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  1. Hello Silver Forum

    Hi, Welcome to the forum
  2. Hello everybody

    Hi Dennis, welcome to the forum
  3. Hello The Silver World!

    Hi Michael, Welcome to the forum
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  6. Strategy for storage of fractional gold

    If you buy Airtites they come with same diameter outside, just different inside For exampel, check: https://www.air-tites.com/air-tite_coin_supplies.htm They should all be A-capsules up to 22mm
  7. Quarter Ounce Gold Pandas

    I would be interested in the 2001D, 2003 and 2008 Can you send me a PM with prices and also shippingcost to Sweden?
  8. Help wanted (coin tubes)

    I´m not sure, but it would be 13-15 if they are the same thickness as kookaburra
  9. Help wanted (coin tubes)

    Yes, it should fit, The I-tube is about 52mm inside
  10. Hello everybody !

    Hi, welcome to the forum
  11. Silver Deals.....

    Anyone who collect graded silverpandas should buy right now The latest years going for 35-40$ on ebay for MS70 atm Price wont be lower in the near future
  12. GSR

    What would happend if GSR should drop to about 30:1 again Will gold drop to ~511 USD/Oz or would silver rise to ~43 USD/Oz ? Let me know what you think What is realistic for GSR to be within 12 months?
  13. Slab boxes

    I recived mine today And as been stated the fit fine for NGC PCGS are just a tad to big to fit fine in the center 4 spots They fits fine in the 6 other spots (3 on each side) Will use mine to send larger batces of graded coins