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  1. If we really were to take a hard exit from Europe, trade with the rest of the world, then the country would have to change radically. For one we would be a Tax haven; for the rest of the country wealth would come from trading ports, tourism, service sector and the arms industry.
  2. Hgm

    HGM is not the bargain site it used to be, I always look at other sites now who are around the same price.
  3. Its all noise, if the UK were thinking of a hard brexit they would be preparing now, with ports being upgraded on the West side of the Country eg Liverpool, Portsmouth, Glasgow etc. Just ask yourself why would any ship from around the world want to port in the North Sea. It makes no sense for the MPs to talk hard and do nothing on infrastructure and the Europeans know this, if the UK did do a hard brexit the country would have to go back to be a sea trading/ air port trading country with enormous warehouses. There would have to be a lot of money spent on upgrading infrastructure and communications. We would be in the real world and we would have to be the best to attract the best talent , goods (hub) in every sector. Rather than spending the money on a vanity train project. The Europeans are in trouble too. They have massive debts, I have no regrets voting to leave the EU, i am very disappointed with the fudge that has gone on since the vote, it has shown us that Democracy in the UK is a farce.
  4. Sterling under pressure again today from both the Euro and the USD , I personally cannot see any light for sterling for quite a while now. The country is in a mess and the BOE has given to much free money to the wrong place the CITY who have stuffed it into their own pockets and not spent it in the real world. They really are idiots the people who run the country that or they have done the biggest bank heist ever!!!
  5. So many books, to read to expand the mind. Just remember not to be a sheep who follows the crowd! Ask questions of yourself, 1 why do i want that item? 2 Will buying those items improve my life? 3 Why are they telling me 'that piece of news' to invest in. Also have you noticed the clever advertising within entertainment programs (even slipping into semi news type programs), so don't beat yourself up to much if you have fallen for the corporations tactics to sell you their wares. Just make sure you don't get sucked in by their clever tactics. One could argue buying any (proof coins) gold/silver apart from Gov bullion or bullion is the same as buying a brand of car like a brand new German prestige marque and changing it every year rather than buying a 3 -4 year old VW basic Golf and keeping it for 6 -7 years. What i am saying is one must think long term and gold over the long term has been an OK investment and I like it. Silver has not been very good to me but I am hopeful for the future.
  6. IMO Cryptos have been pumped so they need to readjust again, one must ask themselves is the item i am buying worth the price i am paying or under valued, not is the price going to go up! Remember you can always walk away and not buy then you lose nothing!
  7. Yes I cashed out of bitcoin and litecoin made good profits. To me cryptos are no more than tulips, ok I cashed out and bought gold and silver with my profits. I would advise anyone who likes cryptos to take their stake off the table leaving only the profits in the game, that way you cannot lose!!! I like cryptos as a form of exchange though the costs are still to high, the cost is front loaded . Also it would only take one big investor to take their money out to destabilise the price.
  8. Quite right too. The problem is they are soooo tight fisted it's near impossible to get any of that wealth off them no matter how hard one works.
  9. I've got a Canadian sov that I bought years ago by chance. It's a bit bashed, at the time I didn't realise they were hard to get.
  10. The Tax laws are written for wealth and privilege not the masses, it is ok for them to have bolt holes here there and everywhere. For us we have to pay tax and if you are unfortunate enough to have to claim any benefits eg working tax credits then you are bonded to hmrc .I don't claim tax credits but lots do and hmrc want to know everything. As for paying with sovereigns you will lose and will be taken to court if you own a business and try to fiddle the tax man and the vat that way. You can bring legal tender into the country upto £10000 in gold and you can bring in legal tender of silver eg brittanias as face value but not in slab you would have to claim it as coinage and not take the piss out of the customs!
  11. I also have a very nice vintage 1956 omega constellation and a zeneth 1970s , both are are fully working after being serviced. I have to say the bulova Accutron from the 1960 - 1970 not quartz is a nice watch I have one but parts are expensive. I also have the bulova moon watch it's nice And was cheap at £350
  12. The omega moon watch maybe worth more than the bulova moon watch but is it a better watch??
  13. There is weakness in the Gold markets, with $1200 a very big hurdle for the bears to over come. If they do break down that resistance point then $1180 is next. Its all very exciting for me a stacker I have been watching this like a hawk.
  14. Belgium is the cheapest place to have private health care. Anyway trade your silver for before you come into the UK for gold bullion you can import £10,000 of gold a year with you tax free Krugerrands, Britannia's sovereigns maples should be ok.
  15. Collecting/ stacking or investing Are you a collector a stacker or an investor in precious metals? A straight forward question isn’t it, well no not really, one has to identify first of all what you do, why you do it and what you want out of it. Let’s take the’ I’m a stacker’. He waits - for dips - then he pounces with his large order of his/her chosen precious metal according to Gold/silver ratio. He generally buys the best coins or bars for his country so when he sells he will easily be able to off load the large amount quickly into either another metal or into cash, then reinvest or walk away he also use vaults. Then we have the investor he/she buys precious metals in vaults or for delivery he can buy more than one coin of a type eg a sovereign 2017 proof , then hopes to sell at a profit releasing cash to reinvest into other investments or back into precious metals. He also may have to ‘advertise his wares ‘ on social media to generate interest. The Collector, He or she is only interested in acquiring a collection of coins or bars. He is not interested in buying 2 2017 proof sovereigns as funds can be used to acquire other coins or sets, he may use all his time sourcing coins that he wants, he is not a trader per say, though he may trade a few coins he comes across at very good prices, though he does not speculate he recoups a few £s because of his gained knowledge of coins . The collector will pay a high premium for hard to find coins and sets though he is not an idiot and will let things go as he knows there will be another one that will be coming around in a few months/years and there is plenty to collect. I have written this because I have read the mania on the 2017 sovereigns threads, collectors have all of a sudden become investors and it is true you have cornered the market. There are a few people who will pay a lot for the coins you hold, but at some point you will want to sell the extra coins! Are you all going to take it in turns to sell and divide the difference? I was talking to some British coin collectors the other week who were more interested in other coins than the 2017 sovereign and they are well aware of the few hands that held them and they said they will not buy them at those prices. I do hope for your sakes you all make money on them but I fear some will make lots and the rest will just get your money back and may even lose a little with action fees.