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  1. then why would you add so much on top . I have never as yet tried to sell any coins on the forum , but your other sentiments i totally agree with
  2. The seller would already know what they sell for on Ebay , so would most other people and most would ignore the post
  3. Yes its a South Africa , was well pleased
  4. 3 x lucky dip sovereigns from HGM
  5. I have bought on three occasions and received the item the next day each time , a great company to deal with .
  6. Some of today's finds at a local beach , the 303 bullet casing has stamped on the bottom GB 1939
  7. This is the one i sent back , asked for a refund .
  8. 3 x full sovereigns from HGM using monies received from the sale of a 2017 Half Gold Pistrucci Proof Sovereign and a 1990-92 football shirt
  9. An 1810 French 20 Francs Napoléon Empereur Laureate Head from Bleyer Bullion
  10. For me the 1817 BU is a keeper and the piedfort proof i will flip
  11. Could just be its 207 years old , most of the Victorian sovereigns shown on here have worn high points but are not as old as this coin , these coins in worse condition than this one are selling on Ebay for £100 + more than what i payed , so i am happy .
  12. Haven't got it in hand yet will find out in a couple of days.
  13. Couldn't resist this due to the dip in price , an 1810 French 20 Francs Napoléon Empereur Laureate Head
  14. Loving my Piedfort sovereign its stunning , but not happy with my second offering from the mint a Queens beast 1oz proof Lion that's going back along with the Unicorn no more proof silver from RM for me.
  15. Not a bad profit 2017 Gold Proof Piedfort Sovereign 200th Anniversary issue pre order See original listing Item condition: -- “Brand new” Ended: 28 Jun, 2017 14:17:42 BST Price: £1,299.00 :