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  1. 2002 Gold Proof Sovereign unopened

    Is it a proof or a BU as some of the BU come in bags the proof ones come with presentation box and Coa. Do you have pics?
  2. 1oz x 25 Pamp Suisse Rosa silver bars including storage box £612 posted special delivery
  3. 1kg Metalor silver bullion bar no certificate £467 posted special delivery
  4. completed 1862 full shieldback sovereign

    I will pm you
  5. 1862 full shieldback sovereign £272 posted special delivery
  6. 1oz Queens beasts lion platinum £810 posted Sold Sold 1985 Half Gold Proof sovereign selling as bullion £123 plus postage 1/10 1995 gold proof Britannia with box and Coa not in original capsule selling as bullion £105 plus postage Sold Sold
  7. completed 1oz and 1/2oz 2006 gold Britannia selling as bullion

    Comes with capsule only no box or Coa
  8. completed 1oz and 1/2oz 2006 gold Britannia selling as bullion

    Take both free postage
  9. Selling as bullion 1oz 2006 gold proof Britannia spot + £10 1/2oz gold proof Britannia spot + £6 plus delivery
  10. for sale Gold coins

    All sold thanks
  11. for sale Gold coins

    1/25th 2009 gold proof Koala with box and Coa £45 2006 gold 1/10 Britannia coin has red dots £98 2006 gold 1/4oz Britannia £245 coin has red dots £245 Plus postage
  12. Platinum Deals

    I have 1oz platinum lion beasts £810 posted
  13. Only had that one i do have the quintuple but will sell in time
  14. Double sovereign sold 4 x rat available