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  1. Really? That's the kind of reply you want to make in your own sale thread. I don't think I need to add anything.
  2. I see that you withdrew the sale 30 mins after my reply. It is perfectly fine to do so but a little reply to let me know it's been withdrawn or sold or whatever might have been nice.
  3. I'll take it if still available
  4. Update on what's left: 6 X Canadian Mint Tubes 8 X Brit Lubes (25 cap) 2 X Brit Tubes (20 cap) 7 X ASE tubes 2 X Perth Mint 1oz tubes 3 X Generica 41mm tubes 10 X Generic 39mm tubes
  5. I have 4 of these treasure boxes which I would be embarrassed to sell so have been put aside and sat taking up storage space for sometime. 3 are undamaged and 1 has a crack in the top. Pics of the box. Measure 36 x 23cm internally with a low point height of ~9cm. They are made from plywood or similar. They were designed to hold coin trays but I found that they were too tight a fit with the internal lining they've added and was extremely difficult to get the trays out after they were placed in. Postage is £3 by either 2nd class standard or Hermes. £3.50 1st class (I need to weigh but if it comes in at over 1kg boxed up, it'll actually be £5.50) . Add £1 if you want signed-for. Packaging is £1.50. I'm going to limit to 1 per person unless there are no takers after a few days. I also have coin tubes which can be sent with the box. There are Brit, Generic 39mm, Perth Mint 1oz, Perth Mint 1/2oz, Libertad, Somali Elephant, ASE, Canadian Mint. All shown in the pics but have more generic 39mm if required. Once boxes have gone then anyone wanting tubes on their own can have whatever's left. Same postage rate applies. All I ask is that you only take whatever you need so that others can have some as well. If there are no other takers then you can take whatever you want. Buzz here with your requirements. The 4th buzz will receive the damaged box. PPF&F or BT
  6. New temple of heaven panda

    I don't think the technology is there yet to be able to just to make the pandas gold. The ratio is way out and the silver should have been a small ring. Of course it is.
  7. New temple of heaven panda

    Bi-Met gold. Far too much silver/not enough gold. I think it should have been 5g gold at least. On the 3g gold to 7g silver, that's a 3:14 volume ratio so there's almost 5 times as much volume in silver than there is in gold.
  8. Queens Beasts boxes

    From the sale thread in the classfieds.
  9. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    Thought I'd start this thread to allow the posting of ALL deals on gold rather than having multiple new threads My deal today is with Atkinsons who have the 1/10th Isle of Man Angel. I've bought one because I've been after this little guy for ever and ever and they don't come around very often. When you do find them, they're usually proof with a crazy price tag. Only one left though at the time of posting.
  10. This has bugged me for many many years. When recording video on mobile phones, you're actually supposed to have the phone landscape so it records in wide screen so that the video is shaped like a TV/monitor. Recording on the phone in either landscape and portrait will fill the whole screen on the device but only one is the correct orientation when not viewed on the phone. Most modern phones will produce a decent video at most probably in 1080p, 720p at worse.
  11. Gold in Dubai airport

    VAT on gold was abolished around 1999. From 1973 onwards it used to be VAT rate-able. Some countries have taxes on gold such as India (all gold) and Australia (if less than 24 karat). There will be other countries as well but I've not looked.
  12. You have to phone through for international orders.
  13. Bullion tester & counterfeit Bullion

