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  1. Welcome on board. Kleine wereld en groetjes vanuit London.
  2. Welcome on board. The universe is big and there is still a lot to discover, so there is always a need for new idea's, inventions, businesses, art, music... Be creative and think of what you love to do, make or create. Look around in you area and see or hear what you can do better or improve. A key to building wealth is to start thinking and creating of idea's how you can create value for others. For example; think about how you can a create companies/businesses. Yes, you are not too young to start a business/company. There are kids around that have started businesses at your age. (Yes, you will probaby might hear that businesses will fail, which is true. But don't be afraid, the key is to learn from mistakes fast and that you always treat your people, staff and customers with respect). Another idea that you could do, if you are good with you hands, try fixing something that you own or have bought and re-sell it (on e-bay or gumtree). Or do you have any stuff, in your room/house (that's yours) that you don't need anymore... then try selling that on e-bay (You might need some one to setup an e-bay account). It's a great way to do a spring clean! If you are good with the computer then learn how to code! You will become rich if you change your words and mindset; You might want to reconsider that you are richer than you may think, Your stack value is about £180 quid. For some people that is a lot. For example for some one that could is food money for a good period. (Yeah yeah I know, I don't want to sound like a boring old parent, I'm not by the way... but you might see some value in that). Think and start making your blue prints, plan and work smart. Go for it! Take your time, don't rush. Aim for the moon and you always land amongst the stars and we might see you on the otherside.
  3. Looks like there's been a "brexit" exodus to fiats or alt-coins since the bitcoin SEC ETF rejection. That £50 low looks like one big dump on the day of announcement. From a techie perspective it looks like a further sell-off? Perhaps giving you a heads if you got some... (...but as usual.. you never know what's going to happen : ) Just wondering what you guys/gals think if you got some.... http://uk.reuters.com/article/us-bitcoin-etf-idUKKBN16H2NU http://www.coindesk.com/industry-speaks-aftermath-secs-bitcoin-etf-rejection/
  4. yep I work in retail and most suppliers are bumping up their in April.
  5. Nice eh... Title track
  6. I'm a sound/recording engineer on the side and also learning more about property investing. Think you might like this podcast http://www.sidehustlenation.com/side-hustle-show/
  7. Yes, Paul. You're clearly inexperienced in these types of coins. I think these inflated Numimatic coins are 'well' worth the plunge if you have deep pockets to fill. [pun mode] ... no offence to all, just having a bit fun and a conversation... Anyway, Jokes aside... spelling mistakes is ok online or social media... but a spelling mistake on a coin?! No way! Intentionally or not, that's just not acceptable in my books.
  8. Nice one. Will add your e-bay store to my fav seller! All the best in your venture. I really like the photography, all pieces are very well presented! Well done
  9. Pictures says thousand words Is the bubble going to pop?
  10. Went to see this concert last week and this piece made me think of you all on forum and this thread Keep on stackin'
  11. @Oldun great video. Keep on stackin!