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  1. has this been posted on other forums, facebook pages etc
  2. @sovereignsteve you are correct to a degree but things like the lightning network keep most of the transactions off the main Blockchain reducing it's size also someone may come up with a new strategy like hashing the first million blocks so they no no longer need to be on the block anymore just the hash result of them all and using that hash as a new genesis Block
  3. i know I'm referring to USA TV celebs but only because UK data isn't available the main cast of friends and the big bang theory each receive $1million an episode game of thrones actors get $2 million an episode and there seven a series and a series a year. So the BBC wages seem small. And a list of a few more http://www.tvguide.com/news/tv-highest-paid-stars-1069334/ not that I'm justify it i think actors footballs singers etc are grossly overpaid.
  4. Storing precious metals?

    @Feltham fires in houses aren't hot enough to burn silver platinum or even Gold, bullion will be fine, if you collect proofs you may have an issue though they will tarnish and the capsules will melt but the metal will be fine
  5. Storing precious metals?

    you need two safes one decoy one with an amount under the insurance threshold there are places to put stashes in walls, doors under floor boards in the loft insulation, behind coving, in emptied tinned goods, in fake plumbing pipes, behind bath panel, burried in the garden the list goes on. safes draw a lot of attention in my opinion thieves stay in houses minutes some of my stuff takes ten minutes to get even if you know where it is.
  6. @ChrisSIlver no I'm using the Blockfolio app not sure if its better it was the first one I fund Top Tip Two - Ledger Nano S For anyone who owns a Ledger Nano S and like to invests in ERC20 tokens Try: https://www.myetherwallet.com/ The Ledger only supports ETH, ETC and a couple of other ERC20 dedicated apps but MyEtherWallet web wallet has full ledger and trezor integration and supports all ERC20 tokens. To manage your Ethereum account, go to MyEtherWallet website and select the "Send Ether & Tokens" tab. plug your Ledger device, enter your pin to unlock and select the Ethereum app click on "Connect your Ledger Wallet" NOTE: to use MyEtherWallet turn on the browser web support found in the settings of the Leger app on the device to use the ledger Ethereum chrome app you must have Browser support turned off.
  7. Today I Received

    A 2005 Australian Proof sovereign a good price as i bought just before Trump war tweets
  8. What % of your stack should be bullion?

    it depends on your definition of collector coins but I only buy bullion and semi numismatics i dont buy true collector coins as they are far harder to sell and some don't even make the money. This is true for Gold and silver
  9. it takes five or six i think it's five can't remember how many i had before it wouldnt do anymore but it allows four definitely as i had four on it for ages. i just have two apps on mine at the moment as I'm a hodeler and think having to install the app before using it's is an extra security measure plus no one knows what currencies you own
  10. £GBP heading to oblivion

    @KDave maybe that will be true for 2018 but unless the eurozone implements a common fiscal AND monetary policy AND removes some dead wood countries AND doesn't allow anymore dead wood countries it won't be the strongest currency for long
  11. What's your reason for stacking/collecting?!?

    i love the different designs so I'm not purely money orientated but mostly do it for pension or emergency money but hopefully pension
  12. From £12 to £13

    at least for next 15-20 years then it can go sky high for next 15-30 years
  13. i buy both. cryptos for growth its speculative and would be classed as a high risk investment. PMs on the other hand are a low or significantly lower risk investment a good store of value with potential steady growth from and stability. For me it's all about diversity and a balanced porfolio.
  14. i think it's ok, not the best ever but any unique design coin is better than a repeat design
  15. The only real debt i have apart from credit cards which are paid in full each month Is my Mortgage and im currently paying 300% of the payments each month so i can spend a little on PMs. top tip it's better to voluntarily over pay that to formally reduce the term of a Mortgage.