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  1. Haha
    Agpanda reacted to terakris in **April 2018** Group order from European Mint   
    now stop dragging your heels and get that unboxing video uploaded
  2. Thanks
    Agpanda reacted to BackyardBullion in **April 2018** Group order from European Mint   
    All posted
    My local post office love me 
  3. Haha
    Agpanda reacted to BackyardBullion in **April 2018** Group order from European Mint   
    1: 37133 
  4. Like
    Agpanda reacted to CadmiumGreen in Today I Received   
    Received the last bit of items while I was away...gold! 
    From auction I won a 1869 Young Victoria Shield Sovereign, Die 33 (AU58) courtesy@BackyardBullion (I am beginning to think that he has all of my earnings from the overseas trip)...
    Also received a 1987 1/4 oz gold Britannia proof. Regrettably no COA and box, but pristine condition before I put it in a proper  capsule.

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    Agpanda reacted to Pampfan in When is it time to sell a corner stone piece of the collection?   
    The 5 oz bars are very common - the coins would take me a lot longer to get - if I could find them all - 
    so the bar will Go!!!
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    Agpanda reacted to Lr103 in Today I Received   
    A pair of Backyard Bullion seashells, regular finish and antiqued.

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    Agpanda reacted to Oldun in Today I Received   
    Filling in a MS69-70 up to date gap in my collection of this series.

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    Agpanda reacted to engire in Today I Received   
    Today I finally received my forum bars. Nice to finally hold them. Postage took 1,5 weeks to the Netherlands, so that's good enough

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    Agpanda reacted to KevinG in Today I Received   
    I waited very long for these. The 2018 Chiwoo is really a very nice design.

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    Agpanda reacted to Panda82 in Today I Received   
    Not surprises here , panda always after pandas , but this time , they are going to try out ncs with grade protection through @Numistacker,let’s wait and see what they will come out with 

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    Agpanda reacted to 60015 in Today I Received   
    Well, it's definitely a slippery slope this.... Noticed HGM had 2010, 2011 and 2013 full sovereigns listed and as they were gap fillers......
    The strike on the 2011 is quite a way off centre - is this normal?

  12. Thanks
    Agpanda got a reaction from MickeyFKNMouse in Thanks for letting us in   
    Hi and welcome to the forum
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    Agpanda reacted to terakris in Today I Received   
    Ok so a huge box arrived and amongst all the packing was this

    Which contained some of these randoms:
    Rising Mermaid

    Giraffe (gift for my daughter)

    Coloured Dog (gift for my Son and TBH a LOT nicer than i thought it was going to be)

    Box of dragons

    Rum Runner

    Stack of 2018 Kooks

    Stack of 2018 Maples

    Stack of Kangeroos

    Stack of double dragons (new ones... these are REALLY nice!)

    Some are for me, some are for friends who asked for stuff, some will be for sale when I get a chance.
    Now the fun is over, back to the day job
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    Agpanda reacted to danmc82 in Today I Received   
    Received this just 10 minutes ago. Taken pics out in the sun.

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    Agpanda reacted to PuraPlataPura in Anyone Here Make Youtube Videos?   
    Hello Guys... I just started uploading to my channel.... I will be making vids about my libertad quests and silver stacking.
    Here is the second one... I will be uploading some about my current silver stack coming up
  16. Confused
    Agpanda reacted to Lowlow in The ultimate gold hoarder Scrooge McDuck headlines his own gold and silver bullion coins   
    Scrooge is my hero.
    Responsible single guy, follows his own path, rags to riches, makes his own way in the world on his own terms.  Employer, invests in sensible business ventures, cornerstone of the business community, teamed up with his like minded business partner, a real entrepreneurial success story.
    Then, of course, where ever a man is successful, it attracts leftists.  Employee who can't rub two dimes together, married too early, had too many kids he couldn't support, including a cripple, now suddenly it's Scrooge's responsible to take care of him and all his spawn.
    Non-profit approaches him on the streets wanting him to donate money for Christmas to get people out of the work houses, cheeky beggers don't just have to temerity to beg for money but to act like they are the morally just heroes for doing the begging.
    Ungrateful nephew talking &^%$ about his own blood just because his uncle doesn't wear his heart on his sleeve and engage in shallow virtue signaling  to everybody around him just to attract friends and influence people and be the life of the party.
    Scrooge is an unrepentant bachelor, he doesn't give in to the wiles of the tart who tries to sucker him into marriage in his youth, no doubt with intentions of fleecing him once the inevitable kids come along - 75% of divorces are initiated by women, and Scrooge was smart to ignore Ms. Belle's indignation when she attempted to manipulate him by claiming he was too greedy, because what woman doesn't claim a man is too greedy when she's trying to gain access to the fruits of his hard work ?
    Scrooge was the man, at least up until 3 leftist ghosts tormented him into giving his &^%$ away to the undeserving.
    Scrooge, a capitalist hero, a man who did what had to be done to dig himself out of obscurity and misery and put food on the table for himself, his business partner, and his employee, all while providing a valuable service to the local business community.
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    Agpanda reacted to shawy2510 in Today I Received   
    Just picked these up from the post office.

    WWF 50P 15.5g 22ct & no3 & no4 Silver Forum Bars

    The wwf will be sent to Numi as it has small prints which need removing
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    Agpanda reacted to richatthecroft in Bars Photo Thread...   
    Up from last months  total of 1230g of beautiful BYB Bullion

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    Agpanda got a reaction from pho in Your most regrettable purchase   
    Most silver that I bought in my first year stackin
    I was also buying everything a could get my hands on
    Started a lot of expensive series
    Now I have sold them all
    But started the more expensive journey of pandas, both raw, omp and graded MS69-70
  20. Sad
    Agpanda reacted to Silverstackeruk in Your most regrettable purchase   
    All my panda coins 
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    Agpanda reacted to sg86 in Today I Received   
    Something a little different for me

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    Agpanda reacted to Oldun in Today I Received   
    This had £135 knocked off the original price wanted and couldn’t resist.....free shipping...

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    Agpanda reacted to KevinJam in Today I Received   
    Hello, sovereign day today. Picked up the 1985 proof sovereign and the three coin 1983 set with the 1/2 sovereign, sovereign and £2 coins. So have filled in a few gaps in my QE II sovereign date series. 

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    Agpanda reacted to NorthBen in Today I bought.....   
    Just a little bit of silver...

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    Agpanda reacted to Panda82 in NGC Grading Submissions Open   
    By the way , very happy with the 69 pandas, 70 only in the dreams 😄