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  1. completed

    30 gram 2016 Gold panda omp £937 posted via special delivery
  2. for sale

    Won't be having anymore until next week sending batch of 30 back as all have spots/marks
  3. Mine are going back to the mint batch of 30 I don't think it's worth buying. As soon as you open the capsule you can see little spots.
  4. Have a apology letter from mint with the problems I had with 16 proof Britannia's but they never learn.
  5. I am sending more than a dozen 1oz back due to milk spotting also the 5oz too. Around 1 in 3 are spotted.
  6. 1oz 2017 Queens Beasts lion silver proof coin with box and £73.50 each plus post
  7. 1oz 2014 smithsonian panda NGC PF70 Ultra cameo with box and coa £103 each posted via special delivery 2 available
  8. ??? https://www.bnt.org.uk/the-queen-s-beasts-the-lion-of-england-2017-one-ounce-silver-proof-coin
  9. 1oz 2017 Dragon and Phoenix silver coin £24.15 each 40 available Buyer pays postage
  10. completed

    2017 full proof sovereign £412.50 including special delivery or 2 for £820
  11. completed

    Will pm you
  12. 2017 Full gold proof sovereign sealed £412.50 special delivery included
  13. 2017 premium proof sovereign gold set £1400 delivered outer seal packaging little torn coa number 142 Bargain 😀
  14. 2017 Sovereign Premium three coin gold set. sealed with coa number 138 £1400 posted via Royal Mail special delivery