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  1. BU Rwanda Rooster Mintage?

    I will not be buying any BU Lunar Dogs or the BU Nautical series these are very expensive high mintage bullion coins , better in my opinion to invest in the proofs of each series.
  2. 2018 proof Sovereign - 65th coronation "crown privy"

    Yes just in the singular presentation
  3. 2018 proof Sovereign - 65th coronation "crown privy"

    I've took a punt on just one half sovereign on this one due to the 2,500 mintage , purchased from Chards .
  4. completed 1oz Proof Silver Krugerrand NGC PF68

    That's cheap sold a raw one on Ebay 2 weeks ago for £190 including postage with a £1 ebay selling fee.
  5. Today I Received

    This weeks pickups , a 2005 half sovereign from @Sovereign 3 x Rwanda Lunar Dogs , and two lucky dip full sovereigns and a half sovereign .
  6. Rwanda Lunar Dog silver proof or gold ?

    Found mine after emailing GS.Be they where tucked under the bottom box flaps
  7. Today I Received

    Maybe a 68
  8. Updated Michael Marsh book

    Yes the price guide was a separate booklet
  9. I will take the 2005 half if still available please.
  10. 2018 Rwanda Lunar Dog

    With a heads up from @bullionbilly i was able to snag 3 , happy days
  11. 2018 Rwanda Lunar Dog

    Well i did end up trying twice today to buy 2 from Goldsilver.be , had them in my basket but the internet at work is so slow i missed out both times would have been good to carry on with the series but never mind .
  12. Rwanda Lunar Dog silver proof or gold ?

    Struggled to sell a proof Rooster for £135 on Ebay it took 3-4 months . i haven't even tried to buy the dog .
  13. Sainsburys Nectar Offer

    I got 1 x 1000 and 1 x 200 today , total so far 7400
  14. Sarnia Silver

    I have dealt with them a few times never had any problems .
  15. Sainsburys Nectar Offer

    Filled the firms truck this morning got two vouchers one for 200 points and the other 5000 great start to the day .