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  1. I've still got a few left! I'll PM you
  2. For any of you that are on Facebook, please feel free to partake in my giveaway! Good luck! Ollie https://www.facebook.com/groups/OlliesSilverBars/permalink/1979277498977599/?comment_id=1979336798971669&notif_id=1513018185456887&notif_t=group_comment
  3. Hello All, 2017 1/4oz Griffin for sale. The coin is UNC and comes in the foam ring capsule as seen in the pictures. Payment via Paypal G&S (+4%) or Bank Transfer. Price £255 + post Postage - £6.45 Royal Mail 1PM Special Delivery. I have a buying/selling page (On Facebook) with lots of feedback on. Please message me or comment below and I’ll send you a link to it. Thanks for looking, Ollie
  4. 23 Left! FREE POSTAGE for this weekend!!!!! 9th-10th December!!!!!
  5. 20 sovereign.s now

    Thats fantastic Mick!
  6. These will slot together with plastic 'Lego' bricks quite happily. Pop me a message if you'd like to find some of these in your stocking!
  7. The laser engraving is fascinating, and its a serious piece of kit! I'd have loved to use my stamps for these, however if they were stamped it'd deform the bricks badly. Had to cough up £50+VAT to get the laser hallmark set up at Birmingham Assay Office! Thank you
  8. Thank you for your kind words @BackyardBullion, they took ages to make!
  9. Hello All, Behold the latest OSB release! Solid sterling silver hallmarked building blocks! Each block is made from 20g of solid silver, and has a laser engraved hallmark done by the Birmingham Assay Office. The blocks have a very smart satin finish and come presented in either a gift box or velvet bag. These iconic blocks played a massive part of many of our childhoods, including mine. They would make for a thoughtful keep sake and fantastic stocking filler! I have 38 (Now 34 ) bricks left out of the 48 I made, 10 have been pre sold before being released. Buy/reserve yours now before they run out! *** Pricing *** - OSB Solid Silver Brick £45 - Custom Laser Name/Date/Message Engraving £8/brick - Smart black leatherette gift box (Free with engraving) or £3 each without engraving. - Brick will come supplied in complementary black leather gift bag as standard. [[[[Multiple purchase discounts apply on orders of 5+ bricks!]]]] Postage to be added at cost, please contact me and I'll work out the best postage option for you. Payment to be made via Paypal (+fees) or Bank Transfer. Part payment plans accepted. Please comment below or send me a message with any questions you have. I look forward to hearing from you! Thank you for looking, Ollie
  10. Looking for some .999 silver to melt, bars, rounds or shot! Payment made via Paypal or Bank Transfer. Picture for attention. Thanks, Ollie