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  1. Queen’s Award for Volunteer Service. Cmon you lot...get giving...... https://www.wearestreetlife.org/
  2. Chucked a tenner in. Come on you tight bastards...that isn’t even a couple of pints down the pub
  3. Proof Sovereign set without COA

    You could just sell the coins (or slab them and sell them) and then buy a complete set with the proceeds ? You mentioned you got them at a nice price so.....
  4. Ouch ! Be careful out there https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2018/mar/18/cryptocurrency-bitcoin-irs-tax For goodness’ sake, take care of your tax liabilities, even if you think you dont have to......the government can backdate according to the law it fell under at the time. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/cryptocurrencies (Disclosure - I dont own crypto anythings)
  5. Proof Sovereign set without COA

    Go find out how much it would cost you to get just a coa (and box if necessary.....usually they sell as a set) on fleabay....then find out the price of such a complete set under completed option on fleabay and you have your answer. Pretty simple really. Or fish around on forums and hope you get lucky if someone has slabbed their set and is willing to flog the coa.....
  6. Today I Received

    Got a set of each of the four made last year (think it was 4).....usa thing.....
  7. Today I Received

    Picked up a knob of butter...£16/oz delivered.
  8. @ChrisSIlver Moderators, can this be made a sticky for a while to keep it at the top ?
  9. That means this generation truly wont know the physical everyday origins of loads of English phrases from here on in....wow, there is the turn of of an industrial sized wheel ! ”spend a penny” penny for your thoughts” penny farthing bicycle etc.... I cant help but be reminded of the ancient greeks.....when they came to an amount that was too big for them to bother with or encompass as a concept, they just said, “a lot” lol...or as we now have it from their word, “a myriad.” Are we getting there soon......we went from a billion to a quadrillion pretty quickly.
  10. Today I Received

    Three months getting graded......nice results, both respectively top of ngc and pcgs populations.... 2016 and 2017 1/4 onza Libertads

    Yep, pre ordered months ago.

    You got more rabbit than Sainsburys.....lol.....

    Wait til Paddington Bear comes out......
  14. The government has no option going forward....even if labor were in.....the total debt plus annual interest is too much to be contained by eternal 10 year bonds (ious plus interest)...this is beyond politics....and as a succession of governments since the 90s have borrowed on the people credit card to get into power by having access to free bond (ious) and promise everything and anything, at some point, it doesnt matter what any politician says, right or left....it is simply a matter of maths......often over borrowing and the good times leads to a rise in minority rights...womens rights a hundred years ago.....again womens rights and the youth/gay rights in the sixties.....and again in the 2010s with womens rights/gay/transgender etc etc accompanied/followed by war....and what happened after the good times rolled ? So really, who cares what a left right upside down or whatever politician says ? as the yanks say....money talks, bullshit walks...the private sector has the moolah and the worldwide govs aint got no money and wont be able to borrow any more soon enough and guess who will cop it ? Coz you took the good times for granted and voted in left and right to suit your own needs and to hell with the future.......worse they (we) owe it plus an increasing interest rate....

    Post of the week
  16. How great are Hatton garden metals?

    That is how you make new customers.
  17. Hello from Ireland

  18. Greetings all!

  19. Today I Received

    Haha....loading up on all the sov related unusual year images I see numis Another under buy back from the missus....£942 no postage
  20. Sunday night metal chat

    Get this. It is tiny and has amazing ability to light up the whole room. It is laughable how well this produces light either as a lantern or a flashlight. If you do nothing else, get this and a mora knife. That is an apple mouse and a cap from a regular sized plastic bottle. It is silly small and when I turned the lights out in a big room and turned this puppy on, I literally had no words.....astonishing. On full whack, this thing would blind a bear, if needed.....and the lantern setting lights up an entire room let alone a tent. The lantern (just like the torch) can be dimmed but the cool thing with the lantern part is that it dims one half so if you face the lit half away from you towards a wall, it leaves a great light for sleeping. http://www.goalzero.com/p/378/lighthouse-micro-flash-usb-rechargeable-lantern
  21. Sunday night metal chat

    Very true. My wee one is still too small to be able to grasp basic stuff (not quite 3) and will be teaching her those skills as the years go by. Will also teach her ocean skills as well.
  22. Sunday night metal chat

    Geertop 4 seasons tent. Complete with snow skirting.4 seasons tents are more likely to have condensation on the inside due to the temperature difference between inside and outside in the colder seasons. Letting the tent breathe to reduce the difference will lead to a drop in temperature somewhat inside so a well researched sleeping bag or other arrangement would be preferable. Also, having a footprint or groundsheet under the tent decreases the temperature difference between the ground temperature and inside temperature. The footprint can also be used for picnics daytime and an extra roof, if necessary. The footprint is in the small black bag. The fly sheet also allows other items to be stored inside but not inside the tent section itself. NB always make sure the footprint is larger than the base area of your tent itself. That gives you an extra “porch” to put other items, boots etc. Having wet, sweaty clothes inside the tent increases moisture inside the tent (and the likelihood of condensation) and should be securely stuffed into a closed plastic bag, if kept inside. Also got tiny 12 hour candles that I may melt down and refashion and bacterial soap, aluminim foil and duct tape (duct tape is super super useful outdoors). Most regular soaps are not antibacterial. They just have an aroma. Choose wisely. Got a bunch more Onishi cook in the bag (all come with a spoon inside) meals and my mrs chucked in some stuff she has....whiskey and some other goodies I have yet to go through. Still more coming. Everything chucked in a big box to be separated into family or daddy weekends away and earthquake etc emergency stuff.
  23. Sunday night metal chat

    Although, while we are at it....will go down to my mate’s place near the ocean and test drive everything.....and maybe get a surf in.....it has been a while...... The biggest rookie error with this type of emergency/longterm camping is to not test everything before using it for real.....dont be a rookie And of course, set your own personal parameters....who is it for ? Why ? How long ? Lightweight portable or car/bike carried? Hybrid set up or just fun etc etc ? Each set up is as different as a fingerprint and serves different purposes.
  24. Sunday night metal chat

    Here are my homemade briquets..... cotton wool teased wider and soaked in candle wax....ignore the box....those are wetlights