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  1. Today I bought.....

    Two sovereigns from HGM.
  2. The Football Thread

    His name is Llorente He said **** off to Conte He is lethal in the air And we do not really care if he does not get a game cos we got Harry Kane And it's not August any more! Copacabama!
  3. I got a tiggy winkle 50 pence coin today.
  4. New coins from Now til 2018

    I might get a tube of them 2018 Ellies.
  5. For what it's worth. Clive Myrie is my favourite bbc guy and he is one of the lower paid presnters I think.
  6. Conspiracies

    This is the third time this year that a US warship has been involved in a collision. The latest one smacked by an oil tanker side on. There is something going on here. These ships are being disabled by either the Russians or the Chinese. I will allow myself a little schadenfreude especially as this latest ship was named after John McCain. What goes with that? .http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-08-21/us-navy-halts-pacific-fleet-operations-historical-path-collided-warship-emerges
  7. Introducing myself.

    Welcome here. That's a nice haul of gold.
  8. storage for loose gold bullion

    It's only 2 oz out of 35 that's in the wood. I've buried a lot in a garden somewhere.....and there is some in my safe....and a bit that's not in the safe.
  9. storage for loose gold bullion

    Wasn't sure where to put this. About a week ago I buried 8 sovereigns in a nearby wood. Buried Inside a tobacco tin wrapped in two small plastic bags to a depth of four inches. Previously I had buried an empty tin in the same spot vetically with no plastic covering and containing some paper. I unearthed this empty tin a few weeks ago and found that the paper inside was wet. Not surprising in hindsight. I am confident of my method this time round. the wrapped tin is horizontal and should stay dry. If I do another one it will be placed under a spreading holly tree making it quite inaccessible or perhaps in the midst of brambles. But the brambles would make it hard to exactly pinpoint location of stash however.
  10. Today I bought.....

    I got one kg of gold
  11. Today I received.....

    Picked up my five value sovereigns from HGM today. Four them were 2016. The other one was 2015.
  12. Today I bought.....

    Four more value sovereigns from HGM.
  13. What Watches do you own!!!

    I would take that watch on a dive. I currently own a 5.11 watch. It's only designated to 100 meters. It's not pretty just functional.
  14. Today I bought.....

    I would have bought that peso had you not bought it. I would have had one of the old American coins as well. Got their last cheap sovereign.
  15. Last song you heard?

    The soundtrack to the bad batch, a new film that looks quite cool. Here's the