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  1. for sale

    ill take 2007 to 2014 kooks if possible please and lunar dragon 2012 please
  2. New video on why to invest in precious metals ( for some reason the voice over didnt appear but im going to leave it see if people prefer silent )
  3. until it all crashes badly like it has several times in the past
  4. VAT was removed from investment Gold to help competition they would be stupid to re apply it after brexit , although I suspect they will, as its was also stupid not having investment Silver on the margin scheme as that hindered UK competitiveness but that is what they chose. Surely encouraging your citizens to invest in precious metals is preferable to the country and ecconomy then everyone being in debt but owning really nice huge tellys with limited resale value.
  5. or just a decoy safe, with a few of your less important pieces in. Having the bulk of real stuff under the vast unused area under the floor boards with a rug/carpet and sofa or fridge on top. The thieves don't know how much you have, and that they haven't got it all.
  6. the trouble with silver is its so bulky a big safe would be needed, which I'd picey also the documents, will NEED fire protection the silver won't I prefer a document fire safe which are relatively cheap and a hidden compartment in the wall or floor boards for the silver
  7. are they still minting the lion. Are the coins only minted until the next one is released,for the year or will they always be available.
  8. people are creating their own cashless society without being forced. Look at the popularity of apple and android pay systems that's not counting PayPal and credit and debit cards even for small purchases like milk. I doubt we will go fully cashless for a long time yet why do cheques still exists and look how slow USA was to get rid of the out dated and insecure metallic strips ( not that chip and pin is foolproof far from it)many rural areas in the UK sometime struggle accepting anything but cash so for none developed countries without the infrastructure to support it eg reliable electricity and communications, out places many days walk from banks
  9. i seem to remember someone posting a discount code for the Yorkshire bullion website but after doing a search i can't find it, did i imagine it and is it still valid i really like the T.I.M.E series they have on there
  10. just my opinion but i would keep the old but crisp fivers as they are easy damaged and no more will be produced ,but not the new pound as they are metal and less easy to damage and will soon be millions of em other opinions are available
  11. IMO Any company that is both the grading company and the retailer(like at least one UK company) have a conflict of interest and can't be trusted.
  12. not sure if this one counts i put your video at the end and added the link in the description though