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  1. I have no idea either. I'll try to look through it. Just on the coin price, I think you don't want the market cap to be too high on launch so there is room to grow. At 69,000,000 market cap I'd want to look at what others are around this level.
  2. @Silverstackeruk I'll have a look at it. Isn't $0.69 per coin quite expensive for an ICO?
  3. It doesn't feel as bad as it should because I've been in and out of that many coins. It makes holding look like a better strategy than trading.
  4. Here's another tale of woe. I was in quite early on Bitcoinplus (XBC) and when it looked like the project was going down in flames I dumped my 200+ coins. Currenlt value would be around $40,000.
  5. Do you mean ICO? In those, you send ETH and get the ICO tokens in return (so there may be more ETH buyers so they can participate). If the project receiving the ETH decide to sell them well that could dump the price.
  6. Ooops, I almost deleted the whole thread. @Cointreau @Lea79 you're back in the room.
  7. There's @Fivepoundfred
  8. There are a lot of ICOs at the moment accepting funds in ETH so it is possible one of those projects dumped.
  9. I'll have a look. Thanks.
  10. In the past I've found that laptops with a year or two of mileage are knackered.
  11. Those above have only got small screens so I assume they are in the netbook parameters.
  12. Hello, Can anybody suggest a cheap laptop/netbook I can just go and buy from a supermarket or somewhere. I just want to download the wallets and blockchain for some old cryptocoins I have. My current one is on it's last legs. I'm talking really cheap, £200 or something. Will something like this do even though it looks like it's made by Fisherprice? https://www.tesco.com/direct/acer-116-es11-intel-celeron-4gb-ram-32gb-storage-red-laptop/477-3737.prd?skuId=477-3737&pageLevel=sku&sc_cmp=ppc*PX+-+DNF+Electrical*PX+-+Shopping+GSC+-+Tesco+Brand+-+Computing*PRODUCT+GROUP477-3737*&gclid=CLL3pL2oytQCFeuT7QodXGUHfw&gclsrc=aw.ds Or I could go to Argos and get a purple one. http://www.argos.co.uk/product/6784227
  13. In front of a fan?