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  1. I not sure, I would expect a bounce in sterling if the Tories win untill the emergency budget! Remember as soon as parliament was disbanded Carney (BOE) came out and weakened the £, a weak £ is no good for the public and is not very good for most business. I think we are in the sh-t the stock market is a pointer if it starts to sell off and money goes into gold Labour have won if the stock market rallies the Tories have won though there is a lesson I don't believe either wants a stronger £ though Labour would let sterling strengthen more than the Conservatives in the long run.
  2. And if the Tories get in the Benefits will go to the greedy b-stard landlords who are ringing the country dry. Build lots of cheap homes for the young to buy!!!!! A clear vote winner!!!!! The young have the right to own their own home too!!!!!
  3. Has anyone been on Youtube recently, The Conservatives are trying hard to discredit Corbyn, You can't watch a video with out an add coming on. Myself I am that angry about the Home owners theft Tax that I am going to Vote Labour for the first time since 1997. I have paid for 2 houses in my working life and I do not see why I should pay a very high tax rate when i worked long hours (extra labour i put in under the promise by the Tories i would be able to leave the house to my children) to pay for the homes, one my ex and the one i live in now both modest. The Conservatives are being spiteful and I for one am not falling for there srtong and stable bullshit, May has shown her cards she is both weak and wobbly, and Spiteful and mean.
  4. I have ordered from Chards lots of times over the years and have never had any problems. I always phone, always ask when will the item will be delivered. Just a point about taking delivery of any precious metal package not just from Chards from any dealer or any seller:- I always film taking the box/ package, I film all around the box/package before i sign. This can help if any clam is needed.
  5. There is no point in thinking that the dreadful event did not happen because it did. The conspiracy comes with the information narrative and the control of the media. Just remember there is very little information that has come out about the tragedy and IMO crisis actors will of been used to give a Government led media statements along side grieving family members who would of given true statements, though these will of been edited by the media. There is something very morbid about a desperate mother searching for her daughter and pleading on TV for her to be found while the authorities sat back and did not help her to find her daughter, I suggest she was being used in the most cruel way for effect, only for hours later her daughter to be named as one of the deceased.
  6. The timing of the bombing is suspect, The anniversary of Lee Rigby Murder! The same day the Conservatives manifesto dementia tax scandal that gave Labour a chance in the election, it gave Labour a 10 point lead in Wales from a Tory 10 point lead,. The PM looks very weak now not strong and stable but as channel 4 put it weak and wobbly. Remember the Joe Cox murder it was suggested it was an Attempt to stop the traction of the out campaign though it failed.
  7. Right I live in the Northwest am a music lover I go to the MEN Arena a few times a year, and past it at least 4 time a month like most people who live around that area or have family in that area, if you use public transport in Manchester you most certainly go past it What I know for certain is medical staff were phoned at home and asked to go into work to help out because of an emergency situation.!! The injuries are real!!
  8. To be honest i was looking at buying the Ducat until i saw the price premium it is very high and the selling hook is it is only available for a limited time May. This is a shame as i have quite a few Ducats not retrikes.
  9. That's all very well so when you next pay your car tax that doesn't pay for the roads just remember they will do the same with your house in a few years when the treasury gets there hands on it, then you cansay to yourself get over it!!!! I reckon suicides will go up as people will not want to be a burden on their families!!! The Conservative manifesto is there worst one I can ever remember it is basically a power grab for wealth and privileged. The only people who will not see it are the true blue voters who vote Tory every time and the BBC watchers . I have had a letter through the post every day for the last week from the Conservative party and every one states Strong and stable Government, also states In the National interest. The first quote does not say anything as it suggests the current government is not, the second means something different than most people think, it means what business interest and Government want not what the the people want! I got that from Adam Smith. All in all I know most on this forum are true blue, I do not attach myself to any of the lying b_stards MPs that is and i vote each time that suits me best, over the years I have come to realise that it is a waste of time trying to convince true reds or true blue to change, I just feel extremely sorry for those of you who walk into a booth and put a cross next to a name just because of a colour. I am one of the 1 few of the 100000s that really does have a say in most general elections who gets elected.
