Expert Lines: Mainly adults and they have the disposable income Unfortunately, that covers a good proportion of the current lines but if I had to choose then it'll be Star Wars, Architecture, Technic and Modular/Creator Expert. When it comes to buying you need to pay as little as possible. At 1/3 off retail I'd buy if it's one of the more popular lines. 40% off retail and I'll expand that and 45%+ I'll pickup anything. Worst case you end up breaking even if it turns out to be a complete dud and you need to dispose of it. If like me you're in no rush, then you will pretty much always make a profit. Not too sure how it is now but in the past there was almost zero chance of buying direct from Lego. In the past, you had to have a brick and mortar presence and even then there was a waiting list and buying limits. Since then, Lego has expanded production through extra factories etc but I have no idea if those limitations still apply. Since I'm not turning over current production sets, it doesn't really matter to me. I just pickup sets from retailers either when they're discounted or when they have special offers on such as 3 for 2. Argos and Tesco are good for the 3 for 2s but I only pick them up if they already have a slight discount over retail before the 3 for 2 is applied. These day they have a little trick up their sleeve. Just before any 3 for 2 promo, a lot of previously discounted items are put back to full retail or close to. The days of really good discounts have gone but they still can be had if you put in the work. Tesco currently have a 3 for 2 but there's literally only a handful of discounted sets. Toys r Us can have some good offers especially when they give away gift cards over X spend but they don't like selling to resellers. Amazon and John Lewis will sometimes price match promos and during quiet times and slow selling lines, both will offer discounts of varying degrees. Storage is a major factor with Lego. They can be big and bulky and they need to be kept in pristine condition. When people are paying after market prices, they expect it to be close to A1 condition. Sometimes retailers will send out inadequately packaged items and they end up with dings and creases. A lot of resellers will send them back for replacement but I just hold on to them. Once an item reaches a peak price, there are people who are happy to buy damaged boxed items at a slightly discounted price. 99% will be opening them up anyway and most likely throwing out the box so damaged boxes isn't an issue for them. It's the collectors and people buying as gifts who really need perfect boxes. To keep things pristine you will need adequate storage solutions. Stacking too many raw boxes on top of boxes can cause crushing. Posting them out also requires good packaging materials. You cannot send them out in poly bags unless you don't mind the hassle of returns and complaints. I personally don't think the savings achieved in cutting packaging costs is worth it. The buying to selling cycle is typically 18 months+. Most Lego sets are produced for a period of around 12 months before they're discontinued to make way for the next wave or new line. It means that you must buy within the production span and the biggest savings are around the mid point onward. Once it's discontinued you'll need at least another year before there are any decent returns. You can still make a profit selling before then but with so many other sellers with stock, selling prices will be low. Example. 60118 Garbage truck discontinued in Nov 16 so had to be bought sometime before that. Current selling price will achieve £25 after fees and p&p with a buying cost of £12. Around 100% return on approx 18 months. 2 months earlier the set would have only achieved £22 after fees & p&p so as a general rule, the longer a set is held the larger the profit. However, there is a ceiling price so once you are happy with the return, it's best to dispose of it. Some sets can take longer and some sets will never achieve high returns. Some people work on a lower return with a quicker turn around. I like to work on a higher return with a slower turn around. It just means less work for similar returns. What you have to be very careful off when holding for too long is a rehash of the set. Some sets are re-released every few years so you don't want to be holding onto a set when the new one is out. If you end up investing heavily you need to think of the tax implications. I know of some investors who keep their sales volume below the VAT threshold because unless you're selling quite a bit more, the 20% loss in profit (less claimable expenses) can be more than what you would have made with the extra sales volume. Currently 83k so £1600 a week which could be exceeded with just 10 high value sets a week if you went with the higher cost sets. On some forums there's some hatred towards resellers. Here's how I look at it. Lego do not put production limits on products but rather time limits. If you don't buy within the time limit then you either don't buy at all or you buy on the after market. At no point are resellers buying up all the stock and preventing Joe public from obtaining the set. There are a few exceptions such as when a product is more popular than anticipated and there isn't enough stock during the initial release. But during a products life span there is plenty of opportunity to purchase it at retail and it is only when it's discontinued that you have to go to the after market. It's either that or don't buy that particular set but it wasn't resellers that put you in that position and the aftermarket price is then dictated by supply and demand. I think I've covered everything. If I think of anything else I'll add it as a footer. Please note that with any investment or business venture, there is always an element of risk. As they say, you may not get back what you put in.
  9. Silver has not been good to me

    @Roy moved to discussion area.
  10. for sale Silver for sale

    osb bar too (just the 1)
  11. for sale Silver for sale

    flag bar plz
  12. Open Thread.

