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  1. Warszawa evening

    Hey @sixgun. You taking the words out of my mouth. I was going to come back here and ask if everyone taking me seriously yet on global cooling. You may already be following Adapt 2030's youtube channel. Another good guy to follow is Diamond from Oppenheimer Ranch Project. You have probably noted the big Mt Sinabung eruption from yesterday....
  2. Today I bought.....

    Just ordered five 2018 sovs from Aty's. (Did the bank transfer properly this time.) Should be a good year for pms!
  3. Has the sh@t finally hit the dollar fan?

    Mon Dieu! Someone else gets it. I wholeheartedly agree with everything in this post and I don't think you exaggerate much. Yes, our climate is totally governed by what the Sun is doing and it's going into a dormant phase. What we are seeing now with the weather is just the beginning. By 2020 the winters will be brutal. Think Game of Thrones. And yes, more cosmic rays are hitting the Earth now, resulting in more cloud cover and crazy as it seems, there does seem to be a correlation between cosmic flux and volcanic activity. It's crazy. I follow Adapt 2030 and Oppenheimer on Youtube. The warmists can keep watching CNN and the BBC. They deserve each other. Way to go sixgun!
  4. gold and silver smashed down again

    I thought that latest smack down was highly suspicious as usual. But another thought occurred to me. Has Trump's new anti-corruption executive order put an end to the PM price fixing shenannigans? I would hope so. Any ill-gotten gains received from criminal ventures can be seized under this order. PM prices usually drift down at the end of the year but that hasn't happened yet. Hopefully Trump will start draining the swamp and go after the Clintons, Soros, Obama?,the PaedoPodestas, certain members of the FBI. It's a long fricking list.
  5. Just tried to sign up to the Kraken exchange but their verification process is currently disabled.
  6. What exchange do you use HH? I want to buy some ether.
  7. Just sent a bit to Lubi on the blockchain site.
  8. I still have 0.1 bitcoin in a web based blockchain.info wallet. I want to sell half of it but don't know how to. Do I need to join an exchange like coinbase? I'm a bit thick with cryptos.
  9. Today I bought.....

    Whoops! I didn't buy them three sovs after all. Bank transfer didn't seem to happen. Perhaps I did not press confirm. I'm still in the market for at least three them. I shall be checking here for sell orders.
  10. Today I bought.....

    Three more sovereigns from HGM.
  11. Today I bought.....

    1 oz gold roo from HGM.
  12. Just thought I'd post this ZH article for future reference. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-09-11/hedgelesshorsemans-e-z-internet-guide-safely-buying-and-then-conveniently-losing-bit
  13. Open Thread.

    Where is the funny vid thread? Anyway this made me cry laughing.
  14. Ankorus

    Thanks for the reply and welcome to the club. I am pretty new myself. Your service is something I can see myself using in the future. I heard about you on the adapt 2030 youtube site by the way. I have a question or two. I have seen commodities mentioned on your site. Is it possible to trade precious metals on the Ankorus platform? So, from my layman's perspective, I buy one ounce of gold with you. That gold then becomes 'tokenised'. I might now own 10 tokens. What happens to them ten tokens if gold doubles in value in the meantime? This is what I don't currently understand. Also, do Ankorus tokens fluctuate in value like other cryptos?
  15. Ankorus

    I heard about Ankorus through Adapt 2030 which is a youtube site. (The guy has the same accent as the wealth watchman). He specialises on climate change, cooling not warming) and blockchain technology. Well anyway, he brought me here. And I intend to buy the f'ing dips on ethereum and bitcoin.