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  1. The entire market has dropped, party following bitcoins lead as the primary cryptocurrency and partly because the market rose too fast this year i disagree with @AuFinger on this subject i dont think ethereum will disappear i think it will overtake bitcoin within a couple of years. Its has more practical uses, can do more transactions is quicker and cheaper to use. It has a credible figurehead/champion and has better method of implementing improvements to the network. Time will tell who's right. i haven't lost any money as i haven't sold any thing. I didn't get in the market early doors unfortunately but i bought last time it was this price and I'm buying a little more now, ready for it rising back up to previous highs and beyond.
  2. bitcoin isn't really ready to go main stream yet as its been too complicated , too volatile , transaction fees too expensive and unable to do more that a few transactions a second. if you have a little spare cash you don't need for a year or two, buying bitcoin or ethereum this week or before the end of the month will give the best returns of any investment ( probably). don't keep it in an exchange though.
  3. current inflation it's due to brexit. most modern countries use the Austrian economic model and as such needs the inflation rate to be 2% or it's screwed the UK and many other countries hasn't been anywhere near that 2013-early 2017. We shouldn't have lowered the interest rate to 0.25, it needs to go up as soon as possible with current rates there is no way the world had run out of ideas on how to save the economy of tests stay low its pretty obvious QE doesn't work yet everyone is still using it.
  4. it could be the server is over loaded and they arent trying to rip people off but either way if you can't buy and sell when i want it isn't much use
  5. I've just coinbase it seems ok but payments have failed the last three times the price dropped, which is suspicious and unethical to say the least so I'm looking for something better.
  6. I'm amazed how close the result was and instead of labiur patting themselves on the back it diesnt look good for labour in the future. strategy wise labour did everything right, the conservatives didn't have a much of manifesto , didn't bribe pensioners, students etc with money. Didn't present there views very well didn't point the holes in labours manifesto in fact didnt do much at all. Oh the performance of the last two months how Labour didn't win with a landside is beyond me.
  7. we currently have one police officer for every three square miles in the UK. More police officers is unlikely to lower the number of incidents, unless you have millions of police which if impractical. To limit terrorism of all beliefs not just Muslims we need to do the following without angering moderate and innocent Muslims better intelligence 1. Stop new terrorists entering the UK. Scan all passports detention centres for immigration etc 2. Remove current terrorists money men technical architects hate preachers and sympathises by shooting, incarcerating, or deportation . Making note that most intelligence cannot be used in a jury trial so three judge trials for terrorists. 3. prevent new home grown terrorists by banning hate preaches isolation in prisons etc unfortunately all three are prevented by liberals terrorist loving corbyn and EU law.
  8. let's see if London mayor Sadiq Khan has learnt how to make statements correctly. Instead of sating "our thoughts are with the victims, Britain will do everything in our power to prevent future attacks and catch everyone involved in this incident". He said " in a city like London there will always be some terrorist attacks" that maybe true but you don't say it
  9. if this is Muslim terrorists it always amazes me why they strike so close to an election, it just strengthens the support for the anti immigrant or out right racist parties. Be more sensible to wait hope for the more liberals parties get in it will be open bombing season for next five years. There was one close to the French election too.
  10. Sinn 756 diapal currently on leather strap with deployment buckle, but sometimes on a tegimented steel bracelet
  11. I worry where labour will get it's funding from for its pledges it's spent the same money from stopping tax evasion about six times over
  12. The only way you can vote in this election is conservatives as the liberals and labour will utterly destroy the country with it brexit plans. unfortunately we will still have to ensure three years of conservatives after brexit negotiations have concluded . unless we just bin negotiating now ae there doesn't appear to be any common ground between us and the eu anyway and then we can vote nicely at the election