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  1. Gold Libertad 2017 mintages?

  2. Gold Libertad 2017 mintages?

    It will be interesting to see what the final mintage is. Either way, I got my annual 1/4 bu gold oz purchase and the 7 coin silver proof set (250 set mintage), so am not influenced one way or the other without spending too much or entering a speculative guessing game. The Mexican Mint has never released mintages in advance, other than sets as far as I am aware.
  3. Gold Libertad 2017 mintages?

    So not one single member here thinks it odd that on the Mint's own website, it says that 361 1/10th bu coins were minted in July alone despite posts suggesting the mintage is 300 ? They even double down with a link to a graph.
  4. Gold Libertad 2017 mintages?

    Anyone fancy trying to figure out these two ? http://www.banxico.org.mx/SieInternet/consultarDirectorioInternetAction.do?sector=11&accion=consultarCuadro&idCuadro=CM12&locale=en http://www.banxico.org.mx/SieInternet/consultarDirectorioInternetAction.do?sector=11&accion=consultarCuadro&idCuadro=CM11&locale=en
  5. 2017 UK Bicentenary Piedfort Sovereign

    I would send them back and keep going. Send ever demanding emails and start to suggest you will contact their superiors at The Mint if this poor service continues. There is a list of hierarchy on the Mint website. Keep going. Make them concede, not you, otherwise nothing will ever change. Persistent determination. Or, get a refund on two and keep going with one but dont give in.
  6. August 2017 Premium Member Prize Draw

    Yep, same here. Cannot participate
  7. I go to my lcs and get them to send off. It takes 3-4 months for them to come back and I have 8 that I sourced locally in the system at the moment, as well as one with numistacker (as i am not based in the uk, it is so helpful to be able to send uk bought products to numistacker if I fancy getting them graded).
  8. Gold Libertad 2017 mintages?

    For those serious libertad collectors, it is well know that mintages vary wildly throughout the years and are never announced in advance. That has been the joy of these coins but now it seems this mint has been experiencing a bit more love in the last couple of years. The Mexican Mint has always done it this way and as I said, they have never changed their system of unpredictability. Newbies and speculators will be confused by this.
  9. July 2017 Premium Member Prize Draw

    Nicely. Please let it be my turn next
  10. Gold Libertad 2017 mintages?

    Snuck in last weekend under the radar and snagged a 1/4 oz bu. Also bought a 2017 7 coin silver proof set (250 set mintage) to go with the previous years which was ordered and paid for months and months ago but is only just about to start shipping. Also got the very rare 1982/3 proof set with the 1oz proof a year or so ago for a very reasonable $500 or so. Strange beast, Libertad collecting. http://donbailey-mexico.com/libertad_mintages.shtml
  11. Lucky fellas, I should have joined.
  12. That is good discipline. Well done. We are about to rent out our place as my family needs a slightly bigger place for the next few years and we have found a place to rent in the nearby area for almost the same amount as what we will be getting in rent from our place. Owning your own property gives you much more flexibility. It also frees up the pennies to handle any unforeseen things that life throws at everyone sometimes. Good luck with the coming year and do update
  13. Gold Libertad 2017 mintages?

    JM Bullion currently has all bu sizes but only ship within The US
  14. Today I received.....

    This one is coming home with me too. Finally get to see what I ordered in the flesh from the ever reliable @arshimo2012 a couple of months ago and at a wee discount from the RM price to go with the 3 coin premium set, sotd and piedfort. Sorry for the rubbish photos as usual.
  15. Proofs or these bu non pm uncs https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/172795222450?chn=ps&dispItem=1&adgroupid=47119442607&rlsatarget=pla-326789569815&abcId=1128926&adtype=pla&merchantid=115096348&poi=&googleloc=9045004&device=t&campaignid=856227598&crdt=0&ul_ref=http%3A%2F%2Frover.ebay.com%2Frover%2F1%2F710-134428-41853-0%2F2%3Fmpre%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Fwww.ebay.co.uk%252Fi%252F172795222450%253Fchn%253Dps%2526dispItem%253D1%26itemid%3D172795222450%26targetid%3D326789569815%26device%3Dt%26adtype%3Dpla%26googleloc%3D9045004%26poi%3D%26campaignid%3D856227598%26adgroupid%3D47119442607%26rlsatarget%3Dpla-326789569815%26abcId%3D1128926%26merchantid%3D115096348%26gclid%3DEAIaIQobChMIjcfNk-zO1QIVBOAbCh3kmA6JEAQYASABEgIxjfD_BwE%26srcrot%3D710-134428-41853-0%26rvr_id%3D1280947188639
  16. Today I received.....

    better picture with mappin and webb mark included
  17. Today I received.....

