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  1. Organising a group buy is a pain in the ar-e, I have bought from Apmex they reguarly use the wrong commodity code so you would have to sort that out too. There are threads on this site about importing gold from outside the EU. Lots of members have imported gold with various success. So 1 you will have to know your commodity code 2 make sure the delivery is door to door 3 ring courier and tell them it is investment gold 4 do not buy gold and silver together!!!!!
  2. Older sovereigns can be under weight, 9.95g is not bad for older sovereigns. when you get more experienced into stacking you will realise some can come well under weight I have one that weighs 7.7g young Vic it's just worn some have been in jewelery others used a money in circulation. That's why the collectors pay a lot of money for an EF of a UNC Sovereigns. Myself I like to think that a sovereign may of been used as money by a soldier etc so it would be worn! In the past the mint would melt down old worn under weight. sovereigns Don't worry about it being slightly under weight a 1908 sovereign will sell easily to collectors and stackersand back to dealers.
  3. Its quite difficult to find silver at spot/near spot on ebay at present compared to 6-12 months ago. As far as coin Auctions go well its a joke I gave up years ago, there are some serious collectors out there who will buy a given coin no mater the price.
  4. completed

    What year is it ?
  5. If you buy over £10,000 a year they have to inform the HMRC. I've been buying from them for a lot longer than this site has been going and they still ask me for my account number.
  6. @shortstack68 i'll start to have have look and a read. many thanks
  7. Pewter has its collectors and is mostly tin, so if it is Pewter the easiest way would be the ice cube test compared to a sterling silver spoon Silver melts a lot slower than Pewter. Just because its Pewter does not mean its worthless. I was at an Auction a few months ago when a piece of Pewter fetched a few hundred I believe condition is everything, thats as far as my knowledge goes.
  8. Have you checked if it is silver on a stone with acid? The edge looks like its been checked before.
  9. @shortstack68 Thats right I was talking the mainly of the Bronze pennies from queen vic (reign 1837-1901) who if you were lucky you might get a copper rarely though, to Queen E2 pre dec 1970. It looks like I am misinformed about the Bronze pennies. On your information they have a lower Tin and Zinc percentage. Can you tell me where you got your information from please so that i can verify it. Thanks Pipers
  10. Bronze is 88% copper, I also said pre-decimal so the large pennies. Not Benin bronze statues which is Brass. I refer you to my earlier post. and then
  11. Well there you go, there are idiots. Not you MickB but the buyers on the Auction site. 3/02/2017 Copper is @ £4.70 kilo LME prices Lets say you buy a 1kg bar with a premium of 25% that gives a bar price of £5.87 so £6.00 is not a stretch. I am also of the opinion copper unlike Silver will never be in short supply so investing in this commodity must be timed correctly, be bought very close to the fix/spot price from the scrap yard or tradesmen, only buy the top quality copper. If anyone wants to collect copper bars then thats fine but with the massive price mark up it is hard to see where the return would come from if you had more than a few bars.
  12. completed

    It's good to see the free market working, protectionism for a fee from the riff raff does not work for the seller who does not realise the full potential of his asset!!!! But rules are rules and we willingly sign up to them and the rules are jealously gaurded by those who the rules favour. This is just an opinion and may not be mine.
  13. Madstacks is your goal ,20-30 years? Are all those in ISA's or sipps Have you estamated a return on your investments. Are you making sure you are getting everything the gov is offering in the way of tax relief etc. Make sure your costs a as low as possible Have you got a tank separate for your own investments eg a sector you know well is under valued that is when you can invest with confedence. It may be a crash in the motor industry IMO we will see a big pull back in that industry when all the lease cars start being defaulted on you could position yourself to make money out of it if it happened. You may just set up a tracker from the fall or you may invest in a company this is just one example I run through my head everyday.
  14. I like the philharmonics they are a no nonsense coin if you have any you want to sell message me with your offer please😁 I like music so the instruments on one side and great Organ on the obverse makes a nice coin. unlike the new Britannia bullion coin that is very poor unlike the older very well made Britannia coins that were made with Britannia silver made to a higher standard, in fact IMO the new coins should not be able to be called Britannia because they are so poor and are not made with Britannia silver.
  15. I have loads of Goerge and Vic and pre-decimal E 2 pennies they are called coppers but infact are bronze which is 88% copper. At the last count I had 4kg of them I also have loads of scrap copper from the scrappy just most of the shed. offer a couple % more than he can get selling it on. Buy only the better grade. compared to madstacks my pennies are but a tiny collection. I myself would not buy an overpriced copper bar there are lots of ways to get copper in the UK, I even have a paper position on copper and on copper miners . Mrs Pipers likes bronze statues though not Benin bronzes (brass) we have been lucky over the years and bought well and bought under The spot price, though this can take months and years to find a nice price. IMO you would have to be an idiot or a collector to buy a copper bar certainly you would not buy one for an investment.