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  1. Difference between gold bars ?

    The bar on the left (rougher looking bar) is a cast bar, the bar on the right is a pressed bar. As for desirability the cast bar looks cooler, but the pressed bar might be easier to sell down the line.
  2. wanted Sterling Silver Scrap

    Hello All, I'm looking for sterling silver scrap! Paying 33p/g (.925) based on Silver at £390/kg (.999). Please comment below or PM me. Thanks
  3. completed 2 x Full Sovereigns Open to offers

    I've got a few, but they're not for sale. Great time to buy, not a great time to sell!
  4. completed 2 x Full Sovereigns Open to offers

    Hello @SovereignStackerUK, Sorry they're long gone now. Thanks, Ollie
  5. Looking to buy scrap sterling silver! Will beat any online bullion dealer on price! Please comment below or PM for further details. Thanks, Ollie
  6. completed Silver

    Hello All, Scottsdale Mint 5oz Tombstone Bars [Brand New] - £105 each 2 available 2015 Kookaburras - Mint Condition, all incapsulates - £16.50 each 4 available SOLD 250g Unicore Fine Silver Bar - £130 1821 King George IV Crown - £35 SOLD Postage at cost - 1st Class Signed For £2.40, RM 1PM Special Delivery - £7.45, collection welcome too. Payment via Paypal (+fees) or Bank Transfer. Thank you for looking. Ollie **Open to sensible offers **
  7. for sale 2oz Hallmarked Ripple Heart

    Fantastic to see hallmarked hand poured silver in the UK BYB!!!!! Love it! Can't see this hanging about for long
  8. withdrawn Scrap Sterling Silver Coins Below Spot

    Thank you Roy
  9. withdrawn Scrap Sterling Silver Coins Below Spot

    These are their prices today: Fine Silver (.999) - £0.39 per gram Sterling (.925) - £0.36 per gram Pre 47 (.500) - £0.19 per gram
  10. withdrawn Scrap Sterling Silver Coins Below Spot

    @Trumar & @shawy2510 I pay Lois Bullion prices, and I'll pay the postage depending on the amount. I'm always looking for scrap silver.
  11. completed Silver for sale

    I'll take the bar please @The London Stacker
  12. First gold purchase

    I'd highly recommend sovereigns. Widely recognised, an easy to shift. Normally a lower premium than 1/4oz QB's etc
  13. for sale 5oz Scottsdale Tombstone Bars

  14. Still looking for sterling silver scrap, I will beat any online bullion dealer on prices.
  15. completed 2002 & 2005 Bullion Sovs

    I'll take the 2002 half please @morezone, PM sent