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  1. Thanks, I've always thought of having these tiny coins slabbed, but was worried they were too small. Cheers
  2. We are glad you are pleased with the service from TJB PM. But who's Mike, my name's Keith?
  3. How small do they go? I have a nice Queen Victorian Silver Three-half-pence that's only 12mm
  4. for sale

    2 tubes of what? EDIT ..... Duh, just seen it.
  5. I think eBay removed that a while ago. eBay want to encourage new buyers, not discourage them if they are blocked from buying anything.
  6. You should consider making more of those 2oz silver bars, they were stunning.
  7. I saw the descriptions and all the photos (including any marks like that one unfortunate scratch) and feel it's a stunning set and I'd be happy to own it.
  8. hahah massive Scotch-Brite pad ..... and to think I'm worried about touching the coins too hard with a super-soft fluffy yellow duster!!
  9. My order arrived from EMK today, they truly are a stunning coin. I think they (and a batch os 1oz Swans) will be going off to Mr Numi for NGC grading.
  10. Question: How will you distinguish the numbers are a certain way up? i.e. 19 and not 61?
  11. I'm sort of disappointed nobody has asked for 69 yet .... so I'll take that ..... and any other two random numbers please for my personal stash. 3 bars total. Cheers
  12. Think I just wiped-out the EMK stock of these dragons Edit: Yup confirmed, EMK are now out of stock.
  13. Thanks €159 now
  14. I've exchanged a few emails with Eva from GS.be and I find her somewhat rude and dismissive. All I was asking was for product info that apparently wasn't displayed on their website FFS! Sheeeesh I'll still order from them though.