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  1. So its this week, triggering of article 50, the big questions are the following short term /mid term/ long term:- 1 Will the £ strengthen or weaken against Gold. 2 Will the £ strengthen or weaken against the $ 3 will the £ strengthen or weaken against the Euro
  2. It's a shame the RM haven't minted the Britannia in Britannia Silver again.
  3. Hi kangaroos 1oz are bullion only though are very well made, they will only ever get 97-98% of spot (1oz) when you come to sell to a dealer. The 1/4oz still is only bullion though has some collectors and would be easier to sell privately in the future, this does not mean it would be a better buy at the premiums you state. I think I would have a look at the price of a 1/4oz 2017 compared to the 1oz 2017 then make your decision. Remember It is the price you can sell the Gold coins for not the price that they are advertised at when it comes to selling so check out Ebay sold section then - 13% or check out the forum for sale section compared to spot at time of sale. Also this game is a marathon not a sprint!
  4. I agree about brown, but as the red team of Neo liberals came to realise taxes were not coming in and working welfare was rising, because wages were being suppressed because of globalization, a big failure of the neo liberals. What should of happened was welfare should of been left as it was in the 1980's and the industrial disputes played out. Same thing is happening today one could argure the Government is subsidising companies and Landords with working welfare, this makes the employee docile stops the workers forming organised labour movements. This is all part of the Neo Liberal plan. While a free market would never let this sort of interference happen, nor would a left wing attlee type of Govenment who would run up debt but you would a least get Homes and infrastructure for the spending.
  5. I am not sticking up for Blair Brown Campbell they were are part of the same neo liberal problem as the last nearly 40 years the country has been living off debt apart from a couple of years and we have not got anything for that debt so it is bad debt. My point is this you cannot blame everything on the red team when the blue team are just as bad, Thatcher didn't get the country out of trouble she loaned and sold off lots of the family silver, most then went into the stock market which then went into foreign Governments hands (making a few very rich). I now notice that home ownership is down another failing flagship of the neo liberals both teams, or was it all the time to put the majority of home ownership into a few rich peoples hands? There are some in both Parties who are good MP's, I have been asking myself for years why did Osborne get the job as Chancellor when the Conservatives have many in the Party who were/are more qualified? Osborne doubled down on the debt a thing only a fool would do or a gambler, at the same time as giving massive handouts to the City he attacked the most vulnerable in society scape goating them as not disabled enough or lazy or thick through media propaganda, while giving Rentier landlords more benefits by proxy. Also It is quite obvious the country needed more homes but the neo Liberals could not and can not see that the private sector will not provide the necessary houses it is against their interest, also its against the City and Banks interests. The only way enough new homes would be built is through taxation of unused land taxation of unused homes new, and old homes and second homes. Government lad grab of land to make new Cities in our Country from Wealthy Land owners who would be paid for the Land. This would then bring down the price of housing and stimulate the country away from real estate as the only investment/ industry.
  6. Shem Are you sure its that low, I find it hard to believe a fracking operation can be that cheap. Can you also expand on oil/Uranium interchangable joint supply I am not sure what that means?
  7. A Gardener does not stand at his garden shed with his fertilizer and just pour it out and expect it to spread around (trickle down) his garden!!!
