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  1. Coins are all the rage at the moment, give it a few years he will be struggling.
  2. @reidpj Oll.libertyfund.org/quote/431 Read the above page. I must be missing something here, if Adam Smith was wrong and the idle rich are good for the economy someone please let me me know how. Argentina have gone from a very rich country to a poor country because of bond defaults!! Also in your argument I assume you think the government are willfully being cruel to the homeless and poor in our country because as you say the government could just tell the banks to create more money to solve the problems. Also why is there any need for debt in the first place or tax? I remember the Italian currency being a joke. Then we have the Spanish silver crash where everyone had so much silver they were all very RICH do you get it!!! Also the French property crash!!!! What I am getting at is if you create too much sterling then it will be worth a lot less.
  3. Goldsilver.be advice

    R U saying they will match anything they sell with including delivery. Is there a minimum order?
  4. first 1oz gold purchase, coin or bar

    IMO If it is a big commitment then you should buy 4 sovereigns and a 1/2 sovereign. This will will give you just over 1oz of gold. Remember buying gold is a long term commitment/ investment and not a short term flip. For best sell back you will always get more for sovereigns than 1/2 sovereigns so you may want to buy either 4 or 5 sovereigns and leave the 1/2 sovereign out. You should still be able to pick up a couple of 2017 sovereigns uncirculated from Atkinson's or chards plus a couple of bullion sovereigns from the same dealer try to keep the delivery cost down!! If you buy new 2017 2018 buy capsules from the dealer.
  5. HELP Can't Identify Georg Jensen Flatware Pattern

    certainly GJ stamp but they do look a bit bad for that maker. I see Jensen stuff all the time those pics just do not look quite right to me. Most of that items that come out of that factory are of high quality.
  6. Sterling Silver.. Purse? HELP Appreciated!

    these do go for a premium if hallmarked. cannot sell sliver goods in the uk if not hallmarked as silver. Must be sold as white metal
  7. Sterling Silver.. Purse? HELP Appreciated!

    need to know all halmarks
  8. @reidpj I do not have a degree in maths or economics. Over the last 10 years the government/treasury/Boe has increased supply of sterling massively, this has weakened the £ but has caused deflation why? Please do not just blame labour. Commercial banks are allowed to lend money out as soon as it is deposited but do not have to rebalance that loan when the money is withdrawn, this in any other commercial area would be called money laundering or creating money out of thin air. Remember this is not the Government that is doing this activity it is the commercial banks this is corruption so it is laundering. Does this put a spanner in your argument? Your tax argument is also incorrect IMO though does have some merit. Let's just say for point of easyness everyone earned the same amount then raising or reducing tax would work apart from one factor we live in a democracy and people are greedy, they want benefits in the way of tax breaks and loop holes, also working benefits and out of work benefits, business benefits (lots of these that are never spoken about). This then beggars the question on imports and exports a question you do not ask and also services abroad how do you account for them? IMO sterling is traded on trust only and it goes down and up mostly down. The money that the treasury has created over the last 10 years had gone to the very wealthy who have put the money into monetary funds and tax havens. This makes a joke out of the trickle down effect, ( piss on effect) .
  9. which bullion dealer

    i am not going to get into this. i will say none of the French Rooster coins are rare or as some like to say 'key' and please do not come back as if you have a coin thats as valuable as the The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci This is really the last word said on the matter. Good Day
  10. which bullion dealer

    OK guys it was ment to be a bit of fun. Plus I was trying to get the complainant coin collector and treads starter to think before he/she bought again. To educate himself/herself There is a saying, once bitten twice shy!!! I will not post again on this subject.
  11. which bullion dealer

    I am not trolling you. On the eBay deal you lost because you fell asleep you do not know what the winning bid would be as the winning bidder may have bid a lot more esp over the Xmas period. That is why I go to auctions, I also use ebay. I keep records on what is the best times to buy and worst times to buy ect. As I said take the refund offered. Please go and buy a coin magazine and attend coin shows and auctions to gain knowledge.
  12. which bullion dealer

    I go to many Auctions and have for many years. I have been lucky enough to see many quality collections being sold. I can say without any doubt when quality coins go through auctions they demand a high fee, the trade are always there either on the day or at the viewings. I expect some on the forum know a great deal about coins and hardly ever post. We all want that great find at that great price like madstacks had it just doesn't happen for most. To find a brilliant unc 100 year old coin is difficult there just is not as many as people think as they have been in circulation!!!! It's ok to have a point of view, I was not jumping on his back, it's just he may of got the wrong impression from YouTube on what you get for your money quality wise as imo some YouTube vlogers have arrangements with dealers esp in the USA.
  13. which bullion dealer

    Which bullion dealer will get it in the neck next. Rules are rules and they are as follows,. The dealer must sell bullion. the member must demand the highest quality coin (this must be in the members mind near perfect even though the coin is over 100 years old) The coin has to be worth at least 150% of its weight in gold though the member only wants to pay a premium of 5% -15% including postage. The member refuses to pay specialist coin shop prices Right who do you think it will be??😁😁😁😁
  14. My Atkinsons Bullion Experience

    I like stew😋
  15. My Chards Experience

    I like a nice stew😋