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  1. Always worth keeping an eye on asset ratios, not just gold:silver but all major commodities and assets. This time last year oil dipped its toe into the $20s and the Oil:anything ratio was in record territory when everyone was saying "$10 oil". Guess what? They were all about 500% wrong on that one. Silver is a good buy right now, as it platinum. No guarantee at all that it will fully swing back the other way - long term trends exist for a reason, but even so when something is such an obvious "buy" based on its historic ratio to other assets then that is usually a good time to be buying.
  2. +25oz, Kooks, Koalas, Pandas, & Brits. A bit disappointed I didn't pull the trigger last week as everything is more expensive now!
  3. Mike Maloney did a video on this, and he worked out that it was his gold was probably worth 1-2% of his total assets.. make of that what you will
  4. Pandas have done the best out of all the main series in the last 5 years.. but as they say, past performance is no guarantee of future return for a large number of reasons. Mintages are nowhere near as limited as the were, and it seems everyone and their dog is launching a new series every month, so the competition is only increasing. I can still go online and buy a 2016 panda direct from a dealer.. so draw your own conclusions from that.. I like semi-numismatics in the kook/panda range in general as I think they have the best risk/reward, although I'm not such a big fan of the switch to 30g (wtf?). But as already said, just should stack what you like the most.. and also diversifying to make sure you have a bit of everything.
  5. I don't know how many people here have a company pension, but I've paid into one every year for the last 17 years since I started working, and now every year I get my annual statement I look at the size of my pension pot and it is quite impressive to see how much it has been built up to.. but that didn't come about overnight or even over a few years. I got plenty of years left to add to it and watch it grow more. It just shows that with steady application over many years you can achieve a lot more than most people think is possible and not really even have to suffer much hardship.
  6. Great thread. Everyone wants financial independence and I have a similar goal, but that doesn't mean I won't continue to work as I believe work fulfills an important human requirement. Firstly, I agree with your views on property. That goose is dead, and when (not if) the crash comes, many overleveraged people will be wiped out and the accompanying economic recession will be much worse than 2008-09. That said, I do believe that eventually owning your own home at a sensible price (ideally around x200 gross rent) is an important part of becoming financially independent, but those sort of prices wont return until there is a violent price reset. I also agree that, unless you are VERY savvy, PMs are likely not the way to future prosperity. Of course, some of many of us discussing this are trying to get to that "very savvy" pointy end, but you have to be very contrarian to do so, and I'm not sure that we are at that stage of the commodities market these days as we were in 2000-2002. PMs main role is to preserve purchasing power, which is not the same as building wealth. There may be, indeed surely will be, a time where PMs have their moment in the sun and offer the chance of a big return, but for the most part it is "insurance". The rules of building wealth are simple (but not easy): -maximize your earnings -minimize your expenditures -invest wisely in proven sustainable, wealth-building assets when they are attractively priced -diversify to spread your risk around, but only as much as you need and only invest in what you understand -avoid chasing a fast buck and making mistakes which can wipe out your capital. A 10% loss just needs a 11% rise to recover, a 90% loss needs a 1000% rise to return. Most of the time none of this comes easy or quickly, and in today's environment cheap money has inflated every asset price (except commodities) so your choices are limited. But if making money was easy then more people would be rich! I also think that setting a time frame for such "blue sky" goals is not a good idea. Maximize your own potential and focus on smaller deliverables. See where you are in 2 years time. Most of us are seeking the same goals and working a lifetime to get there!
  7. Is there a refund policy offered on these coins by the Royal Mint? This is why I simply do not bother with anything pricier than a panda. You have no idea and no control of what your coins will do, and especially if it is a new series from a Mint that is infamous for producing milkspotted coins, you are just asking for trouble!
  8. Be careful what you wish you... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-38505980 Fuel prices hit 18-month high, after Opec production cuts
  9. The more you stack the less you care what the current spot price is.. if you make the commitment to buy every month then the less your average price is dictated by whatever current spot price is. My spreadsheet tells me that I bought anywhere between £12.90 and £18+, but my avg price is £15.55... but, here is the kicker... spot price could move either up or down by quite a lot next year and it wouldn't really change my average stack price by more than 10-15p regardless, simply because of the ounces I have already acquired. It reinforces how regular buying smooths out the fluctuations in short term spot prices.
  10. Yup, very happy. First year of stacking, so I went a bit mad and frontloaded a lot of my buying in Feb-Apr, but after that steadily cost-averaged for the rest of the year. 800oz silver 1oz gold Will probably go a bit easier next, year, but have comfortably budgeted for about 500oz (or gold equivilent). Bring on 2017.
  11. It might be interesting if someone calculated some sort of probability curve that showed how likely your coin is to developing milkspots depending on how long it has already gone without doing do. Generally, I wouldn't be very confident that apparently good coins minted in within the last 12-24 months still couldn't develop milkspots. Perth mint stuff seems to hold up pretty well (except the Kangaroos), so I find myself buying more and more of their stuff.
  12. But if you can't beat dealer prices.. then what's the point! Most stuff on fleabay is sold above dealer price anyway!
  13. Fair enough. I have found that 100% in my experience.
  14. I did a lot of work and modelled this, and yes there is a time to "play the ratio" in the GSR with physical, but it should be a once in a decade type event when the GSR moves to the very extremities of the distribution curve.. this is a very slow moving target but at the moment I have GSR >90 or GSR <36. you may want to read this whole thread for why I have these numbers in mind:
  15. To an extent, you are right, but it is a minefield and too easy to get wrong. IMO at least 50% of silver on fleabay is either: - Outright fake - deliberately misleading eg "German" silver - Not what is shown in the picture If you buy anything with a picture of a panda or an bird on it, then it is 99.99% likely to be fake imo. and then 95% of the remaining genuine stuff normally goes for above dealer prices anyway, so what's the point? Perhaps you are right that you can occassionally get a good deal, but the risks and the time involved in monitoring auctions, and then testing the silver and making complaints and sending the duff stuff back, plus the feeling you get when you do get a fake (trust me, no one feels delighted, even if they can get their money back)... its just a complete waste of time. Life is too short.