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  1. Do I have a strategy yet?

    Hey, don't worry. It's just human nature that when you are getting your teeth into something then you go all-in and live/eat/breath it. But that initial burst of enthusiasm will eventually pass and then you'll either stick with it long term at a sustainable level..or you won't. Ive only been stacking for 20 months and I need an entry on my calendar nowadays to remind me to make my monthly purchase, and otherwise get on with my life.
  2. Just a "barbarous relic"

    2oz used to coat 6.5msq on the James Webb, apparently - yes, I'm sure it could go even further if needed, we know one of the physical properties of gold it's malleability and ductility.
  3. Just a "barbarous relic"

    oops, this should probably go in the Gold forum! I'm sure a mod will be along shortly..
  4. Just a "barbarous relic"

    Try telling that to the rocket scientists at NASA: https://www.nasa.gov/feature/goddard/2016/james-webb-space-telescopes-golden-mirror-unveiled Definitely can't do that with bitcoins.
  5. Yes, timing is the trickiest part. It doesn't take a genius to look at some ratios and say what is cheap and what is expensive based on historical ranges, but the problem we all have as investors have is that our lifespan is finite while the market's is not, and it hardly ever works to the timescales that best suit us. That's why my strategies are based around buying/selling/swapping in chunks; never all in one go. You will never consistently be able to pick market tops and bottoms. But if you are consistent and disciplined in your approach then I do believe that it's possible to be buying/selling at what will prove relatively good points in the cycle. Shares are over-valued and the bull market is so old now, but in all honesty who would be surprised if this continued for another 24 months? How about 36-48 months? It's has defied logic and valuations for so long now why shouldn't it do it for a while longer? In the grand scheme of things I believe that we will see the downside of the cycle before the end of my working lifetime, so does it really matter? Sentiment is another thing. At the bottom of a bear market that has already fallen 80% nobody bats an eyelid when the market bounces 20%; I mean, who cares when you've just lost 80%?! But when there are new highs made at the top of bull markets everyone gets massively excited when the market notches another 5% all time high.. My point is that sentiment all depends on how long you have been invested in the market and your entry point. Last time I checked a 20% return was much better than a 5% return, but that is clouded by what the market has done before, regardless of whether you were invested in it or not. another way to look at asset allocation.. (Look at how well the Bonds & Stocks vs PMs negatively correlate over a 10 year return..)
  6. More evidence of the reversal: https://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/london-house-prices-fall-for-the-first-time-in-eight-years-as-home-owners-hit-by-double-blow-a3646696.html
  7. The thing is that most of the posts from long-timers on TSF revolve around graded and high premium stuff. I think there are a couple of reasons for this: 1. They have obviously been around for a long time and really know their stuff when it comes to numismatics. Most people, even most people who own PMs have next to no knowledge of this tiny segment of the market. 2. This may be a bit controversial, but I think there is some truth in it... Basically, silver bugs have been largely disappointed for a LONG time now. Bear market for 2011 to late 2015 and then bouncing around near this level for near 2 years since. During such bear markets you get a LOT of people falling by the wayside as they lose interest. This is what makes it a bear market. I think the people who are now into graded stuff have done it largely as a response to a long period of falling/low spot prices. Let's face it, if silver just went up and up for many years there would be much more interest and excitement about basic bullion silver and much less incentive to get everything slabbed as a way of maximizing premium.
  8. Today I bought.....

    That's what I call proper stacking. Nice going. Can't fault you for getting involved at both ends of the market, it's good to have all bases covered. I stack physical silver bullion and consider that my bread and butter but also have exposure to platinum and gold-mining shares.
  9. Today I bought.....

    Are there any common or garden variety stackers still around? Or have you all progressed to slabbed numismatic collecting snobs? I only ask because, well because basic silver is very cheap at the moment, but judging by the posts on this thread nobody gets excited unless it comes in a case and has a mintage in single figures.. (I just bought my monthly 20-something ounces of boring silver FWIW).
  10. Another dyed in the wool BTLer who thinks that the UK property can continue to outstrip general inflation and wages ad infintum. The yields you talk about are only available on s^£tholes that nobody would actually want to live in, with high maintenance costs and high probability of voids or problem tenants.
  11. Platinum - who's buying?

    Well the Plat:Gold ratio is at an eye-watering 1.40 now! I have bought back into Plat (& more!), and also back into GDX. The selloff was pretty brutal. Will probably add on any further weakness. Looking for a move higher over the next 4-6 months.
  12. Kookaburra 2008 V's 2018.

    Like them both. Like them all, but them I'm biased as I own more kooks than anything else. They are a classic series and which year you rank higher is just personal preference.
  13. London property is still grossly overpriced. If you think the recent softening in the top end of the market is makes it now a good investment then you're deluded. It will only return to sensible yields and prices when there is a full blown crash that wipes at least 40% off the average price.
  14. Agreed. Anyone getting into BTL is 5 years late. The numbers don't add up. Prices are now falling in London and it will ripple out to the other regions. the next economi downturn, which may be closer than anyone realises, will send the overleveraged into a financial abyss.
  15. Today I bought.....

    Silver very cheap in GBP right now. My spreadsheet doesn't lie -shows I just bought my cheapest batch since June 2016.