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    • ChrisSilver

      Enter the YouTube competition   25/03/17

      Mention The Silver Forum or upload a The Silver Forum video intro in one of your videos and enter for a chance to win!

      Prize: Yet to be announced. Prize will be dependant on number of entrants.  Place your entry by 30th April 2017

      How to enter... Publish a YouTube video between 25th March and 30th April 2017 to YouTube with either; A mention of The Silver Forum in OR one of the video intros (found below) in the video. (Or feel free to do both mention and video intro) Please put a link to www.thesilverforum.com in the video description.
        Paste the link to your video in the topic below. Each separate video counts as an entry (make as many entries as you like) Each qualifying video will be entered into a prize draw to win a precious metals and/or gift card. Value of the prize will depend on how many entrants there are.
        To enter the completion please click the topic below:   


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  1. Hi and Welcome!
  2. Hi and Welcome!
  3. Hi and Welcome!
  4. Hi and Welcome!
  5. As above new in box - Coins and packaging show no issues - Two available - SOLD £74 each plus £5.00 for registered/tracked postage. Payment by Paypal F&F or Bank Transfer by Tranferwise to Euro
  6. I would stay where you are until you find a new job - IMO it looks better to your new employer if you are in one. I personally strive for contentment life not happiness - Feck work - I am worth more than work - I make work smart not hard if that makes sense I don't have much and yet I feel like I have everything a great family - that's what important to me anyhow!
  7. Hi and Welcome!
  8. Hi and Welcome!
  9. 1344 Edward III florin
  10. Where did you buy from Steve - EMK?
  11. Someone having a bad day
  12. Hi and Welcome!
  13. Hi and Welcome!
  14. completed

    I believe Stu73 on here has them for sale