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  1. for sale 2017 proof half sov unopened

    Final reduction, want to shift this as i really dont want to sell any more ounce coins.
  2. completed 5 oz pamp Fortuna bar in hard case with C.O.A

    sold pending payment, also 1st refusal offered. H
  3. As above, bought on here recently. 105 delivered. Bank transfer only. H
  4. Thats the bunny, got 2x england and 3x wales as well, but they dont seem to do as well.
  5. for sale 2017 proof half sov unopened

    bump. price reduced.
  6. Just gad a rummage through my tins. I have loads of £2 coins, just finished a £1000 tin and took the tin opener to it, I have several Olympic citities the Best being the NI one, looking on ebay selling for 20-40 quid a pop. Cant believe folk pay this sort of cash for a £2 coin.
  7. for sale 2017 proof half sov unopened

    bought off arshi on impulse couple of weeks ago, need to raise a bit of £££ so selling a couple of impulse buys. £240 delivered bank transfer only please.
  8. completed 2015 1oz Gold Brit

    Sixgun has bought from me before with no problems, and if he or anyone else were to be unhappy with the condition, i would happily do a refund. Sold pending payment.
  9. completed 2015 1oz Gold Brit

    They are not scuffed, the Brits after 2012 have the "mottled" look. That being said, the pic is taken on a crappy lumia phone. Its a full ounce, been kept in a plastic sleeve since new, no damage. Priced as bullion, £45 cheaper than Atkinsons would charge for a bullion 1oz coin.
  10. completed 2015 1oz Gold Brit

    Not gone yet Roy, up your game son.
  11. completed 2015 1oz Gold Brit

    Ive Its a way of saving for me, i put any spare into gold and when i need the cash i sell it. The most ive had was just over 17 ounces, alas thats down to 5 now due to new kitchen and holidays payed for. Still if i hadnt bought gold id probably only have had about 10k. cash, as i would have squandered the rest on cheap booze and expensive women.
  12. completed 2015 1oz Gold Brit

    £990 As above, currently £45 cheaper than Atkinsons and below spot. Bank transfer only please, price includes special delivery. H
  13. completed 2017 half proof sovereign

    ill take one please.
  14. Looking at Slovenia myself, been holidaying there for years, love the place.
  15. Might i ask which country? Understand if you dont want to post on open forum, im looking at this myself at the moment, no familly in Europe but as a second/holiday home.