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  1. To be honest good idea to sell them and probable £2,100 for the five piece
  2. In your opinion what would a fair price be ? Just out of interest
  3. If some one was willing to take the lot I wouldn't be too greedy as I have been suckered into paying for a holiday by the fiancé 🙈😅 so now I have to sell something that I know in the future is defiantly going to sky rocket in price 😩 Yes i would love to but there is so many crooks and non trust worthy people & eBay always backs the seller in my experience and based on the value it's something that is putting me off even selling them on eBay
  4. I will be putting a post up within the next couple of weeks for the 200year anniversary if these are of interest I will have the full set.... The strike on the day sovereign -BU Piedfort sovereign - PROOF Five sovereign piece - BU i am just wondering if there is any interest ? Unsure of price as as there is many variations about at the moment
  5. for sale

  6. for sale

  7. for sale

    Thanks Ollie
  8. for sale

    I have for sale Scottsdale Silver 10oz Bars x 4 available @ £173.00 each + postage
  9. for sale

  10. completed

    Yes spotless... Really nice coin @sovereignsteve
  11. Queens Beast 1oz Silver lion proof @ £65.00 + postage of your choice Low coa 1,168
  12. for sale

    Silver peter Rabbit 2017 x 4 available @ £70.00 each + postage of your choice
  13. still available at Westminster collection @Kman http://www.westminstercollection.com/by-theme/2017-beatrix-potter.aspx
  14. completed

    Sold pending payment
  15. Gold & Silver Panda coin buyers guide book @ £40.00 delivered