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  1. Thanks for the reply. This will have been 100% real. There is ample proof of that. i fully expect the secret services are involved in all these events. This does not mean they are hoaxes, it does not mean they are real. The 9/11 event occurred but it could not have occurred in the way the authorities say it did. Rigid steel framed building do not collapse at free fall speeds into their own footprints due to upper storey fires. I am sure many died especially from the asbestos in the buildings - they are still dying. i am friends with someone who was visited by MI5 in relation to 7/7. He had knowledge of the men allegedly involved. His view was they weren't. We had them going into London on a train that did not run that morning and no evidence they were at the events. Radio 5 broadcast a group of men were shot by police at Canary Wharf that morning. That story disappeared then. From passenger accounts the floors of the trains blew upwards suggesting there were bombs beneath the floors. Did the trains blow up? Probably they did but not as the authorities say, not by the Muslim guys who appear to have been patsies. We saw the Lee Rigby event - i remember seeing comment that Lee Rigby never existed. i think i searched and found the same. They are a number of implausible parts to the story. At least one of the Nigerians had been picked up by MI5 before this. What happened? The two did not appear to be on this planet in the videos. A bypasser films a conversation with him as he wields an allegedly blood covered machete, whilst an elderly black woman manoeuvres around them with her shopping trolley. Another bypasser kneels stroking an allegedly headless corpse in the middle of the road. So some of these events i believe are hoaxes and some happened but not as made out. Maybe a Muslim guy got collared, brainwashed and went there with some idea he was fighting for Allah and would go straight to heaven. Maybe there was a good old IRA style parcel nail bomb left there to go off. We don't know and will never know. People ask questions b/c there is a long list of events where the accounts given and what we see do not quite add up. The authorities lie - they start wars killing millions based on lies. This is why people won't just accept the media story. The CIA coined the term conspiracy theories to stigmatise those who didn't believe the official account given for JFK. i won't stop asking questions even if it does upset some people.
  2. i just saw an aerial shot of the arena on TV. There are some bit and pieces scattered across the road. It could be the contents of a skip. i haven't seen any other damage. Did we see 100's of windows blown out - i have heard here that people were blown off their feet. The blast would surely have blown in the windows over a block. Maybe there are windows blown out but we never see them. i am not saying nothing happened b/c something did but i don't know what happened b/c i was not there, so i rely on the media. i am not looking at this as real or a hoax. i ask have we seen sufficient proof to support the account. If the answer is no, then if you accept it happened you do so based on a belief. Perhaps you can never see proof for some events but know that if you accept they happened it is based on a belief, not on facts.
  3. you as others presume i am saying nothing happened. Where do i say that? i do not know what happened and i cannot know b/c we are never shown sufficient proof even when events are real. When a lie is shown you are not shown sufficient proof b/c that proof does not exist in a lie. But when you are shown no sufficient proof in true events as well you have no way to distinguish lies from true. They all look the same. So i point out what we see on the TV is no sufficient proof. The government can then push out lies and people cannot distinguish them. So i would ask, what did these friends see when they were helping out?
  4. i am leaving it here - i suggest you do the same. This is the election thread. This thread will get closed or posts deleted otherwise. Carry on stacking
  5. So-called Islamic State has allegedly got lots of accounts on Twitter. Anyone can join social media and can post anything, even these people do https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2015/jan/31/british-army-facebook-warriors-77th-brigade Those who believe this happened are quite naturally disgusted and upset about the whole thing, so i am leaving this here.
  6. i said "i see nothing to say anything happened and nothing to prove it didn't. " i do not have direct involvement so i do not know exactly what happened but i do not believe the media or politicians. So i am not saying it is a false flag - unless someone has direct personal experience they only know they have been told people died. So i asked if there was anyone here with direct personal experience. Those who say it is a false flag can only guess b/c there is almost never sufficient proof to say it didn't happen. Whether this is a hoax or a false flag [they are different] or a real event, the government will use this to steal our freedoms.
