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  1. Almost Dotcom levels of exuberance. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-04-20/paul-tudor-jones-says-u-s-stocks-should-terrify-janet-yellen
  2. Yeah, the GSR has bumped up a bit in the last week. It's probably a sign that the whole sector is due a correction.
  3. Nothing of the sort.. it's had a good up up from sub-£13 which has now exhausted itself, and I suspect that we need to give back a lot of that before the market is ready to move back up. In USD terms I think its looking likely that it will head back between $17-17.50 in the next 1-2 weeks.
  4. Some very good stories, thanks for sharing. I suppose this is probably true of everyone.. it certainly is for myself.. once you start acquiring physical PMs then inevitably the reasons you continue to buy them start to change over time. There's only so many ounces that you can count as SHTF insurance, right? Once you start amassing more and more and more ounces they then become a long term store of wealth/savings vehicle, and beyond this an investment vehicle and a collectables/hobbie vehicle. That's the great thing about buying PMs - they tick lots of boxes.
  5. As per the topic.. Do you consider yourself a stacker? If so, what's your buying strategy? I'm personally a strong believer in disciplined accumulation through monthly purchases, so without fail I will make a core purchase once a month, come hell or high water. It's not always the same £GBP amount or the same number of ounces, but it's usually in the same ballpark. I stack what I consider the cheaper metal, which at the moment is mainly silver, although this can and will change depending on the GSR. Getting the most ounces per £ is the main aim, although I don't mind going up to Lunar/Panda level level for a portion of my stack. And lastly, I also will make discretionary purchases a few times a year when I have the cash to do so, during what I consider opportunistic buying windows when PMs get beaten down. Last year I bought very heavily (even took out some credit.. all paid off now) but this year and going forward I'm putting in an amount that I think I can comfortably get by with for the next few years. I've always been a saver in one form or another so I see PMs as just my current saving/investment vehicle. I realise that many people considering themselves a stacker/something-else and that is fine too..
  6. I like to get a nice diverse range of coins for silver, but for gold I've just stuck to 1/2oz Brits (I only have 1.5oz) for now. For me gold is purely an exercise in stacking as I think it'll be difficult to amass lots of Oz, and really gold is something you hold onto even more so than silver which I do see myself selling when the right time comes.
  7. You can't disassociate the macro from the micro, and if, as a society, we can't already live within our means then it's a bogus question about a wage required to "live comfortably" no matter what your level of income is the answer will always be "more than I currently earn".
  8. $1.27 - clear breakout level. $1.40 coming soon.
  9. I've begun buying gold miners because they look a great buy right now. They are at the same stage of their bull market as they were in late 2001; after a initial explosion out of a multi-year bottom they spent half a year consolidating and waiting for the moving averages to catch up. IMO the HUI:GOLD ratio is still so suppressed that stocks are likely to outperform the metal by 2 or 3 times over the next few years just to get the market back near to its long term average. If the PM bull market evolves how I think it will, there is potential for the stocks to do 5-6 times in fiat terms. I do ultimately expect the old highs to be taken out well and truly before this bull market reaches maturity. So my strategy is evolving and think this year I will likely allocate roughly 60% to physical silver, 20% to physical gold, and 20% to GDX.
  10. C'mon, it looks like it was designed by moon-worshipping hippies. I personally think it's one of the fugliest designs I've ever seen. Take it for what it is - bargain basement cheap silver. If you want appreciation then go for something where the odds are considerably more in your favour. And I have to defend the Maples - I'd take them over this mess any day. At least they don't have any comic sans.
  11. I wouldn't hold my breath..
  12. Some observations: - He's done well with his buying to have made 43%+ in such a short space. It shows the power of cost-averaged buying over a prolonged period when you are catching the very bottom of the market. - Gold is still so reviled that public psychology is still to swap gold for houses. This market matures when people are swapping houses for gold... which will be many years ahead.
  13. $1290 is the key level that needs to be taken out for confirmation of the end of the long term bear market.
  14. Those charts are misleading because they are not log scale. If you study them you will see that PMs spent most of 2008 in a deep corrective phase as they were sold off (along with everything else). Silver went from >$20 to <$9 before the climb to $50.
  15. Stealth Rally! Gold now punching through $1280, yet nobody is talking about it. That's £1023 in our money.