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  1. In recent months i have seen an unboxed version of this JM bar sold in the US on eBay. http://www.ebay.com.sg/itm/JOHNSON-MATTHEY-LONDON-REFINERS-BANK-OF-ENGLAND-100-GRAMS-999-FINE-SILVER-BAR-A-/201917185196?hash=item2f0333bcac:g:9DsAAOSwcgNZDTxR The sold for price of $137 and $20 shipping on top, makes the asking price here a reasonable one particularly as one would have to factor in the risk the pirates would demand more booty if imported.
  2. RCN coinage is likely to get milk spot and you are left with silver that is harder to shift other than at spot price. i wondered about these bars. i could imagine in a few years these will appreciate. http://www.apmex.com/product/78125/50-gram-silver-bar-geiger-edelmetalle
  3. There was a single at market 1400 SI contracts sale which triggered an HFT spike down. Only the computers could work that fast to take price down and up again in seconds. This was all HFT operated. Even if you were watching you would not have been able to benefit. i have not seen of anyone who bought spot physical at the lower prices. Indeed i doubt there was any physical for sale at the lower prices, so the chart of spot silver is misleading. If futures spikes down and spot does not follow it would show the market is broken so that wouldn't be revealed. Indeed this will have flushed any recent long stop losses and margin called others. We have seen the metals flash crashed down into NFP today. The banks are long and are taking the long side of anyone going short. It makes me suspect NFP will be a miss and we should expect a rally. i hear the usual culprits, the banks active in the metals markets are positioning long in the spot market. This is likely significant. When there are big moves in the futures, circuit breakers kick in but the spot [forex] market keeps going. This is all lined up for a big rise after NFP today.
  4. If you were told who 'leaked' the information it would make no difference, you would not know them, it would just be a name and you would not believe it until it was on the BBC News. When you hear that it could be 6 months before the full death toll is known that should sound an alarm. All the remains are in the building [excepting those who jumped to their deaths]. All the rooms are accessible and have been accessed. All the bodies will have been removed by now. i have been to many scenes of death. Quite likely many will never be identified even with DNA evidence. Unless you have their DNA on a database or they have dental records, in severely charred remains you struggle.Likely many are not in the tenant records. This is a major incident and the police control what information is released and when. This is routine. When something is as emotive as this and potentially politicians are in the frame for criminal negligence the Home Office will be all over this. We will be told enough, this is how it is. If this were a 'terrorist event' you would have a list within days.
  5. This is a Coroner's case, this is a Police investigation, this is an Oficial Inquiry. This is of National Interest. Granted the insurers will drag this out for years. No debating that but deliberately squashing the release of the death count and censoring of information is another matter. At this .stage the Police will know how many are dead - the Police do know how many are dead and it isn't 80. i have been told the Met have a number and it is over 300. People in the press will know that. There will be a D notice in place. It is unimaginable to imagine anything else. The Council had its first meeting after the fire to discuss the fire but those affected were banned. If the true number were on the News and in the papers no ban would prevent a riot that would likely escalate. This could bring the government down, the mood of the country would be such.
  6. Releasing a death toll is not the same as identifying the bodies. In this instance, bodies may never be identified. There is a big difference between saying there lies the charred remains of a human being and putting a name to it. There can be no payout for a nameless corpse. There is no property in a corpse. So are you suggesting that the release of a final death toll will be dictated by the insurers? It would surprise me if the payout on most of those who died would amount to much. If someone is damaged and has to be cared for, for decades, this is costly but a plain vanilla death of children and the poor wouldn't amount to a hill of beans. The site will no doubt be redeveloped, the property itself will never be rebuilt. The building was worth less than nothing, it was full of poor people, the site is worth many millions.
  7. A figure of several hundred deaths has been mentioned. i do not know how many there were but after spending a year trailing back and forth to London to get a diploma in forensic science i know it doesn't take until the end of the year to come up with the death count. This is just rubbish. As you say any decision about communicating the actual death toll to the people has and will be taken at a higher level.
