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  1. Gold Monitoring Thread £ only

    This is nothing to do with his conclusions, it is the basis for these conclusions. You can predict a price move correct but the basis of that prediction can be complete rubbish. Yes They have some ability but not to the extent of even a year ago. They can send price down by dumping 1000's of contracts into the market but this triggers tonnes of physical buys which they struggle to deal with. Very often these buys cannot be settled at the contract price b/c the gold cannot be sourced at that price. It can be $100's higher. This gold is begged, borrowed and stolen [literally]. It is getting very expensive to dump price. It can no longer be done with impunity as it was in the past. Buyers are becoming much more aggressive. Exchange for Physical transactions were unusual in the past but now we are looking at 100's tonnes of gold a month now. i feel sure the Asia has done its sums and is grabbing as much as possible whilst they can. The self same culprits are still at work. You are projecting. i am not stating categorically what will happen to price, i simply say what is happening according to my contacts and what i can see in the data. i am saying the basis for these chart predictions are incomplete. The game has been changing over the last year but characters as in the video they are utterly oblivious to this. i am not proffering a preferred guess, i am stating what is happening. i am saying you cannot make an informed conclusion based on disinformation and half the facts. Charts predict based on past events, if events are fundamentally changing the charts cease to be useful. Currently every time the usual culprits smack price down they are triggering huge buy orders for physical. This always happened but not to this extent. The immediately deliverable metal is in very short supply. When more than world production has been disappearing into Asian vaults, never to return, something has to give. The usual culprits are caught between a rock and a hard place. If they do not push price down the physical buyers will move their bids up but as they move their bids up they lock in losses for the banks which are still short and are carrying mind boggling underwater positions which have been rolled over for years. History often repeats itself but you should base your prediction of the whole story especially when the forces acting are in an historic state of flux. If the game were the same then we could apply previous performance on charts as a reasonable guide to future performance but the game has been changing over the past year and the pace of change is accelerating. This is my message. Take it or leave it.
  2. Gold Monitoring Thread £ only

    We had the so-called financial crisis in 2008. Stock markets crashed. Quantitative Easing to infinity started and increase rates were suppressed. There was a flight to safety - precious metals. Physical buying was very strong. The purpose of mentioning 2008 was that physical buying today is on the same par with a time when there was panic and blood in the streets. Yes price fell in 2008 and then recovered but with the situation in the world appearing to be quite different i am not clear where the analogy lies. There are millions of traders, many of the markets are zero sum games, so for every winner there is a loser. Yes price hit a bottom in December 2016 which was $120 higher than the low of 2015. Pundits with not else to say but babble are saying b/c there was a low in the December of 2015 an 2016, there will be another low in December 2017. The control media pundits read an auto cue and or are paid to come out with these statements. Goldman's Jeff Currie was calling for $800 at that time in 2016 AND advising clients to go short AND at the very same time Goldman's traders were buying heavily into precious metals. Is a dip in December 2017 possible? Yes but that does not make the reasoning for any prognostications made correct. The paper and physical markets are two very very different arenas. There hasn't been an over supply of physical to depress price for years. The market managers don't have the physical gold to play that game. The buyers of physical are playing a game which displays itself through the paper markets. The US Treasury and Western central banks control currencies through the paper markets and can only influence precious metals through the paper markets. The Chinese could explode the precious metal market over the weekend but they want to extract all the gold they can. They could lay out all their gold in the Beijing National Stadium and challenge the US to show their hand. They could step up state as fact that the US has no gold and simply reset the price at $6000/oz. The game would be over. At the moment physical buying is as strong as during the meltdown in 2008. There are splits in the cartel of banks with Goldman Sachs buying physical. JP Morgan has amassed the largest silver stack in the world. We had a deficit of silver in 2016 and according to Keith Neumeyer, CEO of First Majestic Silver, 2017 will be a further 50 million ounce of production lower. i know a gold and silver title of ownership crypto will be launched in the next couple of months and there will be an off take of 100's of tonnes of gold. The chap flicking between charts of SLV, GLD and the metals in between many stupid voices and jokes does not factor any of this in and for that reason i do not give these people the time of day.
  3. Gold Monitoring Thread £ only

