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  1. Has anyone tried bartering with their PM's?

    A crypto one is https://www.cryptocribs.com/ Maybe you could start silvershacks.com or PMpenthouses.com
  2. There are loads of phishing emails for fake myetherwallet links in which they've replaced one of the lower case Ls for a capital letter i l = I
  3. Security Safes

    Don't complete the sale on ebay as they'll have your address. Ask them to agree to end the listing and you'll pay in cash. Local auctions are worth a look too.
  4. Calling all seasoned stackers

    It'd stop threads being ruined. I know discussions develop and can end up not the way the thread was intended but there needs to be a solution for when arguments cause threads to be locked.
  5. Calling all seasoned stackers

    Maybe we should have a 'Fight Club' section on the forum. When the mods think an argument is breaking out we could sever the thread and paste it to the fight section where it can continue (if they can be bothered continuing) Half-serious suggestion.
  6. Only do bank transfer and only release the coins from the escrow when the money has hit your account. I've sold on there over the years and never had an issue. Some sellers have started asking for ID and proof of where you bought your btc originally. You just need to read the terms in their advert otherwise they'll cancel the trade. Other than that, someone on here may want to buy depending on how much you are selling.
  7. How do localbitcoins.com buyers compare to those exchanges after FX rates and fees?
  8. somalian 1/10 gold elephant

    There were fractional gold ones but 1/25th and 1/50th.
  9. I don't know if there are any. You might have to sell to BTC first.
  10. And yes you see projects in which it's hard to see how their coin can be used. It often appears merely a way to raise funds in most ICOs without any actual use.
  11. If btc is more of a store of value then I think there could be a btc backed crypto used for transactions. Like the way currency was gold backed we could have 'digital gold' (btc) and a spending version pegged to it at a fixed rate.
  12. BTC with Elliott Waves
  13. https://www.cnbc.com/2017/11/16/american-express-santander-team-up-with-ripple-on-blockchain-platform.html ''Ripple said that it is has tested a means of speeding up payments with its cryptocurrency, XRP, and that this would become a feature in its partnerships with banks and other financial companies further down the line.'' So it seems it's the tech only for now.
  14. Just looked why Ripple is pumping https://www.nytimes.com/reuters/2017/11/16/business/16reuters-blockchain-amex-ripple.html I'm not sure if they need to use the token though or if they are just using the tech. It may be worth taking some profits though at some point if you're holding.
  15. Seling and/or trade?

    I think the OP is in the USA.