  7. Do you a problem?
  8. We see this event in Manchester. i have watched what i can see. i have seen nothing different from a drill. i see no sufficient proof anything substantive happened. Maybe people here know those who actually saw something. i see interviews with kids who say they thought it was a balloon had burst. i saw a video inside the arena with lots of youngsters stood up - there is a dull boom - nobody panics and then they are panicked. I see kids running down an escalator and people calmly watching it. i see kids in a panic trying to get out of the arena. i see no damage anywhere. No blown out windows, no damaged people. Nothing. Just parked up emergency vehicles and people in high visibility jackets standing around. i see nothing to say anything happened and nothing to prove it didn't. When you watch critically we are never shown sufficient proof - we see scenes with the appearance of proof and our imaginations fill in the gaps. If you turn the sound off and look closely there is nothing probative shown - well nothing i have seen. They were saying in the media it was a suicide bomber - a lone wolf - this is before they had had chance to investigate the event, It sounded like - suicide bomber - terror - 'so-called Islamic State' in a prewritten script. The powers that should not be have orchestrated this for home consumption. A distraction - a so-called reason to steal our right to freedom.
  9. Jeremy Corbin is portrayed as ineffectual and inept. i can see the spin in the media. The words used, the positive spin on May and the negative on Corbin. I expect the Conservatives will gain a larger majority. i can see they propose to take over the internet. i see ever increasing fines, taxes and fees coming in. The beast demands more and more. There is no real intention to leave the EU. I see constant negative spin presented. The exit is scheduled for years away and all the time the people will be mind controlled back towards the EU with a deluge of lies. The BBC takes funding from the EU which breaks its Royal Charter so it is clear how this leftist abomination will act. The people are exposed to anti-Brexit propaganda. The controlled media is simply an arm of the control system. The mainstream political parties are all the same. Liars and thieves. They all make various promises and then do something different which looks much as the same the puppets did before them. The only saving grace is these people are largely incompetent. Governments are not there to help you, they are there to steal from you. i doubt i will waste time voting. i will carry on looking out for myself and my family and avoiding the system as much as possible.
  10. for sale

  11. i have not fully investigated this but i have seen Andrew Maguire talking about it. He is an advisor to the ABX [Allocated Bullion Exchage]. The gold for Onegram will be vaulted with the ABX. There will be a small transaction fee when Onegram is used and those backing the currency - those with ownership of the gold will get a cut of the transaction fees. Maguire was talking about a 10 - 15% yield. So you would have your gold AND get a 10 -15% yield. Maguire says there are at least a couple more of these gold backed cryptos on the way. If the Arabs started demanding payment for oil in these Sharia compliant gold backed cryptos it would result in a massively increased demand and $100's billions of gold being sucked out of the banksters depleted system. It would break their Ponzi scheme. The price of gold can only be suppressed for as long as there is enough physical gold at these suppressed prices to keep those demanding gold satisfied. As Asia has demanded more it has put the bankster system under increasing pressure. This has the capability to break the system and unravel their derivative bets. It would break the Forex system through the XAU/USD, XAU/EUR etc crosses which have to be settled in physical if demanded. If there is a sizable yield on gold in the gold backed crypto system, who would hold negative interest rate government bonds? Those who think they have gold in unallocated LBMA gold accounts will demand their gold back so they can get an income and not the costs of alleged 'storage and insurance'. The gold in these accounts does not exist and never existed. They will have to be settled in cash and then they will go into the ABX to buy the physical for vaulting inside the crypto system. As i say i need to do a lot more research on this to see it is viable but on the face of it, it sounds fantastic and will kill the fiat Ponzi scheme. Expect another 'Too big to fail' banking crisis.
  12. Today a new type of cryptocurrency is being launched. Onegram is a Sharia compliant gold backed crypto. https://onegram.org/ Unlike other cryptos it is not a fiat currency - one for one gold backed. As i understand it, there are other gold backed cryptos on the way. These will be better than what we have at the moment b/c they are backed by a real asset and so their price will shadow gold. This will make them much more stable. BTC's price is all over the place - Onegram and the others will be much more steady. This in itself is an attractive feature. This will increase demand for physical on a grand scale. It will suck tonnage out of the LBMA system and makes its disintegration more certain and brings that date forward.
  13. What is the cost of having Sterling refined to 999?
  14. Using https://www.gold.de/kaufen/silbermuenzen/libertad/ the 2000 coin looks at an attractive price. i suspect the 2011 is also a good price.