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  1. withdrawn

    I withdrew the purchase last night as there wasn't enough interest to make it viable. For those interested in buying any of the other sizes or organizing your own buy among friends, here is some into/tips: Gainnsville only accepts International Bank Wire payments for international customers with a minimum value of $2000 and shipping starts at $90. They will also authorise a 10% charge to your credit card. This does mean you cannot cancel an order or fail to make payment as they will most likely charge your card. Not sure if you would win should you dispute it with your credit card company. Just like Apmex, they will only take an actual Wire Transfer so you cannot use Transferwise/Currency Fair as they use ACH method for USA deposits. You will need to use one of the more expensive currency brokers or your own bank. Expect to pay charges in the region of £9-£15 as well as a currency exchange rate ranging 2-4%. International shipping should be via UPS and hopefully the declaration is done correctly. Ideally you should monitor the shipment on a regular basis. Customs clearance is electronic so starts even before the package arrives in the UK. You really need to look out for an "Exception" status where the item requires additional info before it can be finally cleared. This will be a signed declaration to confirm that the package contains investment gold so will be exempt from VAT & Duty. If the package is not flagged by the time it leaves the US then you really need to contact UPS ASAP and have them go over the customs clearance and amend it before it's finialised. If the package clears and arrives in the UK without any issues and you have not made contact there will be 2 likely scenarios. First possibility is that they will deliver the package and will invoice you at a later date (1-2 weeks). You will need to dispute it but not sure how successful it will be. Never tried UPS but Fedex was a waste of time. If unsuccessful you could refuse to pay the bill but they could pursue you and all future deliveries will need to be pre-paid before delivery. The other possibility is COD (cash on delivery). Personally I would not pay them at the door since you shouldn't have been charged VAT in the first place. Have them take the parcel back for redelivery and contact UPS to have them amend the clearance/invoice. If they can't amend then you would have to either pay the bill and take delivery or have the package returned. Either way it's not a good outcome. If the shipment is sent by USPS then any charges will be raised by Royal Mail/Parcel Force. It should be a simple procedure to contact UK Border Force and dispute and claim back. People have done it with numismatics charged at 20% instead of the 5% so I'd imagine it will be just as simple to correct for investment gold at 0%. NEVER mix gold and silver in the same order. It complicates things and creates hassle. If you can, buy from the EU.
  2. withdrawn

    For anyone interested in a cheaper price, this dealer has some on pre-order: http://www.golden-coins.de/
  3. withdrawn

    Just a quick bump to remind people that I will need confirmed decisions today.
  4. I've dealt with them on many occasions but there are a few things you may want to be aware of before taking the plunge. He doesn't really speak English so any reply you get by email might need a little work to translate. He doesn't answer most emails (from my experience). He generally doesn't hold stock and everything is on a pre-order/to order basis. Having said that, I have dealt with him numerous times over the years and still continue to do so. The big but is... you have to be patient. The goods come when they come EDIT POINT: This is my experience and if you choose to buy from him, it is at your own risk.
  5. withdrawn

    By all means help but it would be helpful if you ran the numbers too to see if it would work out significantly cheaper or not since you already know my landed price is around £290. But thanks anyway.
  6. withdrawn