    @Charliechaplin moved to discussion section.
  14. for sale Silver coins

    1997 Privy Kooks and 2000 Privy Maple if still avilable
  15. I have been asked a few times as to how much it cost me to to have my coins graded by NGC without going through a group submission so I thought I’d run the numbers for anyone interested. It should also help you compare against PCGS if you are using them at the moment. Sending a small amount of coins yourself will cost more due to the higher postage costs to and from the USA and worked on a per unit basis. However, this can then be offset against the cost of sending the coins to and from the group submitter. Special Delivery is a minimum of £6.45 each way. My last submission was 10 coins so I’ll worth with those numbers for now. But…..10 is not an ideal number of coins as it doesn’t make full use of the postage bands. To send 10 coins it cost £12.50 by Royal Mail. My parcel was 330g or so but this price is the same upto 500g. Per unit cost is £1.25 but if you had say, 15 coins in there then it would only be 84p per coin. For simplicity we’ll use a single tier for these 10 coins. 10 coins at the modern tier is $17 each but going through a group submission there will be a 10% discount doe to the membership level. I’ll talk about membership at the end. Each tier and add-on combination requires an separate invoice which is $8. So far it costs $178 for 10 coins on the modern tier without anything any add-ons. Returning 10 coins is approx. $34. However it is also the same cost to return 15 coins so the return cost can be reduced from $3.40 per coin for 10 to $2.27 per coin for 15. The price will change as the value of the submission increases beyond value breaks as well as coin breaks so it’s a matter of running numbers if you want to maximise cost effectiveness. $178 to grade 10 coins and $34 to return the coins giving a US$ total of $212. Using 1.3 as the exchange rate we get £163. If you’re not using a foreign currency fee free card you will need to add on around 3%. I’ll use 5% for simplicity so adding on 5% now gives a total of £171.23. Adding on the original postage cost of £12.50 gives a full grading cost of £183.73 which is £18.38 per coin. These numbers are as for coins submitted on the same tier and invoice. If you wanted to have special labels on 2 of the coins then it will be an additional $8 for a new invoice for just those 2 coins. Special labels will then have an additional cost of $4.50 per coin. It should be $5 but I’ll explain that with membership. These 2 coins will now cost $4.50 (label) and $4 (1/2 of invoice) more. If you want special labels for add-ons such as double thick holder/scratch resistant holder the fees can add up unless there are enough coins to dilute the $8 invoice fee. Same goes if you have coins which are going onto a separate invoice because it falls into a different tier. The other 8 coins is now $8/8 rather than $8/10 so the unit cost for those have shifted up a little. This is where group can have considerable savings since the invoice fee will be split between many more coins. My latest submission had a single coins going into a different tier. That cost me an additional $8 just for that coin. I think that’s covered most of the fees and in conclusion it should cost you ~£18 if you submitted 10 coins on the modern tier on the same invoice without add-ons. Next is membership which is compulsory if you submit directly and there are several options and is valid for a year. Associate: $39 to join and gives you 10% off add-ons so special labels cost $4.50 instead of $5. I do not believe is a level worth considering. Premium: $149 to join and again gives you 10% off add-ons. This also gives you $150 back in credit which means as long as you grade more than 9 ($150/$17) coins then the membership is effectively free. This is my recommendation. Platinum: $299 to join and gives back $150 credit so the membership is effectively $149. Again you get 10% off add-ons but this level also gives you 10% off grading at both NGC and NCS. Based on $17 grading fee you would need to submit 89 coins to break even. It is less if you also submit to NCS and also higher value tiers as well. Unless you’re submitting a lot of coins this level is not worth considering. But if you do exceed this threshold you will save ~£1.30 per coin ANA: As a member of the American Numismatic Association you can also submit to NGC. ANA costs $28 but unless you’re already a member this route is not worth considering. Postage to both the USA and back is at your own risk. I do not believe any courier will insure precious metals without some special agreement. If you are worried about this you could directly submit to NGC in Germany. There is also the PCGS route with direct submission in France and also at some of the UK coin shows. It does eliminate postage risks but does add on travel costs and also VAT on grading. Although it costs me slightly more to grade myself than going through a group submission I do it so that I do not need to rely on anyone and also have a paper trail for the coins. Counterfeiting has always been an issue with raw coins and there is also a small amount of counterfeit slabbed coins. With grading growing rapidly in China we will most likely see more counterfeit slabs over time. By having the paper work for my coins it will hopefully add some reassurance when I come to sell in the future. I will have the original submissions forms from NGC, screen shots of the grading from NGC as well as the final invoice from NGC. The invoice numbers and line details will match the cert number on the slab so if anyone every queries the authenticity, hopefully this will ease their mind. Hopefully I’ve covered everything or at least the important bits.
  16. Stacking newbie, but here's my collection

    @austack Moved your post to the new members section. Welcome to the forum.
  17. Where to sell silver dinner set?

    @Belfast created new thread for you.
  18. One of the treasure boxes is no longer required so back up for grabs. Weighs over 1kg boxed up (see 1st post for p&p options) Box now gone All paid for items going out today.
  19. Sorry but only had one of those and it's been taken.
  20. All treasure boxes gone pending @fehk2001 confirmation that he wants one. What's left is: 13 X ASE tubes 6 X Canadian Mint tubes 9 X Brit/Lunar tall tubes (newer type holding 25) 2 X Brit/Lunar short tubes (older type holding 20?) 2 X Somali Elephant Tubes 2 X Perth Mint 1oz tubes 3 X Generic 41mm Tubes 30 X Generic 39mm tubes Postage if under 1kg is: £3 - 2nd class standard or Hermes £4 - 2nd signed or Hermes signed-for £3.50 - 1st class standard £4.50 - 1st class signed for Packaging is either 50p is you want me to box it or if you're happy for it to go in a padded envelope (upto 6 tubes maybe), then it's 20p. Also have this box of used odds and ends. I use Air-tites so any caps and flips which I've received over the years have ended up in this box. 19 X 40mm caps, 5 x 37mm caps, 8 X 39mm caps, 6 x 38mm caps, 19ish X 16.5mm caps (all lighthouse and new). 15 or so 17.5mm cardboard flips, lots of used PVC flips and a large selection of used caps of different sizes. Weighs around 1.35kg. I will add a little padding inside to try and hold things tighter in place and then bubble wrap. I don't really want to faff about and neatly repackage. You pay postage & packaging of £3.50 - 2nd class standard or Hermes, £4.50 2nd signed or Hermes signed-for, £6 1st class standard or £7 1st class signed-for
  21. I forgot to mention. If buying tubes on their own, postage is the same (small parcel rate) but packaging is just 50p since they don't need a special protective box and extra bubble wrap.
  22. I think there's only 1 1/2oz tube. Will check properly tonight. Just the damaged one left
  23. No probs. 1 box and 1 each of the tubes. Will reply to PM this evening. For everyone else, of the boxes, only the damaged one remains.