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  1. Game of Thrones silver medal by the Royal Mint

    Solid gold dragon egg cracking slightly......with diamonds etc....now that's cooking with gas my friends or at least mke it cheesy kitsch by putting a hole in the silver coin so you can hang it on your neck by means of a manly chain revealing thick hairy chests and bulging disco like musclar pecks lol.....
  2. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    I think it is easier to send the mislabelled 2018 pf69 full sov back to NGC at personal cost for a full regrade plus conservation (might as well see if it can get up to a pf70 now, I suppose) The cost of having to send it across the planet back to numistacker (and then back again), just for a relabelling makes it pointless. I knew I was right about it being wrongly labelled back in December. I should have pushed harder at the time when I suspected something wasn't right. Now for some happy musc and surf
  3. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    No doubt in my mind that a mechanical mistake has been made. ONLY 1 pop PF70 1/2 sov registered as a "3 coin proof set" Mine (labelled as part of a set correctly) ONLY 1 pop PF69 1 sov registered as a "3 coin proof set" Mine (label has been buggered up as I said back in December) 96 pop PF70 2 sovs registered as a "3 coin proof set" One is mine (labelled as part of a set correctly)
  4. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    As I suspected, Watson.
  5. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Couldn't see the "set" designation on the latest video anywhere for the single sovereign....mechanical error....? I knew something was up at the time last December. That is a major pain in the derriere as they are on their way to me even though I raised my suspicions at the time. For those that dont know I live a looooong way from The UK and sending anything out of here is very difficult. I keep the boxes and coas of course so this is a big deal if I ever go to sell the set. No other 2018 3 coin sets have been graded on NGC, just mine. NGC have buggered it up.
  6. Today I Received

    Designed by a couple of youngsters, so to speak. A nice touch.Invest in the youth. Natasha Preece and Joseph Melia, both connected with Wales. The Royal wedding rings etc have always been crafted from Welsh Gold since...well, https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Welsh_gold I wear gold from the clogau mine ( not be be confused with the clogau gold company) due to my half welsh celtic roots. even visted the area https://museum.wales/roman/ for a visit and stayed at a magnificent b and b nearby....shame to see it is closed now due to retirement....a magnificent house. http://www.radfordhouse.co.uk/ Great pub food in the pub nearby and a spiritual silversmith in the nearby local alleyway. Roman ruins too.
  7. Today I Received

    Just nutmeg her and pick up the ball on the other side.
  8. Today I Received

    Crown and 65 inside the crown if you look closely.
  9. Game of Thrones silver medal by the Royal Mint

    They should do a coin from that tv series Downton Abbey....that would be a massive hit where I am....but better top notch gold coin only. 99 quid for a silver biscuit oblong thing.......with a huge cast list......they are aving a larf!
  10. Cant see the post as poster on my ignore list from a year or so ago due to inflammatory nonsense. But I can see the title of the thread. What rubbish. Some food colouring info though re hyperactivity. Just give your kids real food, not out of a packet..... https://www.food.gov.uk/science/additives/foodcolours
  11. Will gold hit $1,500 this year?

    Irrelevant question for many. Currently at or near and have been for a few years all time highs for many countries. Be happy if you are a yank and it isn't............and if it goes down, that means the good times are back ecomomically and politically. (need to hit the "all data" toggle to get the big picture) https://goldprice.org/gold-price-australia.html https://goldprice.org/gold-price-norway.html https://goldprice.org/gold-price-india.html https://goldprice.org/gold-price-japan.html https://goldprice.org/gold-price-russia.html https://goldprice.org/gold-price-south-africa.html https://goldprice.org/gold-price-uk.html
  12. £250 a month...

    Feel free to argue with a professional certified financial advisor then. 3:00 minute mark....2 months pay in a checking account and 3 months in a savings account.......but before that, clear all debt.
  13. £250 a month...

    If it is an emergency fund, then keep it in cash, surely ? You should always have 6 months’ worth of salary in cash for emergencies or “life events.” If you have that, then I would go with £50 cash, a half sov and the rest the cheapest uk silver coins you can get if you live in the uk.
  14. FED Rate impact

  15. Today I bought.....

    Wrong thread but better than gold or silver
  16. This website may help in general for all. https://www.accountancylive.com/tax
  17. new years resolution

    Time to ressurect this thread methinks (premium members forum)
  18. Today I Received

    Wanted to protect some shieldbacks from further erosion and a very nice result for the 1804 1/3 Guinea (only 17 ngc and pcgs in higher grades up to top graded ms64) and the 1/4oz Britannias. And another free ngc box thrown in for free Also got a free customised bag and a traditional box of cakes and sweets. They like me
  19. Today I Received

    Silver coins back from freezing at their current grades. Pretty ordinary but easy to store now.
  20. Does anyone know what NGC labels mean?

    https://www.ngccoin.com/pdf/details_grading_brochure.pdf DAMAGED is a catchall term used when the coin displays any form of destructive contact that may not be defined more precisely. This may be narrowed down a bit by specifying OBV DAMAGE, REV DAMAGE, RIM DAMAGE or EDGE DAMAGE.
  21. Today I Received

  22. Today I Received

    Paid for this almost 9 months ago and waited for this 250 limited 2017 silver libertad 7 coin proof set.....coa will be on its way soon, just took the option to get the coins first. Just walked in the door just now.
  23. Today I Received

    New Year’s Eve prezzie to myself
  24. Today I Received