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  1. HGM have increased the premium on Full Sovereigns back up to 3% from 2%
  2. for sale

    This is a fair price for today, if anyone thinks gold is going to go up or needs gold to balance their holding then this is a good price.
  3. Just remember to keep charges to a minimum and do not try and beat the market. For example you may think the USA (not that I know this) will do well then you would find a fund that invests in a spread of US companies that has very low charges and pays dividends that you put back in.
  4. Don't forget when interest rates go up in the future to put some into gilts long term ones. This will balance your portfolio. Bonds are boring but do pay better returns some years if you want to buy corporate bonds (I have not) then do not buy junk bonds!
  5. Sorry but this is what happened to me a few years ago.
  6. You must know your commodity codes and investment gold or silver I paid zero last time from the USA Apmex they put the wrong code on I alterd the parcel at USA customs had the correct code put on and put a CD 23 so the courier could not charge then I insisted it was investment gold same as the hedge funds and banks import without charge, there is a list of coins that are investment gold on hmrc site. They may try to put a 5% charge on you can have this taken off afterwards. My advice would be buy from the UK then the EU. You did not have to carry on with the purchase you do not have a contract ESP with a company in Singapore untill the money changes hands. You could of claimed you were misled by the company about import charges. I do not think a bullion company would chase you for payment for a small amount as this would reflect very badly on them and put off clients who were to put large purchases with the said company. You could always open a holding at goldmoney or bullionvault.
  7. Did you order gold only? If so you need the right commodity code get in touch with the dealer and ask them to put the correct code on for investment bullion code they will know this. Then if it is picked up by customs you can ask for a (I think you must check,) Cd23 form to pay vat later this will mean you do not pay the 2.5% courier fee. I have bought quite a few times from north America and every time it has been picked up by the customs. You have not said what you have bought, if you have bought silver then they may change it for gold. Anyway you need to go read importing investment gold into the EU from outside the EU, use the correct commodity code and get I think they are called a Cd23 form to pay later. First make sure the dealer is using the best commodity code for you and not just a lazy cannot be bothered one.
  8. Trust Daz to know what mayfair was, I am of an age where the word mayfair ment a gents mag!! And when I left school and started work they were in the canteen how the world has changed.
  9. for sale or exchange

    I miss Fluttershy, she made jewellery and talked sense. As far as the milk spots go IMO get a good grade soft rubber to remove the milk spots then wash in warm soapy water. My queens beast lion that I got from the mint that has been minted incorrectly that I am calling 'rare' has no milk spots on. I do wish the Royal mint would go back to sterling or Britannia silver.
  10. Hi HH, I make my analysis from history the 1970's and early 1980's where Gold did very well, and only was broken because of the very high US Treasury (and Uk gilts) Bonds that was offered. There is an awful long way to go for Treasury's to start to look a good alternative to gold, I think it was 14% on a one year gilt I got when I was a lad my first investment I wanted gold but my grandfather and his brother decided I would do better with a gilt. IMO with inflation just starting to pick up and it is in the real world here in the UK I am not talking about the ever changing government basket of good I am talking real world prices are just starting to bite. If you do not believe me just watch how desperate the Martin Lewis show was this for everyone to Change gas electric supplier, then their is eat for less programmes budget budget your money though this has disappeared. All of these TV programmes are government nudge getting the population ready for harder times because of inflation (nothing to do with brexit ) we were and are in the sh_t anyway 2 trillion on book debts government not including off book PFI ect, then private debt is on top of this. That's why our Government will try everything to pretend there is very little inflation in our economy this includes working welfare, immigration to keep wages down but in the end they can only steal/cheat the population for so long before inflation bites hard. Future generations will not thank this lot of politicians and the previous 30 years lot! I say invest in different sectors though buy when the sector is not expensive!!!
  11. Believe me I am not and do not take a Casual sort of buying method to Gold or Silver. I Could see a market that was high in £ terms. Plus I noticed plenty on this forum sold off plenty of their stack or shall we call it re-adjusted their stack or had a few duplicates to get rid of just when the Gold price was high. Certainly there was a tremendous amount of Gold around compared to the low of 12 months a ago and 18 months ago when hardly nobody was readjusting their stack or disposing of duplicates. I stand by my statement that Gold will rise with interest rates/ inflation. This is contrary to most who think Gold will go down when interest rates go up.
  12. £1800 + commission? if so what was the % (usually around 20%) To me the G and D is the nicer design.
  13. Belangp's on Youtube has some very good videos esp on what time of years to buy Gold and Silver, which I already knew from many years of buying Gold. It makes no sense to me to carry on buying anything when I know its over priced (In this case solely because the £ was devalued to much) as I said when opening the thread is £920 a price to start stacking again I believe so I maybe wrong and the £ may strengthen more and Gold may go down to £850 or below. In the long term it is my belief Gold will rise with interest rates this is just an opinion and one that most people do not agree with. You are doing the right thing in saving as am I we just are doing it a slightly different way, most people in the UK do not save at all apart from their house which most will never repay or will be at least 65 when they pay it back.
  14. Animal rights in the UK is something most of the world cannot understand save India. I don't like the new £5 anyway. I have not read hardly anyone on the site complaining of the very poor conditions many humans live in around the world though a tiny % of animal by product in a peace of fiat money has caused disagreement. I suggest to all animal rights to watch wild life programs and see how animals treat each other from parasites to the Elephant.
  15. No I bought early in the year Jan then before brexit, I was supposed to buy in July August but put that off, then i bought 2 times in November around the 15th and the other day, its my way of stacking! I am not a trader I buy and hold for many years. IMO this year has been a bad year for stacking if you live in the UK, because of the BOE and the idiot Carney who has been giving free lunches dinners and suppers to his mates in the city, I am glad May and Hammond have shut him up a bit his behaviour does not fit a position of the Governor, he is supposed to have the countries interests in mind not his own and mates (people may have differing views on the economy and how to run it but Carney should of been sacked). Can you explain to me what a true stacker is please, I was under the impression you had a budget for the year and you tried to buy gold/silver or both as cheaply as possible. People look at charts differently. also we are all made differently where I can wait months to buy others like to buy every month. I did buy a 2 sovs in October too but that was to hedge the bet I had on Trump to win. Oh by the way I lost today on the Italian referendum I still have the hedged gold though from that bet 1/2 sov