  8. You presume there is a free media. That it reports the facts as they are. I have touched on this before - the media is not free. It is a propaganda outlet of the 'authorities', which does not necessarily mean just the government. Now i can see that for many that is just crazy talk. They believe the BBC News. The 'News' is about things that are New, there is no mention it is true. A few years ago i had a foot in that camp. Let's say 250 people were killed, just a hypothetical. If i were in officialdom i would not want that figure released now or even ever. i would know who was responsible, what policies were behind it and what criminality was involved. If a 'terror cell' was even unintentionally involved, what would it say about the state of so-called security? Too many embarrishing questions to answer - move on nothing to see here, we need more coverage of Love Island and Celine Dion posing naked for Vogue magazine.
  9. Point taken and then you look at how long the analysis can take - i would have hazarded a guess a result could be back within the day and a standard no rush would be a couple of weeks. "Fast forensic test can match suspects DNA with crime samples in four hours." https://www.acs.org/content/acs/en/pressroom/presspacs/2010/acs-presspac-august-4-2010/fast-forensic-test-can-match-suspects-dna-with-crime-samples-in-four-hours.html There is supposed to be an inquiry kicking off and they suggest it might not be until the end of the year before the full death toll is known. I find that hard to believe. A better statement might be that it may take until the end of the year before "a death toll" is released. If i were in officialdom i would look to let as much time as possible pass and keep the figure are low as possible.
  10. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/jun/28/grenfell-tower-death-toll-may-not-be-known-until-end-of-year-say-police So it suggests here the death toll may not be known until the end of the year. Are they serious? Why would it take 6 months? There would be no need to know the identity of remains to know they were dead. i listened to a video where Michael Shrimpton spoke about the Grenfell Tower incident. i do not accept all he says in his past revelations, for example with respect to the Germans, but he got sent to jail for some of what he does says and i suspect he had child images planted on a memory stick. He suggests there was an explosion due to explosives stored by an IS cell living in the flats. That the media is aware of this but is not releasing it and that the death toll is higher than publically disclosed. Curious and curiouser.
  11. Have you considered other countries in Europe? My friend's wife is Lithuanian. It was cheaper for him to fly there with her [as an interpreter if necessary] and have the treatment - like MUCH cheaper. i found this website on a quick search but a fuller search might turn up some deals that are a lot cheaper. Travelling between countries is not unusual. A friend who worked on a large hospital ITU in Belgium would often have patients from Germany and Holland there for cardiac treatment. http://www.surgeryprice.co.uk/ The treatment throughout Europe is pretty decent, sometimes better than the UK.
  12. The issue as a seller is ebay will side with the buyer. The buyer may claim the package never arrived. The item was not as described or it was damaged. They will recall the money somehow. Most people on ebay are fine. Some people are crooks. With no feedback you have no idea who or what this person is like. You may say you have got the money already but when ebay sides with the buyer you will find ebay will dip into your paypal account. You must demand and take every precaution in these cases. Very good point from @sovereignsteve about videoing packing the item. You could sign over seals, on wrapping that was covered by sellotape. Then at the post office, you video the package - show the signatures as they were in the earlier video - show it handed over to the post office staff. i recall Backyard Bullion saying that goldsilver.be video all their packing - it makes sense when valuable items are involved. When someone complains on ebay and the buyer has paid, ebay almost treats you like a criminal. It is best special delivery. It is expensive but you can show the item going into the Special delivery bag and handed over. i have only once had an item go missing - this was very recently when an item was sent to me by a forum member. It may still come but i doubt it. It was not special delivery and it is at times like this you wish you have paid the extra. This protects the sender and the receiver. If the buyer says the item never arrived what are you going to do? Items are often not signed for even though they should be. They can say i never got the package, that is not my signature. Are you sure it ever came to my address? We know packages don't always arrive at the correct address. A bank transfer means giving out bank details -- paypal is pretty instant as is bank transfer with most UK banks. You are the seller - you make whatever demands you want. If the buyer does not like it then they go somewhere else. If they are genuine they will understand if they don't then they can sling their hook.