  8. Just a couple of charts, The idiot Osborne who has a History Degree a 2:1, chose to help his friends out in the city. He let the BOE keep interest rates at emergency low rates while just giving free money to the City and removing money from the real economy (the poor working class and middle class) people who spend their money. The only other times we have seen debt like this is in war times its that bad so thank you Osborne /Carney its nearly as bad as the Napoleonic Wars and after the WW1 and WW2 and we have not had a war. I believe Osborne has been the worse chancellor the UK has had, he certainly has been well rewarded for his efforts. http://www.ukpublicspending.co.uk/debt_history
  9. I'm no fan of Labour! So forgive me a little chuckle when you call me Partisan. Yes one could argue 1976 was from the earlier Tory years and the Arab oil price war 1973. The 3 periods of Labour government you state i assume are post ww2 the birth of the health service and social housing ( Labour got in by the armed forces vote who having seen how the Europeans had lived and wanted more when they got home not the qualor they had lived in before the war.) Yes Attlee did leave a large debt but we got a lot for that debt lots of infustructure houses health service etc. I am sure it was Churchill who nationalised the railways!!! Was it not in 1978 James Callaghan who said we had to live within our means, only for Thatcher to massively borrow money after squeezing the currency to Deindustrialize? Here do you not notice that big money will lend to a Tory Government more than a Labour government, this is political. You having a degree in economics you will be well aware of Adam Smith. From what you write i think you are right wing and probably Partisan towards voting conservative while i am a swing voter. I have not studied economics and do not have a degree but i know enough about it to know it that the names are looked after at the expense of the masses and that includes the bottom 95% of people. I am not sure if you are an Austrian in your thinking i have read some papers on the web about about this way of thinking but most students are Keynes, Keynes is nearer neo liberal to me, but I'm sure you will put me right. As a student of economics you must know figures do not lie, so who has borrowed the most money the last government Conservative (Osborne) or the entire history of the Labour party in government? Answer Conservative George Osborne!!!! If as you say the Labour government were bankrupt in 1976 i thought it was 1978 one could easily point the finger at the conservatives. it's nonsense they all lie. Just one question what school do you put yourself in?
  10. I think its a red herring of the Political Right to blame everything on the 'Liberal Left'. If you look back at most of the debt creation it has come under the Conservatives which was surprising, it certainly surprised me. I have read Adam Smith and it now makes sense why the Tories would load debt on the masses while looking after their friends in the City. I also believe the majority of the Labour Party would not run the country in the best interest of the population. The 3rd way Liberals (neo Liberals) , Labour, Conservative, Liberal Demercrats, have conspired together and the end result has been a massive wealth divide. Both the proper Right and Left wing have merits to get the country out of the mess we are in.
  11. @richo The Pension pots have been raided by mostly Conservative Governments in the 1980's and 1990's by underfunding them. Today there is a massive also shortfalls in Pensions because of the extremely low 'emergency' interest rates that were introduced after the financial crisis which was supposed to be temporary. Again IMO all of this is a TAX on the younger generations who are bailing out the banks the idle wealthy and now the pensioners. Edit when i say idle wealthy i do not mean the masses of middle classes who are prudent, have reached an age where they can retire early because of good choices they made, I am talking about wealth that has not, does not have to work or has not every had to work.
  12. My daughter has to rent in a shared house something that is disgusting for the job she has, we were supposed to be a house owning society this is becoming a joke. Rents have gone up a tremendous amount (not included in inflation), plus council tax though not gone up much if you factor in what you get for what you pay (and someone near me has), it has gone up between 10-14% not the 1.5% the money increase (reduction in Police, Fire, Social care, Social services, etc). Everything that seems to go up or has been removed from a service or size of service or size of car or quality of item is not taken into account in the inflation figures. I have come to the conclusion that the inflation figures are just a joke and manipulated to suit.
  13. I was thinking that myself, I was at an Auction the other day when an older Proof set came up for sale it went for a fortune the coins had finger marks all over them, the bidders didn't seem to mind.
  14. As predicted the rate has stayed the same at 0.25 with a vote of 8-1. Some numties in the city have pushed the £ higher on news of the Queen signing a piece of paper so the news has said, though the real story is £10billion of QE so more free lunches dinners and suppers for the city when the news settles I believe sterling will drop back down and the bears will be out again.
  15. If a coin is a Proof coin, for example struck Proof shown to the king/ Governor/ Mint head etc (you know what i mean). I am talking older coins here not recent coins that are sold in capsules, If the coins are handled and a lot of old Proof coins were handled does that mean they are not as valuable as none handled or more likely cleaned coins?