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    Agpanda reacted to Numistacker in Today I bought.....   
    Two new buys...

    Goldberg Auctions in the USA another 1911 Proof half Sovereign in NGC PF63

    A 1995 £10 to grade for my NGC registry set

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    Agpanda reacted to Lowlow in When did you start stacking metals?   
    I just thought of something I can add to the above post that you young people will find funny, I think, and that's the REASON I got involved in precious metals, and it has NOTHING to do with what you think lol.
    So ... back in about, umm, let me think, 1980 ?  Somewhere around then, a role playing game called Dungeons and Dragons became very popular.  I was young, and my friends and I played this game, and if you don't know what it is it is hard to describe, but it is basically like an acting game where you have someone who is in control of the game (the dungeon master) and the players are essentially play acting as elves, dwarves, etc, in a middle earth kind of fantasy environment around the dinner table.  Anyway, the religious right back then hated this game, it was the moral crisis of the day, what to do about D&D ... it was a moral panic similar to the way #METOO has become an over-the-top insane moral panic, people were just not thinking straight at the time, ministers gave talks at church encouraging parents to make their kids stop playing this evil game, etc.  So ... of course ... all the young boys wanted to play it.  Like kids today walk around with "Molon Labe" shirts in school because they know it pushes the edge of what they are allowed to do, this game was the same, except for a more nerdy class of kid.
    Anyway, my friends and I played this game, and in the game the currency of the game were copper pieces, silver pieces, gold pieces, and platinum pieces.  THAT is where I learned about gold and silver.  In that game one gold piece was worth 20 silver pieces, and a platinum piece was worth 5 gold pieces, and I don't remember what copper pieces were worth, maybe 10 per silver piece, and then there were also electrum pieces which were I think 2 electrum per gold.  Those numbers might be wrong and I don't feel like going to look it up ... but the point is, at the time this was just a game for children, and that is the first time I had ever heard of "silver" or "gold" as a kind of currency, though I did know that U.S. currency had some silver in it.  It was only MUCH later that I found out that 20 silver to a gold piece was actually a fairly realistic Silver to Gold Ratio.
    Later, when I was older and had money, I started researching gold and silver because of this early exposure to these games, that is the ONLY REASON I became interested in it.  It wasn't because of inflation, or world politics, investing, nothing like that .. it was because I thought it was COOL lol, and very few people knew about it.  By then we had all played some early video games with gold and silver coinage in them such as a game called "Gauntlet", and there were early online text based games such as "Moria" that used these currencies (which was based on Tolkien, of course, as was the game D&D).  Yes, Tolkien's books were huge with young men way before the modern movies, decades before.
    So that's how I got into precious metals.  I remember the first time I held a silver eagle and thought ... WOW, so this is what silver looks like in real life lol.  And I also remember struggling with how much gold coins cost at the time, about 350$us/oz, and thinking wow they were so much easier to get in the games, they are really expensive in real life lol.
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    Agpanda reacted to JunkBond in Today I Received   
    Arrived two days ago but I have had manflu, the wife said "blimey you must be ill, you haven't opened your gold"
    1987 proof half sov from Atkinsons.

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    Agpanda reacted to Chugnstack in Today I Received   
    Just another bullion sovereign. Fairly boring I suppose but such is the nature of day to day stacking.

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    Agpanda reacted to CadmiumGreen in Today I Received   
    1902 Edward VII Matt Proof Gold Sovereign arrived today from Baldwin’s.

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    Agpanda reacted to Norskgeld in Today I Received   
    1915 George V Half Sovereign from HGM

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    Agpanda reacted to Pipers in Today I Received   
    I have just received 3 jubilee head sovereigns from chards very nice
    I have to say the service is very good again.
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    Agpanda reacted to richatthecroft in Today I Received   
    Big thankyou to @pho for this glorious Libertad set and also very pleased with my purchase from Atkinsons of the 1/10 Britannia.  

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    Agpanda reacted to Sovsaver in Today I Received   
    Just received from @MikeSol
    very pleasant half sov

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    Agpanda reacted to Numistacker in Today I Received   
    This oriental border Britannia arrived and will very soon be given away on my YouTube channel.

    Can’t believe how much nice detail there is now in Bullion Britannias.
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    Agpanda reacted to JohnAnsink in Today I Received   
    2018 Perth Mint...I'm getting a few more. Maybe they are testing this and the Lunar III will be in this format. Hope.

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    Agpanda reacted to Roy in Today I Received   
    Last week I received:

    Boxed, capsule and COA. HGM £245.75 
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    Agpanda reacted to PansPurse in The Ultimate - "Show us your stack" Thread   
    Oh gorgeous selection 
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    Agpanda reacted to NRSovereign in Today I Received   
    Here is the shield back 1885s full

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    Agpanda reacted to NRSovereign in Today I Received   
    Bullion pick up 1915 Full a shield back to upload later when the wife brings it home too!

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    Agpanda reacted to shawy2510 in Today I Received   
    Postie has just been
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    Agpanda reacted to sg86 in Today I Received   
    Die number run started 

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    Agpanda reacted to Woodsy in The Ultimate - "Show us your stack" Thread   
    Started in 2011ish here's my stack 
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    Agpanda reacted to JunkBond in The Ultimate - "Show us your stack" Thread   
    And my stepson's stack, he is the one to blame for getting me interested in PMs, he isn't a forum member however.
    Full sovs by the way, not like me!

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    Agpanda reacted to JunkBond in The Ultimate - "Show us your stack" Thread   
    And mine, plus 1987 proof half sov in the post.
    Definitely work in progress, still only been at it since October.

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    Agpanda reacted to NRSovereign in The Ultimate - "Show us your stack" Thread   
    Here's my stack

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    Agpanda reacted to happy2gether in Today I bought.....   
    Today I ordered the new Trade Dollar from St Helena.
    Will post a real pic when available.
    Also ordered the Oriental Border Britannia.

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    Agpanda reacted to Shinus73 in The Ultimate - "Show us your stack" Thread   
    The 10 oz bar part of my stack,

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    Agpanda reacted to Roy in Today I Received   
    Changing faces part 1
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    Agpanda reacted to Goldmick in Today I bought.....   
    Very nice looks lovely