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  1. a 1994 NGC MS70 1/2oz panda to keep my 1993 company
  2. If you are planing to buy the book yourself, Dont! There will be a new release within a few months, wait for that one For prices, you can subscribe on Pricepedia, just follow link below http://www.pandacollector.com/pricepedia2016.html There you can follow prices, just send me your email, and I can send you a copy of the last number
  3. for sale

    Price down to 500USD
  4. My first 1/2oz panda came today a NGC MS70 1993
  5. 2 lovely pandas, 3g gold with COA with an extra copper rooster, both in a box Only 118 mintage, so pretty rare £500 OBO Edit: shipping included, signed for and insured
  6. for exchange

    What years are the pandas?
  7. I just had my PCGS Pandas out couse I was selling a few to another member here Unfortunal all 2011-2016 have got small white spots on them I had to check my NGC aswell, but only one of the 2012 had spots on the back So from now on I wont be buying any PCGS more, thats for sure
  8. I have a few genuine Air-tites 32mm Direct Fit just send me a PM
  9. Welcome to the forum
  10. Welcome to the forum
  11. Planing to finally starting a stack 90pcs 2017 Panda is now on my list
  12. Now you can get oversized boxes https://www.ngccoin.com/news/article/5758/NGC-Adds-New-Display-Box-Options/?utm_source=Mx Group&utm_campaign=21-NG-2196 NGC Display Box eBlast - English&utm_medium=Email Blast&mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiTnpBeFpXTXpORGRoTXpjMSIsInQiOiJXU1Qxd1h0OHZuY004S3hSYmswWTU5QkdxSk1CcDI2TDV2dWpTZUtUekRoUWdXYklKRXFoXC9FRkVnYmphUzVTMWdITjB6b2UwMzZyVWIzaDlZczgyY2FqaDVuWUFGalRjS2J0eitVQ3VOdGo0UTZkRWw0UHZIQnRBU3hOMlkyd1EifQ%3D%3D
  13. I´m also paying member, had problems on and off since yesterday