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  1. That says it all really!
  2. I finished it also also with my wife and there lies the problem - I'm afraid these particular funds won't be going on coins - new patio door I believe and some other bits that came up in conversation - I figured early on this may happen so didn't go all in with the saving even so saved a decent amount. My tin came in at €1346 and my wife had €1168 - decent enough and going to do this again from today @Paul - Cheers for the idea - I am a little richer today and my wife is very happy - what more could you want for a Sunday morning
  3. Today I received.....

    No so sure Shaun - you can put lipstick on a pig but it's still a pig
  4. Gold Monitoring Thread £ only

    @Paul Mr Paul - please address
  5. Tracked postage FOC for two or more items purchased. 4 x 2oz Lunar II Monkeys - £47 each/£45 for the fogged capsule. Three of the four capsules have light scrapes and one has rubbing/fogging due to an anti tarnish strip. Coins were either on the top or bottom of sealed rolls. 1 x 2015 1/10 gold carded Lunar Sheep - Crease across the card - £113 2 x 2016 1/10 gold Somalia Elephant in quadrum capsule - £119 Tracked postage £8.00 - combined postage for multiple purchases FOC. Ships from Ireland - Bank Transfer by Transferwise preferred/ PayPal F@F possible however my a/c is in Euros. Any questions PM
  6. for sale Silver coins

    Carded Ros pls
  7. Rwanda Lunar and Ships series

    I second this - Soeren is great to deal with. I had seen the Rwanda Nautical on munzdachs for under €70 and when the first 5 were gone it only went up a few euros for the next five and so on. Who could blame them for upping the price - A sponsor of this forum advertised they had the Perth Swan soon after release and when I went to there site it was €50 - when questioned about the price there reply was they had to pay more - common place I feel. Actually I bought and item from Ebay from Soeren and had a pending order from there site and requested it to be included with the order to avoid shipping charge - it was done FOC.
  8. Does anyone think there will be another referendum in say 18/24 months. UK has been in a property bubble for a while now - personal borrowing through the roof. How long can this continue. If you were to listen to the Irish news you would think we were very important even though we have an economy the size of Manchester It went t@ts up for us and we are still paying. The government introduced a Universal Social Charge which has continued along with other stealt taxes. I know of people who got mortgages that I would let them do my weekly shopping and when things turned they couldn't pay. House repositions gone through the roof this year as vulture funds have bought the bad debts from the banks and want people out for a quick return. Believe me is was very bad here at one stage - suicide figures were crazy, mostly unreported by the state media. How much different would it be for yourselves if go goes in a similar fashion. The band is going to stop playing at some stage and will want paying. Banks will give you an umbrella when the sun is shining and want it back when it's raining. This is just what I see/read maybe I have it wrong and I don't wish to offend anyone here.
  9. New Scottsdale Silver Coin: Deathstalker Scorpion

    They do seem to use the same style/finish from coin to coin however I have some Congo gorillas and no milk spots evident on any so this is a plus for me anyhow. I also like the way they do the capsule in cardboard
  10. New Scottsdale Silver Coin: Deathstalker Scorpion

    Nice looking coin - but probably be priced around €23 imo
  11. completed 1oz 1983,84,85 silver Libertad's

    I will take 4 of each pls Arshi
  12. for sale Perth Mint Lunar II 2oz Monkeys

    3 day Bump for non premium members