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  1. A heads up , at GS.be £15.32
  2. Just received my replacement coin , checked it with my loupe and it looks Ok . coa number 6021
  3. An Australian 150 year anniversary proof full sovereign from Chards
  4. I have a Belomo Triplet 10 x Loupe , i can highly recommend it .
  5. I have returned one coin today it has a scratch which can be seen clearly through a loupe, during my conversation with them , they said they didn't know of any problems which i find this hard to believe .
  6. @Augustus1 Its not the top of the rim its an indent just under the rim that shows up as a shadow.
  7. The damage was pointed out to me and i wonder how this will affect the resale value, RM have offered me a full refund as they are now out of stock. any thoughts ?
  8. one sold on ebay in April for £340 in a capsule with no coa .
  9. Well done , great find
  10. yes the 2005 is the 150 year anniversary proof and at around bullion price. The declared mintage on the Perth mint web site is 3909 .
  11. Picked up a Perth Mint 2005 proof sovereign .
  12. Picked up my Krugerrand's from the PO today , well pleased what an awesome coin. Again thanks for sharing @silverstackeruk .
  13. Received mine today , all rattling so opened them all and they are in immaculate condition , no spots or scratches