    The guy has no more idea than the man in the Moon about what is going to happen over the coming months or year. There have indeed been some large volume sells going on - this means there have been some large volume buys going on. For ever contract sold there is a contract bought. There are many calls at the moment for gold to go down into the end of the year. When there are many calls about anything you can be sure it is propaganda at the behest of the central planners The paper markets are managed by the central planners because this is part of their management of fiat currencies and stock market indices. The single seller volumes that get flushed through breach intra-day position limits. These get reported for what it is worth to the so-called regulators who ignore these reports b/c it is their ultimate bosses who are doing the selling. There have been some desperate attempts to cap price at critical moving averages in the last few weeks. The only reason for the big volume sells is the likes of the Bank of International Settlements and agents of the Fed have been selling 100's of tonnes of paper gold and triggering stops of 1000's of tonnes of speculator positions. The problem they face when this happens and price slumps it triggers a tsunami of physical buy orders that sit there waiting. These take a few days to ultimately hit the markets but when these are presented for delivery they can and do push price higher b/c bullion banks have to deliver and they hedge this. The reason price is not at $800 is simply b/c of the physical market. There is a game being played between Western central planners attempting to prop up the USD and the stock and bond markets on the one side and the Asian physical buyers, including their central banks on the other. For as long as physical can be delivered at bargain prices the physical market participants are happy for this to continue, all the time draining Western vaults until they are dry. i genuinely see this game is reaching a climax. i know large tonnage buy orders have been blocked, i hear 100's of tonnes of gold are going through the Exchange for Physical COMEX conduit which is supposed to be an exceptional event but this has been ramping up over recent months. Here COMEX shorts are actually being confronted with demands for delivery that will not go away even with bribes of large premiums. Even the regulators are feeling inclined to look into this. This is building up and has been building up over the summer. Physical buying appears to be as strong as in 2008 when gold launched into its huge bull run. None of this will ever be visible from a chart of phantom gold proxies like GLD. Something is brewing and a price reset is certainly not a million miles away. A concerted physical buying frenzy is all that would be needed to close the markets and reset price significantly higher. When this does happen and it will, it will not be a slow process.
  4. Gold Monitoring Thread £ only

    Hatton Gardens Metals have no idea whether the price will fall. These ideas are superstition and will be right some of the time. The maker of the video above sounds like a fool who is making it up as he goes along. The physical markets are extremely strong at the moment, as strong as they have been for almost 10 years, except now there is less available gold. Physical gold and silver is bleeding out from every pore including the futures market as EFP [Exchange for Physical].
  5. Today I bought.....

    i have bought quite a number of half sovereigns from HGM. They were fine. A couple of halves is a good start.
  6. Faith in the Status Quo

    The problem with the system is there has been concentration of power in the hands of a tiny number. According to Ronald Bernard, who acted as a buffer for the elite in their criminal transactions, there are 4000 - 4500 people who control the world. Many would not believe or accept this, they believe there is some sort of democracy and politicians act for the electorate. This makes no sense. Ask yourself, when did you ever have a say about what happens in government. The last time we were allegedly asked was leaving the EU but we are in reality no nearer that than a year ago. Those who are ruthless get to the top, power begets more power, psychopaths attract other psychopaths and they thrive. Most of the currency created is created by High Street banks. It is created out of thin air. i have a discussion on another thread about the Federal Reserve being a private bank. Not a single share is owned by the US government or people. All the shares are owned by private banks and will always be owned by private institutions. The Fed dishes out $trillions to banks and refuses to say what it is doing. It is act above government. With the ability to create currency at will comes the ability to buy anything and anyone. It becomes possible to buy politicians, buy the media, buy education through grants and crush opposition, basically rule the world. The first step on the road towards a degree of justice would be to get rid of fiat currency and the ability of private banks to create currency.
  7. Canadian 5 kilo 150 anniversary coin

    i see the coin is 97% sold. It is a big price, almost 3x spot price. The scene is good looking. For me i would not get it even if i had the cash spare b/c of the history of milk spotting with Royal Canadian Mint coins. i can see prices of 16 500€ down to 7 660€ for this type of coin. Be sure you would never have to sell it in a hurry. If for example you tried to sell it here you would struggle b/c of the big price ticket and huge premium over the value of the silver. You would have to be very patient to get a return. You would have to sell it privately rather than to a dealer who would try to fleece you by paying spot price. There are pitfalls to these big coins but you might be aware of a strong aftermarket.
  8. Can anyone tell me about these stamps?

    i would say a photo of the whole object. This is not a British mark and what the piece is may help.
  9. what software do you use?

    Excel. Also label the cardboard boxes with the various contents so i have at least some idea what is what.
  10. The idea of having a container for your ice cubes is to cool the drink but not dilute it. Generally these ice cubes are put in the drink at the last minute so the faster it cools the drink the better. The container should therefore be a good conductor of heat so the water inside it will freeze quickly in the freezer and then when the frozen ice cube container is put in the drink it quickly conducts heat out of the drink into the ice cube. Silver is the best conductor of heat so fits the bill. In addition it is non toxic, indeed it seems to have beneficial effects.
  11. Calling all seasoned stackers

    "RISK in PM's don't make me laugh.You need to get off your mother's titty and become a man." - a classic. Over 20k gold futures contracts [2 000 000oz] flushed through in a smash on prices this afternoon.
  12. Misleading Prices

    i put an order for 10 000 1oz gold Unicorns in [£10 million]- the website made out they had them. i think that is misleading as well.
  13. A milestone 500 t oz

    i said in a previous thread, where i used to live i had a small section of skirting board [plint]. i could pull it away and i had some gold coins wrapped up and hidden there. No-one would ever know it was there. Even if the house were burgled it would be safe. You have over 500 oz of silver. This is more difficult to hide but it is not so much. If you started investing more in gold i feel sure there is a place to hide it so it is safe. The other alternative is to have a safe. You can get wall safes that are accessed from an electrical socket, there are floor safes, there are way to hide your valuables that would not easily be found and you are in control of. When you have a very big stack it becomes a significant headache but you are not there yet.
  14. U.K. Isaac Newton Gold Proof - good buy or no?

    If gold more than doubles then it will double. There will be better investments. Keep following the comments in the gold section of the forum or look out for good deals in the selling section.