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  1. Hi

    Hi and welcome to the forum
  2. Bars Photo Thread...

    Here we can put up pics of our bars, photos only and no comments
  3. Thanks for letting us in

    Hi and welcome to the forum
  4. Hello Everyone!!

    Hi and welcome to TSF
  5. Thanks for having me!

    Hi Alex, welcome to the forum
  6. New Member Hello

    Hi and welcome to the forum
  7. Hello everybody...

    Welcome to the forum David
  8. You rely need to take her out on a nice candlelight dinner
  9. Greetings !

    Hello and welcome to the forum
  10. Hello fellow stackers

    Hello and welcome to the forum
  11. wanted 13mm coin tubes

    have you looked at air-tites.com ?
  12. Sunday Night Metal Chat

    congrats to the new grandparents
  13. Newbie stacker

    Welcome to the forum Oliver
  14. Is silver stacking even worth it for me?

    Välkommen till forumet, Jag tycker att du ska köpa dig ett par olika silvermynt för att testa Köper du dom till ett bra pris, så får du alltid tillbaka pengarna Jag handlar mest via forum men även ebay Prova dig fram vad som funkar för dig Annars så finns ju guld med en liten spread
  15. Best collections?

    Glad to see an new pandacollector It is the pre 2011 you want 2011 they started with huge mintage Just get one of each for the newer, it will be enough to have the serie going
  16. New stacker

    Hi and welcome here
  17. Best collections?

    I would say that it is down to your budget QB serie is only 10 coins Pandas will soon dry you out as there is so many to collect
  18. kneehow2018

    Hi and welcome
  19. Hi from london

    Hi, welcome to TSF
  20. 2015 silver panda price query

    It is a ok deal
  21. New to the Coin collecting world

    Hi and welcome to the forum
  22. Hi from Scotland St Andrews

    hi and welcome to the forum
  23. Hi from Down Under Aussie Land

    Hi and welcome to the forum
  24. Crazystacker is here to learn about gold coins!

    Hi and welcome to the silver forum
  25. Your most regrettable purchase

    Most silver that I bought in my first year stackin I was also buying everything a could get my hands on Started a lot of expensive series Now I have sold them all But started the more expensive journey of pandas, both raw, omp and graded MS69-70