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  1. Large spoon

    It's not silver, You will need to know your hallmarks if you are going to buy antique silver including European marks, plus you will need to know weight for age of and manufacturing methods as their are a lot of hallmark take out there that are silver but are not as old as they state. Some plated antiques are worth quite a lot of money!
  2. .925 Silver Crowns

    Crowns sell well even poor quality ones this was not the same a few year back. I am not sure your poor quality crowns will hold there premium above spot in the future who knows. The better ones I would hold. Thinking about it you have the silver in your hand and if you only get spot for it or you want to buy gold with the silver coins then you may wait for the Gold silver ratio to tighten. If you want to buy silver bullion, if I was you I would just crunch the numbers you may lose silver if you sell to buy.
  3. Yes you are quite right the weak USD and the fact the boe has now said it might at last increase interest rates has this effect.
  4. No, the premium is to high.
  5. IMO the BOE now use immigration figures as much as anything else to set interest rates! The more immigration the lower the interest rates can be because labour costs can be kept down!! 2.9% is a bit iffy again.
  6. withdrawn Silver 1780 Thaler Restrike

    Lots of countries made Thalers as tokens for African colonies.
  7. A few of my thoughts on coin grading...

    Don't want to hijack the thread, but oldun you have but the nail on the head a bu can be passed as a proof of proof like. A bu that is proof like can be worth more than a proof esp on older coins. Myself I do not own one slabbed coin and I talk to dealers of old coins who find it strange that people want to put coins in a slab apart from beginners, I would say a lot of members on here are no longer beginners and should start trusting their own judgement. Or how are you ever going to increase your own opinion and skill level.
  8. IMO, the sellers miss out big time on the forum because of the 3 day rule! The 3 day rule makes no sense for a free market, it only makes sense for a Cabal of whom are looking after their own interests as buyers. As sellers this same group loss out on a lot of sales and the price they could achieve because of the same rules. Other forums use different rules to secure members identity eg time and activity on the forum. I have been in and around Gold (not so much silver) to know most releases will not be worth anything much above the spot price in 15- 20 years. The amount of releases have increased dramatically from the mints even though the coin mint numbers may have been reduced. This tells me their is around the same amount of collectors or maybe less. Pumping is a big part of a sellers tactic, yes the 2017 sovereign maybe going for over £700 but how many hands hold the Sovereigns and how many people want those Sovereigns? If there are 20 members that hold 3 that means that at least 40 2017 Sovereigns will come onto the market at some point i can wait a long time! There are plenty of other coins to collect. The Premium/Gold members already pay per month, Ebay you pay when you sell at 13-15% or at Auction 20%-25% or to dealer. I have sold at Auction at 20% and have sold for more than i could have got from Ebay or off the Silver Forum it just depends what you are selling!! The buyer must beware and not get over excited before buying too much, I have bought some very good buys from the Silver Forum, though IMO some sell a lot that I would never buy as I would never be interested in. Also some get emotionally hurt when others do not share their valuation of their coins/ bars (usually the more inexperienced), valuation of coins can differ between experts never mined keen collectors. Slabbed coins, I do not own one slabbed coin!!!!
  9. Merseyside coin shops

    Yeah day trip to Blackpool,
  10. Palladium

    Shem, good article , Just one point on platinum , in SA the Nickel miners are now using a trommel that gets platinum as a byproduct for nearly free. This leaves Lomin struggling
  11. Palladium

    There is no shortage of Palladium from the mines!! Or from recycling. Someone or group is hoarding it forcing the price up. As far as futures go I believe they do not have to stand for delivery anymore. In London most big trades are A-B trades that are not listed on the market over the counter trades. London is where the big Gold trades are done just no one else knows about them.
  12. goldsilver.be charge

    The penalty is fair and correct and here is why,. If the bullion companies did not charge a cancellation fee and a currency movement fee you would get half of the London traders putting trades on on a Friday just before end of trading and not paying for it then cancelling the order on Monday morning!! Myself I have used Goldsilver.be a few times and only once did I have a late delivery though the parcel came 2 days late I will use them again.
  13. How to trade

    If you are in the UK use a good broker to buy shares to hold. If you are buying a sector eg mining and you like Rio Tinto and you want to hold then buy the share and collect each year and reinvestment. Or if you just want to follow the market then buy a tracker with very low fees. If you don't understand then go to money weekly web site they run a investing for beginners email course for free.
  14. Can you please In your opinion clarify what are the causes of poverty in the UK?
  15. @sixgun You have just written a typical explanation of Neo-Liberal's idea towards the poor. There are stupid people and addicts who want instants gratification but you have just suggested that up to 40 million people in the UK are that this is just not true. The middle class is smaller than you think. Ask yourself why did the Conservatives get rid of of all the community centres that provided old furniture very cheaply? Then cut benefits, plus now cut working benefits, while rents are increasing and the Conservatives are not building homes? Why have the Tories not nudged the BOE to increase interest rates? Plus there is one very good reason to indebt a person that is never mentioned on the BBC etc and that is the person in debt then removes themselves from the electoral register. Also I have noticed even Tesco are now giving food to children for free if they go into the shop in the summer holidays!!!