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  1. Shipping PMs to Europe

    @BackyardBullion the guy has seen that precious metals are prohibited items. That does not mean they won't take them and 99% of the time the mail gets through, it is just the courier will wash their hands of a lost package. The list of prohibited items is very long for the lower prices couriers. I am not sure what the dealers are doing - i was explicitly told by a German dealer using DHL where i had absent mindedly put my old postcode down and the package was not delivered but got returned to Germany, to then be sent again (with the correct postcode), that i did not have to worry as everything was fully insured. i think it was an order for 700 x 1oz Panda coins, so it was not something anyone would be happy to go astray. A dealer shipping £millions of coins is not going to take the risk. @paperponzi It might be useful you asking Lizzie from Chard @ChardLizzie (a member of the forum) what they do when they send items outside the UK.
  2. Shipping PMs to Europe

    You will find that precious metals are included in courier prohibited items. i looked at DHL - At the same time you will see dealers using DHL and stating it is fully insured. i see CelticGold uses UPS and they also have an exemption for precious metals. i see the Royal Mint has on their website " All non-UK orders will be delivered by DHL Express Worldwide within 2-5 working days after despatch from The Royal Mint. " Dealers are using couriers which say they do not carry the very items being sent. i most people here just send items and mostly within the UK and if they want to cover the item they send it Special Delivery. i think you need to speak to the courier directly.
  3. 1950 Proof Sixpence----Silver?

    https://www.sovr.co.uk/george-vi-1950-matt-proof-sixpence-am00578.html The proof sixpence here was cupro-nickle.
  4. for sale Coins

    There is only one coin on ebay and this is at a much higher price (£663) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2014-Britannia-Proof-1-oz-Silver-Coin-NGC-PF70-Ultra-Cameo-PERFECT-First-500/273037026665?hash=item3f92466569:g:CfEAAOSwcSxaZmp7
  5. Hello from Lisbon, portugal.

    @Portugalstacker perhaps you could post images of some of your coins. i have a few Spanish silver coins. i find they are relatively quite expensive but perhaps you know of places we could get them at better prices.
  6. Today I Received

    @Xander i keep promising myself i will get the young head Elizabeth sovereigns. i must pull the trigger next time i have some play money.
  7. i have been following the stock markets for over 30 years, my experience tells me to be very cautious at this point in the cycle and so i do not recommend the indices. i have explained my reasoning for this. We are due for a big correction. All the stars are aligning for this. Of course there will be many pundits recommending the paper markets. Vanguard wants to carry on making money. The smart money which is leaving the markets need someone to sell to. For me the only thing that can keep the markets rising is inflation. The best returning stock market has been in Venezuela.
  8. You can massage figures, you can tell bold faced lies. You can create quadrillions of fiat, you can tap dark pools of fiat dollars. You can do corporate buy backs, you can get the controlled media to spout nonsense. What you cannot do is deliver physical gold and silver when there is none to deliver. This is what the Exchange for Physicals are telling us. This telegraphs the end times for this paper precious metal charade. There will be defaults. There will be a failure to deliver at some point. This time is racing towards us. Hundreds of tonnes of gold EFP's every week. This is the face of reality and the Money Masters are going to have to face it. Goldman Sachs has been stashing physical gold for almost a year. JP Morgan has been trashing the paper markets to bleed out a mountain of physical silver. These people are not stupid, they may be psychopaths but they are not stupid.
  9. Practicing antiquing

