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  1. Novelty Gold Items

    Oldie thread but I'm eyeing this up. Big fan of Iron Man. Only 6cm tall which makes it affordable but will carry a hefty premium which is expected for these types of things.
  2. Amazon is my go to. I have Prime and 90% of the time I opt for "no rush delivery". This gives me £1 Amazon digital credit which I then use to make purchases on Amazon video for my kids and with the number of purchases I make through Amazon it's a massive saving for me. If I'm looking to buy something I will do three searches; Amazon, eBay and Google. If the price is cheaper from Amazon or eBay I will then see if the seller has their own web store. 90% of the time it'll be either the same price or more expensive since they're not pricing competing so unless it's cheaper I won't bother going through the hassle of filling in my details to checkout when I can just purchase through a threw clicks through eBay or Amazon. When purchasing through Amazon, if the item is stocked and sold by Amazon then they'll generally be the cheapest. I have a large shopping centre as well as two retail parks within a stones throw from the centre at approx 7 miles from my home. 15 mile round trip at 20p a mile costs £3 in fuel as well as 30 mins travel time. Then there's the parking (free in this case) as well as the walking about time so for me it's just far more convenient just to make purchases online. Retailers will either offer free shipping or a nominal charge of £3-£5 and since it's going to cost me that in travel and time I may as well order online.
  3. 'Photo Only Topics' Discussion Thread

    @xthomasx @Alun Moved replies to Photo Discussion Thread.
  4. @Alun I've merged the threads and edited the title a little since they are the same item.
  5. 2 billion sounds a lot but considering it's been in circulation for +15 years and lots would have been lost, destroyed, gone overseas etc and then taking an average from the current population it works out to be just over £30 each (3 notes). I didn't realise it was so soon. I've got 7 in my wallet and I'll have to check with my parents.
  6. Today I Received

    @Pragmatist Merged your thread into "today I received"
  7. 2018 South Korea Silver Tiger Medal

    As per title, it's South Korea.
  8. POBJOY Pegasus - 2018 Reverse Frosted Silver Bullion

    Apmex have exclusivity on the proof version which has a mintage of 300 which are bundled into a 2 Coin Set
  9. Silver Notes Hitting the West

    Resurrecting an old thread. These notes are coming thick and fast now. CIT released a total of 8 in their Skyline series and and also a 2018 5 Gram Mongolia Lunar Year of the Dog Silver Note and they have a set of 5 X 1g gold African Wildlife in the pipeline as well New Zealand Mint is throwing them out left right and centre at every opportunity. Mickey Mouse & Friends 5g Silver Disney Lunar Year of the Dog 5g Silver Star Trek 5g Silver - 7 note series with Captain Kirk as the first note which includes an album. Star Wars A New Hope 5g Silver - 6 note issue with the first being Luke Sky Walker which includes an album and no doubt they'll continue with all the other movies in more sets. Disney Princess 5g Silver - 6 note series with the first being Cinderella which includes an album. Then we have some unknowns including: The Planets of The Solar System - 8 X 3g Silver Notes Set Apmex 1 gram Silver Note - APMEX Eagle Design 10 gram Silver Note - $10 Replica (JFK 100th Birthday) 10 gram Silver American Note Bar - Washington
  10. withdrawn 1980 Mexico Una Onza

    I have 4 of these spare. 33.625g of .925 silver = 1 once fine weight Pictures of each individual coin from both sides for you to select from. £18.50 + upto 100g postage of your choice (own risk if not insured). For more than 2 coins it's slightly more for postage. 80p standard 2nd £1.90 2nd signed-for £1.00 standard 1st £2.10 1st signed-for £6.50 Special PPF&F or BT
  11. Today I Received

    Playing catch up on some pieces. 2018 Chinese Panda, 2018 South Korea Gallus, 2017 Czech Lion, 2017 Falkland Islands Britannia, 2017 Isle Man Noble (reverse Proof), 2017 Australian Kookaburra - Privy (Panda), 2018 Niue Roaring Lion of Judah, 2018 Australian Koala, 2018 Somali Elephant - Privy (Dog) & 1980 Mexican One Onza The Mexican One Onza is slightly larger than 40.6mm so looks like I'll have to find a lighthouse cap for it.
  12. 2018 South Korea Silver Tiger Medal

    I don't think I've seen this mentioned here yet. In 2016 and 2017 they released the Tiger in gold only but it looks like they will be releasing a silver version for 2018. No info on when it will be released but here is the link to Gainville. I think it is quite a number of months away yet.
  13. The forum is very unstable for me

    @kimchi old Firefox 43.0.1. Working fine here so most likely an issue with the last few updates.
  14. The forum is very unstable for me

    @kimchi I’m just on mobile safari and working fine here as well as chrome on windows on PC. chrissilver has been tagged so he should be able to look into it. I’ll have a go with Firefox when I get home.
  15. Moderated?

    Your posts are being moderated for the simple reason of you spamming thread topics. You are not being censored. You are more than welcome to discuss any subject you want but the spamming of 8 threads with a single statement contained within each one was completely unnecessary. These are the thread titles you created along with the content: Moroco - For some reason I feel like moroco will be the opportunity for the next military front fight for today - WE NEED TO STAND FOR OUR FAMILY AS IT EXISTS TODAY FAMILY - WE NEED TO STAND FOR OUR FAMILY AS IT EXISTS TODAY Xactle - Xtle= sky-people.......................nuatle. The Future - Today is forming the future. OUR TURN - THIS is our turn. the market turn is our turn. TAKE THE LEAD - it is OUR opportunity to take the lead for the market Our Time to take the value of money - is it our time revalue money None of these threads encouraged any form of discussion and were just statements spammed across multiple sections and for this reason your posts will be moderated for the next 24 hours to prevent spamming.