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  1. Great condition 2012 1/10 kangaroo In original PM capsule £112 delivered Payment via bank transfer please
  2. Silver Deals.....

    Does this apply to coininvest purchases also? @STG @CoinInvest
  3. Silver Deals.....

    I ordered 10x of the buffalo rounds @17.10 oz Going to get another 10 on Friday Do Atkinson's do this all the time?I've never seen them do vat free silver before
  4. UK, Leave the EU?

    Sturgeon could go for a "reverse Greenland"and try and keep Scotland in the EU without leaving the uk It boggles the mind the snp's mantra is to be free of interference from Westminster but it's totally acceptable for Brussels to call the shots As a pro union Scot im glad we're out of the EU I just hope everything settles down soon so I can get more PM's coz I'm not buying at these prices
  5. UK, Leave the EU?

    Hear!Hear! We voted to remain in the union,the union has voted us out the EU END OF! Or will we have a referendum every time the SNP disagrees with something
  6. UK, Leave the EU?

    Happy to be out of the EU But it's not a good day for the union Scottish indyref2 on the cards
  7. Coins, rounds and bars

    Info please
  8. cheapest 1oz coins to stack

    I've yet to try silver.be but have used STG and coininvest numerous times and have been very pleased with the service Nice choice with the Britannia's going to order some myself shortly
  9. Coins, rounds and bars

    Where are you getting bars cheaper per oz than coins? Even a kg bar currently on Atkinson's is working out £16.60 per oz Much cheaper buying coins from STG,silver.be etc can be had for £14 per oz Although if I'm honest I do much prefer poured silver bars I've not seen generic rounds apmex,scottsdale etc cheaper either maybe in the states
  10. Not for me tbh but the geiger 5kg bar is pretty damn cool @MickB pics when it arrives please
  11. Today I Received

    @morezone That's awesome!was just on Perth mints site looking at these Did you get it for yourself?might have to order one too "Even a blind man can recognize the glow of Latinum"
  12. Silver kruggerands

    Yeah was excited about the prospect of silver krugs Had to share
  13. Silver kruggerands

    Yeah was pre sale when i 1st posted Im pretty sure it said 11-12 days until in stock aswell?? Probably just an error on there part
  14. Silver kruggerands

    Couldn't find anything on the rand refinery's site Hopefully they will be low premium as suggested