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  1. UK Pre-decimal tips?

    Its 1946 which is the last with silver. Not 1947.
  2. Please only comment in sales threads with interest to buy/enquires etc. I'm sure nobody would appreciate a comment in their sales thread which basically says 'you can get them cheaper elsewhere'. If you really want to give advice send a pm.
  3. @Deputydog I've merged these into one thread.
  4. Mistake at Royal Mint?

    Just wait until they chuck them in an envelope and post them to some lucky customer.
  5. Full silver stack to date

    Has the saying 'When Lambo' become 'When Lambo Service' and 'When Lambo Insurance'?
  6. for sale Various Silver Coins

    @Silveraddict90 turtle if available please
  7. I've got one of these. It reminds me a bit of the lunar skulls series.
  8. The forum is very unstable for me

  9. Gold sovereign shieldback prices

    Is it a die number that looks a bit like an M.
  10. Two 2014 Aus Koalas?

    Those with 2014 on the obverse will be counterfeits. Many of the copies have the date instead of '1 dollar'
  11. Britannia BU & Proofs + Photo Albums

    @ChrisSIlver do you need to be premium to view the gallery?
  12. Britannia BU & Proofs + Photo Albums

    @JohnAnsink We have a gallery on here http://thesilverforum.com/gallery/category/3-silver-bu/ BU
  13. Britannia BU & Proofs + Photo Albums

    From 2013 (I think) the bullion is the standing but the proof coins had different designs.
  14. Looking for advice on face to face sales.

    I think the forum strips that out when photos are posted. At least it did on an earlier version. Someone could do a test.
  15. Looking for advice on face to face sales.

    If they are the buyer why do you need to test the silver? Just check the cash isn't counterfeit. If you can't tell by eye then get a note checker pen (only suitable to check paper notes not the new plastic ones).