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  1. I'm sure these will hit all the reg dealers too. 120k mintage so won't be in short supply.
  2. The goods still belong to Yorkshire Bullion and the recipient must make the goods available for collection. It gets complicated because it has to be at a convenient time for the recipient. If they work say 9-5 Monday-Friday, a pickup isn't usually possible outside of these hours. Saturday mornings are a possibility but if the recipient isn't going to be in, then there's no chance of a pickup. The return must not inconvenient the recipient so they can't be asked to wait in if they had plans. Nor could you ask them to take it to work in order to arrange a pickup from there. Not sure how a court would see it in cases where a pickup isn't possible or without inconvenience.
  3. Asking about the box? http://www.ebay.com/itm/222358311530?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&var=521223113744&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  4. Bought this box hoping I could squeeze H capsules in there. I can't. Perfect for T capsules though. Came with 25, 27 and 30mm capsules which I'll probably ditch. Took 6 weeks from China. 3 weeks to get here and then another 3 weeks in the UK through some super slow logistics company. For £10.50 can't complain.
  5. Sometimes I shake my head in despair at the lack of morals, the idiocy and pure cheek of some people. So on the 14th I get a return request from a customer because their brand new and sealed product is in "poor condition". Fair enough, send it back, it must have been damaged in the post. On the 23rd I get an A-Z claim from this "idiot" saying "These arrived faulty so I requested to return the magnets, this was accepted so I returned them but I have not been issued with a refund". I respond to the dispute stating that nothing has been received and once received, they will be refunded along with the return costs. On the 24th Amazon closed in the buyers favour "Your account will not be debited for the refund amount because you are not at fault for this claim" so they have absorbed the cost in order to keep the customer happy. That's fair enough because things do go missing in the post. Here is the rant.............. Today, the 25th I received the said "faulty" product. The post mark is dated the 23rd so it was only posted on the day they opened the dispute so it was impossible for them to have already sent them back. This faulty product was opened by hand, the packaging has no sign of shipping damage and they have the cheek to steal all the parts which were not glued down and send it back as "faulty". Amazon's already refunded out of their own pocket so I can't appeal it. How low can people get?
  6. I bought 2 of these. One 30g Matt and this 50g Mirror. I wasn't sure which one I wanted since I preferred the the Matt finish but is lightly smaller than a credit card whereas the mirror is credit card sized. Now that I have them in hand and have been able to compare, I've decided to keep the Matt so I'm offering the 50g Mirror for sale here first before offering it elsewhere. The capsule does have cracking on both sides. Most probably caused by the stress from the tight fitting and the composition of the capsule. Still in it's original wrapper. It's not a "Proof" product so it's probably not going to be super prefect. There is a strip on the back for engraving. Selling for my purchase cost of £77.50 + delivery. £7.50 Special - insured £4.50 1st class signed - uninsured £3 Hermes - uninsured Payment by BT or PPF&F
  7. More notes. Bank of China 1g Rooster. China Golddeal Investment Disney Princess Dreams Come True. 1.6g Gold & 2 X 2g Silver. Agricultural Bank of China Disney Join the Fun 1g Gold and 5g Silver. Comes with postcards, booklet in the envelope and a frame to hold the notes. There's one set for each of the gold and silver and with them being identical, I've only photo'd one set.
  8. 30g Silver bank card from Wealth Savings Bank of China Just messing with you all. It's actually just a novelty piece of silver. It is 30g .999 silver though. Comes with capsule, box & testing certificate.
  9. Yes, the square hole feature was originally a Chinese design but was also adopted by other East Asian countries.
  10. Received the Kuala Lumpur Coin Expo Panda in copper and Dragon in brass. 60g silver Panda was sold out so opted for the cheaper version instead and grabbed both. Silvers in 60g and 300g had a mintage of just 66 each and for a coin show it seems a bit low especially when so many were sold outside of the show They may as well not bothered. Copper Panda and Brass Dragon had 666 mintage. Mintage numbers probably had something to do with the target audience since Malaysia isn't as affluent as Hong Kong/Singapore/Macau and maybe also due to it being from a private mint . Medals are 40mm peidfort so has some good relief. Little pouch and display block included as well.
  11. Royal Australian Mint Lunar Rooster in 1oz and 1/10th & New Zealand Mint Steamboat Willie. All come in Mint capsules but I've rehoused them for my storage system.
  12. As per rules you need to state an asking price.
  13. For a bullion coin the slight imperfections are within tolerance. If there were big scratches and dings then it would be a different story.
  14. Some more weird stuff. 1g Gold and 5g Silver Disney Notes from China Telecom, another state owned enterprise. Each note has a 10 RMB face value which can be redeemed by scratching off and revealing the code. Has embedded UV counterfeit measures. 3g Gold Lunar Medal from Shanghai Gold Coin Investment co Ltd and China Gold Coin Incorporation. I think SHGCI is a subsidiary of CGCI but I can't be 100% sure. I've lost track and count of parent companies, sister companies & subsidiaries all these state own businesses have. This is a birth gift and comes with a necklace to hang the medal. I bought it because it's Lunar themed and old coinage shaped. Double sealed but will crack it open later.
  15. completed

    2 are yours. Remaining set is now reserved.