    The limited edition armada dish and forum bars will be coming home with me. Hallmark homework for those who want to do some research. What does each mark signify ?
  18. Prince Philip Retirement Coin

    There is collecting, investing, stacking, aesthetics, flipping, holding, rational, irrational and many many more facets to all this but if you talk to people about it, they just roll their eyes up and you can see them putting you in their, "Do not invite to next party" mind folder....lol
  19. Prince Philip Retirement Coin

    Fear and greed exist in the coin world as much as the stockmarket. These types of coins are purely for collecting. For me, it is because I like the design, just like buying a painting or a good book.
  20. Prince Philip Retirement Coin

    I bought a silver one. Sterling silver so no fear of spotting. Portrait is a smashing throwback to a bygone era and I like the connection between the designer/artist and the portrait and the classic 1937 design. Nice touch. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Humphrey_Paget http://www.royalmintmuseum.org.uk/history/people/artists/humphrey-paget/index The portrait of George VI Following the abdication in December 1936, Paget alone was commissioned to prepare the uncrowned effigy urgently required for coins and medals of George VI. If there were doubts about this course of action, Paget dispelled them brilliantly, for in a little more than a month he produced what has been described as the classic coinage head of the 20th century. Simple, unaffected, well-balanced, it was as near perfect from a technical point of view as the Royal Mint could have hoped for. More than any other design it may be said to typify Paget’s work and is almost certainly the design which he himself regarded as his best. Later commissions Paget’s most productive period followed the Second World War. Some of his many commissions are detailed below. Coins for Bolivia, British Caribbean Territories, Central African Federation, Iraq, Isle of Man, Jordan, New Zealand, Nigeria, South Arabia, Southern Rhodesia, Uruguay and Western Samoa Seals for the Central African Federation, the South Arabian Currency Authority and the National Coal Board Medals for the Victoria Numismatic Society, the Society of Chemical Industry and the Royal Society of Medicine Particular mention deserves to be made of his head of Faisal II for the Iraq coinage, for which the schoolboy king gave sittings at Harrow, and of the reverse design for the Southern Rhodesia crown of 1953 which incorporated so many diverse elements in a space of only 35mm that it must be considered a design triumph. Another that should be counted among his best is a medallic portrait of the Duke of Edinburgh, his last major commission. Undoubtedly Paget ranks as one of the most prolific and outstanding of the Royal Mint’s panel of artists during the first half of the 20th century.
  21. Today I received.....

    ....and the 2017 coin is not one a gentleman would use.....:)
  22. 200 Anniversary "Strike on the day" Sovereign

    Gotta love the poor spelling ! Thank you for your email, STRIKE ON THE DAY SOVERIGN The strike on the day sovereign were struck straight out of packet which meant they did not go through a burnish process The operator wore a face mask, gloves and finger cots They were given out to the press in batches of 100 We had three operators using three S&K presses Tonnage , One strike at 750 and two strikes at 800 Amount of strikes Three in total Inspection by operator at the press They were then put on to trays and given to another operator who encapsulated them, They were then given to two operators to pack in to presentation boxes, All operators started work at 12am on the 1st July to ensure that the job would be complete and all 1817 coin were complete by 11.59pm on the 1st July 13 pairs of die’s were prepared in readiness for this job so no cleaning was required. Kind Regards Customer Service
  23. Britannia 2017 release date?

    @Kman Give it a go Kman...apply..go on http://www.royalmint.com/aboutus/jobs/freelance-artists-and-illustrators looks like the RM is going full retard - does this mean they are opening the floodgates to a a gabillion different "one off special" designs ? Time will tell.