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  1. A better pic
  2. Sorry at morezone it's a bar I'm making for myself, yes its my stl file that I cast, could you please move it @morezone unsure how to move
  3. expression of interest

    Working on this silver last supper bar
  4. Glad you like it mate, much appreciated
  5. 34 grams @bosse68
  6. Hi finally finished my Silver Skull with antiqued eye sockets, nose and teeth
  7. for sale

  8. No sorry I didn't do any videos on you tube, I guess I should put some up of the finished product really, thank you for the compliment
  9. Hi finally finished my Half Antiqued, Half Polished Terminator Head with Ruby eye
  10. Once I'm happy with it, I'll antique one but at present I'll be altering the master first making the sides thicker
  11. Mould made, wax copy made, now the silver bar to follow
  12. I'll take a look and try to find it much appreciated I'll take a look and try to find it much appreciated