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  1. Advice on starting to flip with £100 only

    27 in a row is just short term variance. what about those streaks that ended after just 4 or 5? You will lose once in 10 on average and struggle to break even. Good luck trying but the betting markets are remarkably efficient over the long run and odds are exactly what they say on the tin. Unless you can mathematically prove that you are getting value then you don't have a winning strategy.
  2. Advice on starting to flip with £100 only

    forget about the flipping, dude. It can be done unless you can but in big enough quantities to make p&p negligible then don't bother Forget about any sort of short term trading too. Most likely you'll just lose money. Look into matched betting; it's a pretty safe and easy way to make a few hundred £££ in easy free cash. Depending on your aptitude for it and the amount of time you are willing to put into it to then it can become a viable way to have a steady 2nd income.
  3. GSR

    GSR 50: Gold $2000-2500 Silver $40-50 GSR 30: Gold $3000-5000 Silver $100-$166 GSR <20 who cares, this is the time to sell. It is my belief that we will see all 3 scenarios in the coming cycle. For 12 month timeframe I would be surprised if we are not back in the 60s.
  4. Maybe a bit more, but I'm quite happy with my level of PM purchasing at the moment. And besides, who knows what other opportunities will be around in 18-24 months' time. Maybe the stock market will have crashed by then and it'll be a good time to start buying equities? Maybe the housing market will have crashed and it would be a chance to move to a bigger place, which we would like to do eventually regardless. I would also probably increase my pension contributions which should hopefully benefit me greatly for when the day starts to arrive that I start to think about cashing it out. Having the extra cashflow really does open up all sort of possibilities. I'm reminded of the saying that "poor people spend their income and invest anything that is left over" while rich people "invest their income and spend what is left over". That's not to denigrate those on lower income who find it challenging to find enough to invest, but it is about the mindset that you need to have if you want to eventually make your capital work just as hard for you as you did to to earn it.
  5. The long term plan is progressing very nicely indeed. Since writing this last year we've knocked off another 15% from the outstanding value of the mortgage. Additionally I've now fully paid off my (0%) credit card, so going forward we'll that bit more cash positive. We are still in the discounted period of our fixed rate, so there is no point in overpaying it more than 10%pa as they will charge us, so we pay as much as makes sense and then stockpile the rest of cash (of course some of it also goes into PMs). The discount rate ends on Sept 30th 2018 and then on 1st Oct I'm planning to make a single huge overpayment that will then bring the outstanding amount down to the size of a car loan. All in all, I'm hoping to have the whole thing paid off within a year after that. Looking forward to the day we make that final payment.. I don't think it's too far off now!
  6. What's your reason for stacking/collecting?!?

    All of the usual reasons: insurance, hedge against fiat, hobby.. and because everything else is grossly overpriced.
  7. Want to start investing in gold

    Well, that is a very narrow and blinkered view to have. "Putting 10% of your wealth into PMs and hope it does badly" is not exactly the same as "put 100% of your wealth into PMs and hope it does well."
  8. Want to start investing in gold

    Bit late to this thread, here is my 2p.. - Firstly, £1000-£1500 is a very nice amount of investable income to have, and I believe that anyone in such a position can do very well over the timeframe suggested if they make sensible decisions. But is it a sustainable amount? You may get a buzz from the first few coins that arrive through the post, but its not realistic to expect to have the same enthusiasm for it in a 12 or 24 months time. Putting in only what you can comfortably see yourself getting by without is a sensible way to go about it. - If you have high interest debts that still need to be clear, then you should do that first. If you can't clear your debts or at least have a firm plan in place to do so then stacking PMs on top of that is like trying to build a house on quicksand - Have a long term strategy in place. have the mindset of "accumulating over a long period" rather than just "buying". - You should also consider other investments because Gold is insurance before it is an investment. You MUST understand this if you are to not be shaken out and become disillusioned. If you can take advantage of a pension scheme then do so, for the tax advantages (and any employer contributions) are a massive advantage to have in your favour. You're already lost 45% in tax before you bought an oz of gold. Most of the time people hope they don't need to draw on their insurance. There is wise saying of "put 10% into gold and hope it does badly". - I'm not an expert of different gold coins, to me it is all just gold. I just buy what lowish-premium coins I like and would say that this is good advice for anyone starting out. - Don't expect the world to change just because you are buying. It may do, but probably won't. Gold doesn't care that you own some. Don't take it personally if in 5 years time your investments are still under water.
  9. Athenian 1oz owl worth the ugliness?

    I'd struggle to bring myself to buy 'em even at spot, but YMMV. I know I like to say that it's all just silver, but when you can get a Kangaroo or Philharmonic for another 20-30p/oz or whatever the markup is then that is what I would rather be doing.
  10. Gold Monitoring Thread £ only

    Don't let short term price fluctuations change your big-picture view. If gold was undervalued last week then it is still undervalued this week, no matter what the price may have done. The worst thing you can do is to agonise over every price movement, holding off in the hope that the price dips, then buying then getting angry that it keeps falling, then holding off and being too afraid to buy more because it is still falling, then cursing because it is going up and you didn't pull the trigger, etc etc. You see how this works? Markets are mechanisms that do a wonderful job of transferring wealth from the impatient to the patient. Have an accumulation strategy so that you aren't put off by short term fluctuations, then go and execute it.
  11. Platinum - who's buying?

    Believe it or not, Platinum was around and had uses since before the invention of the catalytic convertor, and will still be around long after it has been consigned to the dustbin of technological history! http://www.kitco.com/commentaries/2017-02-07/The-46-Year-Record-of-Platinum-Gold-Ratios.html . at current ratio is 0.76 (Pt/Au), we are buying at the very extreme end of the distribution
  12. Gold Monitoring Thread £ only

    PMs flying today. Could be looking even more promising after today's action.
  13. Gold Monitoring Thread £ only

    Another few sessions needed imo. Also it depends if you are looking at the trend from a linear scale chart or a log scale chart. The breakout looks confirmed on the linear scale, but imo the more meaningful chart is the log chart resistance which hasn't yet been decisively breached.
  14. I was just watching a few youtube videos and the comments on them are a pretty good barometer of current sentiment for both PMs and Cryptos. Well, you can read them for yourself, but let's just say that one is current reviled and the other is hailed as the next coming. As a contrarian I think this is a brilliant indication of where the johnny come latelys are and aren't parking their money. have a read, eg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKrSWZXK1wU
  15. Today I bought this good. Buy or Bad ???

    Nice coin. Shame about the price.