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  1. hei. sorry I will send you a PM with tracking no. details now, your parcel just reached UK so should be delivered soon.; apologise but im moving out to another accommodation and been busy with packing and all that pain plus not much wifi available; regards ,
  2. 1 roll of 2016 Kookaburra Monkey Privy SOLD
  3. I have some other stuff left if you'd like..
  4. 5 oz Mk Barzz Antique Round SOLD
  5. I'm thinking to move them on eBay soon so if there's any interest please PM ; thank you
  6. lots of coins still available
  7. really depending how many you wanting, send me pm regards,
  8. For sale: 2016 Kookaburra Monkey Privy Sealed Perth Roll - £369 Perth Mint has issued a strict mintage cap of 50,000 coin- available 4 rolls 2017 1oz Australian Year of the Rooster £389 Sealed Perth Roll - 2 rolls + 10 extra coins 2016 Armenia 1 oz Silver Noah’s Ark (20-Coin MintDirect Tube) + 8 extra coins = 28 oz = £445 2016 1oz Australian Year of the Monkey Sealed Perth Roll- 1 roll =£414 2016 American Silver Eagle One Dollar Uncirculated ASE US Mint Bullion Coin - 21 oz coins=£335 2015 UK Great Britain £2 Pound Royal Mint Lunar Sheep Goat - 22 oz coins= £489 1 oz Silver Round - Get Your Kicks on Route 66-celebrates its 90th birthday- 18 rounds=£295 1/2 oz silver LUNAR HORSE 2014 Sealed Perth Roll- £249 1/2 oz silver LUNAR RABBIT 2011 Sealed Perth Roll- £339 2 Troy Ounce Serialised Hand Poured Fine Silver Hammered Round by Southern Argentum 16 rounds x £33.5 2016 5 oz Republic of Chad Egyptian Relic Series King Tut Silver Chunky Coin- 2x £89 100g Sheffield Hallmarked Silver Bullion Bar- 2x £58 each 5 oz Mk Barzz Antique Round - £89 10 Oz Silver Coin Noah's Ark 2016 - Armenia 5000 Dram - £159 (cheapest coins/bars I could see on the market-I am selling at these rates as I'm needing to cover a totally unexpected family expense); I would prefer to sell per roll, not as individual coins. Postage of your choice, pm for details. Will accept payment by PayPal F&F, G&S or bank transfer. Feel free to check my feedback&ask for more photos ; Any questions, please pm Thank you,
  9. for sale Cheap Bars- Silver SALE- over 100 oz

    10 Oz Silver Coin Noah's Ark 2016 still availaable
  10. for sale Cheap Bars- Silver SALE- over 100 oz

    Kilo kook sold ; thank you
  11. for sale Cheap Bars- Silver SALE- over 100 oz

    still some coins available for sale
  12. Student loans.

    good advice, great point there !
  13. for sale Cheap Bars- Silver SALE- over 100 oz

    10x 1 oz Sunshine Silver Rounds in Original Plastic Tube - now SOLD TO Goldhooked