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  1. New Member

    Hi and welcome to the forum
  2. Got myself a set of airpods today Now all I have to do is figuring out how they works
  3. Greetings from Virginia

    Hi and welcome to the forum
  4. Hi from Manchester

    Hi and welcome to the forum
  5. Hello from Chicago

    HI, welcome to the forum
  6. Newbie from the Cotswolds

    Hi SS, welcome to the forum
  7. Advantages of this Slab vs. Non-Slab

    They send in 100s coins in each batch All that dont get the grade they want gets GEM BU They can even be more rare than the MS69-70 But for me as a colector I want the best, but it has cost me lots of money to think like that You should check NGC census before you decide
  8. Advantages of this Slab vs. Non-Slab

    GEM BU is the leftover from when the bigger companys grades coins It means that it is MS68 or lower I would stay away
  9. Hello All

    welcome to the forum
  10. Introduction

    Welcome to the forum
  11. Full silver stack to date

    I just realised that I have just under 10kg of pandas Total cost is close to 3000£/kg
  12. Today I bought.....

    a NGC MS70 2018 panda and a dito PCGS
  13. Silver Notes Hitting the West

    I have some from China, will check if I can find them and take a few pics
  14. SilverDavid

    Hi David, welcome to the forum All are more than welcome here, we are a friendly bunch
  15. Hello all!

    Hello and welcome to the forum
  16. Anyone bought capsules from BE? Wondering if they are smooth edge like Airtites?
  17. Can you please check up what shipping cost to Sweden for a 2kg package will be?
  18. Hello from Ipswich, UK

    Hi and welcome to the silver forum
  19. Bars Photo Thread...

    Here we can put up pics of our bars, photos only and no comments
  20. Hello Everyone!

    Hi and welcome to the silver forum
  21. Today I Received

    Finaly my 6 coke coins have arrived
  22. Hello from the US Midwest

    welcome to the forum
  23. Hello all!

    Welcome to the forum
  24. Newbie saying Hi 👋 from Yorkshire

    Hello and most welcome to the forum
  25. US help needed

    To start with its US taxes I like to avoid, not Swedish I pay about 300k Sek in taxes every year and I dont mind it It goes to school, healthcare roads and so on http://www.libertycoin.com/product-p/18-csp-n-ms70.htm I would like 3 pandas