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    Koala - 1oz
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  1. Oh i must have lost
  2. Well i must be lucky then because i have bought gold coins from Belgium and Germany on numerous occasions and have never been charged import duty or vat on the items
  3. I joined both 6 months ago and have used them alternately to see which payed the quickest and haven't received a penny yet .
  4. A few Lego 75140 Vader's Tie Advanced vs A-Wing Starfighter A , less 50% due to retiring soon .
  5. Silver. 2017 Perth Koalas. 2017 Niue Athenian Owls. 2017 Libertads Bullion 1/20 oz - 5 oz 2017 Libertads Proof 2oz Gold. 2017 Bullion 1/2 and full sovereigns . 2017 Bullion 1/4 oz Libertads. 2017 Bullion 1/4 oz next queens beast. A 20 francs Bonaparte Premier Consul if i can find one. And a few old bullion sovereigns if possible.
  6. The way i offset the postage was by buying two , i also payed a £9 transfer fee , maybe with the 2017 Libertads the forum could do a group buy .
  7. HiFX money transfer ,and yes you will need to sign up .
  8. I used HiFX to buy Libertads from Apmex ,quick and easy
  9. Play for the club , supporters and self respect if they have any .
  10. Blame the players , they had big new contracts and are no longer hungry for success .
  11. My main collections are in Meinemunz boxes , spare numismatics and bullion are in relevant tubes inside sealed monster boxes
  12. We're giving away millions of bonus Nectar points in our Swipe and Win event, from this Friday to Sunday. All you need to do is spend £10 or more and swipe your Nectar card* in store, online or on petrol, and you're guaranteed to get a coupon worth from 200 to 5,000 points (that's up to £25). Sainsbury's
  13. A 1814 Louis XVIII 20 franc coin , might get this one graded its in better condition than the 2002 Shield full sovereign i bought from Atkinsons
  14. Didn't receive the AN13 , received an 1806 20 Francs Napoléon Empereur coin , the pictures don't do the coin justice