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  1. Thought I'd start this thread to allow the posting of ALL deals on gold rather than having multiple new threads My deal today is with Atkinsons who have the 1/10th Isle of Man Angel. I've bought one because I've been after this little guy for ever and ever and they don't come around very often. When you do find them, they're usually proof with a crazy price tag. Only one left though at the time of posting.
  2. completed

    I'll take 5
  3. That's assuming one knows when the bottom is. I could have sold at 6k or 5k as it was dropping. But then, it cold have gone the other way. I did sell some BTC back at around £600. A few months later it continued to rise and topped out at £2k. For an investment of <£500 it's neither here nor there. For such a small sum it's just easier to hold on to it long term and see where it goes. Worst case I lose £500 if it all tanks. If it were big sums, that would be a completely different story. If I'd invested £25k and went to £94k, I'd have sold up
  4. As long as it's listed here as a normal sale with a fixed price. Ideally it should be stated that it is also listed for sale elsewhere.
  5. I'm holding onto my remaining cryptos for the super long term. They cost less than £500 so I might as well hold until they go to the moon. Worst case they all crash and I lose £500 but to sell and release a few hundred here and there isn't worth the hassle. Might as well hold and pray. If the price remains low after summer I'll prob pickup some more. So many out there I'd just buy few £ worth here and there. Today's value Yesterday's value Value on 20th June (just under a month ago)
  6. I believe that you should only post on someone's sales thread if you are expressing interest in either a buzz to buy now at the asking price or to make an offer. Other than that, there should be no reason to post. If you believe a price is over valued or under valued then you can PM the seller. If someone offers something for sale which is believed to be under valued I don't think people will deliberately point it out and offer to pay more for it. At the end of the day, people are free to sell something for whatever price they want. It could be they bought high and want to get back what they paid. It could be they want to make a few £ on it. It could be they wan to sell cheap to get shot ASAP. It could be any number of reasons for something to be priced at what it is. Buyers also have different buying habits. Some don't want to spend time looking for the best price. Some only want to buy from the UK. Some don't want to wait. Some only want to pay using a certain payment method. All these affect what they consider a reasonable price. What's a reasonable/good price for one might not be such a good price for another.
  7. The good thing about ring capsules is that they foam ring holds the coin in place. I used to use direct fit capsules but when I stored them in folders they would rotate around whenever I moved the folder. Eventually opted for foam rings so that they stayed correctly orientated. Just OCD on my part.
  8. Yep, got them in. They're more than thick enough for any fractional coin.
  9. @CarlosSilver If you want to understand and learn, then you may wish to look into RichRock's suggestion from above.
  10. Possible my post wasn't super clear but for clarification in this "today I received" thread. Today I received the 2017 Benin Elephant. (See the posted pictures). Tomorrow will be 2 months to the day since I ordered it. The late delivery was supposed to be something to do with production delays. I think that should be super clear and avoid any confusion. Sorry if my post in a received thread with pics some how lead you to believe I still hadn't received it due to my original bad wordings.
  11. I waited 2 months from ordering to receiving the coin so there was a slight delay. I still don't understand what the significance and effect would be if there is a slightly longer delay to this coin.
  12. Still don't get it. The production delay of the Krugs caused crazy pricing. If it's not about pricing, I don't understand why there was reference to it. If you could elaborate it would be much appreciated. Sometimes things go straight over my head or I misunderstand.
  13. Not sure what you mean by that. This is the 4th year and the price is pretty much consistent across their "protection de la nature" range. MCI silver is just expensive. There won't be enough demand for dealers to raise prices during shortages.
  14. 2017 Benin Elephant. Will be 2 months tomorrow since I ordered. Somethings to do with production delays.
  15. Both viewable in browser and tapatalk so looking promising.
  16. Standard upload. Paper clip attachment
  17. Not cheap. Proof coin with relatively low mintage and supposed to be an MCM exclusive. 250 1oz Gold 1000 5oz Silver 5000 1oz Sivler Spiderman on MCM
  18. for sale

    Not sure which phone you use but I use safari and chrome browsers on the iPhone.
  19. for sale

    Using Tapatalk? There is an issue with Tapatalk and forum software which is being looked into. In the meantime, you will need to use a browser to upload pics.
  20. Pm you
  21. The 10x Nectar points might require activating.
  22. 2017 Temple Panda in silver. Also received the 2 replacements with it for the sub standard Brass and Bi-Met which I sent back. Cracked it out of the pouch.
  23. Very possible since it's only a BU. Really need someone to post pics or a vid with a proof as comparison. Unfortunately, I don't have a proof at hand.
  24. I've put a vid up in the YouTube section if anyone wants to check them out.