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  1. This is another of their limited run 1 oz silver bullion coins like the JFK and Pegasus coins, this one commemorating the Falklands War. Mintage capped at 50,000. I reckon this one will look good in the hand, the pictures are poor again... What do you think? http://agaunews.com/pobjoy-launches-falkland-islands-britannia-bullion-coin/ Mik
  2. Can't believe how the bullion version of this has spiralled. I can't see a logical reason why other than a misplaced feeding frenzy, but I'd be staggered if there wasn't a fall coming. The proof is nice and will have potential, but again, prices have risen too fast.
  3. Very cool set, I think a lot of the art is superior to series II. Some of the mintages are tiny. I do miss the half-kilo silver, all the diameter of the kilo at half the cost. I'd love to see that one back for series III, which if silver ever starts to rise dramatically may make sense for them financially. I did a comprehensive guide to this series with images of the designs and mintages of all the variants. Took me ages and it got corrupted recently, but all fixed now. http://agaunews.com/portfolio-items/perth-mint-lunar-series-i/
  4. This one has a 250,000 mintage in silver and 25,000 in gold just like Steamboat Willie. That one seems to sell for decent prices, so this could be reasonable to pick up now but with good long-term potential. Available to order shortly. http://agaunews.com/world-exclusive-nz-mint-surprises-darth-vader-gold-silver-bullion-coins-niue/
  5. These are in the same vein as the Congo SIlverbacks that Scottsdale did last year. The samples seemed to be of a very good quality and there's certainly some novelty value for using the Cayman Islands, especially with Liz's mugshot on the back. One ounce only
  6. These were really nice coins and certainly have potential I think. Obviously have to tread carefully with information, but the impression I got was that there may be different designs if this one is successful.
  7. Launched a couple of hours ago, there are 1 oz silver (250,000 mintage) and 1oz gold (25,000) true bullion coins. The pictures on site aren't great but I've just had these in hand in Berlin and they're really nice coins, far better than the crappy pictures in the article. I've taken some better pictures and they should be up on site later tonight. These are spot+ priced coins and prices will depend on dealer markup. Really nice coin and I can't see this not getting huge interest. http://agaunews.com/niue-2017-steamboat-willie-disney-bullion-coin/
  8. I think the reflection is fine to be honest. It's one of several images in a series including the Rooster coins, it's an official image and there are no signs of photoshopping outside of the privy mark. I thinks it's nothing more than the 2017 Britannia image with the privy marks put on, possibly because actual privy coins weren't ready but they wanted to launch with the lunars.
  9. I had a good look at the original file. I think the coin image is a genuine one, but the privy mark has been photoshopped in. It could actually be that this is the image for the 2017 Britannia and they just modded it for the A-Mark lunar privy variant.
  10. It does look odd. Probably done it because it shares the obverse with the lunar. Hopefully they will put the starburst on the obverse as well next year. As the date is carried on the reverse face, they don't need to change the obverse often, so likely done for cost reasons.
  11. Yes, the radiating pattern field. The privy is irrelevant, just the reason these images came out from the mint. Those are actual coin images, so not an artists take. I tried to extract a full view from that image and you can see the difference.
  12. It is tentative and taken from a single official image, but I did a double-take and noticed a nice difference. Far better look in my opinion. Was always a beautiful coin, but this is the best look yet I think. AgAUNEWS article
  13. Have managed to source some beautiful images of the silver coin. Just waiting on an ok to use them.
  14. As has been said above, the coin is 91.67% gold and 8.33% copper. The coin weighs 33.93g of which 31.1g (1 troy ounce) would be pure gold.
  15. http://agaunews.com/2017-krugerrand-expands-gold-range-adds-silver-platinum-coins/ A monster fifty ounce gold version and platinum also.