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  1. yes the bullion queens. its a much better price premium over the proof sovereign but no numbers released on mintage so still a guessing game. just wondered what the thoughts are on what purchase a 2nd of..
  2. what do you think will perform better the 1/4 oz queens beast or the 2017 sovereign?? i have a queens beast and a 2017 sovereign ordered but with the hefty premium on the sovereign which do you think is going to perform better??
  3. thanks for that maybe i will get one!!!
  4. ordered a full sovereign and got the usual "subject to availability" fingers crossed
  5. i paid low£200's for this so i will hang on some more as values are going up
  6. my coa is 0138 and they are in PERFECT condition had them under the microscope at work and immaculate
  7. music to my ears!!!
  8. is that a 5oz mouse i see????
  9. i wanted to buy one of these buy its asking for $450 £350 ish is anyone purchasing some that i can piggy back??
  10. i got the ox for £49 but again so hard to track down
  11. £72 i got that for. again really hard to find so premium is crazy!!
  12. £237 absolute bargain!! lands on wednesday from germany!!
  13. i have finally tracked down and purchased the elusive 2oz year of the mouse!! 1/2 oz set complete 2x 1oz set complete 2oz set complete 5oz set ox,dragon and snake only the other 6 to go anyone selling 5oz lunars??