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  1. All gone now, I just looked
  2. you're very welcome :-)
  3. Today I took some RM proof Crowns out of storage to send to @Numistacker for NGC grading, two of those have spotted whilst in storage .... it's a shame, as they were two of the most attractive coins.
  4. And the winner is <drumroll> .... 19 - @Silvergun PM me your details and I'll send your two 1oz silver African Wildlife Series Elephants (2016 & 2017) ASAP. Congrats!!
  5. I'd like some graded please. I'll PM you.
  6. I bought 120 of these off Andy too a couple of weeks back, nice fitting capsules.
  7. @HelpingHands I am? How do I do that? LOL Can we use your random number draw gadget please, or I can quickly knock up a spreadsheet to get a random number. Please remember, though it's two coins, they are both going to the same one winner. So only draw one number please.
  8. You're very welcome, but weren't you also number 9? I know it's exciting, but I think you got a little carried away EDIT by MOD......Accidental duplicate fixed. MZ
  9. Excellent, thanks.
  10. I've got a few proof Crowns I might send for grading in your next batch @Numistacker Keep me posted on dates, etc, Cheers
  11. Yes eBay dealer prices are higher, because eBay fees are higher. Many of my customers keep buying from my eBay shop, even though I have pointed out that my prices are far lower on my own website, and the buyer protection is the same on my own website as it is via eBay (plus PayPal); yet they keep buying via eBay. You can lead a horse to water, etc.
  12. There are also many reputable dealers who have eBay shops. Please don't tar everyone with the same brush