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  1. That's the problem with silver it can be difficult to store large amounts - gold not so much of an issue. I have a safety deposit box for my small amount of gold and other articles of value however I don't feel a safety deposit is practical for silver in large amounts - maybe consider cashing in some of your silver for gold. I do know some people who store precious metals in storage units but it wouldn't be for me - I just wouldn't feel comfortable however the storage units in Ireland are a joke - I wouldn't trust them - I presuming you are in the U.K. so I would expect a better standard of security and if so why not - much safer than your house anyhow.
  2. I have a safe deposit box with this company - Don't know much about them personally but they have been around for a few years now. I believe my cost is €650 per annum/cheaper box options available but they are very small. I live 3 hours from there vault but its my only option ATM and have accessed it on Saturday/Sunday with no issue.
  3. Hi and Welcome!
  4. HI and Welcome!
  5. +1
  6. I wouldn't count on the proofs not spotting as it's quite common on previous issues - BU seem ok though. EDIT - Post in relation to Rwanda proof.
  7. Hi and Welcome!
  8. We called this Snakebite in my college days - Ahhh good times Edit - Should have read previous comments as Lea mentioned same - Ooops
  9. Yeb for all four coins inclusive of tracked/registered postage. I am from Ireland.
  10. Bump for price reduction