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  1. https://blog.changechecker.org/check-your-pound-coins/?utm_source=cc&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=185%2f891T%2fJ+1CollPack+C<1+0-18m+891T+RML+++++++++++&utm_content=185%2f891T%2fJ+The+2017+£1+Collecting+Pack&ewai=Gu6grCa1jP41 @Scuzzle The 2014 and 1988 seem fairly common to me so I would say just the capital cities. However, I'm typing this before I check ebay.
  2. If you have Edinburgh and Cardiff(2011) then it might be worth finding Belfast and London (2010) (which are quite common) to make the set. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RARE-1-CAPITAL-CITIES-SET-OF-ONE-POUND-COINS-EDINBURGH-CARDIFF-BELFAST-LONDON-/381977547605?hash=item58efa2d355:g:EA4AAOSw32lYrfV4
  3. The Edinburgh and Cardiff £1 coins have started to take off on ebay (probably following the email the Westminster mint sent out to their database). I've had a fair amount of these and they were only selling for £3.50 / £4. Now we might see them in the £15 - £25 range I think I still have a few somewhere. The edge inscription font is fairly unique on these capital city coins so they are easy to spot if you are looking through a lot of coins. Maybe time to check your annual saving boxes.
  4. I would think that would be fine unless there is other damp issues. You would notice issues first with the packaging. For example if the card sov boxes feel damp or smell musty. If this was the problem it would probably be noticeable on any other paper or cash inside first.
  5. I'm not sure if your storage method could be to blame. But wall safes in an external wall can lead to damp issues for the items inside.
  6. Welcome !!
  7. Welcome!!!!
  8. There is another Bet365 risk free in play for Arsenal v Bayern (Weds)
  9. What's the insurance like?
  10. When a series is running, the mint will announce release dates on their sites or by email if you subscribe. The Perth Mint designs such as Koala/Kookaburra/Lunar are well published releases. If you want to collect the Queen's Beast you could easily pick up a lion from last year so you haven't missed out. Many people are having problems with the coins though due to them developing white spots/marks. Semi-numi coins should be quite close in price to bullion coins on release so be carefully about paying too much. Most dealer websites have upcoming releases sections. New designs forum members have found are here
  11. Semi-numi is pretty much better bullion than standard bullion. So semi-numi coins could for example be kookaburras. The design changes each year so they have a collectible quality. Sometimes the design doesn't change for some semi-numis but people might like to collect older dates or years that happen to have a lower mintage.
  12. I wonder if the players are miffed because they were convinced to stay at the club. At the end of last season they could have gone to big clubs and now they've missed the boat.
  13. There are some ideas in these two threads
  14. If you wait until you get a fee discount ebay voucher such as 'maximum £1' or '75% off' then that would be a great time to sell high value items.
  15. I linked this in the past in another thread but never read it. http://www.bankofengland.co.uk/archive/Documents/historicpubs/qb/1967/qb67q3245260.pdf