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  1. @vand yep I agree.... ETH is still in a clear down ward move from my point of view.... $120 at least (but you never know...lol)
  2. Yep. Same here. The book def changed my views on investing, personal finance and assets and liabilities. Robert also got me into gold and silver through Michael Maloney's book Investing Gold and Silver book. A book to def read, it has a lot very good info, especially the chapters about to pitfills and traps. I'm playing cashlflow board game online a fair bit and been to a couple cashflow game meetups in town, and learned some new idea's to invest through the game.
  3. At the moment I have a split opinions on crypto's and purely using crypto's to hone my trading and flipping skills and am aiming towards to develop my own trading rules... and eventually create my own system... (if/when I don't know). In the long-term crypto's has it's potential but at this present time I'm just trading them because I really don't see them as a storage of wealth. (again I repeat; at this point in time). In my view bitcoin and the lot just don't have the track record then our boring old barbaric precious metals. Gold and silver has at least a two-thousand year track record as a storage of value and no other investment can beat that at the moment... Where is @SilverPirate when you need em' arrgh I see crypto's as a technology and people will eventually become either bored by it or it evolve into something newer and better .... or worse... I've seen a number crypto's become obsolete within a couple day/weeks and now completely ignored and disused. So you might lose out if you are not constantly in the know... Crypto-currency is at the end of day a currency and if or when the masses start adopting it, it will then turn into a fiat and everyone must use the "gov approved" crypto... but I guess that's just another bedtime story for my imagination.... Let's see where the wind blows... @Silverstackeruk Don't worry too much about the price fluctuation in Gold and Silver and stay focused on your stacking process. I can totally understand your point of view that you bought from the peak from 5 years ago... that must've been such a crap feeling, seeing the price slowly trickle down... ... but stacking is a long-term process of wealth accumulation/preservation... You will always have ups and down cycles...(If you can take advantages of the down-time) If you don't like milk spot on silver then do consider to go for gold, as the premium of gold is mostly lower at the usual and reputable good dealers and there a lot gold bugs here.. . and like you said you are preserving your wealth away for the kids, I'm on that same boat! Don't throw in the towel yet buddy! Precious metals for a stacker must be measured in weight not in currencies. Keep on stackin'!
  4. @shawy2510 I've bought BTC from local bitcoin in cash deposit in the bank account. Very straight forward. Bitcoins will be deposited on your localbitcoin wallet all processed within day then I transferred to mobile wallet and some to Poloniex to exchange/flip/trade. Some folk on the forum bought from Bittylicious... see a few post back in this thread. I don't have hardware wallet then amount that I had is relatively small. @Lindeman I'm still on the sideline. So am not buying yet. It's seems to early for me, I think all crypto prices are still going down. Yes I also see XRP and ETH however I think XRP will mostly like adopt the central bank techniques, i.e. they will aim to regulate and stabilise the prices. (which can be a good thing for the masses, businesses, salaries etc... but could also be bad if you into speculating/trading etc... ).... @Mariner1961, lottery is "random". The market can be studied.
  5. I bought £100 BTC in March, and exchanged to various alt-coins Sold when total value was at £550. I bought 3x QB's Griffin and a 1/4 Lion paid BTC and still have £96 worth of BTC left. Bought the pm's at https://www.bitgild.com/ recommended/suyggested here on this post. Good service and straight forward ordering process too. Bitgild is a Dutch company and looks like they have a distribution/dropship deal with STG / Coininvest. When I received the packaging that seem correct as it came from STG distribution centre. I think this was a good excercice and learning curve to buy other product and pay with bitcoin . Especially buying PM's! My view is that BTC and all alt-coins are still in a downward move and doesn't look like it's stopping going... . ETH prob will hover around $120-200 price but it's has been falling hard for the last couple weeks, so I think it's falling... So am patiently on the side, looking when I can cast my line in...
  6. Nice choice. Can't go wrong with QB's and Sov's. It may seem like a small amount at the moment but it will be worth it when you see your stack grow year on year.
  7. Welcome to the forum. Be happy with your first purchase My first silver coins is a Britannia and an ASE, I think I paid a high premium at the time but I will always keep them with me and as a good reminder to have. From now on do your research and look/ask for the best and reputable dealer. If you plan to buy on E-bay, Make sure that the seller has excellent feedback. (Search the forum and don't hesitate to ask). Work out your monthly budget first and have patience to build your stack. The ASE is good choice for you. Again, do your research where you can get the best value before you start spending and don't panic that you will miss the boat on price. Gold and Silver prices will always fluctuate. Focus on your Oz first over the price. Yes don't crazy on the premiums. At one point you will get lured by other shiny objects and designs called numismatic coins aka collector coins. Don't get distracted by them and stay focused on your stacking plan. Ok ok yes, every now and then you can buy a nice numismatic or collector coin as long you do your DUE DILIGENCE and PLAN that in your BUDGET. Do consider to save a bit longer and purchase Gold. Yes it cost a bit more and may take a bit longer to save but gold premiums are usually way lower. So yeah this your first coin and I think it's an good choice. Here is great thread compiled by @Kman with forum discussions for new people http://thesilverforum.com/topic/9122-new-to-silver-stackingprecious-metals-what-should-i-buy-help-thread/ and don't worry to ask a questions, we've all been there and there is no such thing as a 'stupid' question. Here are 2 of my fav stacking video's of one my fav PM youtuber, based on what I described above. (PM = Precious Metal) Keep on stackin'
  8. flufffy... is this rabbit from the 'grumpy' family ? lol
  9. ... If you are interesting what may determine the gold/silver price, you may want to have look at this video. @gkoogk I think you will appreciate it.
  10. interesting... ey... caused by one trade that toppled. I guess someone really wanted to get out of their paper trade (good move? I reckon) Here is a Zerohedge article http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-07-06/silver-flash-crashes-japan-opens a couple weeks ago, one sell order caused a flash in gold. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-06-26/gold-crashes-someone-dumps-2-billion-fat-finger-blamed
  11. The purchased the block of 9 units for 850k and i think that's is pretty good The rentals are on Rightmove. £625-725 for a two bed flat £550 for a one bed flat a price range seems to be in that pricerange for this type of (new) build in that area The quality build looks ok (not a big fan of electric heating) http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-to-rent/property-67324451.html http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-to-rent/property-60493672.html http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-to-rent/property-48890805.html The fundementals are there: The properties are next to Warrinton train station, so good for commuters... but the properties are next to rail road. (Noise issues?) There supermarkets and shops around and a hospital nearby. it looks like that the property is situated in a commercial area and it looks the area going to be redeveloped, I assume into residential area in the future, which can be a good thing for long term developments). I had a wander around through google map and this is a 2016 google maps image a block away from the back the properties.... This is a 2014 Googlemaps photo a bit closer... Google maps has not yet gone closer to the property. So I think it's in a good commuter location.... but can they be filled at those rental price. (must look into that deeper). My current questions that come into play; will there be lots construction noise in the near future and what's the train noise like? But am sure PP have already concidered and factored in these question?
  12. 1. Try selling here on the forum: http://thesilverforum.com/forum/13-uk-europe/ Make sure you read the Rules on that pages before posting. 2. E-bay is good. (I've sold coins on e-bay and works fine for me).
  13. @Kman yes off course and it could also be acted and faked.... totally agree on that. That video seem to be film somewhere suburban . i'm sure that the silver bar would be picked up if he filmed it in a major city. I can relate with @Finbinfin question. Most of my friends are not into PM's, only a few and some family members. But I rather keep it to myself, than talking about it. +1 Totally Agree!
  14. I would say yes. this old vid sums it up perfectly