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  1. Bitgild

    Yep I have used Bitgid when I more than double my investments. the buying process is straight forward and order status regularly updated on the site. Delivery was fast, I believe i ordered on a Tuesday and received the Friday in the same week. Yep. This was process I used and the time limit was 15 minutes, I've placed my order in June this year. @Scuzzle So yes, I think it wouldn't hurt to lock in some gains in PMs
  2. Rosland Book of Gold Adverts on TV

    When a company advertise "Investment grade bullion" then it's is mostly 999 bullion or just plain bullion. When you need to sign up or call for prices you most likely will fall in a spam or sales trap... Eh pitch. I think its not worth the effort and time to enquiring for their prices especially in the world of internet today. . Why do folks are always is search of a new dealers instead sticking to well established dealers? yes ok. I know I guess it's good to look out for lower premiums... If you want to know the Harrods prices then why not check out prices on their page however I think Harrods just sold their bank... So I'm not sure what the current deal is. https://bullion.harrodsbank.co.uk/GAWebClient/SalesGA/Product_Listing.xhtml http://www.cityam.com/269842/harrods-bank-sold-digital-challenger-tandem
  3. Paper Wallets

    I also would be cautious with that paper wallet especially bought from eBay! Here is a YouTube vid, I think the same process based on most comment above. Make sure you test out with a small amount first.
  4. Stacking for children.

    Yes. that would be cool and I think we can teach them to become stackers...? If you haven't seen it... BelangP (obviously) has made a good video how he is teaching his kid... but yeah you can only do your best... i guess...
  5. Stacking for children.

    Nice vid I don't have kids (yet)... but I do have an allocated 'one day for the kids' silver stack, which consists of the queen beasts... will also add sov's or 1/4 qb's or krugs later...
  6. Late to the game?

    Welcome to the forum. You're never to late to buy precious metals. The value of gold/silver is in how many ounces you have at the end of the day and not in the fiat amount (£/$ etc) of the metals. In my opinion, investing should be boring so that I can sleep at night. If I want excitement, I'll either go to a theme park, hop on a rollercoaster or go to the cinema and watch a movie. Here are a couple vid's of my fav youtuber, that could answer your questions.
  7. Ripple XRP

    Ive been trading the XRP/BTC pair when it was on the way up and stopped trading when it peaked. (I still have a view quid on it). But from my point of view it's still in a downward move, so I'm not trading it at the moment. (Thanks for reminding me, I might get them out lol). XRP has a good chance to be adopted by the masses as it's been trailed by Central banks including Bank of England... but that's all still early days... http://www.bankofengland.co.uk/publications/Pages/news/2017/029.aspx So my two cents in short: Long term investment/trading, maybe... At the moment: not yet... as it's still going down..
  8. Best investment bullion coin, Britannia or Krugerrand?

    +1 yep I agree. At the end of the day it's personal preference. You can't go wrong if you buy close to spot. @Gradius Have you considered the Sovereign coin over the Krug? Some Britannia Years have a unique design or have a lower mintage during a specific year. For example the 2014 design is favoured amongst collectors. So the prices can fluctuate based on the numismatic (collector) value not the bullion value. The 2013 version is the "standard" Britannia design. The 2017 celebrates the 20 year anniversary of the Britannia. So the 2017 coin will have some added value for collectors... and you are correct; if you looking at a coin from a bullion perspective then yes, it's only worth spot price ( plus premium).
  9. @PolarPanda Agree. doesn't make sense lol. I just go with the flow on what they release at RM really ...
  10. Got this is from Wikipedia... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Queen%27s_Beasts_(coin)
  11. ASE sales collapse.. Are *you* still stacking?

    I also think Chris Duane is a pumper and a typical sales hyper, he really wants folks to buy his coins... so he is not really on my radar for that reason. I'm liking these PM price dips. I still think that there are too many factors that keeps the price of the silver price to stay down. (it's not just JPM that keeps it down). I do like the lower price entry for silver but my priorities to get gold at the end of the day (for me, I really don't like the milk spots!), I was aiming to get silver to converting them to gold over time but I'm thinking to get just gold to save the hassle of converting. I personally think silver price will go up toward the $17.00 - 17.50 price range and expect sell orders to be triggered for another dip. (but as always you never know...) Yep also am currently speculating/trading in crypto's but only with small amounts of fiats but am def not selling any of my PMs for trading.
  12. @vand yep I agree.... ETH is still in a clear down ward move from my point of view.... $120 at least (but you never know...lol)
  13. Rich dad poor dad

    Yep. Same here. The book def changed my views on investing, personal finance and assets and liabilities. Robert also got me into gold and silver through Michael Maloney's book Investing Gold and Silver book. A book to def read, it has a lot very good info, especially the chapters about to pitfills and traps. I'm playing cashlflow board game online a fair bit and been to a couple cashflow game meetups in town, and learned some new idea's to invest through the game.
  14. At the moment I have a split opinions on crypto's and purely using crypto's to hone my trading and flipping skills and am aiming towards to develop my own trading rules... and eventually create my own system... (if/when I don't know). In the long-term crypto's has it's potential but at this present time I'm just trading them because I really don't see them as a storage of wealth. (again I repeat; at this point in time). In my view bitcoin and the lot just don't have the track record then our boring old barbaric precious metals. Gold and silver has at least a two-thousand year track record as a storage of value and no other investment can beat that at the moment... Where is @SilverPirate when you need em' arrgh I see crypto's as a technology and people will eventually become either bored by it or it evolve into something newer and better .... or worse... I've seen a number crypto's become obsolete within a couple day/weeks and now completely ignored and disused. So you might lose out if you are not constantly in the know... Crypto-currency is at the end of day a currency and if or when the masses start adopting it, it will then turn into a fiat and everyone must use the "gov approved" crypto... but I guess that's just another bedtime story for my imagination.... Let's see where the wind blows... @Silverstackeruk Don't worry too much about the price fluctuation in Gold and Silver and stay focused on your stacking process. I can totally understand your point of view that you bought from the peak from 5 years ago... that must've been such a crap feeling, seeing the price slowly trickle down... ... but stacking is a long-term process of wealth accumulation/preservation... You will always have ups and down cycles...(If you can take advantages of the down-time) If you don't like milk spot on silver then do consider to go for gold, as the premium of gold is mostly lower at the usual and reputable good dealers and there a lot gold bugs here.. . and like you said you are preserving your wealth away for the kids, I'm on that same boat! Don't throw in the towel yet buddy! Precious metals for a stacker must be measured in weight not in currencies. Keep on stackin'!