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  1. Entertaining day across the pond. CNN's world is crumbling. And why are our American friends so completely obsessed with Putin? They've lost the plot.
  2. That was good timing!
  3. Got my two sovereigns from Bairds today and the Victorian one turned out to be an 1878 Melbourne. Nice!
  4. Just bought a 2017 sovereign and a YH Victorian sovereign from Bairds.
  5. Two sovereigns from Highland Tiger. One of which was a very nice 1873 Melbourne sovereign. No more sending coins in envelopes though!
  6. Just bought two kilos of silver with Bullionvault. The first time I've used them in about three years at least.
  7. Trump has before spoken of returning to the gold standard. What if he's told there's no gold in Fort Knox? Anyway, the world will continue to de-dollarise. Trade barriers will go up, bond yields will continue to rise, the physical markets in the East will continue to usurp the Western paper markets. It all looks good to be and I remain bullish.
  8. Two 2012 sovereigns from Heisenberg Two sovereigns from HGM One 2016 gold nugget from HGM
  9. I will take two of your 2012 sovereigns.
  10. I love the way our politicians are banging the war drums now. Boris wants us to lay siege on the Russian embassy. And we've got to shoot down Russkie planes as well. ****ing idiots.
  11. This is why I don't want Hillary. The UK and the US are already banging the war drums.