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  1. Final delivery of the day from DHL. Been wanting to pick up the 1oz Griffin for a couple of weeks. Was going to pickup from Chards but that didn't happen. Was going to buy from Bairds but then RMB had a sale. Worked out a little cheaper than from Bairds and with a screw capsule as well. Rehoused in a ringed cap to go in the coin box with the others.
  2. Some more 1g gold notes. 2017 Year of the Rooster from the Agricultural Bank of China. Comes with fancy packaging but I didn't get the bag though. 2016 Year of the Monkey. I think this may be from one of the regional philatelic branches/divisons of China Post. Going to ask our resident Chinese expert to translate the COA 2017 CGCI Year of the Chicken (can't really say rooster for this design). This is the 1g gold to match the 8g silver I got last week. 10k mintage on the gold whereas the silver is 60k. Quite a big difference.
  3. A couple of days ago Atkinsons had in a mixed date Panda for a little over 3% over spot. I thought it would be one of the newer years but thought I'd ask the year anyway in case it is an older one and they didn't have time to make a separate listing. Normally they list individual years for the older stuff. Asked in web chat and they got back to me a couple of hours later and it was a 2008. 2008 for 3.3%, why not! Came in a scruffy cap so that's been replaced.
  4. They're not flippers so maybe they don't need to make so much. Maybe they have a deal with Duane and get ample supply of some of his products. Maybe some pricing is out of date since they're out of stock and won't be restocked.
  5. Coin Invest Trust (CIT) have now jumped onto the Silver Note band wagon. These ones are legal tender Series Profile: Cook Islands, 1 Dollar, 2017 Silver .999, 5 gr, 150×70 mm, prooflike Mintage: 5000 First minted legal tender silver notes
  6. Munich Show-Panda Set - 1 Oz | 1/2 Oz | 1/4 Oz | 1/10 Oz Silver - Proof First Munich Show-Panda after 20 Years ( 1997 ) 99.9% Silver Mintage only 2,017 sets Struck by ShenZhen GuoBao Mint Delivery in Box with Certificate of Authenticity Available from EMK for €225. (images borrowed from EMK) Hmmm. Should I or shouldn't I?
  7. Bit of a thread cleanup. PMV discussion can be found here now
  8. The PMV covers: I just copied from their PDF
  9. $20 Eagle St. Gaudens Lady Gold @HGM. 3% over.
  10. @gazer In future, you can use this thread for gold deals. There's also a thread for silver deals in the silver section.
  11. for sale

    If still available, I'll take the Koala
  12. But does have the added bonus of coming in a Screw Capsule.
  13. Depends on if you're stacking or collecting. If it's stacking weight then get sovereigns which are low premium and be disposed of very quickly for a quick exit/emergency/etc. If you're collecting then you can choose whatever you want. Disposing of these will take more time since you will want to get back the premium you paid. Offloading to a dealer isn't really an option. I collect 1/10ths so I'm happy to buy those despite the large premiums. I also have sovereigns and half sovereigns which I've collected because of the different obverse and reverse and some I've bought just for the weight (low premium). These will be the first to go in an emergency and will be used to balance CGT on exit. For maximum potential with the 1/10ths I'd get Pandas, Elephant, Lunar 2, RAM Lunar, Canadian Call of the Wild, and anything else with a changing design.
  14. Just browsing around Apmex have the 2016 5 Coin Libertad set on "sale" for $2725. High mintage on proofs for this year but for anyone wanting a boxed set it's a decent price. $50 shipping / 1.24 exchange rate + £11ish transfer fee works out at £2250 or £1183/oz or about 19% over spot. EMK is €2950 + €20 shipping /1.184 exchange rate * 0.5% transfer fee works out to be £2520 or £1326/oz or about 33% over spot. Quite a bit of a saving from Apmex.
  15. Seems that their site can't handle more than 2 people on at once. Stalls during checkout. Been on the phone to them and they have confirmed issues with their website.