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  1. I think all large pm sellers will be using bitpay. Someone one here with the experience of buying from SP may be able to describe the process.
  2. @weenugget I've moved your topic up here now you're in the club. A couple of people on here have recently used https://shop.sharpspixley.com/gold/buy-gold-with-bitcoin
  3. There is always another opportunity to buy in around the corner. I've got a low order set about 15% below where it is now. I used to play on a litecoin poker site on which they'd give them away for free every hour to 1st and 2nd place on each tournament. What made it better was that only 10 people were playing. Before you ask, no I don't still have from then.
  4. I think it's all those new Coinbase users. They only have three options BTC/ETH/LTC. BTC has past affordability so they are buying up the value coin.
  5. TopCashback - eBay 10% Today

    You've got a special offer on toilet rolls?
  6. Withdrawal method

    You're right. The rate to sell is dreadful. Localbitcoins is a better option to sell.
  7. Bitcoin and Cryptos

    No but the start is. I remember in 2014 the spike had lots of media coverage too. Everyone seemed to know about it but didn't buy any.
  8. Why is it

    Sovs are probably the easiest coin to buy and sell close to spot.
  9. Strange Bust half Sizes

    It might've been put on a train track to get squished. Entertainment was some what limited back then.
  10. Why we don't own bitcoin

    Correct. You just need to write down the seed and keep that safe somewhere else.
  11. Magnetic slime

    If you want some for Christmas it might be a good idea to order from another seller. However, you could end up with double the required slime.
  12. Magnetic slime

    You may have bought from a Chinese seller. Some of them set their location to UK but when you scroll down you might see a business address in China. I bought one from a UK seller which came quickly but the magnet isn't included.
  13. for sale Silver Sale

    I can see now.
  14. for sale Silver Sale

    I can't see your photo attachments. You may need to attach with the paperclip if done on tapatalk.
  15. UK 50% Junk Silver Liquidity / Snobbery

    Maybe you can hide them. Could you stuff some coins in a Trumpy Bear?