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  1. Really? That's the kind of reply you want to make in your own sale thread. I don't think I need to add anything.
  2. I see that you withdrew the sale 30 mins after my reply. It is perfectly fine to do so but a little reply to let me know it's been withdrawn or sold or whatever might have been nice.
  3. I'll take it if still available
  4. Update on what's left: 6 X Canadian Mint Tubes 8 X Brit Lubes (25 cap) 2 X Brit Tubes (20 cap) 7 X ASE tubes 2 X Perth Mint 1oz tubes 3 X Generica 41mm tubes 10 X Generic 39mm tubes
  5. New temple of heaven panda

    I don't think the technology is there yet to be able to just to make the pandas gold. The ratio is way out and the silver should have been a small ring. Of course it is.
  6. New temple of heaven panda

    Bi-Met gold. Far too much silver/not enough gold. I think it should have been 5g gold at least. On the 3g gold to 7g silver, that's a 3:14 volume ratio so there's almost 5 times as much volume in silver than there is in gold.
  7. Queens Beasts boxes

    From the sale thread in the classfieds.
  8. This has bugged me for many many years. When recording video on mobile phones, you're actually supposed to have the phone landscape so it records in wide screen so that the video is shaped like a TV/monitor. Recording on the phone in either landscape and portrait will fill the whole screen on the device but only one is the correct orientation when not viewed on the phone. Most modern phones will produce a decent video at most probably in 1080p, 720p at worse.
  9. Gold in Dubai airport

    VAT on gold was abolished around 1999. From 1973 onwards it used to be VAT rate-able. Some countries have taxes on gold such as India (all gold) and Australia (if less than 24 karat). There will be other countries as well but I've not looked.
  10. You have to phone through for international orders.
  11. Bullion tester & counterfeit Bullion

    @Charliechaplin moved to discussion section.
  12. for sale Silver coins

    1997 Privy Kooks and 2000 Privy Maple if still avilable
  13. Stacking newbie, but here's my collection

    @austack Moved your post to the new members section. Welcome to the forum.