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  1. Yep I've uploaded them on a PC desktop using Internet Explorer
  2. hmm interesting thought. I create and attached Bitcoin to Gold and Silver Ratio chart (in USD) and also added some spot Oz prices. I think if you want to speculate, I think one of the best strategies is to follow the market and make sure you have your stops in place. Thanks for this, I might keep this chart in my favorites to keep an eye it!
  3. Damn. I think am going to register for a Wirex visa card and get some PM to at least get my original cash out and a bit more. https://wirexapp.com/ Started buying in March this year with £100 it's now around £440. Just wondering what plans/strategy you guys have to exit bit/alt coins. Where are you guys selling them back to fiats or do you have other avenue's? I know there is Localbitcoins and I think you can nominate a bank account on the Coinbase and Kraken exchange. (Sorry if this has been discussed before).
  4. @westminstrel No need to apoligise, we are a friendly bunch (mostly). Nice find and welcome to the forum
  5. I've found Chris Coney CryptoVerse channel/podcast a good place to start, he gives good short daily updates on crypto's (However he is on holiday at the moment). He also briefly gives analysis/comment from https://coinmarketcap.com/ which also a good place to investigate and find more info on the alt-coins. Here is his intro youtube video:
  6. Griffin QB's from @Danny-boy
  7. @STG @coininvest Please see above.
  8. The folks that are developing Monero (XMR), Dash and PIVX are taking the decentralised path. Gov's and big banks seem in favour and are collaborating Ripple (XRP), with the aim to introduce to the mass through the banking sector. BoE is currently working together with XRP. http://www.bankofengland.co.uk/publications/Pages/news/2017/029.aspx Well I guess I crypto see as a 'new-ish' form of fiat and could be a viewed as a new road toward the 'cashless' society.
  9. +1 here, yeah I don't like their packaging either. But yeah excellent choice for these purchases!
  10. I only buy Bitcoin to convert/trade/flip into the other alt-coins. I find it more effective to trade alt-coins over stock or pm's as it's available to trade 24/7. I'm not in it for investing or store of value aspect and prefer my pm's for store of value.
  11. Yeah I've tried for it and think it's quick and handy format to trade gold. I haven't sold/traded yet and buying only at the moment. I have put £20 here and there 3 times, mainly to try it out and to diversify. The selling is very straight forward, you can choose to sell an £ amount or Oz amount. (See screenshot) At a premium of course, at time of writing RMB price per Oz = 932.35 with a spot price 941.62 My plan with this is to build it up and when the spot price is right I will sell the sig gold and buy a 1/4 coin or continue to build it up to get a 1oz gold coin. I also have a bullionvault account to spead me eggs, based on a poll I did awhile ago.
  12. I know you can get ETH direct from Coinbase but I haven't used it myself yet. https://www.coinbase.com/ I've converted BTC to ETC on the Poloniex website or the Coinomi wallet on my phone. https://coinomi.com/ https://www.poloniex.com/ When I get a newer phone I’ll probably look into using the Jaxx wallet. https://jaxx.io/ You also want to look into 'cold storage' for these coins https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Cold_storage I am going to do that at some point more and I thinking to get a physical hardware wallet. i.e. the Ledger Wallet https://www.ledgerwallet.com/ or printing them on paper and then laminating them. or maybe create my own QR code and put that on my own silver bar/coin but that might be a bit pricey at the moment and I don't have that much in crypto. (Perhaps we should continue/move this conversation into a bitcoin thread?)
  13. Def not the dealers, there are various groups that fluctuate the price. BelangP has a clear and concise explanation
  14. Yeah I've got both ETH and ETC. ETC seems on the cheapside at the moment but only got about 10er worth on that, because this crypto's biz is way too much volatile for my liking. I've also got some PIVX, XEM and XRP (Ripple).
  15. All good. My tip is to take your time to develop your collection. You might have a feeling that you need to rush and buy this or that coin but I recommend to stay level headed. Keep on researching and study what is valuable for you in the long-term before you spend your cash. Hang around on the forum for awhile to get a feel what you like to form your opinion for your collection This is the best tip of one of my fav youtuber: