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  1. Yeah, likewise. I'll continue to buy silver at these prices, but considering how much silver I already hold I will switch to gold when the GSR returns below 70.
  2. IMO we are getting to extreme ratios now.. Dow/Gold is now 19.7. Hasn't been that stretched except for a couple of times in the last 100+ years, and considering the gold/silver ratio is pretty stretched too, silver seems very cheap now vs stocks.
  3. silver price by 2020

    2020 is a long time away. It could easily be anywhere between £5 - £50 and neither would really surprise me.
  4. Bitcoin vs Silver/Precious Metals

    Yes, definitely. Everyone but true hardcore gold/silver bugs are dumping their PMs to jump on board the BTC bubble. And yes, making it onto BBC frontpage and Facebook frontpage pretty much qualifies it as a bubble now; https://trends.google.co.uk/trends/explore?date=today 5-y&q=bitcoin
  5. Silver Monitoring Thread £ only.

    Getting cheaper by the day.
  6. Silver ETFs

    I get my fund exposure via spreadbetting on PM ETFs. So long as you understand the leverage and your level of exposure you are fine. If necessary I could deposit my entire exposure balance into my spreadbet account. The mistake nearly everyone (including myself in the past) makes is to overleverage because it is easy to do so.
  7. Silver Monitoring Thread £ only.

    Traditional EoY slump! Has been a pretty disappointing 2017, as every other asset class has gone up while PMs are still scraping the bottom of the barrel.
  8. Nice going @utoh123. Placing yourself in the position of the buyer in a distress sale is rarely a bad move, and now you have a barely a car-loan sized mortgage. It's clear that the current UK govt is tightening the noose around the BTL brigade. A lot of over-leveraged owners and investors/speculators will be hung out to dry in the next downturn, which I maintain will be much considerably worse than 2007-2009 for certain parts of the country.
  9. Don't even think about it. They're the sort of loan that are popular at the height of credit bubbles because they make payments cheaper.. well of course they're cheaper if you're not paying off any capital.. duh. If you have no idea about how to distinguish between principle and interest then imo you are not fit to be taking out a loan of any type. Creditors rely on people who can't make these sort of distinctions for the vast bulk of their profits.
  10. Does size matter ?

    Larger coins will always be more illiquid., but IMO it's not a bad thing at all to diversify with some larger weight coins; it keeps the stack more interesting. I have a good selection of 1.5oz, 2oz, 5oz and 10oz coins and like them all, but mainly for their silver content, not for their particular individual weight!
  11. Maintaining purchasing discipline

    Isn't this a rhetorical question? How do you maintain discipline in anything in life? You decide what is most important to you and then prioritize that. If amassing ozs is most important to you then you prioritize low premium silver. If numismatics hold more appeal than stack weight then you prioritize fancy stuff. so decided what is most important to you, and then prioritize it. Can't get simpler than that.
  12. UK Interest Rates

    real rates are still negative; if you are a borrower then the BoE is still doing you a massive favour at the expense of savers.
  13. Ping Test

    It's not like all silver coins produce the same pitch when pinged - different silver coins will ping differently depending on its dimensions. But if you know how a genuine coin X sounds, then its easer to spot a fake.
  14. How much to invest

    If you feel that time is against you in order to build a “nest egg” then that is even MORE reason to take advantage of a pension just for the tax relief alone. If your employer matches your contribution then for every £1 of disposable income you give up then you get over £3 into your pension. Good luck trying to find that sort of return in the real world risk-free if you forego the easy option. Every pound that you save has equal merit. £3 is £3; it is worthwhile and better than £0. If you need a get rich quick scheme then head over to bitcoin.
  15. It’s the same for any financial/investment topic. recent research suggests that men have put aside 3 times into their pension as women.. http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/pensions/article-4379326/Average-pension-pot-swells-72-50k-just-two-years.html in fact, this may be a gross underestimation as I have seen previous studies that suggest the gap is much bigger still. Men and women do have different social roles which can influence personal finances, but it is too much to suggest that it can explain this sort of difference. Rather, the truth is probably as simple as the man is still seen as the main provider and breadwinner and women tend to be looked after.