  13. These cryptos are not available right now, they are about to kick off. i am going to stand back. i am fully invested in metals and miners. There will come a point when i will leave the paper arena completely. i hope i do not leave this too late and end up losing.
  14. i have been aware of this gold and silver backed crypto for a little while. It had been kept under wraps whilst preparations were being made but since i see it on a web page of its own and it is being launched next week i feel it is ok to mention it. Some of you will be aware Andrew Maguire made a 26 days prediction for the price of precious metals. http://kingworldnews.com/andrew-maguire-major-event-to-create-massive-gold-price-surge-in-26-days/ This was widely noticed but it was not known why there would be a rise in precious metals and especially not in the 26 days. This was to do with the launch of 'Bullion Coin Gold' and 'Bullion Coin Silver'. These cryptos BCG and BCS will be fully backed by gold and silver. Backers of the coins buy metal which is vaulted with the Allocated Bullion Exchange. The ABX has vaults outside the LBMA system and in several places around the world. Backers will buy gold which backs the coins. There is no limit to the coins other than the amount of gold and silver in the vaults. The coins are then released onto the secondary market where they are traded through the Deutsche Börse. This automatically links the coins in with a large number of institutions. It is only the involvement of the big players that will have sufficient weight to break the LBMA cartel and the COMEX. The trading of the coins involves a small transaction fee. Those backing the coins get a cut of this. i have seen estimates of between 10 -15% yield. This is off the scale when compared with bonds, many of which are yielding negative rates. This makes involvement in backing the BCG and BCS a go to. The company is registered on the Isle of Man and with the FSA. This might be a red light to many - it goes against the ethos of cryptos - traded on a stock exchange, registered on the Isle of Man, registered with the FSA. The thing is these regulations and 'safeguards' attract the big players. The pension, hedge and insurance firms - they will gravitate to the regulated arena. As far as i am aware there are $billions in the sidelines. When you consider the size of these financials, the appalling bond yields and the shortfall of pension companies desperate for yield, there is potential for $100's of billions. This will then be used to buy gold and silver. At current prices this gold and silver does not exist. There has been a 17 year deficit in silver - this could not go on forever. Gold has been rehypothecated so many times it is stupid. Claim upon claim upon claim on gold that might not exist in the first place. If you are an entity hold gold in an unallocated account costing you storage and insurance fees the no brainer will be to have gold and silver backing BCG and BCS. The problem for the banks is the gold in unallocated account does not exist in most of these unallocated accounts. It never existed. We have seen glimpses of this with Deutsche Bank. They will have to cash settle. The cash then goes into the Bullion Coin system to buy gold and silver. This will force prices up. More will see the advantages of Bullion Coin and will move to redeem their gold. Gold which was allegedly bought at say $600/oz [but was never bought in the first place] and is now redeemed at $2000/oz. The process will snowball. The losses will mount. At the same time the price on the COMEX rises. The paper market will be unable to fight this. Traders will increasingly stand for delivery. The bearish contracts and other derivative bets come under pressure. Stop losses trigger. This has the potential to break the COMEX, break the LBMA and the whole fiat currency system in a massive default and precious metal reset. We will have to see what happens. For years gold and silver bulls have been theorising the reset but as far as i can see this has the makings of causing this to occur. i am not entirely clear about the transition from the primary market of the gold and silver backers to the secondary market or users and traders. There is the concern that if this would have sufficient momentum to break the fiat currency scam then there would be action taken to shut it down. Death threats, assassinations, storming the vaults and stealing the metal. This is something that has me wondering. Wars have been started over less. Whatever these are interesting times and even if you do not get involved, it is certainly an interesting time for precious metal holders, especially in silver which will be the one to ignite first.
  15. http://www.goldvu.com/bullioncoin.html There will be two coins, a gold and a silver one. There are several features that point to this having a significant impact on the precious metal market. That it will result in physical being sucked out of the market and result in prices rising and ultimately a price reset as the paper market disintegrates.