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    Oldun got a reaction from augur in Sunday night metal chat   
    Geertop 4 seasons tent. Complete with snow skirting.4 seasons tents are more likely to have condensation on the inside due to the temperature difference between inside and outside in the colder seasons. Letting the tent breathe to reduce the difference will lead to a drop in temperature somewhat inside so a well researched sleeping bag or other arrangement would be preferable. Also, having a footprint or groundsheet under the tent decreases the temperature difference between the ground temperature and inside temperature. 
    The footprint can also be used for picnics daytime and an extra roof, if necessary. The footprint is in the small black bag. The fly sheet also allows other items to be stored inside but not inside the tent section itself. NB always make sure the footprint is larger than the base area of your tent itself. That gives you an extra “porch” to put other items, boots etc. Having wet, sweaty clothes inside the tent increases moisture inside the tent (and the likelihood of condensation) and should be securely stuffed into a closed plastic bag, if kept inside.
    Also got tiny 12 hour candles that I may melt down and refashion and bacterial soap, aluminim foil and duct tape (duct tape is super super useful outdoors). Most regular soaps are not antibacterial. They just have an aroma. Choose wisely. Got a bunch more Onishi cook in the bag (all come with a spoon inside) meals and my mrs chucked in some stuff she has....whiskey and some other goodies I have yet to go through. Still more coming.
    Everything chucked in a big box to be separated into family or daddy weekends away and earthquake etc emergency stuff.

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    Oldun got a reaction from augur in Sunday night metal chat   
    Although, while we are at it....will go down to my mate’s place near the ocean and test drive everything.....and maybe get a surf in.....it has been a while......
    The biggest rookie error with this type of emergency/longterm camping is to not test everything before using it for real.....dont be a rookie
    And of course, set your own personal parameters....who is it for ? Why ? How long ? Lightweight portable or car/bike carried? Hybrid set up or just fun etc etc ? Each set up is as different as a fingerprint and serves different purposes.

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    Oldun got a reaction from augur in Sunday night metal chat   
    Here are my homemade briquets..... cotton wool teased wider and soaked in candle wax....ignore the box....those are wetlights

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    Oldun reacted to Pete in 400oz full stack pic   
    Absolutely right.
    Wouldn't it be nice to fly long-haul and be able to get out of your seat without climbing over your neighbours or order cocktails in a London or Paris bar without worrying about the cost ?
    I worked with a colleague many years ago who made so much money during the dot.com bubble that he paid for a week's trip to the International Space Station.
    He still had a lot left over for a rainy day.
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    Oldun reacted to SilverTanner in 400oz full stack pic   
    So true, but it would be nice to have the choice!
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    Oldun reacted to Pete in 400oz full stack pic   
    Also worrying about inheritance tax, probate, capital gains, lawyers fees, accountants advice, discretionary trusts, kids getting kidnapped and held to ransom - maybe even hurricanes in the Caribbean if you own your own island , yacht or private aircraft. How can you sleep at night with all this pressure ? Funny how native Indians living in the Amazon with no assets appear happy !
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    Oldun reacted to swAgger in 400oz full stack pic   
    Sucks to be wealthy. Nothing but worries and headaches of where to put it. Pleased i've dodged that bullet - effortlessly too!
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    Oldun reacted to swAgger in 400oz full stack pic   
    where to safely park both of those is something i'll never have to worry about either, unlike the OP. I think i remember seeing that pic one day, a yellow lamborghini wasn't it?
    'Relative' is exactly right.
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    Oldun reacted to Roy in 400oz full stack pic   
    I agree with both sides 
    I don't see gold as a great investment either, but as you say @swAgger, it's a lovely place to park some profit or disposable income.
    Would I 'park' 400oz worth? Nope, but then I don't own a Lamborghini either!
    It's all relative to your personal situation I guess. If you can, why not?!
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    Oldun reacted to swAgger in 400oz full stack pic   
    I hear you, and you mean from the point of returns on physical bullion strictly as investment. But look at it from a different perspective - with bullion as the result of your investments. What if you have already made a sizeable return from other higher risk investments. Bullion, then, for many is a safe haven for when you are exiting your previous investments, and you feel it's time to "park" those gains into something solid and safe.
    This is what some have done with cryptocurrency gains, for example, with direct exchange of crypto for bullion. Although the below-the-radar exchange of those profits then raises interesting questions about capital gains taxes and the avoidance of. But never mind that, going off topic there.
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    Oldun reacted to dixiesilvergirl in Sunday night metal chat   
    Those are awesome, I guess I nee to break out the bag and take a few photos too! Love seeing all the preps everyone is sharing
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    Oldun reacted to PansPurse in Sunday night metal chat   
    Milkless tea? I mean sure, technically, but then that's the difference between living versus just surviving
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    Oldun got a reaction from dixiesilvergirl in Sunday night metal chat   
    Doritos are stupid food (oh the humanity) but they could save your life one day as a firestarter
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    Oldun got a reaction from augur in Sunday night metal chat   
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    Oldun reacted to ilovesilverireallydo in Big Stack Smuggling   

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    Oldun reacted to Sovsaver in Today I Received   
    Spotted this and quickly decided to add a graded one to the half sov collection. Thanks to one of our superb forum friends.

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    Oldun reacted to MikeSol in Today I Received   
    A 1902 Half Sovereign Proof? 1889-S 1st Legend and 1887-M Sovereigns

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    Oldun reacted to JunkBond in Today I Received   
    Arrived two days ago but I have had manflu, the wife said "blimey you must be ill, you haven't opened your gold"
    1987 proof half sov from Atkinsons.

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    Oldun reacted to Chugnstack in Today I Received   
    Just another bullion sovereign. Fairly boring I suppose but such is the nature of day to day stacking.

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    Oldun reacted to CadmiumGreen in Today I Received   
    1902 Edward VII Matt Proof Gold Sovereign arrived today from Baldwin’s.

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    Oldun reacted to Norskgeld in Today I Received   
    1915 George V Half Sovereign from HGM

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    Oldun reacted to richatthecroft in Today I Received   
    Big thankyou to @pho for this glorious Libertad set and also very pleased with my purchase from Atkinsons of the 1/10 Britannia.  

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    Oldun reacted to Sovsaver in Today I Received   
    Just received from @MikeSol
    very pleasant half sov

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    Oldun reacted to JohnAnsink in Today I Received   
    2018 Perth Mint...I'm getting a few more. Maybe they are testing this and the Lunar III will be in this format. Hope.

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    Oldun reacted to Roy in Today I Received   
    Last week I received:

    Boxed, capsule and COA. HGM £245.75