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  1. Lizzie is a member here and I'm sure will reply to this.
  2. I don't know but it looks like it's worked out for you.
  3. SilverStan the size was too large so that's why you were getting the error. I had to reduce by 50%
  4. The UEFA final is legally available for free on freeview and youtube http://sport.bt.com/football/europa-league/manchester-united-v-ajax-live-stream-the-europa-league-final-online-or-watch-on-tv-with-bt-sport-S11364179707964
  5. I'll pm you
  6. Message @Numistacker SilverStan ,do you want to email me your photos and I'll try to upload them here for you?
  7. Try on a PC if you're not already.
  8. Just message Numi Also maybe post some pictures here in case someone spots issues with them.
  9. It's when to move in and out the alts that bothers me. I reckon if I'd have had left everything in btc for the last couple of weeks I may have done better. -But then I recently bought ETC at $6 as a cheap alternative to ETH now I don't know when to get out $30 - $40 range?
  10. I have heard people in the past saying they use btc as a hedge against pms. I'm not sure if there is much of a connection though.
  11. Welcome!!
  12. Danny where are you keeping all your alts? I assume you're not downloading wallets for them all. My Doge and Quark wallets are years out of sync.
  13. We do have a conspiracy theories thread somewhere if there is anymore to be said. Enough has probably already been said though.
  14. @AuFinger https://bitbargain.co.uk/ is another but I haven't used that for a good while. It doesn;t look good for small amounts at the moment.