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  1. for sale Sovereign AUSTRALIA 1868

    Thanks for the info. Looks like I overpaid for this one
  2. for sale Sovereign AUSTRALIA 1868

    Ouch...looking for higher offers, thanks
  3. for sale Sovereign AUSTRALIA 1868

    Here are some more pictures.
  4. Selling a AUSTRALIA Sovereign 1868 Quite bad condition but a real piece to fill your type collection if you don't want to pay so much for a expensive one. 360 Pounds shipped. Let me know if overpriced.
  5. Shield Back Sovereigns

    pictures made under artificial light
  6. Shield Back Sovereigns

    Hi guys, selling two shield back full sovereigns. 1858 incused WW and 1846 not the best condition but still collectable as I think. Is 316 Pounds each reasonable ?