    Yes, that's where I will be buying from. Anyone is free to buy from there themselves but unless they live in the USA, there is no chance you will be able to land it for £312.50. As mentioned, I am going to be making around £15 which will be £305 - £15 = £290. From that £290 will be shipping and banking/currency costs which will then take it to around the buy cost. Not sure what the point of you post was since I was open about making money on it and yes, everything is cheaper in the USA but once add on shipping and any possible charges, it's no longer cheaper.
  7. I'm thinking of ordering some Korean Tigers. These are from South Korean Mint - Korean Minting, Security Printing & ID Card Operating Corporation (KOMSCO) Some spiel: The obverse of the new Korean Tiger Bullion Series Medal features a tiger, symbol of courage, power and good luck. A geographical representation of the Korean peninsula in Hangul, or Korean script, is on the reverse. KOMSCO plans to offer these bullion medals on an annual basis. The medals will be minted on state-of-the-art machines and will incorporate anti-counterfeiting features. One example of such a feature is the changing appearance of the Hangul lettering as the medal is tilted and rotated. The Korean Tiger Bullion Series Medal will be struck in 0.999-fine gold, but other specifications have yet to be released to the public. 2016 Has been out for almost a year now and the 2017 is new. 2016 had a mintage around 4000. 2017 will most likely be more. Although from the Korean Mint, these are classed as medals since they are not legal tender and are just investment gold. The coins seem to have a proof like finish but they are classed as bullion. I know there is a current trend to have "flashy" coins/medals graded these days. These are sold as bullion in capsules and in a box. As such, there is no guarantee on the quality but being from Korea, I'd imagine they will be top notch quality. I am going to have along think about this over the weekend. Full disclosure. I am only doing a group buy to bring my own coin costs down and I will be making ~£15 on each coin. Please bear in mind that an international bank wire will cost you around £9 alone and I will be handling all aspects of ordering and customs etc. To make it worth while there needs to be around 8 buyers. I might still go ahead if there is slightly less. I aim to order on Sunday night. Currently there is only 12 of the 2017 in stock so it's not a guaranteed order even if 8 people join. If there isn't enough coins when it comes to ordering then it will be a first come first served basis but I won't order if there is less than 6 coins. 2017 will be £305 + £7.50 Special Delivery 2016 will be £320 + £7.50 Special Delivery
  8. Current spot price is ~$1285 which will make it 1285/31.1 X 500 = $20659. Pinehurst asking $21736 making it 5.2% over spot.
  9. Gold upto 180% of spot is except from VAT & Duty. As long as the paper work is done correctly, there will not be any charges but if done incorrectly, you will be charged and will have to claim it back. Good lucky trying to buy from the US Mint. They take credit cards but because you are an international customer with no previous purchasing history with them they will most likely cancel the order. They will then give you the opportunity to pay by international wire but getting the funds allocated to the order may prove to be a difficult exercise.
  10. These 1/4 Lunars are USA exclusives. Not sure if they ever released a Horse but the Rooster is currently a Goldco exlcusive. Very unlikely to hit EU dealers but will probably spread to a few USA dealers eventually. Chances of it being available from RMB is slim unless they end up with surplus like they have done with the Sheep & Monkey. With them being exclusives and very very few places getting them in, completing a set would be hard. Might still be worth picking a few up since 1/4 is affordable and considered rare.
  11. 21% (17/14). Usually talking ~20% mark from dealers. Just a quick look at UK dealers you're looking at £20 min when buying a handful so you're talking around 40% from the large dealers paying VAT. Add on postage and it's closer to 50%. In summary, expect to pay ~20% premium on a coin (closer to 25% with postage etc) and if buying from a UK dealer, add on another 20% for the VAT. For limited mintages and collectibles you can expect an even higher premium.
  12. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2x-Gold-Sovereigns-2017-/142345850742?hash=item2124794f76:g:U10AAOSww3tY7Mcg http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2-X-2017-Gold-Sovereigns-/142345856804?hash=item2124796724:g:CU8AAOSwnF9Y7MJ4
  13. I'm just going to use EMK's price of €1875/ spot of €1200 = ~150% of spot. Your price ex VAT of €1713/spot = ~ 143%. In your case you also add 20% VAT taking it to €2040. Wouldn't 180% of spot at €1200 require a coin to sell for €2160 before VAT needs to be added. I'm confused.
  14. Some rounds - Heroes War is Hell, Apmex Lunar Horse, Sunshine Mint Route 66, Element Mint Statue of Freedom Niue Gardian Angel, Canadian 1.5oz Grizzly, Canadian Maple Leaf - Privy (150th Anniversary of the Confederation of Canada) & Canadian Maple Leaf - Privy (Panda V2). The 1.5oz Coin baffles me as to what series, if any it belongs to. Originally we had the 1.5oz Arctic Series (According to JM Bullion) with Polar Bear, Arctic Fox, Polar with Cub and Snow Falcon. Grizzly bear does fall into the Arctic category. Is it a new series or just a follow on. Was it an Arctic series or just a 1.5oz series or a release without any any name associated? There is no consistency between dealers as to how it's/they've been categorized. The release schedule of the 1.5oz was Polar Bear, Arctic Fox, Polar Bear with Cub, 2016 Multi Leaf, Snow Falcon, 2017 Multi Leaf, Grizzly Bear.
  15. withdrawn

    Odd. Should be one there. Done it for you.