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  1. The question does not relate to amassing 1000oz silver or for those with deeper pockets multiples of that. The amount to invest is £500. If you are leaving this to your children you ought to divide the £500 by the number of your children. If say you have 2 children you have £250 each. My advice would be to buy Perth Mint lunar coins - you might make a bit more in the longer term if you get a mix of 1/2oz, 1oz and 2oz coins. Roosters are the best value at the moment. Another good alternative is the Kookaburra. These coins are in capsules and good quality. From a capital gains point of view, UK coinage [Britannias] attracts no CGT when you sell, not that £500 is at this moment likely to trigger CGT.
  2. i have noted that insiders have been selling their stock. i see the smart money is moving out. The dumb money has been buying. i have seen this time and time again. This happens as we approach the edge of the cliff.
  3. I think a potential framework for a written piece might be to deal with what the coin collector looks for/ likes. What do those of us who collect coins look for. What makes any coin collectible or more collectible. Using those key points a written piece has interest b/c it covers exactly what coin collectors are interested in. We have heard about mintage, about the quality of the strikes, about the different designs and the variations between mints. A little while ago i bought a large number of pandas - they were supplied in capsules and these capsule which were in sheet plastic holders of 15 coins as i remember. At another time i got a large number of Britannias. They were in tubes in monster boxes. I could immediately see all the pandas front and back. i haven't examined most of the Britannias. [No joy there] Every panda coin was protected from every other coin. We know all the quality issues with the Queen's beast silver coins. Much of these disappointments would be avoided by the mint encapsulating every coin. This penny-pinching attitude shows little respect for the customer. Personally i love the 5oz proof pandas. i have been collecting these. Their mintage numbers are very low compared with the bullion ounce/30g coins. So you can be a panda devotee and still deal in low mintage coins.
  4. Well i think anyone buying panda coins as an investment must consider the mintage and the number of Chinese there are. Although many may not be able to afford the coins there are still a huge homegrown audience for these coins. This is also set against the backdrop of the Chinese government advertising precious metals and encouraging its people to buy. i have an account with Bank of China and noticed the only 'advertisement' poster they had up was for precious metal coins. The huge Chinese buying population act as the ultimate safety net. So despite the high premiums the standard pandas have commanded from the off they have held their value. A further thing i consider is the incidence of milk spot. At the moment a member is advertising the most beautiful colourised Maple coin on the selling side of the forum. It really is delightful but for me i just can't go for it b/c of the spectre of milk spot. To my knowledge milk spot is not such an issue with pandas
  5. for exchange

    Would you be better selling the silver coins outright and then buying the gold coins you want? i would be interested in some of these silver coins but not swapping, just cash buys.
  6. i got a 1kilo PAMP Suisse Fortuna bar from Atkinsons. I thought about it for a bit and then got the rest.
  7. completed

    i asked for the photos in the first place and was disappointed with the appearance. As mentioned the coins looked in a right state. Now i know the one in question has not been kicked around the yard i will take the coin @ £990.
  8. i sell PUT options in the VIX so i follow this closely. This is the volatility index for the S&P index. In simple terms the VIX measures fear in the market. The amount of PUT options traders are buying to hedge themselves against a fall in stock prices. The VIX has been very low for a long time now. There is absolute complacency in the market. The VIX will always revert to the mean. We saw this level of complacency in 2007 prior to the 2008 crash. The Fed may well raise rates next month, there is the Dutch and French elections, either of which could break the EU. North Korea is launching missiles. There is constant conflict in the Middle East. The stock market is at all time highs without earnings to support these nosebleed heights. It is speculated that the market is being pushed high so the insiders can get out at maximum profit. Every parabolic move ends in a similar move down.
  9. Well we do not know what the GBP/USD exchange rate will be. I agree the dollar index looks like it has peaked out, so exchange rates will improve from the 1.25 level but i don't actually think that will turn out to be the important issue. What i can see is inflation starting to work into the system as the trillions of quantitative easing currency works through. It doesn't matter what the exchange rate is when all the currencies have gone to Hell in the same handcart. We have seen low inflation b/c the QE currency has stayed inside the banking system creating bubbles as seen with inflated stock and bond prices. This is unwinding. The secular bull market in bonds is over. When interest rates are zero and negative, rates can really only go up, which then sends bond prices down. Bond prices will collapse in the mother of all meltdowns. Bonds will be dumped, it is already happening but the Fed and the ECB has so far stemmed the tide by buying them up. Currency will come flooding out of the bond market looking for a safe home. I do not expect the central planners will be able to maintain control for much longer. I wonder if there will be a USD in 10 years time but there will be gold and silver.
  10. i might agree but 1/4oz gold proof Roosters sell on goldsilver.be for €422.79. The mintage numbers will likely turn out very similar. Like the Lunar II this is a series coin. Britannias are more a set coin. Britannias go on and on and on, so they do not lend themselves as readily to collecting a series.
  11. When the 2017 proof sovereign was released many here bought the coin with little to no hesitation. That included me. As fully anticipated this coin has done well despite the highly inflated release price. This proof Queens Beast gold coin is part of a very popular series. There is no reason to imagine, save disastrous quality issues, this series will become any less popular. i imagine it will become more popular if the designs are of the same standard. The price is £455 for a proof. The mintage is 2500. I looked at the prices of proof 1/4oz gold from the Lunar series. i took a look on https://www.gold.de/kaufen/goldmuenzen/lunar-serie-ii/ Most of the years in the Lunar Ii coins aren't available from dealers. A proof Lunar II Rooster 1/4oz gold coin from http://goldsilver.be/en/gold/831-14-oz-gold-lunar-rooster-2017-proof.html is €422.79. i have part of a set of 1/4oz Lunar I BU coins - the prices of some of the coins is silly. This is a very popular series. I see these proof Queens Beasts as one of the most beautiful coins the Royal Mint has ever produced. The mintage is not large in the face of the popularity of the coin. If i were to ask coin collectors around the world if they were aware of the Queen's Beast series, i expect the vast majority would be aware of these coins. If i were to ask them about certain Panda Rooster medallions there would be blank looks. If you want this gold coin and you can afford it, then get it. This will appreciate in value. The numbers are not that high for a very popular series and for a coin of such beauty. i would be amazed if everyone on this thread doesn't like this coin. Everyone of us wants it. Get the coin if you can afford it.
  12. Full disclosure - i just bought a 1kg silver PAMP Fortuna so i might be a bit biased. The Perth Mint bar has a less common design but i much prefer Fortuna.
  13. i am so excited and pleased about these hearts Backyard Bullion has produced. The videos are being finalised but here are the completed hearts with my daughters' initials added. So we have BYB [BackYard Bullion] their initials, the weight in troy ounces and 999 FS [fine silver]
  14. Of potential interest from Atkinsons. i got one. https://atkinsonsbullion.com/pre-owned/silver/pre-owned-silver-bars/pre-owned-pamp-suisse-fortuna-1kg-silver-bar
  15. i actually ended up paying less for the proof compared to the bullion version. It did not make sense, which it doesn't but i did not argue. i got a nice coin in a box for less.