    I don’t want to start another delivery thread so thought I’d have a little rant here. Previously Parcel Force handled domestic DHL parcels from Germany but now that DHL own UKMail, they have now taken over the handling of those parcels. I had some parcels arrive in the UK on the 12th. These are big bulky boxes containing coin boxes weighing anywhere from 15 to 20+kg and big enough for me to get into. I expected them to be delivered on the 13th but they weren’t loaded onto a vehicle and at 11:36am I somehow rearranged delivery. I’d never rearranged or been in contact so I tried phoning but couldn’t get through to a human so fired off a message where I received a case number so I know it was received. I’m yet to receive a reply. Tracking was showing delivery for the 14th so there was no need for me to wait in. I do the school run and I’m back home from 4:20 until 4:40 and then back home again at 6. When I came home at 6 I found a calling card. I check tracking and it shows an attempted delivery at 4pm. Very strange since there was no calling card while I was home so the card must have been posted sometime between 4:40 and 6 yet delivery was supposed to have been at 4. I’m guessing that they couldn’t be bothered with the delivery so scanned as a failed attempt and popped a card though while passing a little later. On the 14th there was a loading scan around 13:57 and tracking showed a delivery estimate of 5:15-6:15. Guess what! A no show. The system now shows that I’ve rearranged delivery for one of them and now the delivery estimate is the 16th so they’re going to miss out the 15th altogether but the other 2 are just showing as back at the depot . I fired off another message last night before the update came through but I’m not expecting a reply. I’ve been on the phone today and they’re not helpful and delivery should be on the 16th now. I have at least another 4 parcels of the same size arrive at the depot in the early hours of the morning. Tracking shows an estimate delivery of the 15th but so far they haven’t been loaded. I don’t think it will be out for delivery today and I have no idea when they will be delivered. I know what the problem is. The parcels are so big and bulky that they can’t be bothered to deliver them. I’ll have to wait another day or 2 until I can phone up and have another complain.
  13. Figure Eight Dragon 2018 2oz Silver Antiqued Coin

    Would have been a presale. Presales are normally listed as "coming soon" and inside the listing it will have the release date along with an estimate of delivery time to them after release. Availability coming soon Release date 07.11.2017 Delivery time 10-14 Days (after release date)
  14. Here I am documenting the easiest ways to leave feedback. There are other slight variations but those options are not always available but using these methods should always work. Using a PC browser: Click on the "+create" drop down tab in the top right corner Several new options will appear with the 3rd one being "feedback". Click on it. A new window will now appear where you can leave feedback. Type members name and it will auto suggest and when the right name pops up, click it. Choose your rating from the drop down options. Choose whether you were the buyer or seller from the drop down options. Write a short comment. For the topic you will need to remember the title name and then start typing it. It will auto suggest and when the correct thread pops up, click it. Using a phone browser: Click on the button in the top right corner which resembles three lines. New options will appear. Click on "browse". More options will appear. Click on "feedback". This will take you to the feedback page on the site where you will see a green button named "add feedback". Click this. A new window will now appear where you can leave feedback. Type members name and it will auto suggest and when the right name pops up, click it. Choose your rating from the drop down options. Choose whether you were the buyer or seller from the drop down options. Write a short comment. For the topic you will need to remember the title name and then start typing it. It will auto suggest and when the correct thread pops up, click it. Using Tapatalk: I have no idea.
  15. Bottle Cap Shaped Coin

    As title really. We've had egg shaped coins, spherical coins, cylindrical coins & pyramid shaped coins just to name a few. Coming sometime this year will be a bottle cap shaped coin. Link to company producing it. They've been involved with a few licensed themed coins in the past.
  16. Bottle Cap Shaped Coin

    Yep. Paper work is started en-route so pretty much ready by the time it reaches UK. When it arrives in the UK they will either phone and ask for pre payment of charges or just deliver the next day and invoice later. Not sure what their criteria is as to which they use.
  17. Bottle Cap Shaped Coin

    Economy service. I think it’s around 5 days.
  18. for sale Silver coins

    One of each please
  19. completed Silverbugs 1oz kracken

    I'll take it if still available
  20. silver items (coins, rounds, metals) from Portugal

    @silverandgoldportugal Moved your post to the YouTube thread since it isn't a discussion. Feel free to post videos in this thread or individual titled videos in this section.
  21. for sale Silver coins

    If still available: 1oz Cookson precious metals silver bar £16.50 1oz Pamp Suisse Christopher Columbus silver rounds sealed £21.50 X 1
  22. Bottle Cap Shaped Coin

    Don’t quite understand. You would have already paid for a door to door delivery service when purchasing the goods. Handling fee is just for the courier to handle the paper work and prepay any VAT due on your behalf.
  23. Bottle Cap Shaped Coin

    20% VAT plus an additional £12 customs handling fee.
  24. The Moon Panda is dead?

    @Hobbot Moved to General PM section as it covers all varieties.
  25. completed 1oz Britannia rules the waves error PF69

    I’ll take one if still available