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  1. Today I received.....

    Arrived today, one of these could be true 1) The other side is blank 2) I have another possible cracked planchet 3) Nobody likes error coins
  2. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    Feeling flush? at just a tad above spot you can pick up 1 or even 2 of the BIG 2017 B U 5 gold sov here for August dispatch? http://goldsilver.be/en/gold/1288-the-five-sovereign-piece-2017.html going....going....still there
  3. 200 Anniversary "Strike on the day" Sovereign

    The error COA tells more of the story to me. I think if I can't have both COA's then the first error coa suits me. I don't think it adds to the value just the story. I'll probably have changed my mind by tomorrow but that's my first thought on the matter today.
  4. for sale REDUCED Graded 2017 proof sovereigns

    any chance of pic's?
  5. Gold and Silver Price Reset

    Here is a link to his twitter account if you want to have a peek https://twitter.com/andrewmaguire1?lang=en He doesn't follow me so he must be rubbish
  6. Today I received.....

    It's also in the video (comparing the 5 BU with the large Proof) You uploaded from Numi in the other thread at the 9.55 min mark you uploaded tuesday 11th July. I've seen it much worse than this in the same area on these coins. I'll tell you what it's not looking good for the Royal Mint at this rate. Such a shame for many but lucky for those with perfect examples. . http://thesilverforum.com/topic/9466-new-2017-quintuple-sovereign/?page=2
  7. Today I received.....

    On page 294 I only just noticed what appears to be a small amount of frosting missing from a coin from @Numistacker post. I have circled what I think may be missing frosting below. Apologies if this has been noticed / discussed before. Could such a small thing make a difference if sent for grading? Either way still such lovely coins
  8. I must be getting fussy as choosing a new cordless drill took far to long. Makita, De-Walt, StanleyFat whatever it was. Brushless or not, one battery or 2. Belt clip or not and the list went on. I have spent less time finding my next car, house or girlfriend in the past, whew. I only need to hang some pictures and check some new proof gold coins for goodness sake Edit: My friend said he saw one for £49 on instagram in an end of week special featuring multiple triggers? Bless! So I replied back with - only one finger is needed
  9. 200 Anniversary "Strike on the day" Sovereign

    It would be cool if another forum member could find one. I consider a swap for a new Range Rover or Tesla if anybody is interested
  10. 200 Anniversary "Strike on the day" Sovereign

    I think the crack / pressure has raised the gold slightly above surface. The best shot of this is across the Queens cheek, top picture in post above. I was really lucky to spot it at first, it cant be seen without a loupe. Not knowing much about this sort of thing, it's all new to me. But one thing is for sure I LOVE it being different.
  11. 200 Anniversary "Strike on the day" Sovereign

    I had put a couple pic's up before of this coin in the Today I Received thread but I didn't want to jam up that thread from other people's lovely coins so I have continued this here. Check your coins because you never know.... Anyway for those that are interested. I took this to a Jewellers today with a better loupe than mine and he said he thinks the line on the coin going from or very near to the Queens earring to the edge of the coin through the letter B in Elizabeth is a crack. There are also at least 2 small fissures to the left of the crack on the edge of the coin. To me this supports a stress break / crack in the coin. I put up a couple of new pictures here. ( All pic's are with capsule off on top ) If anyone else has these coins do have a good look over it and let us know if you find anything that may be a error coin. Who do you think is best to value this coin? @Roydon't say a crack head
  12. Hello!

  13. Spiderman spiderman

    I would love to give the kids one of these for Christmas. I wonder if they come in much smaller budget sizes? otherwise it will have to be a silver alternative.
  14. 5 gm gold bar

    +2 for Pamp, but only at a reasonable price