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  1. PM Premiums

    I had milk spotting on 7 out of 10 QB lions . Hope people of the future see this spotting as a 'unique fingerprint of history' or something like that and its individual nature commands higher premiums in the future. #notlikely
  2. Vat free 10oz QB's

    Looks like a typical knee jerk reaction that will need a lot of work to undo. And since its only a few traders benefit and no real tax gained prob wont happen any time soon. And since probably 99pc of trades are paper anyway. Tho i think the vat thing seems to effect amazon silver also? So if it was 'un-vatted' i think the uk traders still wont get that much market share. 🤔 or is there another reason amazon silver is so over priced?
  3. Vat free 10oz QB's

    Many thanks for the clarification. Looks like the ones to suffer most are uk sellers of new coins? Since we just buy abroad.
  4. Vat free 10oz QB's

    So where does this leave us. Silver is not vat free to buy new in the uk. Hence i use stg, but coininvest is kinda saying silver is always vat free. Am i getting my lines crossed here? Or is CI just omitting this? If this was gold calling it vat free makes sense.
  5. Vat free 10oz QB's

    I have been out the silver loop for a while and just bought a couple of these bad boys from stg. When looking at coininvest it has written 'the 10 oz Silver Lion is an essential buy for serious collectors. Plus, as legal UK currency, it’s free from VAT and Capital Gains Tax and a smart buy for investors.' Err? Did i miss something? Silver is not usually vat free?
  6. Alfa romao key chain

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/ge17w2qiz4r0mrv/20170526_173554.jpg?dl=0 Wouldnt let me upload picture. So i need to use a link.
  7. Alfa romao key chain

    Its time to play 'guess what crap me dad bought at the carbootie' game. Alfa romao, has a castle, *96 va, and 925 stamped in the back. Any ideas where this has come from and my dads burning question of 'whatsit worth?'. Many thanks everyone.
  8. Where are we buying gold

    Thanks! Very comprehensive, got thousand to buy something shiny.
  9. Where are we buying gold

    I used to buy at HGM, but they seem pricey now? i was checking gold silver.be and they seem better but although i have bought silver from silvertogo (so abroad) for the tax benefit, with the no tax on gold in the uk there surely must be somewhere cheaper or at least the same? im just after bullion really nothing fancy. many thanks!
  10. Russian badges?

    thanks muchly for your help!
  11. Russian badges?

    Any ideas on this lot, my dad bought them at a carboot and would like a bit of background. also the golden question of "whatsit worth??"
  12. What a £1 coin could have made since 1983

    bbc make a mistake? never!
  13. What a £1 coin could have made since 1983

    so where have they got £1.05 from?
  14. What a £1 coin could have made since 1983

    I dont know if anyone has picked up on this yet but im a little confused. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-39306247 in particular- This investment in shares would outstrip investing in gold, which would have had a real value of £1.05 by the end of 2016, and a cash savings account (real value of £1.33). is this true?
  15. The royal geographic silver map.

    thanks, will it tamper with the etching in any way? even with residue as there is a lot of detail. sorry for the questions just, i want to make sure i dont bugger it up like i do most things worth money.