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  1. @hedvigahlgren11 Replies to the photo only threads should be placed here.
  2. Check the completed listings and that'll give you an accurate going rate.
  3. X 8 (4%) Nectar points on Ebay until 31st May. May need activating.
  4. There is a ban on the sale of them here due to the numerous attempts at selling fakes of them on here in the past.
  5. Older 1oz Libertad. Might not be an 81 as it's listed as random year. Only 1 available. Don't often see the older .900 ones over this side of the pond. https://www.ukbullion.com/mexican-1-ounce-gold-libertad-coin-900.html
  6. I've moved it to the non-PM section as it seems you are looking at a discussion on 50p and £2. If you are looking to buy, then you can put up an advert with your exact requirements.
  7. Here's his forum bulk submission thread
  8. Best sending in with Numi's bulk submission otherwise you'll need membership and then ship to the USA and back and for a couple of coins it's quite expensive. You could also go through their EU submission centre but then there's a 5 coin minimum and price is a little higher and you'll still have postage there and back but should be slightly less.
  9. With NGC, I think it will fall under the Gold Tier since it is pre 1980 and is $30.
  10. @ApisMellifera Did you just redo the images through a browser? Major issues with Tapatalk image linking.
  11. Pure crazy isn't it! My holdings now at £4400 from £3800 just 48 hours ago. 10x the value from 32 months ago with Dash having the most gain from £1.8 to £118. Madness!
  12. wanted

    If you are after qty you can get them from here: http://www.air-tites.com/vinyl-coin-flips.htm#.WSVOPuvysuW ~$78 for 250. If you only need a few and have not luck I have some 2.5" X 2.5" which I can sell. Once shipping, taxes and customs fees were added they came in around 35p each.
  13. All talk on the Manchester Event has been moved to the conspiracy thread since people are still continuing to talk about it here.
  14. Just decided to input my holdings into an app. Dodge, Ethereum and Dash have had massive gains in the last 24 hours. Bitcoin is lagging at 10% but at £1700 that's far higher than I'd ever imagined in such a short time frame. A lot of my holdings were bought back in Sept 14. I did have some Bitcoin which averaged £330 but I spent them when it was at £600. Bit gutted.