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  1. Love the daily submission videos!
  2. If you're in the UK, sovereigns or half sovereigns make the most sense I think, they're widely known and you'll have no problem selling them down the line. As for 1/10th fractionals... I would just buy whatever is closest to spot
  3. Would really like to get a proof 1oz krugerrand this year with the whole 50th anniversary going on, but the premiums are crazy so will probably wait it out and hope for price drops Other than that: planning to stock up on silver krugerrands + silver proof krugerrands And... maybe finally getting started on the silver panda date set
  4. some investment pieces 30g 2017 Panda 1oz 2016 American Gold Eagle 1oz 2017 American Buffalo 1oz 2017 Krugerrand 50th anniversary privy Gold goals for 2017: achieved
  5. @morezone actually stocks them. Just ordered some myself in fact See: As for myself; the "main collection" (kooks, koalas, lunars, etc) go in Lighthouse/Leuchtturm binders with Encap sheets, basically plastic binder sheets that can hold coin capsules. Binder: https://www.leuchtturm.com/ringbinder-grande-classic-design-incl-slipcase.html Sheets: https://www.leuchtturm.com/plastic-sheets-encap.html the rest in airtite tubes.
  6. @Danny-boy great brand choice! digging the white + shadow look
  7. If you're looking for a particular piece of bullion, check out gold.de - they compare prices for a lot of German dealers and you can usually find good deals there. I don't think you'll find any fraud dealers listed on gold.de but as always, do your research before dealing with a dealer for the first time. As for customs: assuming you're in the UK, you won't have to pay customs/import duties as long as you're buying inside the EU. No-one knows what will happen post-Brexit of course, but that's a future worry for now :-)
  8. My Berlin pandas arrived
  9. yep, what I pasted is from the South African Mint's site: http://www.samint.co.za/order-form/
  10. 1/10th oz Krugerrand 50th anniversary privy and a 1oz Scrooge McDuck proof
  11. Bump... Final one before going to auction: £170 shipped !
  12. reviving this post instead of creating a new one... A proof seems to be coming too: http://www.benl.ebay.be/itm/2017-Sudafrika-1-oz-Silber-Krugerrand-PP-South-Africa-Silver-Krugerrand-Proof-/172515316825?hash=item282ab6d459:g:kbYAAOSw44BYlgOU This seller seems to be pretty optimistic on what he thinks to get out of it though (he listed at 599 EUR at first) On the order form of the SA Mint it states 775 rand as price, which is only slightly more than the "regular" one priced at 600: R 775 - 2017 Krugerrand 1oz Fine - Silver Proof R 600 - 2017 Krugerrand 1oz Fine - Silver Premium Uncirculated Hope it hits the dealers soon
  13. more pandas... thanks @arshimo2012 and @StackerMike
  14. fyi.... found this one on eBay but it's bronze. otherwise looks the same? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Telegraph-Operators-Bronze-Medal-E-J-Bremaecker-Belgium-1919-/301726946920