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  1. I wouldn't count on the proofs not spotting as it's quite common on previous issues - BU seem ok though. EDIT - Post in relation to Rwanda proof.
  2. Hi and Welcome!
  3. We called this Snakebite in my college days - Ahhh good times Edit - Should have read previous comments as Lea mentioned same - Ooops
  4. Yeb for all four coins inclusive of tracked/registered postage. I am from Ireland.
  5. Bump for price reduction
  6. Hi and Welcome!
  7. Lunar 1 1/2oz Silver Dog, Pig and Goat in original capsules - The coins are in top condition however the pig capsule has a small crack on the front side and the dog has a couple of marks on the side of capsule. 1990 Proof Half Sovereign with handling marks on reverse in screw capsule no box or COA I have reduced original asking price of £215 to £205 due to these issues inclusive of registered/tracked postage. Now £195 posted - Final reduction - SOLD Payment by PayPal Friends and Family or Bank Transfer Sold as a lot only any questions drop me a PM.
  8. Hi and Welcome!
  9. Fugly
  10. EMK has them for €149
  11. completed

    Lunar 1 1/2oz Snake, Pig, Dog, Goat and Rooster - £30 each - SOLD Lunar 2 1/2oz - Up to date set in Wooden Lunar 2 box - Mouse to Rooster - £320 - SOLD 9 x 1/2 Lunar 2 Goat - £11.50 each - SOLD 9 x 1/2 Lunar 2 Rabbit - £13.50 each - SOLD All in original capsules as issued. Registered/Tracked postage - £5.00/combined purchases ships FOC Payment by Bank Transfer preferred through Transferwise/Currencyfair in Euros - PayPal F&F possible Any questions drop me a PM I will post pictures tomorrow evening