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  1. @Chewy636 Merged your thread here.
  2. @lightjaw https://www.kettner-edelmetalle.de/ Shipping is €24.90 for upto €5000 and is 7th April estimate availability.
  3. One dealer has the 5 listed as follows: 1g €100 1/4oz €490 1/2oz €790 1oz €1490 4 coin set €3490
  4. Seen a few dealers offer pre-orders on these as single 1g and 4 coin set. They're asking €99 for the 1g. Can't remember what they want for the coin set.
  5. You mean this post from July????
  6. NP. I wasn't organising a group buy anyway. Just throwing some numbers out there in case a few guys want to get together for some.
  7. Thought I'd start this thread to allow the posting of ALL deals on gold rather than having multiple new threads My deal today is with Atkinsons who have the 1/10th Isle of Man Angel. I've bought one because I've been after this little guy for ever and ever and they don't come around very often. When you do find them, they're usually proof with a crazy price tag. Only one left though at the time of posting.
  8. Now I have a few spare minutes, a few quick numbers and calculations for anyone thinking about it since Libertads are not widely available. Atkinsons's prices: 2017s Kangaroo £132, Brit £124.5, Maple £131, Krug £137, L2 Rooster, £129, Elephant £133, AGE £128, Philly £132.5, Pre-owned Maple £124, 2016 Krug £135. €29/1.175 = £25 postage. Based on 5 people sharing it would be £5 each. Cost to forward a coin by Special is £7 (rounded up to inc packaging). Therefore a single coin cost would be £115 + £5 + £7 = £127. Even 3 people it would be £8.50 delivery so £115 + £8.5 + £7 = £130.50
  9. You are correct. Was accidentally looking at the 1/20 mintages.
  10. A slight deal. Fallen Edelmetalle have a little sale on the 2014 and 2015 1/10 BU Gold Libertad at €135 which based on say 1.175 exchange rate is £115. Mintages of 1000 and 1300 respectively. Shipping is a killer at €29 so you would really need to buy a few bits or cobble a small group buy together. Currently 27 pcs of each in stock.
  11. @shortstack68 When you mentioned 1.5 spot I though you were talking about current buying price and not issue. I don't think there's any chance of getting it for anything less than £1800 now.
  12. I'd get from EMK for £820 delivered rather than direct from the Perth Mint. Where have you seen it for ~£1500? I can see one dealer at €1900 but is sold out and another at €2099 but will be subject the availability. Original issue was ~€1450 and I even had an order email drafted but never sent it
  13. @calandlew1 Moved for you. You should stick up multiple pics from different angles to show off the bar when it's fully complete
  14. expression of interest

    Are you offering this/these bar(s) for sale? If so, you need to state a price. If you're making them to order and advertising here then it's more like a business in which case you should also be looking at possible "business membership" of some sort. Are you just showing us something that you're making? If so, you can use the "today I made" thread.
  15. I was tempted over the Xmas/New Year period but I've decided I really shouldn't. If it were a little cheaper then yes, I'd have gone for it.
  16. @NewMSmatist15 For me it adds variety and it's mainly a hobby. If I were to collect say 5 series, that would mean maybe 5 coins a year. For my personal collection I only have 1 of each. I do have some for flipping and I have some for selling but those are all separate and doesn't have any bearing on the number of series I collect. It's really only an issue when it comes to gold since it's significantly more expensive than silver. One ounce of gold would probably cover the cost of all the silver series releases I collect in a single year.
  17. With such a high price they've probably been given their allocation quota and is much smaller than expected. Will be interesting to see how this coin is priced once stocks starting filtering to dealers.
  18. What!!! €179 for the Proof https://www.emk.com/en-us/new-releases/new-on-stock/krugerrand-1-oz-iksud11721?returnurl=%2fen-us%2fnew-releases%2fnew-on-stock%2f%23iksud11721
  19. You could melt them down, I'm sure the plastic will just burn away and anything left will form a slag layer or similar. Definitely not for stacking and is just for collecting.
  20. I'm a new collector of silver and gold notes and all of them have come from China. Main sources are the banks, China Post, CGCI and the Nanjing Mint. A few have also come from private companies/mints. The recent Avengers Civil War and Captain America Shield coins from Scottsdale Mint have included a 2g COA made of silver. Apmex currently have a 5g silver note for sale which has come from Lucius Precious Metals in Hong Kong. I have no idea who minted/manufactured them. Whether LPM commissioned them and Apmex are just re-selling them or whether Apmex commissioned them and LPM were the middle man in the supply chain. LPM does have a 1g gold note for sale which Apmex does not. Now it seems that the Royal Canadian Mint are also selling silver notes. These however are not manufactured in house and are being bought in from MDM in Germany. Again, I don't have any info on who has manufactured them. They could be coming from the private Mints in Germany or they could be buying them in from one of the Mints in China. Looks like we'll be seeing more of these notes in the future.
  21. Final delivery of the day from DHL. Been wanting to pick up the 1oz Griffin for a couple of weeks. Was going to pickup from Chards but that didn't happen. Was going to buy from Bairds but then RMB had a sale. Worked out a little cheaper than from Bairds and with a screw capsule as well. Rehoused in a ringed cap to go in the coin box with the others.
  22. Some more 1g gold notes. 2017 Year of the Rooster from the Agricultural Bank of China. Comes with fancy packaging but I didn't get the bag though. 2016 Year of the Monkey. I think this may be from one of the regional philatelic branches/divisons of China Post. Going to ask our resident Chinese expert to translate the COA 2017 CGCI Year of the Chicken (can't really say rooster for this design). This is the 1g gold to match the 8g silver I got last week. 10k mintage on the gold whereas the silver is 60k. Quite a big difference.
  23. A couple of days ago Atkinsons had in a mixed date Panda for a little over 3% over spot. I thought it would be one of the newer years but thought I'd ask the year anyway in case it is an older one and they didn't have time to make a separate listing. Normally they list individual years for the older stuff. Asked in web chat and they got back to me a couple of hours later and it was a 2008. 2008 for 3.3%, why not! Came in a scruffy cap so that's been replaced.
  24. They're not flippers so maybe they don't need to make so much. Maybe they have a deal with Duane and get ample supply of some of his products. Maybe some pricing is out of date since they're out of stock and won't be restocked.
  25. Coin Invest Trust (CIT) have now jumped onto the Silver Note band wagon. These ones are legal tender Series Profile: Cook Islands, 1 Dollar, 2017 Silver .999, 5 gr, 150×70 mm, prooflike Mintage: 5000 First minted legal tender silver notes