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  1. You should also put the numbers a bit in perspective to USDGBP exchange rates. Most of the main funds are trading in USD whereas you are invested in a GBP share class. Over the last 3 years USDGBP went from about 0.65 to 0.75 that’s a bit over 15% just because of currency.
  2. Gold Monitoring Thread £ only

    Welcome back!
  3. Gold Monitoring Thread £ only

    As per Andy Hoffman, weakness in gold price might be because traders are frontrunning the fact that the Chinese are going to be on holiday next week... They're back 9 October, so time your purchases wisely
  4. I always get really excited when I first learn about these initiatives, but after a couple of months in I usually come to the realisation that the after tax return is almost always better in my ISA...
  5. Totally agree, I'm out as well.
  6. I added significantly to silver earlier this year with the help of a forum member and thought that would be it for the year, but at current price levels it's hard to resist...
  7. Just curious at activity so far this year. (Voters/votes will not be made public)
  8. Today I Received

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  9. Today I Received

    Nothing pretty, but efficient stacking.
  10. Traveling with gold/silver customs

    Thanks guys. It's just a case of me returning home after having worked abroad for a couple of years. Not as exotic as going to India so I think I'll stick to putting it in my hand luggage
  11. Today I Received

    Boring, but does the trick. Happy weekend all!
  12. Every time I go through customs at an airport I always notice the sign saying that you should declare anything over EUR/USD 10.000 in cash or equivalent. I have never understood why (apart from Zerohedge conspiracies) or what happens if you do. I have asked a couple of border control officers at different airports (UK and Europe) what would happen if they found over 10 Oz of gold in my luggage or what if I would declare it. Nobody I've asked so far seems to know, apart from that they have to complete a form. Does anybody have any experience with traveling with gold/silver and customs? Thanks
  13. Today I Received

    Has been a while since I added to the stack, my first Umicore silver bar.
  14. Semi Noobismatic

    Welcome. Leuk hier meer Dutchies te zien! Happy stacking!
  15. Buying Silver in the USA

    Let the hotel know in advance that you're expecting a delivery and should be fine. I've done this as well and had it ordered a day early just to be sure I would be there. You might want to check prices on Eagles with European sellers, doesn't seem to be that much of a difference. I would probably go for bars instead.