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  1. These just arrived. Surprisingly nice for simple Royal Mint rounds. 15 quid each landed.
  2. Foreseeing a mad rush bullmarket ? RM out of gold to sell or protecting what they have, cutting into other dealers' market share, Brexit ......or just another way to make money ? Who the heck knows ?
  3. No drama. Criticism, if meant well, is to be encouraged otherwise Orwell was right !...and anyway, if you hated that coin, you are really going to hate the next one that walks in the door Keep the opinions coming steve. They are valued. Im a big boy, I have me big boy pants on
  4. Wow sovsteve....you are in a bad mood today If I was your cat, Id be hiding today from getting a kicking......I was quite happy with my new addition to my collection til your comments - really takes the fun out of posting here....oh well. 12 quid.
  5. Believe me, there are dealers out here making off like flint....where do you think I got that 700 quid price from ?
  6. That would be interesting indeed, to see if a shieldback worked in silver. Anyone here fancy a crack at it @GoldBenj and a sojourn at her majesty's pleasure in one of her fine hotels ? The oak and laurels have specific meaning so it is not just aesthetic only., although I do take your point. You like a big old shield front and centre and nothing encircling it. In a couple of decades, they might look great......bit like Ethel as a name....
  7. Indeed, I like it when opinion is divided and there is doubt on official coins such as these and despite them being sold out....and quickly too. I could sell this tomorrow where I am for over 700 quid easily. Would I ? No. I wish to enjoy it as part of a collection.
  8. Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. Interesting how some love shield backs coat of arms yet not others in the same vein.
  9. These pics seriously do not do the presentation box and quality of the coin justice. The coat of arms side stands out (literally) from the coin in a quite mesmerising fashion. It is. 5ozer so also has quite some presence....and £10.
  10. It has been a while since a modern coin blew my socks of but wow, this one just has 2017 5oz £10 Sapphire silver proof coin...sorry for the poor pics, dark here and the had to share and safely tuck away back in the box before the wee one got her mucky paws on it. Trust me, this coin is stunning. No imperfections so worry not about anything you see in the pics following. Leather plush lid and given some serious box presentation love...A little bit blown away 1700 mintage designed by the fella who designed the round pound. Picture below is the outer outer box it came in not the certificate. Impressive.
  11. Just as well you don't make the rules then
  12. I prefer this set up obviously as a contributor to the forum we use.
  13. So does that mean you only sell domestically ?
  14. Now that is a good idea....gold members first dibs, then premium then regular members.
  15. That was my initial impression marking negatively rather than hopingly...will you be sending it in to see ?
  16. Any chance of a better shot of the old gal's chin ?
  17. is the right answer.....and don't forget the pensions that are getting beaten up. You are looking at destitution levels.
  18. Import tax (if they find em is 5% not 8% The 8% is for all and anything bought within the country, flat rate.
  19. Just happened to come across this much to my surprise. Currently Piggy-backing an order I had with them so will get a look at it in a couple of weeks hopefully.
  20. ........and here I was thinking we had special access to Chris' gold vault
  21. Add ons......
  22. Lol, beware the ides of March
  23. Indeed, that I did mention myself earlier in the thread. I think I may not have made myself clear enough. I am only asking people to forget the coin, ALL coins and just focus on the wording.
  24. So The reality is that these designations are here to stay if there is a market for them (as there appears to be at the moment anyway) so we all might as well get used to it or ignore it. To each their own. Obviously, it takes years to become good at learning how to grade and as it is commonly said, buy the coin not the holder. This Krugerrand offering is stirring up a lot of positive and mostly negative opinions online, since release due entirely to the price for the mintage announced. It will be fascinating to see how the actual coin fares as a first ever produced silver coin (as well as being a first ever 1 Rand denominated PM coin). The market will always decide of course.
  25. Thank you for that but I was asking which of the two terminologies people prefer, not the coin.