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  1. Softs are likely to take off - i keep banging on about global cooling and crop failure. The problem with many of these investments is you are dealing with stock that invests in futures so there is some slippage in the value of stock but certainly there is big gains in the future. Many prices very low in softs. i have stock in (FCX) Freeport-McMoRan - they are a strong copper play. (URA) Global X Uranium - i think it bottomed at the end of March - double bottom of the chart. @vand you are not alone.
  2. Presumably interest rates will be increased. Real interest rates fall in the face of inflation - negative bond yields look even less appealing. So we get selling in the bond market and then the edifice comes down........ Time to board the gold and silver train but most of us are already on board. $12 silver very doubtful and only on a chart, not in the real world - there is too much demand building up and the physical market is starting to determine price.
  3. Atkinsons Bullion & Coins

    Used Atkinsons plenty of times. Collected coins at the shop and through the post. Very solid dealer but we all know that anyway.
  4. The primary point is we have an asset backed digital currency having been launched. Russia is in high level trade discussions with Venezuela and these include using the Petro. Neither China nor Russia want to see Venezuela go down the tubes. No doubt there is corruption and much skulduggery going on but they do not want to see the country taken over and gutted as so many others have been in the past. The US sanctions are about oil not being sold in dollars and the assets of the corporate masters having taken from them. As a point of interest, a mouthpiece of the usual suspects calls this asset backed cryptocurrency a threat, it implies cryptos are about fraud and it does not like a nation getting even further away from the USD and potentially taking the asset backed cryptosphere forwards - in the end this is what will kill the USD and when the USD is finished the life blood of the 'Deep States' drains away.
  5. Venezuela has recently launched an asset backed cryptocurrency. It is backed with oil. The Petro PTR is the first state backed cryptocurrency to appear and has been declared legal tender. The government have declared that over $5 billion equivalent of Petros have been purchased mainly by China, Russia and Mexico. Venezuela has been victim to the usual cartel economic hit man work-over. Despite the country being extremely oil rich it is an economic basket case and is subject to US sanctions. Not surprisingly the usual culprits are not very pleased about the Petro and the good it might do Venezuela's economy. They would rather the country totally collapse, Maduro be overthrown, a puppet installed and the oil industry be sold off for pennies on the dollar. This report based on output from the Washington based Brookings Institute is very telling when you read between the lines (as you always should). https://www.coindesk.com/venezuelas-petro-will-harm-legitimate-cryptocurrencies-says-brookings/ 'Venezuela's petro is more likely to imperil "legitimate" cryptocurrencies than to save the South American nation's troubled economy, according to analysts at the Brookings Institute.' The Petro is a legitimate cryptocurrency - (it has been declared legal tender so is legitimate). It is an asset backed digital currency which has gained investment from Russia and China - the majority of other cryptos have no backing and so are potentially worthless. The Petro is very likely to help save the Venezuelan economy - and the 'analysts' at the Brookings Institute will know this but as paid liars. Brookings' reasoning is that if the petro proves to be as worthless as the think tank's analysts expect, "such realization and its aftermath may, unfortunately, contribute to the idea that cryptocurrencies facilitate fraud." The Petro is oil backed - how is it going to prove to be worthless? - i also note they are linking cryptocurrencies with fraud. i hear that Russia and Venezuela are strengthening economic ties and the Petro is to be part of this. The Petro looks like are very viable currency. Interestingly it is not listed on coinmarketcap https://coinmarketcap.com/search/?q=ptr " Just as concerning, in Brookings' view, is that if the petro turns out to be an effective way to thwart international sanctions, other countries may feel emboldened to use the technology to get around such blockades. " Now we have got to the meat of it. Venezuela can get round sanctions and break the International Banking Cartel stranglehold it has on countries. Other countries will recognise they can reject the USD, reject the International Banks and move forward. My views are asset backed cryptos are the way of the future. Bitcoin and the like are all well and good but i would accept an asset backed currency over a promise any day of the week
  6. i do not know what is happening in Russia on a day-to-day basis these days, so i don't know how accurate the media is in Russia when it reports home events. Margaret Thatcher was elected PM for 11 years. Obama, who is beyond words, was President for 8 years. The witless Baby Bush was President for 8 years. i was good friends with people from behind the Iron Curtain, i went behind that curtain. Life under Communism was not easy, life under Yeltsin was disastrous.
  7. Goebels said at Nuremberg in 1934. "...Good propaganda does not need to lie, indeed it may not lie. It has no reason to fear the truth. It is a mistake to believe that people cannot take the truth. They can. It is only a matter of presenting the truth to people in a way that they will be able to understand. A propaganda that lies proves that it has a bad cause. It cannot be successful in the long run." i had to dig for that statement, to get it right. There are legion of citations about Goebels which are someone else's quote or just made up. Our understanding of the word propaganda has changed somewhat, we usually see it as spreading lies rather than information. Our Western governments are full of criminals. This is self evident. Those for whom the penny dropped are well aware with or without Russian propaganda.
