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  1. for sale

    Lists updated to what's available
  2. completed

    I'll take the 1895 half sov if its stil available... Any chance of a picture?
  3. for sale

    Final price reduction
  4. for sale

    Prices reduced
  5. for sale

    Prices reduced and new coins added....if you needs pictures of the coins PM me
  6. 1 x 2013 Scottsdale coin bar £21 1 x 2013 Mexican liberated in capsule £18 1 x 2013 ASE in capsule £18 2 x 2014 ASE in capsule £18 each £2.30 for upto 3 coins/bars sent 2nd class recorded payment by bank transfer
  7. for sale

    They are all as issued... But I will post a pic up when I get in from work
  8. 9 x silver rounds only one missing is the 1st one the walker All as in issued condition in capsules £170 posted or can split £20 each + postage I would prefer bank transfer
  9. As per title in blister card £107 posted
  10. As per title in royal mint certi card - £106 posted