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  1. Gold Unicorn - Queens beast!

    The new one for me also .
  2. for exchange Proof Rwanda 1oz Nautical Santa Maria

    @649tom , i have purchased through backyardbllion , bought off Madstacks , LewisRichards , renah , barney , mondy41 , arshimo2012 , Numistacker , morezone , shinus73 , Helpinghands ,Paul . Carpe Diem . oliversw5 , Stu73 , Lubi29 , sovereignsteve , DrDime , and motorbikez , i am sure someone will be willing to vouch for me .
  3. for exchange Proof Rwanda 1oz Nautical Santa Maria

    As shortstack68 said all deals on the Forum are done on trust
  4. for exchange Proof Rwanda 1oz Nautical Santa Maria

    I would be interested in exchanging a proof rooster for a proof nautical
  5. Today I received.....

    2 x Bullion Victoria Veil Head Half sovereigns
  6. Has anybody bought from or know....

    I would highly recommend Silvertrader uk
  7. I haven't been very lucky with my Tom Kittens , sent my milked 2nd offering from the Mint back on the 24th of August only for the Royal Mail to misplace it in transit , on the eighteenth day they admitted they had lost it.
  8. Rwanda Lunar and Ships series

    Missed the boat on this one no pun intended , i think 150 euro + postage is to much in my opinion bearing in mind i cant sell the Rwanda Lunar proof silver rooster on Ebay for £135. 3
  9. scales

    Try ourweigh.co.uk
  10. Today I received.....

    1 x Bullion full sovereign and 3 bullion half sovereigns.
  11. Today I bought.....

    1 x Victoria - Young Head full sovereign and 3 x half sovereigns from HGM.
  12. Today I received.....

    Received my replacement Tom Kitten proof 50p its in worse condition than the one i sent back , this kitten is also on its return journey back to the Royal Mint, maybe it will be 3rd time lucky
  13. Somalia Elephant 2018

    Got multiples of these from 2004 to present and have had no problems with milking .