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  1. I worry where labour will get it's funding from for its pledges it's spent the same money from stopping tax evasion about six times over
  2. The only way you can vote in this election is conservatives as the liberals and labour will utterly destroy the country with it brexit plans. unfortunately we will still have to ensure three years of conservatives after brexit negotiations have concluded . unless we just bin negotiating now ae there doesn't appear to be any common ground between us and the eu anyway and then we can vote nicely at the election
  3. @Kman you found like you have a fair bit of bit coin knowledge I'm me, do you think it's likely to drop and to what level.
  4. They aren't they never have been and never can be. someone has to find the exploit report it to vendor, the vendor has to find a fix , release the fix and then it has to be deployed to test users then deployed to all the end points. it would be better if the nsa reported the exploit to Microsoft instead of allow it to get in the wild. I saw a Windows NT blue screen of death on an ATM machine last month so your money isn't safe either users also need to be educated not to be stupid and click on things they shouldn't, something that again will never happen.
  5. if you read the rest of the article it states the patch for the newer machines was only released last month which is wrong anyway as it was March, and that's not long to test against hundreds of applications and deploy to tens of thousands of machines in a hospital
  6. until march the exploit used was found in vista 7 8 8.1 and 10 also server 2003 2008 2008r2 2012 2012r2 and probably 2016 so no not targeting old machine . as someone who spent the last two days finding and patching the three hundred of our 17000 machine estate which werent patched none of which were xp enterprises don't use automatic updates as some patches break systems all patches need testing
  7. it wasn't targeting out of date machines the patch for the exploited fix wasnt released until march 2017, nhs had loads of pcs and no sensible person puts a new fix on critical system without testing it. having said that there are lots of out of date xp machine in the nhs and councils about 5 years ago the government removed the very economic Microsoft nhs deal where it effectively only payed a third of the true cost of licensing. Making licensing costs ridiculously high
  8. @JohnD it increases as soon as you buy currency my limit is already far higher than I would spend I went for 1 each of eth and ltc and what I had left on bitcoin about £50, ill probably do the same next month too but buy all bitcoin with coinbase and use exodus to exchange to the others just so I can try that method too
  9. i dabbed in digital currency for the first time just the last weekend, found it very straight forward i decided i wanted ethereum so using coinbase and paying in with a debit card ( 3% so probably not the cheapest but it as quick and easy ) i ended up buying ethereum litecoin bitcoin ( not a full one ) then i transfer all funds to exodus software wallet where you can transfer bitcoin to many currencys from within the app although i havent tried that yet has anyone tried a hardware wallet like ledger nano s although i dont think i own enough digital currency to justify it yet
  10. a nice round number please so i guess the next one is 20.
  11. ill have one 1oz to show support but for bars i like something a little bigger something fondleable ( probably not a word)
  12. @BackyardBullion in the future will you be making a larger bar maybe 100g 5oz or 10z
  13. there are only two genders, the rest are all PC rubbish most only possible in recent years