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  1. 1/10 or Half's?

    Half-sovs generally have a lower premium than the 1/10 Brits.
  2. "Contact Us" Button

    I don't know about that. You could just pm your enquiry to @ChrisSIlver
  3. Anniversary somali Elephant

    The levitating elephant.
  4. Not getting email notifications....

    Chris is now aware and looking into it.
  5. Notification problems ?

    I'm not sure about this. When Chris logs in he will see it.
  6. ...And here is the I.O.M 50p
  7. A DNA £2 with the inner section in backwards. The join has a dent so the coin looks like it may have been messed with so probably not a mint error.
  8. Coin Roll Hunting for Rare £2 coins!

    The commonwealth games N.I. Flag is the rarest to find. I found something a bit strange the other day. A DNA £2 coin but the inner section is in backwards. I suppose it could have been forced out and put back in. I'll put a photo up when I get chance.

    I've moved this topic from the 'General Precious Metals' section to the 'Non PM & Fluid Related Discussions' area.
  10. 10p Coins

    I hope that you post internationally if you're planning to sell to Chet and Chip.
  11. @Ray put your cash price in your post so people know what you're looking for.
  12. 10p Coins

    You could buy Kew Gardens carded but I don't think the mintage was known until it had been in circulation for a good while.