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  1. Today I bought.....

    So for older rare coins there is a value even with Details. That's good to know. And what size Dog is that?
  2. Perth mint lunar series ii

    I had a source and the one coin I got came in perfect condition, which I wasn't sure it would. I should have bought all 6 that were in stock. Sold out now. 1/2 oz Mouse I mean Also, after I complete my 1/2 oz I am going to start on 1 oz. The 2 oz are really high priced
  3. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Do you ship from US if you are in country...to save cost and time?
  4. Perth mint lunar series ii

    Some of the 1/2 oz in the series are more rare and desirable.....and expensive I have gotten excellent condition coins from here https://www.goldeneaglecoin.com/buy-silver/australian-lunar-silver-series-ii
  5. 1/2 oz Lunar II Mouse -- w/source [Sold Out]

    Wow...I checked when I posted this. There was 6 left
  6. I am posting this here instead of the youtube section because the topic is not that I acquired the Mouse but to recommend a source. They are hard to find in good condition or at all. https://www.goldeneaglecoin.com/buy-silver/australian-lunar-silver-series-ii/lunar-series-ii-silver-half-ounce
  7. Help what grade do you think this gothic crown is

    It's a beautiful coin, no matter what.
  8. How to invest 5000€

    I seen this video before...it seems the thickness of the bar is a giveaway. The fakes are a little thicker to match gold weight'
  9. 1997 Britannia Proof Set...should I conserve?

    Yeah...I think the gas is settling to the bottom of the holders so the portrait is the most affected. And the gas also seeps into the 1 oz holder. So no matter what I should remove the foam. But I'm still leaning towards the NCS & NGC route. If I'm going to have them conserved I might as well put them in a good holder with grading to preserve them
  10. 1997 Britannia Proof Set...should I conserve?

    This is a good point. Having them just conserved would not be cost effective. But if I also got them graded Pr 69, for example, then they are much more valuable.
  11. 1997 Britannia Proof Set...should I conserve?

    Oh...makes sense. And the 1 oz also gets a smaller effect just being in the box with the other coins.
  12. I'm not sure if I can get coins conserved without having them also graded. I like them in the box. Tagging @Numistacker if I can ask his opinion and also help if I decide to get them conserved at NGC. Opinions welcome. Would you get them conserved, graded or not? Or just leave them as is? Does the tarnish take away a lot of value? I think tarnish in an 1897 set would just improve the value, or at least not decrease it.
  13. Wearable silver bullion!?

    Oh...like a Long John Silver type guy. Maybe sell it on Pirate Bay
  14. Wearable silver bullion!?

    Definitely a market for this. Maybe you can partner up with a jeweler. And also ETSY is the place to sell coin and this kind of jewelry. Good luck