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  1. I should have said 'yet' at the end. It looks like it's caught up now. I'm still holding it though.
  2. I bought some extra Neo yesterday. It seems not to have benefitted yet (in fiat price) from the recent BTC rise like the other similar market cap alts have.
  3. Bitcoin is king

    I'm wondering if there will be a correction between the two forks. $4800 ?? I imagine people will be disappointed in the Bitcoin Gold price. I'll have a stab that they'll be $20 each max (but I don't mind being wrong).
  4. @SilvergunSuperman I don't believe lcoalbitcoins supported BCC. I've never used a paper wallet but since you'd hold the private keys I assume you'd be able claim forked coins any time in the future. Maybe put them in an active wallet for now until after 2x in Nov.
  5. 'Photo Only Topics' Discussion Thread

    @Pete there are other lunars in that thread. The first page has coins from Ukraine, Ghana and Belarus - but yes, it is mostly Perth.
  6. There are scam sites with false instructions on how to claim BTC Gold. Be careful when searching. They ask for private keys and will probably steal your BTC. Here is one this video talks about (skip 5 mins in).
  7. Depending on what the alts are they should come back up when the forks are out of the way.
  8. I'm surprised that so much is shifting into BTC in anticipation for the Bitcoin Gold fork. I know people did well with the free Bitcoin Cash coins but I don't get the impression that Bitcoin Gold would be worth much. The 2X hard fork free coins in November seems to have more value potential and I wonder if people will hold or sell off BTC between the two forks. A nice result would be if BTC gets to $10000 by Nov 2x hard fork and It would be extra nice if the free coins are of around equal value.
  9. When I look up BCC I either get people claiming it's a scam or people over enthusiastically claiming how much they are making and trying to get others to join. I'm suspicious. https://steemit.com/scam/@thegrinder/the-bitconnect-scam-exposed
  10. NEO currency

    @Trumar Neo is often touted as 'The Chinese Ethereum'. Whether that's a fair assessment I don't know. I wouldn't be surprised if the market cap increased to catch up with some of the other large coins but it's still early days for Neo.
  11. @Sovereign That's the only Jersey £2 design I've seen so it could be repeated each year. I think it's called 'Jersey £2 12 Parishes' if you want to check ebay history. The Jersey £1 Parishes were always good and a really nice set. No chance in finding them when the round pounds are withdrawn.
  12. Why not try them at a local auction? Or weigh the pennies in for scrap.
  13. NEO currency

    I bought on the exchange Bittrex. When you withdraw to your wallet they need to be whole coins (after the withdrawal transaction fee)
  14. completed 1890 CC Morgan

    @Shoba you do need to state a price when selling. Maybe put a price and that you'll also consider offers. Past sales on ebay should give you price guide.