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  1. Gold Miner Picks

    The big boys, Rand, Newmont, Gold corp are doing well and if someone has deep pockets then fine. I am thinking of dipping my toe in now on a smaller miner. After watching kitco miners conference I have no Idea what is a good investment and it seems buying a smaller miner is more like betting on a horse, you can study the form but it's always going to be down to lucky too. There always seems to be a big fanfare around certain miners then they do not perform then others quietly get on with it. I am interested in a company with good management first that have taken over a poorer performing miner because of bad management or a miner who is making aquisitions on the cheap in the silver field. Any help please.
  2. The price of silver

    IMO mining costs by way of technology will be reduced in nickel / copper mines.
  3. The price of silver

    Kman IMO, 😊 Thisis is just wrong, especially with gold. One could easily judge the credit cycle then buy gold then sell. This works with bonds and the stock market. True silver is harder to predict though in the paper market there is money to be made. Also, I must add Gold should always be part of a long term investment plan. I have silver in my investment plan too. I am losing on silver something I do not like to do! As it has been pointed out in this good thread silver is out of favour, it is up to the investor to make a decision to buy hold or to sell. I cannot remember any of the long-term members of the forum saying silver is going to the moon as some on YouTube state though others on YouTube offer good viewing and good long-term advice. I stand by my buying strategy on both gold and silver I hold for the long term😀 I am not lazy it took me time to write this when I could of been watching TV😂 Keep the thread going it very good reading 😋
  4. The price of silver

    This is is just wrong, especially with gold. One could easily judge the credit cycle then buy gold then sell. This works with bonds and the stock market.
  5. Help hallmarks silver??

    It still has value as it has Maplin and web marks,. You may be able to sell it on eBay or Etsy as long as you describe it correctly!
  6. Hi, I'm Robin from Singapore

    Hi and welcome
  7. Does she work? If going to the Drs, telling the doctor that your mother has medical problems may cause your mum to lose her job then just fill the form in. Otherwise go to the Drs then fill the form in. Jury service is harder to get out of now compared to years ago and indeed the courts go out of their way to accommodate members of the public. In fact the courts want a wide range of the public not just the middle class but also the poor, disabled, sick, rich and business class too.
  8. Thanks guys I have now sorted it out.
  9. I am looking for a second current account, it does not need any fancy things just a debit card, online etc and not HSBC. I need it to buy things for myself!!

    If they are on commission that's why they are so rude. They have never been so rude to me, there is always a first-time.
  11. Hatton Garden price increases

    There are lots of coin dealers and bullion dealers in the UK.
  12. Gold Miner Picks

    I have been watching kitco this week it's one of the big mining conferences I am none the wiser what to buy. The one thing they are all saying the miners are under priced.
  13. Newb Question - Old Sovs Vs New Sovs

    This thread has been an excellent read. The eBay 1\2 sov looks rubbish. I have a a couple of fake sovereigns. in fact i bought one on purpose at auction very cheaply G5th it is very well made, though under weight it's .900 gold. I am sure its Italian. It is still worth its bullion weight but I am not selling it as I us it to compare.
  14. Interesting Overdate on 1843 Sovereign -

    Myself I would go for a 3 over a 2