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  1. http://www.perthmintbullion.com/blog/blog/15-01-05/Perth_Mint_Tackles_Milk_Spot_Issue.aspx
  2. @morezoneCan see both your photos on ipad
  3. I put the phone down on LPM today after they called me up to try to apologise again whilst saying tough. First and last time I will use them. I am sure there are worse but this two man HK operation led by a South Africa accented guy is amongst them. My recommendation is dont use them. South African Mint has just proved to the world what shoddy work they do. Amateur time from start to finish with the bu and proof farce.
  4. A message to The South African Mint NSFW with swearing in it for the tender eared.
  5. I received mine several weeks ago and it is absolutely a SA Mint packaging issue. Only thing saving this coin is the fact it is a design first.... If yours havent been sent yet, absolutely get the coin sent separately from the box and wrapped tightly as the capsule isnt the greatest either.
  6. Another Peter Rabbit 2016 1/4 oz 9999 commissioned order. This one will be making the trip with me to The UK for a friend.
  7. Chick at the top looks like she's been hit in the face by the dude with the shovel and the chick sitting down is asking her to behave. Dude/chick with the shovel is doing a "whatcha gonna do about it then" face while the lion is just so fed up with the lot of them as ax chick plots the slaughter of the lot of them and chick standing 2 feels the lion's pain.
  8. Wow, she has made old queenie a real old fashioned either Roman, Jewish or Fagin type nose.....yikes ! and the dragon has a chicken leg ready for grilling and the front legs are simply disturbing. Don't like it at all. This is the original idea of "being famous for nothing" so prevalent in the media these days. I could write an essay on what I find dreadful about this design. Just my opinion and for the price they are asking, simply breathtakingly poor.
  9. To be honest, that isnt hard.
  10. Making the pre 2013 britannia 958 silver and plainfields look better day by day
  11. The Mint did not put them into pendants. Some sales marketing company did fyi just to clarify.
  12. The reason for this is it was a commissioned mintage from a RM client (mailed the RM but they wouldn't tell me who) overseas where many/some have already been put into pendants and are being sold online for up to £1,300 and the coin is a proof. I would love to know what kind of people are buying it like that and invite them over to tea ! The boxed coa coins are still pricey (forget spot prices if you buy this) but less expensive than the pendanted (is that a word?) versions being marketed. One small mistake in my original post is that the proof coin is 9999 not 999 and the coin is an unbelievable perfect fit in its capsule. Not a hint of a noise....at least, not the one I received.
  13. Welcome to the honest side.
  14. Not cheap in original box etc but hey, whacha gonna do......rarest of any form of this official 2016 design. Period. Rare as rockinghorse ****
  15. Nobody has well nobody here or in 99% of the known universe.
  16. And here it is..a 2016 999 1/4oz gold proof, mintage 500 and 100 % less than that as some have already been put in necklaces........Good luck finding this on the RM website.
  17. Some info https://goldsovereignexpert.com/info/queens-fifth-portrait-unveiled-by-the-royal-mint/
  18. That reminds me. My daughter was born just two months before Princess Charlotte and yup, you guessed it.......2015 cost me a fortune...... birth coin, christening coin proofs, 2015 4th and 5th portrait gold sov proofs (very very rare event to have two different portraits on a sovereign coin in the same year)
  19. Been giving my godchildren a silver 2012 silver Britannia each every time they have a birthday or Xmas. Had a silver commemorative hand poured (mixed and refined for 999 purity with coins melted down from the year they were each born in) and engraved for both my Mum and Dad - one each, boxed and COA. Received a Mappin and Webb gold engraved and hallmarked Armada dish - lovely object.
  20. Never too old or young to start learning https://coins.thefuntimesguide.com/cleaned-coins/