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  1. Sold

    If you're willing to split I'd be interested in the ngc ones
  2. Edited mine to 26.. nice catch
  3. I bought it, in hindsight would've rather bought 2x 1/10oz gold bullion instead, as I'm not too impressed with the quality.
  4. Just thinking out loud, but it could also be possible that the 1 million figure is the "maximum mintage", and afterwards (if ever, of course) when the mintage numbers are published it could turn out that there's only a few thousand in circulation because the actual demand was so low. In that case (and frankly only in that case) I see a potential for premium increases in the future for this
  5. Eh. A bit disappointed that my Berlin pandas didn't get 70s, but at least it's not 68. :-)
  6. Welcome fellow Belgian :-)
  7. A whole bunch of OMP pandas (1/2 oz and 1oz) 2013 Libertad 3 coin silver proof set
  8. I must honestly say if I was able to order from mcm I'd consider getting one of the slabbed 70s though
  9. Ugh I feel bad for whoever is foolish enough to buy those rolls at those prices.
  10. So, not received today but over the past couple of weeks: - 2016 150g Proof Silver Panda - 2017 1/10 oz 50th Anniversary Privy gold krug - 1oz Proof Scrooge McDuck (NIUE) - A horde of 19 silver pandas
  11. I for one find the prospect of not having to get up to pour myself a drink quite exciting. Bring on the butlerbots!
  12. I wouldn't rush into buying these... With a mintage of 1 million, they're sure to trickle down to other dealers soon enough for (hopefully) better prices
  13. completed

    Look a bit down, it says "you cannot access this store from your country". Probably an option in Presta Shop to do geo-ip blocking. Why they block Germany though... No idea