  8. https://www.aier.org/cost-living-calculator $100 in 1990 is $190 today
  9. i have watched a few videos where Western bloggers have asked Russians in Russia what they think of Putin. This was generally good. One might argue they were fearful of speaking out. i recently heard some statistics on Russia and how the GDP has gone up several hundred percent, average wages have gone up several hundred of percent and pensions are over 1000% better off. Now we could say without the raw data and the purchasing power of their currency we cannot say exactly how much better off or worse off they are. i see Russia is stockpiling gold and probably has the largest sovereign cache of gold in the world - ahead of China. We see Putin does regular questions and answer session which are televised. One might say they are controlled and aren't real. Personally i get the feeling they are real - they have a completely different feel to the nonsense we see in programmes like Question Time on the BBC. i actually get the feeling Putin is working for the Russian people and the Russian people feel Putin is working for them. This is not what i see in the UK government. i simply see lies and hypocrisy. i see a creature that is rotten to its core. So naturally to keep the underhand ways, the lies, the propaganda stunts, all the general thieving and badness hidden, there is a veil of lies which needs the controlled media in the West to help create and support it. The media runs to an agenda and produces a narrative to suit. There is no truth from their mouths. i only watch to learn what they are lying about. i do not know RT is an angel, i doubt it is - but when reporting Western events i think i am going to get something nearer the truth.
  10. What needs to be born in mind is the authorities have been suppressing price for decades. Price would start to break out and get smacked down again and again and again. As you point out they used to do this by selling physical. The IMF sold gold, the BoE sold gold, i suspect the US Treasury has no US gold, they could not give the German gold back - they still haven't given the gold supposedly in the UK and US back to the Germans. Canada has sold all the gold. The same selling of silver went on, you can get silver bars made from silver out of the US stockpile - sold to suppress price. Eventually they ran out of physical in quantities sufficient to manage price so they invented the paper market. Now they hose in 100's of tonnes of paper gold and silver to suppress price. They don't have the physical so they must use imaginary metal. This could have gone on forever or at least a long time but in stepped China and Russia. Russia does not get spoken of much but it looks like they have more gold than China. The dynamic duo have by my reckoning something like 70 000 tonnes of gold. We know Russia is stockpiling silver - we see it sitting by the gold in the videos. We are now seeing the Petro-Yuan which is convertible into gold. The oil market is worth $trillions - doesn't need much to go into metals. So the price manipulators have run out of most of the physical gold. They have been able to keep going longer by stealing gold of course - we can say they stole the German gold. They have stolen gold in Iraq, the Ukraine, in Libya. Then there is the gold they hold for 'safe keeping' for other nations - this will have been stolen. This will have been leased and rehypothecated to infinity. We know they are selling gold they hold b/c the Germans never got any of the original bars back. i am aware that Goldman Sachs is building up physical gold. JP Morgan has what some say is the largest stack of silver in the world. They are not doing this for fun. Is it to cover shorts they have? Do they know something? They will know something of course. i have mentioned the Exchange for Physical contracts which are ramping up incredibly - i only use incredible when it actually means unbelievable. We have what amounts to a year's silver mining production of EFP's have gone from COMEX to London so far this year - this amount of physical is standing for delivery. The number of holders of long position who want their physical is going off the charts - the COMEX does not have the metal and it goes to be settled in the opaque over the counter London market. We do not know at what price or if physical is actually handed over. If there were a stockpile of silver somewhere and these EFP's are not getting bought off for cash, that stockpile must be getting low. This must be costing someone - the silver won't be available at the current spot price. Whatever slight of hand, whatever criminality is going on, with this massive demand for physical something has to give. Yes we have heard people say silver is going to run out blah blah and the silver price will go to the Moon blah blah. In the past we did not have these factors in play. We did not have falling mining output, high demand in industry and now entities demanding huge tonnes of physical when at the same time the market manipulators don't have their slush fund of physical b/c they gave that away quite a long time ago. i have not gone into the Kinesis currency and how this will suck up tonnes of metal - it kicks off in October, so physical will be bought this summer. Irrespective of those running Kinesis being hell bent on breaking the paper market, it is only a matter of time and with the volume of EFP's going through, there isn't much time left before we get wholesale defaults and then the dam will burst. Studying history can tell us about potential future events - studying the history of precious metal price manipulation tells us they used physical to suppress price and then the physical ran out; so they used paper and phony ETF's like SLV and GLD. The explosion in EFP contracts tells us big money is done with these paper con tricks - they want the real stuff. i feel confident this is coming to a head.
  11. Sunday Night Metal Chat

