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  1. Silver Monitoring Thread £ only.

    The greatest myth in investing and trading is that price action can be explained by events ex post. The truth is usually the opposite. Price action moves in a way that largely predicts future events.
  2. 1/3rd of high st restaurants are in loss: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/news/uk-restaurant-chains-losing-money-prezzo-jamies-italian-high-street-crisis-a8236911.html
  3. It's not cheap... Copper spot is about 20c per troy oz, so you're looking about a 500% premium.
  4. Gold Miner Picks

    Still just playing with GDX & GDXJ, but miner have disappointed for the last year. They can and will explode higher at some point, but these markets are designed to take as few people with them as possible.
  5. Brexit.

    All Governments are bureaucrats, non more so that the EU, so I have no idea why anyone expected anything else at this stage of proceedings. I don't know if we'll be able to buy silver from Estonia at the same prices that we currently are able to, but I think there will always be loopholes that can be exploited. We should look at whatever agreements that are eventually put in place a new opportunities rather than worry about the loss of current ones.
  6. I've stretched the budget out a little and settled on a 2011 Mercedes C-Class Estate 220 Diesel, 128k on the clock for £6k. It's practical and of course I can't deny the Merc badge was a lure. I think it's a great buy for the price, but time will tell. Insurance & tax will be a shade under £900/year. Should be picking up the keys next week. That said, I think the "Superior German engineering" thing is largely an outdated misconception now. Many other carmakers have been just as good if not better in all measurable aspects of engineering for at least 10 years, and offer better VFM too, of course.
  7. ... and now just like that FTSE and DAX have made new lows. UNLIKE last month, this latest drop hasn't even made any sort of news. Complacency is stiff rife, which is why it is far from over.
  8. There is going to be a rude awakening. The FTSE dipped below 7100 in futures market, just a mere whiff off last month's lows.. meanwhile the mainstream financial press are completely oblivious and treating it like the correction is done and dusted. 9 years of bull market means that COMPLACENCY is rife. Paul Tudor Jones is the latest to say what we all know: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/03/01/here-are-highlights-from-paul-tudor-jones-interview-with-goldman-sachs.html
  9. This is a good question and one that we should be asking. However, I think the idea of silver leading gold is a misnomer. The tail doesn't wag the dog. Gold leads, and silver lags and most of the time underperforms. If you are bearish on one you must be bearish on the other, and vice versa. So as long as the technical picture for gold remains bullish then I remain a PM bull, even if silver is failing to confirm (of course it would be better for confirmation). An extended price drop doesn't change my core accumulation strategy, but it does change my trading strategy and I would not be trying to trade it on the long side until the technicals look better. Bear markets should be welcomed as a change to buy more cheaply, whether its PMs, stocks or anything else. I am an accumulator of PMs at anything above Dow/Gold of 10, a holder betwen 5-10, and a net seller below 5.
  10. Nice vid. I would say I am roughly: 33% stacker 33% saver 33% investor 3% collector :-) And like BB, I don't really consider myself a prepper. I probably should, but if I were to put on that hat, PMs would be a lot further down on the list of priorities.
  11. Another leg down? Look how WEAK the FTSE is..
  12. Remember what precious metals are first and foremost: a safehaven asset, distinct from stocks which are risk assets, and bonds, which are somewhere in between. PMs are the asset class that correlate most negatively with stocks. Don't get too hung up on the immediate direction of interest rates; the tail does not wag the dog. Stocks do most well and PMs do poorly in long periods of economic expansion, and the opposite is true when there is economic chaos. That does NOT mean every time stocks go up, gold goes down or vice versa, but just that one tends to underperform the other at different points in the business cycle. Because of this, having some PMs in your portfolio is sometimes recommended as a good diversifier to smooth out the bumps and provide better risk-adjusted returns,.
  13. Couple of bad restaurant chains in trouble too: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-43232491
  14. It's a myth that PMs do poorly when interest rates rise. Why are interest rates rising? Because inflation is rising. And PMs are a historical hedge against inflation.
  15. I reckon the black market is pretty tax efficient