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  1. Thanks for clarifying this point. It's an odd thing to request, but hey-ho ....
  2. @Numistacker Don't NGC Early Releases usually come on a blue label, or a special designed label?
  3. I agree to an extent, but my point is the seller cannot prove the particular coin being sold is associated with the CoA. There is nothing (like a serial number on both coin and CoA) to tie them together.
  4. I meant in general, not just with this coin.
  5. What good is a CoA on a loose coin? There is no serial number on the coin to match it too.
  6. It's really the PMV device I'm interested in. I might bite the bullet and import one.
  7. Yes they are going to release a limited mintage of silver Krugerrands. I agree, they are very expensive. I've heard rumours of grave concerns regarding the quality of the sample coins that have been seen so far.
  8. I've had a couple of buyers thinking I am some type of coin exchange service. Where they buy a fake or damaged coin from somewhere else, then buy a good coin from me and then try to 'Return' the dodgy coin to me for refund, stating the coin I sent them was damaged on arrival. Luckily on all the occasions they backed down when I explained the returns process would include the returned coin being examined and the PM content verified before a refund would be paid. There are lots of chancers on eBay, not just the fake coin sellers.
  9. Me too, I don't share my toys nicely. If you find a supplier within Europe, let me know please as I had a quick search and only found US suppliers.
  10. Me too ..... it would allow me to move into the pre-owned sales area and I love gadgets. I'd like a UK retailer though, rather than import one myself from the US. If you are interested, @Numistacker was thinking of a shared ownership purchase of one recently. Perhaps I should have read all the messages before replying with the same answer.
  11. As you funded the PayPal purchase with your Credit Card (CC), you can ultimately go through the ChargeBack process via your CC company.
  12. Yes all true, but the downside to this is that the seller has options on their side of the 'Returns' process to reject the claim and file a case against the buyer for attempting to return goods that were not those that the seller originally sent. The seller has protection too. @PeteDo as other advice here suggests, document everything. If eBay sides with the seller, go to your credit card company and ask for a ChargeBack on the grounds of the item sent to you being significantly different to how it was advertised. Then they (seller via PayPal) can argue with your credit card company.
  13. The details look right to me, with the exception to the rays coming off the sun. They don't seem very uniform in thickness and don't appear to come to a point like knitting needles. It might just be the photo though.
  14. They are different from the normal bullion versions. They are high gloss shine and limited mintage (by comparison). Are they worth it ........ are any RM coins actually worth what they are asking for them??
  15. I agree the correct minting is much nicer, but the collectors do like things out of the ordinary. As a side-note: Some have reported that the centre button is not complete in the gloss finish, on all mine they are perfect. The only thing out of the ordinary is the part behind the phoenix's head.