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  1. Never had a problem with Chards and I've made numerous purchases with them
  2. Thank you @arshimo2012 I got 3 more very happy😜😜😜
  3. Me too phone orders only😜👍
  4. Can't see them link??
  5. Who do?
  6. 11 Well played if you have any spares I'll take them😁
  7. How many did you end up buying?
  8. £254 + postage with half hour left on bidding.. well done everybody who got them happy with my 2 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/UNCIRCULATED-2017-50p-Peter-Rabbit-Coloured-Silver-Proof-Limited-Edition-Coin-/222462306110?hash=item33cbc9673e:g:LtgAAOSwU8hY4pYZ
  9. I'm sure the terms are subject to availability so pretty sure they can
  10. I just ordered a spare from Westminster so fingers crossed
  11. I just bought another rabbit from Westminster this time
  12. Chards now sold out
  13. I didn't have time to queue this morning with Royal Mint so bought 1 from Chards
  14. £59 at Chards plus £3.50 delivery not sure about RM