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  1. So, not received today but over the past couple of weeks: - 2016 150g Proof Silver Panda - 2017 1/10 oz 50th Anniversary Privy gold krug - 1oz Proof Scrooge McDuck (NIUE) - A horde of 19 silver pandas
  2. I for one find the prospect of not having to get up to pour myself a drink quite exciting. Bring on the butlerbots!
  3. I wouldn't rush into buying these... With a mintage of 1 million, they're sure to trickle down to other dealers soon enough for (hopefully) better prices
  4. completed

    Look a bit down, it says "you cannot access this store from your country". Probably an option in Presta Shop to do geo-ip blocking. Why they block Germany though... No idea
  5. completed

    a new 10oz kook for 193 eur (167 GBP according to google): http://goldsilver.be/en/coins/866-10-oz-silver-kookaburra-2017.html the postage may kick the price up a bit but if you're looking to buy some more it would be worth it
  6. Looking forward to the video! 😀
  7. completed

    I think this one was part of a set of 2, the other one struck at the other mint. Weird that they got separated
  8. If you're particularly wealthy I guess 1000 ounces would constitute a good "beginner's goal", but assuming the statistic median income of a UK/EU resident, aiming for 100 ounces might be a more reasonable (and certainly less depressing) goal to start out with Stick with low premium bullion/semi numi, and stay away from very high premiums if you're not sure what you're into yet. You'll probably want to get rid of some of your stuff somewhere in the future, and the target buying audience for a pretty $150 coloured fluffy kitten 1oz silver medal is significantly smaller compared to the group that would be willing to buy a kookaburra or panda.
  9. Let me know if you get through. I did that a few weeks ago but there doesn't seem to be a very active customer service at the sa mint
  10. I'm all for dealers making money but that's > 200% markup. Would you pay €50 for a bullion kook? Having said that, I really really want it so if that's the price, I will suck it up and give them my money
  11. That's ridiculous. The price at the mint is 775 rand which is ~ €57
  12. Love the daily submission videos!
  13. If you're in the UK, sovereigns or half sovereigns make the most sense I think, they're widely known and you'll have no problem selling them down the line. As for 1/10th fractionals... I would just buy whatever is closest to spot
  14. Would really like to get a proof 1oz krugerrand this year with the whole 50th anniversary going on, but the premiums are crazy so will probably wait it out and hope for price drops Other than that: planning to stock up on silver krugerrands + silver proof krugerrands And... maybe finally getting started on the silver panda date set