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  1. Vat free 10oz QB's

    I can only think there are some programming errors in the websites Some coins are being dealt with on the marginal rate scheme whilst others are having full VAT slapped on them, there were silver Krugerrands with 0% VAT on aurinum.de. So it looks like people are being sloppy and there are errors in the websites. I think quite a few sites are a bit sloppy, so just buy at the best price and to hell with it.
  2. Vat free 10oz QB's

    Coininvest is correct. You will find that the favourable VAT on silver only applies to coins. Bars, ingots and rounds attract the full rate of VAT. All the items are silver, the difference between coins and everything else is coins are legal tender. To be a coin the piece must be or have been legal tender. A 1kg Fiji silver bar does not attract the VAT a 1kg Johnson Matthey bar does b/c it is legally a $10 coin. "flat disc or piece of metal with an official stamp, used as money." The Fiji bar is a piece of metal which is legally money.
  3. London Mint Office "sovereigns"

    Because they are tat.
  4. Scottsdales 1oz Bu Ghana leopard mix up

    £35 is a little bit high. i bought some from goldsilver.be and then some more from a forum member. i average a bit under £29 delivered but i didn't just buy one. The coin is a nice looking one. This is very obvious from the photo of the graded MS70. No-one can rightly take that away from the coin which is always a plus. If the coin appreciates people will say it was a good buy and if it doesn't they will say it was a poor buy. It is not a bad buy, it is a good looking 1oz silver coin, it is a 5000 limited mintage and it has a story and part of that is the coin should never have been minted. This separates the coin from the vast majority. The kerfuffle about the coin is some people thought it would be selling for a lot more than it is, some people over estimated the market and bought more than they wished they had and perhaps paid more than they wish they had. i do not see that prices are on the slide. They are holding up around the £30 - 35 mark. The excitement has settled. The last single coin sold for £30 on ebay. Multiples sold for more than £30 each. So £30 is the price, whatever anyone else thinks it should be. i think the coin has promise for the reasons i list. IF a series appears .and the coins are also appealing then the price will go up. i got some b/c i like the coin and the price i paid worked out a little bit under the market price. If we get a series of these animal coins then the 100 cedis silver leopard will become a must coin for collectors of that series and there aren't that many and a fair few are in strong hands.
  5. Vat free 10oz QB's

    yes - this is a question i put to Lizzie from Chard. i asked why UK sellers did not use the marginal rate scheme as used by the likes of silver-to-go and goldsilver.be. I didn't get an answer. For sure UK sellers are losing £millions in sales.
  6. Vat free 10oz QB's

    As legal tender it is VAT free. HMRC is stepping outside their remit by charging VAT. This 10oz silver piece is legal tender in the UK. This has been decided by Parliament. It is not for HMRC to do anything else but view this as legal tender and any different from a 1p coin, they are a servant of Parliament. It would be illegal to melt the coin down for its silver content b/c you would be destroying legal tender. So Silver-to-Go is correct and HMRC is wrong but it would take someone much bigger than us to put the pirates straight.
  7. Death of a Royal family member

    There were pieces minted but no UK coinage was released for circulation. So what did get out is very rare and very valuable. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2623891/A-record-516-000-royal-coin-Incredibly-rare-sovereign-bearing-head-Edward-VIII-struck-abdication-sold-auction.html
  8. Collecting 1oz coins as a beginner

    You could join in on the group purchase of coins from goldsilver.be and save a bit on postage. Buy the coins you like. Don't get Canadian Mint coins unless they are old or spot price - there is too much milk spot associated with them. i would get the latest dog Lunar series from the Perth Mint and the rooster, while the prices are reasonable. I would keep a look out for coins on the forum. For example, there are a number of coins being sold here that you might like to think about.
  9. Storing silver bars...

    i posted these 1kg bars up on the bar photo thread
  10. Storing silver bars...

    Bars like the PAMP Fortuna are more like a coin. Mine stay in the manufacturer's case and i would only hold them with gloves.
  11. Storing silver bars...

    i have some PAMP Fortuna bars which i would not like to tarnish but i would welcome the rest tarnishing. Having watched many videos of people showing their bar collections it is clear to me they like their toned bars bettered - the more the better and value them more highly. It is like American Silver Eagles, there is a big premium for naturally toned coins.
  12. Storing silver bars...

    i wrap my bars up in bubble wrap and pack them together in boxes. It is a shame not to be able to see them and enjoy them but they are protected and safe.
  13. 1 Dollar Czech Lion Niue Islands 2017

    Strange seeing a coin with the Queen's head on the obverse and Czech Republic on the reverse.
  14. Has the sh@t finally hit the dollar fan?

    Where are you exchanging your Euros? You can get 1.12 on such as currencyfair.
  15. Has the sh@t finally hit the dollar fan?

    No offence taken. i am saying it as my research has found it. There will be a financial collapse, it does not take too much research to work that out. No-one knows when it will come but it is coming. Now if you have made no preparations then it is doom and gloom and you might even die but if you have prepared then it could be a massive opportunity. As i see it i would be collecting precious metals whatever b/c i am addicted to this but i also see It is a mathematical certainty the USD will collapse and with it the rest of the Western fiat currency system. It is a certainty that credit will freeze up when this happens. A friend of mine used to buy and sell scrap metal and other commodities. He was making a good income by exporting it. Then 2008 arrived. The so called financial crisis meant one bank did not trust another. He could not get guarantees he would be paid for his loads of steel or whatever. When these shipments were worth a couple of million quid he could not afford not to get paid. it all got too risky and he stopped trading. Everything runs on credit. At least in the short term everything will freeze up in a financial collapse. The shops will empty. There will be no food in the shops. In the financial crisis of 2008 the currencies held up. If we have a crisis where the currencies are all going to Hell in a hand basket as well and credit freezes, you have a Venezuela situation except there is no alternative currency unless you include precious metals and cryptos - which the vast majority of people do not have. However if you do have these alternatives you are cooking on gas. If you did stock up with food and the necessaries - say a 6 month supply and you tell no-one you have this store, then you won't have to go out and fight for what there is or get mugged. In the worst case scenario you will have 6 months worth of dried food, tins and toilet paper. Now if we factor in global cooling as well everything gets more serious. Episodes of global cooling occur and during these life gets very hard. Previously populations were much smaller. There were not so many people in the cities. In the 1970's they started talking about an Ice Age coming, then this Global Warming scam started except we are in this mysterious 'Pause' b/c there has been no global warming for 16 years. This is a fact, no global warming for 16 years. Al Gore who was warning everyone we would be flooded out as the sea rose has recently bought an beach front mansion. http://totus-blog.blogspot.com.es/2014/06/al-gore-buys-beach-front-mansion.html The guy is seriously taking the piss. i do not know for certain global cooling will happen but we had snow in southern Spain this winter, the first time in 118 years. From what i see, this winter is going to be the real start. i am making my preparations - for starters i can live much further south. i am simply saying what ii have discovered and if people are interested they will do there own research but don't expect to find it on the BBC.