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  1. I got one kg of gold
  2. Picked up my five value sovereigns from HGM today. Four them were 2016. The other one was 2015.
  3. Four more value sovereigns from HGM.
  4. I would take that watch on a dive. I currently own a 5.11 watch. It's only designated to 100 meters. It's not pretty just functional.
  5. I would have bought that peso had you not bought it. I would have had one of the old American coins as well. Got their last cheap sovereign.
  6. The soundtrack to the bad batch, a new film that looks quite cool. Here's the
  7. The Mericans warning Assad not to carry out another chemical attack on his own citizens. How stupid do they think we are? When I heard this I did think 'peak stupid'.
  8. Not bad for a first go though.
  9. His steering was a bit skew-whiff. Seriously though. Only the driver could tell you what was happening there, That was crazy.
  10. I drive my bus a lot better than that. That guy received a glancing blow. Flipping eck though.
  11. That's two old ghosts that have popped out of the closet. Sorry to hear about your troubles Shamatti.
  12. Hi there HH. I'm gonna spend more time here. Although I can't really trade with other posters at the moment. I don't sell anyway. Just buy.
  13. I spend too much time on a Spurs forum. It's a fricking mad house full of crazy liberals. Think Shamatti. Lots of Shamatti's. They love me on there. Lol! This forum is much saner.
  14. The mocking bird media ignored this FLA march. The next march would be much bigger and harder to ignore.
  15. Two sovereigns from HGM.