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  1. Any photos of the actual coin front and back ?
  2. Do the Chinese allow managers to be foreign ?
  3. Finally released today and 22% of the 10000 straight out the door on orders from people who ordered last December/Jan (before getting a mail saying the release was delayed until now).
  4. Ordered one last year from the mint and got a mail saying due to be sent out early feb....nothing yet.....they must be busy punting out sapphires and silver beasts ?
  5. for sale

    Always a good idea to include payment methods.
  6. Leicester should have let the players that wanted to leave, leave. That was their mistake.....that and an aging defense in my opinion. West Ham rightly got rid of a dressing room destroying twat in Payet and have been on a tear ever since
  7. Yep. Had some custom silver work done last summer. Excellent communication and very pleased with the results. Super bloke and his missus does some superb art work too.
  8. http://www.powercoin.it/en/cit-coin-invest-trust/2520-historic-guy-fawkes-mask-ii-anonymous-v-for-vendetta-1-oz-black-proof-silver-coin-5-cook-islands-2017.html Second in the series
  9. Beautifully crafted piece by @GoldBenj and just in time to give to my better half.
  10. You want to give those fellas necks, bodies, legs and arms....terrific work.
  11. Gold Confiscation, Surrender, or Exchange? The American gold coin dealers who try to scare their customers into buying more expensive older pre'1933 gold coins usually talk about "confiscation" when referring to the Executive Order 6102 of 3rd April 1933.We believe the use of the word confiscation is a deliberately misleading exaggeration . It is clear from the wording of the Act that the gold was not confiscated, but had to be sold or exchanged at the then current market value.We also note that may articles appear to state that Roosevelt made holding gold illegal in the USA. This is untrue. The various Executive Orders and Acts allowed each person to hold up to 5 troy ounces of gold, and made exemptions for gold coins of numismatic interest or rarity. It was only illegal to hold gold bullion in excess of five troy ounces. Most families and households would have been able to re-allocate and share out gold holdings in excess of 5 ounces per person, for example a family of 5 would be able to hold up to 25 ounces between them, plus "rarities". Five ounces is worth over $6,500 at current (2010) price levels, and 25 ounces over $30,000. Only a very small number of individuals would have been forced to exchange their gold. Most private gold holdings would not have been publicly known, and many more individuals may have easily chosen to keep their gold holdings concealed, or possibly simply designated excess holdings as being of numismatic interest or with rarity value. https://taxfreegold.co.uk/confiscation.html
  12. Confiscation in its total sense ? No, Maloney has got it wrong. Did it curtail buying post 1817 gold coins and sent such privately held coins underground or into the melting pot..yep.
  13. Exchange Control Act 1966 to 1971On 19th April, 1966, the Exchange Control Act came into effect. From this date it became illegal for UK residents to continue to hold more than four gold coins dated after 1817, or to buy any gold coins unless they applied for and were granted a collectors licence from the Bank of England. This was implemented by a 1966 amandment to the Exchange Control Act, 1947. The Dealers, ourselves included had to obtain a dealers licence. It came at a time when interest in collecting all kinds of British coins was blooming in anticipation of decimalisation in 1971. The licensing had the effect of stifling the burgeoning market among new collectors, many of whom started collecting pennies from change. They could no longer graduate to gold coins, as they had to already have a gold coin collection in order to qualify for a licence. https://taxfreegold.co.uk/banksotherbritishdealers.html
  14. Hello. Take your time and dont be afraid to ask for advice....all of us have been at the start line at some point.
  15. 1991 and 1994 1/10 Britannia proofs from @Ollie1016
  16. The national healthcare and pension system was set up to look after those affected by WW2. Families lost workng members, soldiers came home to no jobs or were wounded and unable to work etc. Children lost parents or were wounded. It was never designed to look after those not affected directly by the war. People fail to understand this. I give you 100 quid and say I will see you in 50 years.....make sure it does not lose its purchasing power......do you know how hard that is ? In an environment of 80 years with a country starting from scratch, it was possible but only for the lifetime of those for whom it was designed. We are witnessing the end of 80 years of socialism.
  17. Some discussion https://www.cointalk.com/threads/holy-ngc-just-took-pcgs-behind-the-woodshed.289663/
  18. Who grades the graders ? I know that computer programmes are being worked on to autograde.