    The Queens Beast looks good. i have quite a few spotty beasts. An antiqued coin might be something some would want to add to a 'collection' but no-one wants to add milk spotted coins to their 'collection'.
  10. Some years ago i had an ISA which invested in the Indian stock market. It was with JP Morgan. The shares did not do very well for a start. i think i started buying when they were 60-70p. They slid down to 30 something pence. i kept paying in every month (cost averaging). i think i even increased my payments and got my average price right down. When i eventually liquidated the shares in 2008 they were over £3 a share. i guess i made 10x or 1000% profit. Other than i believed the Indian stock market would out perform there was no great skill, just the application of principles. i remember when i started work many years ago i was big on Fidelity Special Situations. The last i looked i would have been up over 10 000% on the early shares i bought. Sadly i was forced to sell these shares due to my circumstances. The most important idea posted here is that these stocks have done very well in the past. Vanguard is a massive investment company. They shovel $billions into markets and have done well as prices rose. They are herd investors and the herd has done well. When the markets fall they do badly. So if one invests with Vanguard and many others you are punting on markets continuing to climb. Now we have for several years now seen the doom and gloom merchants peddling collapse. What they have said was fundamentally correct but what has happened has not been what they have predicted. Personally i feel we are reaching a point where their predictions will start to come true. i expect gold and silver to rise - a lot. We are seeing crazy amounts of Exchange for Physical contracts - 10's of tonnes of gold. i am told there was over 30 tonnes of EFP gold and 186.5 tonnes of silver yesterday - that is just for yesterday. The day before it was 40.85 tonnes of gold and 205 tonnes silver. Day after day long contracts are standing for delivery on the COMEX but there is no gold or silver to deliver so they get shunted over to the spot markets - https://www.bullionstar.com/blogs/koos-jansen/london-hong-kong-gold-used-to-settle-comex-futures/ This is all quite recent. It is ramping up and up. The London market is highly leveraged - i have heard 1000 paper to 1 physical. As physical is sucked out this leveraging goes up and up in a hockey stick exponential fashion. It was never envisaged there would be this demand for physical. They have used the controlled media to brainwash people into thinking SLV, GLD and futures are physical. They should be physically backed but from the volume of EFP's it is overwhelmingly obvious that futures are not. They have repeated and repeated that silver is just a commodity and not money. They have smashed the prices again and again to kill positive sentiment. It has not worked well enough. i firmly believe that physical gold and silver will explode upwards. There will have to be a cash settlement to square the bankers' books. Longs on the COMEX will get the Friday closing price. The price will reopen on Monday much higher. Longs will have been cheated and shorts will be bankrupted. There will be no gold or silver for sale. SLV and GLD will have been drained. There will be excuses and obfuscation. i have made another application for tokens in Kinesis. This is a crypto token backed by gold or silver. Those minting these tokens (like me) will get a 'royalty' every time they change hands. This is drawing a lot of attention. The initial offering will be oversubscribed. This is very attractive to institutions desperate for yield. The Fed had another FOMC meeting yesterday. The Fed claims rates will rise 4 times this year. The Fed dictates nothing. The markets are looking towards higher yields. Rising bond yields for pension and investment companies might sound good but consider this. $1 million of bonds yield say 2.5% If that yield went to 5% (for easy reckoning) the price of the pre-existing bonds must fall to a half their present value. That means $trillions will be wiped off the books. A pre-existing $1 million bond holder gets $25 000 in interest. If interest rates dictated bond yields moved to 5%, these bond holders will still get $25 000 in interest but their bonds will drop to $500 000 in value. Also consider that falling bond prices are not seen as good for stocks. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/01/11/why-falling-bond-prices-are-traditionally-seen-as-bad-for-stocks.html Do the paper markets look like a good bet at the moment? Gold and silver look good if you are in physical or something that is 100% physical say like PSLV (Sprott's equivalent of SLV). It looks good in the likes of Kinesis, crypto title of ownership over vaulted metal with a yield. Mining shares are down and when metal prices climb then miners will follow up. I keep mentioning global cooling. Expect food prices to go up - A LOT. So agriculturals will increase. i would not be in a general index fund. We have had a warning with the indices taking a recent tumble. This happens before big falls.
  11. Top 5 Silver Coins in My List

    Lots of nice pieces of silver Leviathan Silverbug Island Gary Marks Liberty's Beauty Ignorant round - Silver Shield Muncha round Netherlands Lion restrike
  12. HGM pricing mistake

    The advertised price on the shop shelf, window or website is 'an invitation to treat' under contract law. They are not offering goods at this price they are inviting you to make offers at that price. When you submit your order you are making them an offer - if they accept this whatever the price, there is a contract.
  13. Silver Price Analysis

    The guys at the Options trading outfit Tastytrade always say no-one knows. Well being a master conspiracy theorist i disagree but what is true is they do not know. So they play the odds. Trade small trade often. Options can give you an 80% chance of success. You will have losers but on average you will come out ahead (in theory). The theory behind averaging in is you don't know when the best price will be so you make lots of small buys. Some will be at good prices and so not so good. We believe gold and silver will do well over the longer term. Despite all the nay sayers gold has done pretty good over the longer term. Now is a good time to buy in especially in silver. So i keep buying. Right now we are at a turning point in precious metals, i know this b/c the current manipulation has become unsustainable and will force a cash settlement and price reset. They have been manipulated and despite that gold is ahead. i think those who have bought bullion and or nice coins will be handsomely rewarded in the future. If price goes up or down a bit if you are averaging in it will all come out in the wash.
  14. Silver Price Analysis

    In theory it is similar. The CME is the entity behind gold and silver futures. The CME has a tiny fraction of the metal behind the gold and silver futures. Gold and silver longs have increasingly started standing for delivery and they cannot deliver. These contracts are being shunted over to London as EFP's. London does not have the metal, it is going to blow up. Would i trust there was metal in the vault with the Royal Mint (government) and the CME - 100% NO. I suspect this Royal Mint project is like GLD and SLV. Simply a way of taking pressure off actual physical metal demand. Just another sham. It is not going to work. Maguire said last summer he had investment funds for at least 250 tonnes of gold lined up. He says they attempted to buy the gold but were blocked. The LBMA refused to deal. Other methods are going to be used. The people behind Kinesis are to put it bluntly hell bent on blowing up the paper market. They have $billions on tap and there will be $billions more lining up right now. We will have to see. There really was nothing that was obviously going to break the cartel's grip anytime soon but now the ABX will throw the Kinesis bail of straw on the camel's back.
  15. Silver Price Analysis

    http://www.goldstarglobal.com/kinesis/ i give you this link as i deal with Maguire.