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  1. A milestone 500 t oz

    Welcome you are a STACKER, we and i now include you are a dieing breed on this forum!! Really congratulation well done, it can take a long time to get to the big numbers.
  2. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    Well it depends on how long it takes to get there! If you could earn more an hour over time after tax than it takes to get there and back then I would question time management but if you like enjoy going then you could say it's lessure time!😉
  3. Sovereign Question

    It's because 1902 they made proofs 'matte' that look like bu coins and every Tom dick and Harry thinks he has a proof coin!! They don't! I have a few 1902 London sovereign but no proofs. eBay coins get sold as maybe proof, i think it's Numi who has a proof, it looks better than all of mine and its got graded as proof.
  4. Inflation is still at 3% what a shock!! With the budget next week it was nailed on inflation was not going to come in higher than 3%, it can always be adjusted after the budget!
  5. There is not free speech in the UK! Its not the events in question its the propaganda and the 'narrative' of the event told by the media thats in question in the UK. The 'We are carrying on' , 'the whole 'country is' , 'the sky is blue' 'grass is green' ETC . On any event/disaster its the same lock down then eye witnesses who don't see anything. On natural disasters its similar, local residents always praising the rescue services 'sky is blue' never any one angry giving facts, hours of it.
  6. First pictures after Lee Rigby on ITV were never shown again, they were altered. I say no more. I do not believe anything anymore i see on the TV/ read/listen on media, I always query the story no mater where the story comes from, who it comes from and why. I always ask who is benefiting from this line. I try to see both sides and make my own mind up. I am a proud Englishman and proud to be British
  7. Should I collect gold coins?

    Silver has been mean to me, though I have to say when the recent bottom was made there was no silver to be bought below £10.80 plus postage and I bought as much as I could get and that was not much most silver was in the higher £11 lower £12 for cheap bullion with bad sentiment everywhere it was only the brave who stuck around the forum!! That's why a long term view must be taken with pm investment.
  8. Starting a stack

    Hi and welcome, Right Tomato you must ask yourself what is your end goal? I also think shadowstack is good to watch because he verbalises very well and talks about Foundation which is his way of taking bullion for long long term he really is one of 3 that I would recommend. Shadowstack also talks about flipping coins but for you now I don't think you have enough knowledge! The other 2 I would recommend for you to watch would be Cull silver only his gold silver vlogs and belangp. For entertainment I recommend morezone (has one of everything), numistacker( very good for proof and graded coins ), byb((follow him on his journey of poured silver and he does not have any weapons' joking' ) and cybercurtaintwitcher. If you want to buy silver ask byb if you can join the order from goldsilver.be I would recommend British coins if you live in the UK, it's up to you though imo you should stick to government issue bullion grade coins until you know what you are doing even then you may want to stick to that strategy. If you want to buy gold sovereigns bullion grade buy as close to spot you can get as these will be the most liquid in the UK. I would not buy every month or I would join the group order. Even buying a half sovereign every month is expensive with the postage if you ordered 4 times a year instead of 12 for gold this is 1 1/2 toz gold over 30 years and you could buy sovereigns instead these are sold back at a slight premium!! If you could go to £170 per month and buy 2 times a year on the dips you could buy 8 sovereigns a year and if you save for 30 years that's 240 sovereigns now I call that a tidy sum.
  9. The Gold Sovereign by Michael a Marsh 2017 Coins of England and the United Kingdom pre decimal and decimal Please feel free to add more
  10. Updated Michael Marsh book

    I was thinking of getting this book I have the older book which has been very helpful over the years even for a stacker!!! I am going to buy mine on Monday. It's a shame you guys are having problems with the price guides, but as you will be aware the prices will fluctuate over the years, the information in the book will be worth what you paid.
  11. UK Interest Rates

    You may get yourself in a mess with this method, you and all the other landlords will be going to court at the same time balliffs will put up there costs too! This is just a thought and if and if private landlords are seen to be being 'unreasonable' by the government then laws will change. I am out of that game now and glad I lease no properties I see things changing. As far as other debt and the rates go most other debt is not even linked to the boe interest rates anymore eg credit cards, car loans,
  12. 1913-C gold sovereign

    To be fair I was at an Auction just over 12 months ago and a bare one went for around that much maybe a bit more, it was in very good condition. Its an excellent pick up (even though its in a slab! just joking ) Well Done
  13. 2018 Britannia coming down the pike

    I am still of the opinion Britannia coins should be made from Britannia silver, not 999, all my older coins are good quality!
  14. @Shemyaza Do you think sterling will get back to 2usd ? Does everyone think the market has priced in the interest rise from the BOE in November?
  15. Today I made.....

    This is one of my favourite threads on the silver forum, all you guys certainly put a lot of effort in.