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  1. They are just hinting that anyone ordering silver needs medical help.
  2. withdrawn

    Sold elsewhere
  3. They may have removed the 1/4 oz gold proof while considering my offer of scrap price because of all the problems they have with getting these perfect. All jokes aside, I think this design is very desirable and I am gutted not to own any! unless they take up my offer above
  4. If 1/2 oz silver is your thing there are approx 80 left here right now of the 1/2 oz silver KOALA 2013 in CAPSULE at 11.27 Euro's each With an advertised mintage of only 84000, the price seems pretty good At 10.77 Euro the 1/2 oz silver elephant may be worth a look as well.... http://goldsilver.be/en/coins/20-12-oz-silver-koala-2013-in-capsule.html
  5. If silver does get hit from Europe with vat there might be a window of time between this and a possible gold inclusion of vat in the UK. All the cards would have to fall just right, but it's possible I guess. That would seem to favour physical silver over gold for us in the UK, but you would still need to find a buyer of your silver to have the funds to convert to gold in the window that may or may not happen. So many other things to consider in this scenario and too many what if's, I just go with what I like.
  6. I really like the keys, I have had a couple of weak keys snap off on me
  7. I came accross these high security locks by accident. They can be ordered from Canada I believe, fun video to watch and clever little lock. What do you think?
  8. It's not for me, the only part I like about it is that it is .9999 proof gold. She looks like she's watching CNN with that blank stare and the eagle looks a bit out of proportion imo
  9. I'm not sure its much of a deal unless you're spending a fair bit of money. But for those that only like to order from UK dealers Atkinsons have some more vat free coins. https://atkinsonsbullion.com/pre-owned/silver I would have liked some more ASE's to add to my collection of 1 left over from 2012 #skint Enjoy your weekend and stay safe
  10. Pamp Fortuna all day long
  11. withdrawn

    Withdrawn: I have an offer outside of the forum to consider
  12. Here is some info on secret code man Dan http://www.danfretwell.com/ We could get into his mind and the way he thinks or we could get his mobile phone number and check where he has been ( assuming he buried them ) whip out the metal detector and Bob's your aunty
  13. If you like graphs and charts and a little history on oil and gold and an opinion on where it might be headed you might like this presentation by Grant Williams. I enjoyed it
  14. Paypal elite know gold is only one tweet away from being made great again
  15. Gee wiz, that is a nice gold coin. I'm not familiar with this type but I like how simple and clean it is. Let us know how the grading goes. Lovely pictures