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  1. We will do that Also sending you my phone number in a PM
  2. Me and Sexes coming in from Sweden We had a great time last year
  3. hi from a newbie

    Hi, welcome to the forum
  4. London coin fair Feb 3rd

  5. Gold Nanoparticles as Antivirals

  6. Greetings from Germany

    Hello and welcome to TSF
  7. sovereign ngc and graded

    Hi Ash, welcome to the forum
  8. Heath

    Hello, welcome to the forum
  9. Hello From South Dakota!

    Hello, welcome to TSF
  10. Buy older pandas in that case If I were to start over, I would go for graded MS69-70 Start with pre 2010, 2011-2018 you can get cheap so no need for stacking them I prefer NGC but lots of collectors like PCGS best That is rely up to your own taste You can always check out my webpage about pandas Anyway, good luck with your collection/stack
  11. Pandas have a history of going up in price, even the new with 8-10M mintage The older ones have a lot of variations, some year there are 4 version (2001) The potential are high couse there are over 1B chinese and they have only been allowed to buy silver since 2000 Some dates and versions are hard to find in high grades, therefore the price is high 12-14k £/each ( only 2 graded MS70) Also, they are adorable
  12. Hi

    Hi Steve, welcome to TSF
  13. To slab or not to slab

    I use these to my 1/4oz goldpandas as I can keep the in orig caps and still put them nicely in my NGC box
  14. Hello Silver Forum Members!

    Hi Nora, welcome to the forum
  15. Collecting old US Silver?

    Here is a good ebay shop, free shipping even to europe http://stores.ebay.com/huntingfortreazurecoins/