  10. Paranoid? NO!! I am of the opinion you have fallen for spin that has been rolled out over the last few months. Let me state this quite clearly. Here i go :- In 1979 Margret Thatcher got in power and the best thing she did was to enable the poor, working class and lower middle class to buy a house! The Conservatives were the Party that promised that a modest home asset would not to counted as part of any future treasury grab (taxation). This Promise reassured most of the said classes to go out and buy there small homes, work hard, save in the knowledge that they could leave the home to their children. That said now we come to social care First we need to ask what is Social care? Social Care is nearly all care that is done at home except a very few things. Dementia, the disabled,Stroke, heart attack, Cancer care, all come under social care and will do so we will see a family homeless when either a mother or father dies of a stroke or Cancer or heart problems etc because unlike the TV most people death is not so fast but drawn out! . Social care has now been removed from general National Insurance and Taxation for people who own there homes. The Tories have been very spiteful in the way they have put this forward, I will give you an example of the way they are trying to fund it, it would be the same as saying everyone who walks on the road because there is no pavement you pay £0.00 walk on a pavement you have to pay £50 and if you walk on the cracks you have to pay £100 and if you had Asphalt put outside your house 20 years ago you pay £1000 per year, as you can see its retrospective. while if chose to party and blow your money you will be looked after. Also if your home is set back from the road by more than 20 metres and is large it is exempt. Not so fair now is it. Social Care should be part of general Taxation/NI and has been, the fact is all Governments since 1979 have not Taxed the country enough and have spent to much plunging the country into debt. It is a joke for the Tories to now call themselves the Party of low Taxation when all they have done is spent and not funded for years. Osborne has doubled the debt in 6 years. Instead our country should of had a wealth fund set aside, with a Tax that is ring fenced for the fund the fund can not be touch for 40 years it must be invested in low risk investments eg Gold Bonds Equities.
  11. I was leaning towards voting Conservative in the General election until today. I will go as far to say it is the GREAT TORY BETRAYAL. I am talking about the new proposed Tax on home owners . The TORY DEATH (DIEING) TAX. This is everything that the Conservatives use to be against, a person or a couple work hard all there lives paying all the Taxes and NI that the Government ask for, then they have the rug pulled from under their feet. So the one asset the majority of people in this country have (not the members of this forum) is taxed at a enormous percentage taking in mind the average price of a home in the UK. So why are the Conservatives Taxing the working class and lower middle class ( richer than this you can afford instruments to get around the Tax). They say it is for Social care cost and it is true the money will go towards the costs of social care, though i believe the real reason is more spiteful than that. IMO the real reason for for Death Tax on home owners is to stop the next generation of surfs/PLEBS from buying properties forcing them into high cost renting releasing properties onto the market for their friends to purchase houses/apartments a favorable prices then rent them out back to the next generation who would of been the buyers of the properties returning the Landlords an excellent return on their investment and this will in turn suggest the economy is improving, though in real terms the lives and well being of millions of people will be effected negatively financially and emotionally. I believe anyone who believes the Conservatives have a mind to build more homes than a bear minimum and certainly anyone who thinks the Conservatives have a mind to lower Rents moving forward will be very disappointed. IMO The Conseratives have plans to LOWER HOME OWNERSHIP BY PERCENTAGE OF POPULATION in the middle to long term and raise rents leaving lower income households with less money to spend on food utilities clothes etc. I am a swing voter not a Labour voter. It did not come easy righting this post but I feel i had no choice the Conservatives ring fencing the Death Home Tax to social car have been very spiteful and have back stabbed millions of home owners in this country.
  12. Don't forget Chards, I have picked up some good buys from them at very good prices, you must always phone them first to make sure they have the coins in stock!!! TBH there are quite a few dealers who have deals now and again, the market works well and is very competitive.
  13. Well there goes Madstacks we may hear from him in a few weeks after he has tested and reviewed his new investments and sobered up. 😁 Good find mate😉
  14. You can pick up some good Sovereigns at upto 4% above spot including Edward if you pay a bit more you can get Vicky, none of them will be great condition though IMO the odd nick in the coin is ok.
  15. Hi mate your statement about preloved needs improvement, it's great that you are selling and good for you, what you need to do is try to make a statement that lets the customer know they are buying either vintage or retro not new it's hard for me to help here as I am dislexic. Your older items should be sold as vintage I buy my wife 1920's 1930's Jewellery and the jeweller's never under sell themselves. Thinking about it I would say something on the lines of:- We source our stock from a variety of places from private individuals selling their much loved Jewellery through to buying from the trade. every item is personally inspected by madstacks on percurment, inspected again before listing for sale and inspected after sale before dispatch. Please note the pre-loved Jewellery we sell is in good condition for the age of items if at any time we believe any item falls below our quality level we will remove the item from sale, if the item has been sold a refund will be given and the item will not be dispatched. I am sure you can improve on what I have written. Pipers Remember you don't sell crap! And anything that is defective eg chipped you should discount and point the problem out and sell as