    The S&P500 gapped up at the open of trading tonight. The metals opened flat and then got thumped down. What else could we expect in a rigged market.
  12. Silver lows, what's the evidence ?

    @Lowlow the person i asked is someone who is old enough to have used silver coinage, someone who has used silver items. This is someone who i have acted as a 'buying agent' for precious metal and they just have precious metal as a store of wealth without i guessed [correctly] knowing the current price. They have quite a few kilos of silver and certainly more gold than me. i have heard this person talk about silver in terms where they seemed to hold silver as much more valuable than the current price suggests. My little experiment showed they had no idea what precious metal prices are and they viewed silver as a much higher price relative to gold. There will be people who have no clue. i have family members who have no idea and no interest. They have been brainwashed. If blood weren't thicker than water i would let them sink when their ignorance bites them in the arse.
  13. 2oz high relief yi soon sin

    Well there are cheaper - the first i find is $241 USD with a $25 discount for first purchase it is $216 USD - didn't look to see what shipping is. https://www.govmint.com/2017-cook-islands-2-oz-silver-yi-soon-shin-antiqued-ultra-high-relief
  14. Silver lows, what's the evidence ?

    Yes this is true. The videos put out by Mark Dice where he offered a gold coin for a pack of chewing gum and similar is quite illuminating. i do not think the average person has any idea what an ounce of silver or gold would fetch. Silver is certainly seen as less valuable than gold but not 1/80 the value. With that in mind the public perception has the capacity to pay much higher prices for silver b/c they [rightly] believe it is much more valuable than the current paper price offer in the COMEX casino. Edit - i just asked someone what they thought an ounce of silver and gold is at spot price. They didn't know. They had a stab at £25 for silver and £120 for gold. If i had said that is the price they would have accepted that. In their mind silver is worth over twice the current paper price and gold 1/8 the current paper price. Interestingly their GSR is 5. i believe that a GSR under 5 is where we are ultimately heading.
  15. It might be useful to look at the bank account on Transferwise or Currencyfair. There are accounts like https://www.revolut.com You might find these are worth looking at.