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  1. Cheers @kimchi I didn't see that post - shame @ChrisSIlver didn't add that to this thread or reply to my PM
  2. I am still not getting notifications - anyone else - I PM'D @ChrisSIlver last Thursday but as of now have not received a reply
  3. Anyone else not getting notifications- I haven’t for around a week now
  4. completed Silver - 1oz Various Coins

    Final bump - deal added
  5. Shipping Batteries

    Might be of interest to people who vape - my vaper uses these batteries.
  6. Are privy marks overdone?

    I agree with @sovereignsteve however I do have a boxed 2005 maple tulip privy I bought some time back. Probably paid too much for it though.
  7. So my house insurance is up for renewal and as usual I shop around but have stuck with the same company/broker for the last 3 years. I did have a chimney fire and subsequent claim from my previous insurer which was for €200 - the fire brigade call out charge - no damage caused - just 5 fire persons to put out a chimney fire and two brigades Anyhow I fully disclosed this when shopping around - fast forward this year my current insurer was more expensive so asked could they do better and they said they would try and went through the obligatory questions - first one no claims and I answered none apart from the chimney fire - oh we have no record of that - puts me on hold and comes back mins later and informed me that this was a serious issue as it was a non disclosure on my part and informed them I did disclose this and hit a wall - they said they would have to listen back to the call to see if I was telling the truth. This was Christmas Eve so they didn’t get back to me until yesterday and started the conversation with more questions and I asked what the call showed up and was informed that I didn’t tell them after listening to the call - I knew this was bull straight away as it’s not my form to do this. I was ready for this having been taken of guard the first time so I informed the rep that under the Data protection act section 3/3.8 I am entitled to listen to the conversation and I will be requesting same in writing as required. An hour later I get a call from the branch manager informing me that after further investigation with there centre that’s holds these calls the phone recording system was down that day and they take me at my word and they will update my file and remove the non disclosure. Feckers!
  8. Shipping Batteries

    This has been in place for a number of years and for good reason IMO as such items can cause fires on planes as below - It’s a deadly serious matter given that lithium ion batteries travel on passenger aircrafts. There were about 5,400 pounds worth of lithium-ion batteries on Malaysia Airlines flight MH370—one of the leading theories of its disappearance is that a fire in the cargo hold caused the pilots to change course and try to land, ultimately without success. There are other examples of deadly fires in the air. In 2010, a UPS cargo plane flying between Dubai and Cologne crashed, killing the crew of two. An investigation revealed that the fire was caused by the combustion of a cargo pallet carrying a large number of batteries.
  9. Rwanda Nautical BU in OMP - Sold Anubis Monarch Metals 1oz Silver Bar - SOLD Tuvalu Thor 1oz - SOLD 1 x Niue 2017 Stormtrooper in genuine capsule - HAS SMALL FIBRE WITHIN AIRTIGHT CAPSULE - SOLD Payment by Tranferwise in Euros preferred/Paypal F@F possible - Ships from Ireland
  10. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    @Clens92 has some
  11. What is this?

    Leftovers from the upgrade of CERN
  12. @fehk2001 had some - I have a box of 100 if anyone else is interested in such a quantity
  13. Liberty Coin On ebay Credible?

    They have 120,451 feedbacks with 100% rating and your worried if there reputable