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  1. @JCRJM click the drop down box arrow next to your username (top right of the site) Account settings Signature
  2. 'Bitcoin will blow up'

    Any Bittylicious users who are looking to buy then right now Bittylicious is £2664 whilst Localbitcoins is £2774. I've noticed that Bittylicious can be a slow catching up with market moves.
  3. 1oz britannia

    Coins will vary ever so slightly. Also scales aren't often precise. I wouldn't worry if you've bought from a known dealer.
  4. 'Bitcoin will blow up'

    I don't think Jamie Dimon would come out and say this to help the public. He isn't that decent. This $3400 is an old high that was never retested so it was due to come back at some point. I bought a small amount today. It could go lower, maybe a flash dump, but I think this could be a fairly good buy area before going back to try $5000
  5. silvergoldbull.co.uk

    I've not used them for a couple of years but I assumed that had some connection to CoinInvest based on what they stock. There are a few people on here who may sell some bullion for btc. I did wonder if those two red KMD candles around 5pm were owt to do with you.
  6. silvergoldbull.co.uk

    Have you tried http://www.bitgild.com/ ?
  7. @shawy2510 for that amount you could just get from bittylicious or bitbargain.
  8. Spreadsheet Entry

    I don't have a spreadsheet. If I did I would allow discount vouchers because you have saved on the purchase price. I think that's different to earning 'easy' money and reassigning it.
  9. Spreadsheet Entry

    I think you should put in what the purchase price was. The two aren't related. If you won £20 on an evens sports bet and spent it on silver then I don't think you could put the cost as zero. What if the sports bet had lost and you still bought the silver coin? Would you put it down as costing you £40? How you earned the funds for the silver doesn't change the cost price.
  10. Where to sell silver dinner set?

    I dont know if antique dealers would give you better than scrap. I think check the price on http://lois-bullion.com/ to scrap it but first try it on ebay at a higher price and also allow extra for fees and poatage.
  11. @augur check the date on your IOM bike top right. 1997 is common but other dates are sought after.
  12. wanted Cuban coins

    @thebol this is the correct section as you are in the UK. It's where you are, not the where the coin was minted.
  13. Bitgild

    I think @ApisMellifera @KDave may have been recent users. As far as I remember you can either scan the QR code or I copied their deposit address and sent from an exchange. You just have a time limit when you need to send the transaction by so have all your windows open ready,. .....(this was the case two years ago)
  14. Bitgild

    I have in the past and somebody has recently on here.
  15. @Platinumskies If you want to trade then register with an exchange eg. Bittrex or use coinmarketcap to see which exchanges have the coins you are planning to trade. Note that some exchanges have vanished in the past so only leave coins which you are trading on the platforms. Buy some bitcoins. The easiest way (not often the cheapest) is Bittylicious. Go to your exchange wallet and get the BTC deposit address then you can paste that into the Bittylicious receiving address. Just try with a small amount at first.