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  1. i have just taken a look at the area Shaun mentioned. i agree buying ETF's is not as secure as holding physical. There are no ETF share trading as 1 ounce of gold - GLD is 1/10 oz. There are advantages to ETF's for trading as you can get in and out fast with little slippage due to tight spreads. Especially if you want exposure to silver a position in SLV is a much less expensive route b/c of the premiums we see in parts of the world where VAT is charged. Dealer premiums also tend to be high. There is only one bear gold ETF (DGZ) - all the others are leveraged and then you are getting into riskier territory. You can hedge your physical position buying a PUT option in GLD. You risk the premium you pay. More sophisticated traders might sell a bear CALL vertical credit spread - and still make money as long as price does not rise beyond the short CALL strike + premium collected. This goes well beyond this book. The basic message is invest in physical and not virtual gold.
  2. Mr T always seemed to manage.
  3. for sale

    Do you have a photo?
  4. The US market is closed today so usually there wouldn't be much net movement. If price gets above $1200 and stays there, the large physical buyers will move their bids up and lock in this step up. We can expect this to be defended. i see the thread says £ only. Gold is an international currency (it is traded as a currency of the FX markets). Gold is going up in GBP terms b/c the GBP is falling against the USD.
  5. By the looks of things on ebay if it is in top order, no milk spot, COA, case etc you can get some decent money for such a coin. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1997-ROYAL-MINT-BRITANNIA-2-1oz-SILVER-PROOF-COIN-BOX-AND-COA-/332011977785 Take a look at ebay and check the sold box off so you can see what coins have actually sold for.
  6. Usually Germany is the cheapest place for people in the UK. The cheapest company at the moment in the price comparison is philoro Edelmetalle. i have bought Pandas from them and they have been good, You are going to be buying inside the EU but not the UK inorder to avoid VAT. https://www.gold.de/kaufen/silbermuenzen/china-panda/
  7. Have ordered two of these using my own silver coins. i think they make nice presents
  8. Yes Pandas are a good area to collect. i love Pandas If you are straight investing in a semi stacking mode then go for 2016 and 2017 to start with as they are still plentiful with the dealers. If you can find good deals on 2015 go for them in preference. Coins from 2010 and earlier the coins get more expensive and much more expensive in some years. Just keep your eyes peeled for good deals which may crop up.
  9. There was a 2002 sovereign hanging around at Atkinson's for some time. i already had one so didn't do more than simply notice. i am wondering if this is the sovereign.
  10. i guess you used goldsilver.be No you didn't pay way over the odds. Relax.
  11. Britannias have a tendency to develop milk spot. All the Royal Canadian Mint does. Perth Lunar and Pandas are less likely from my experience. Your metal investment will be unaffected by milk spot but your numismatic investment is negatively affected. A collector doesn't want a coin covered in milk spot. People have used silica bags, vacuum sealing, anti-tarnish cloths but then found their coins still got milk spot.
  12. Is this the form you completed? https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/581510/bor286.pdf
  13. Do we have a malfunction in the reply system It appears to be duplicating replies.
  14. The 2017 150g Panda proof is USD $194. He has other years, more expensive though - he has labelled some as proof and not others but if you look at the mintages and the photos of the COA they are proof as well. i confirmed this with him just now.