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  1. Silver and gold both punched through significant resistance levels today. Onwards and upwards.
  2. What a tosser. A "professional" gambler who asks for credit.. lol, only one guess as to what's going on there!
  3. The Investors Intelligence sentiment index is off the chart. https://www.investing.com/analysis/weekly-market-summary-200176113
  4. Sounds like a very smart low risk/high reward play. Ii'm monitoring VIX and will look to buy into a long position. When volatility returns it tends to spike, for that is the nature of sell-offs. One look at the VIX chart shows that it doesn't go for more than a few months without having a spike, although if/when the crash truely arrives I don't think it'll be a small spike like we've seen mostly, rather I expect it to jump to massive levels.
  5. currently on 1oz gold ~850oz silver Mainly still accumulating silver, but the GSR is getting more fair now. I always want to be accumulating the cheaper metal. Current plan is something like this: GSR current level: buy gold:silver in 2:98 ratio GSR below 60, buy gold:silver in 50:50 ratio GSR below 50, buy gold:silver in 75:25 ratio GSR below 42, buy gold only GSR below 35, Swap 80% of my silver for gold GSR below 25, Swap remaining silver for gold
  6. OK, one look at the general stock indices shows me that they have totally taken leave of their senses. All risk has been disregarded and we have going into the blowoff irrational exuberance stage. I don't know how much longer this will go on, maybe we are very near to the top, but I can guarantee that when it all falls apart a lot of people will lose their shirt and the outcome will be epic.
  7. The budget's a bit tighter this month and I was tempted to skip it, but made the commitment to pay myself and pulled the trigger on 25oz. From next month things will be a lot easier for me as I've now made the final payment on the loan I took out last year (which I used to buy silver).
  8. We all feel the same way.. When you are young and still wet behind the ears you don't appreciate that things always go in cycles. Even when PMs first came onto my radar in 2003 I was still chasing returns elsewhere (none of which I managed to keep) and I didn't actually become invested in it until many years later. I think that it is only really experience and many years of seeing this played out time for yourself and again that you come to accept the wisdom, but by then you are no longer young and much of life has passed you by.
  9. It's the invention of the "semi-numismatic" classification that is used to justify asking price of 50% over spot for rubbish like the Queen's Beast - a series: - with proven no history - from a mint that is notorious for producing coins that milkspot - new design every 6 months to encourage you into buying the set F&&* me. It's JUST silver. The risk/reward on these from a stacking POV is terrible. There's nothing special at all about this series, except in the mind of those prepared to pay the extortionate premium. You are far better off buying something low premium that doesn't pretend to be what its not. Got a couple of them myself, but won't be making that mistake again.
  10. Should be a fairly easy run back up to $19, the pre-Election price. Thank you Mr Trump for allowing us to stack up on cheaper silver!
  11. yeah, we've had this discussion. I'm a stacker so I avoid fleabay. Anecdotally there are just too many people who get burnt. Its pay-over-the-odds for auction adrenaline rush is precisely the wrong mentality to adopt if you are serious about stacking and amassing a meaningful quantity of physical.
  12. Ebay is just full of chancers fishing for a mug. Go and enter "silver bullion" or "gold bullion" and see if you can actually find anything fairly price worth buying on the first 5 pages - I highly doubt it. Full of common single silver coins at £23-£25. why would I buy that? Just a waste of time. The 0.1% of time you can actually spot a decent buy doesn't compensate you for the time and energy spent wading through the crap.
  13. The more I ponder it, the more I think terms like "semi-numismatic" are just marketing gimmicks. How do you know if a coin is numismatic or semi, or whatever other special descriptive phrase you care to attach to it? Try to sell it.
  14. Everyone's situation is different, but I was just wondering how large is your PM stack come to in relation to your.... 1. Annual gross Household Income 2. Housing equity (if you have any) 3. Pension (if you have one) 4. General equities exposure (if you have any) 5. Net wealth (so all of the the above + any cash and other assets you may have) For me, it is about.. 1. 12%, but about 33% if you consider just my own income 2. About 6% (most of my income has gone to paying off my mortgage over the last 5 years) 3. 100% (I have no equity exposure, outside of my pension) 4. About 4% I guess I'm fortunate that I'm starting to reap the rewards of having a savings/investment mentality for the last 20 years, even if I have mad plenty of mistakes over that time, I have acquired some assets a couple of months before I turn 40. It highlights to me that, while I have amassed a good number of ounces in terms of what else I have it isn't actually that large, and therefore I'm more than happy to carry on stacking heavily. I think 10% is a good ballpark to aim for.
  15. Buy what you like the look of. If you think a coin/bar looks great then buy it. If you think it's ugly, avoid it. Having a liking for what you buy is far more important the fewer ounces you own, as it will reinforce the stacking mentality. Chances are you will want a bit of diversity as your acquire more ounces, anyway.