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  1. Minting first and a gorgeous design. No brainer from an historic and aesthetic point of view.
  2. 800 for the p and 525 for the smooth edged. from the RM. I expect a quick sell out of these but we'll see.
  3. I'm in for the piedfort and the smooth edged 2017 sovereign....1000 of those apparently.
  4. Potential interest here. You do realise that after this version, the next one has to be either 250 or 300, then 500 and finally a 1kg......then you really would be a mint........it would be quite the journey.......
  5. Was informed my two arrived safely. Thanks BYB.
  6. Really ? The algorythmns have fed this as front page interest based on....algorythms!! I give up...peak stupidity....I hope...you really switch off the smartphone idiot tubes you may hold.....seriously who givs a ****.... http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-40337450
  7. I'm out. UK election thread is finished.
  8. Oh indeed. My neck of the woods and a long long history.... http://www.formans.co.uk/home.php
  9. This guy is part of the ukcolumn....so no you are reading some weird **** if you are quoting ukcolumn..and dont forget the freedom of information act and your local library are the best areas to actually find out raw data for oneself and do the yards. http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Brian_Gerrish
  10. or a copper standing on his head
  11. I urge everyone to use this site and also to donate a few quid, if so inclined. Been using these stand up folks since they started. https://fullfact.org
  12. A kilogram of sliced lean Scottish Salmon for my Dad for Fathers Day delivered.
  13. 15,000 minimum will go as that is what the lowest mintage is (2016 rabbit) and what is needed to keep the full collection going/ That much you can take to the bank.
  14. David Davis, the Brexit secretary, says his government still plans to take the UK out of the Single Market despite claims that the election result could lead to a softer Brexit. He tells Today: "[In the EU referendum] the people voted for three things: control of borders, control of laws, control of money. You can't deliver that inside the Single Market. "So you try and have the best possible access from outside the Single Market." He also says the UK can still walk away without a deal if what the EU offers isn't good enough. http://www.bbc.com/news/live/business-40244356
  15. Soft vs hard amongst the sarcasm, some decent nuggets
  16. Some good observations
  17. It is neo marxism pure and simple. You will all agree because we tell you to and will enforce everyone being the same (thinly disguised under the fake title of "diversity"and anyone who disagrees with us will be punished. It is for your own good. I have two words for that and the second word is 'off'
  18. Ta. Got bored of the regular 2oz silver bullion beasts and happy to overpay for this version. Got em all so far. Purely personal. Nothing to do with money.
  19. https://cointelegraph.com/news/irs-to-shake-up-taxes-on-virtual-currencies-such-as-bitcoin-changes-imminent
  20. I am old enough to have been here before. But the debt and changing world (a million Chinese alone, let alone India etc. leave university with engineering degrees every year for example - that wasn't the case 40 years ago) this time is on a whole new level of stupid.
  21. This is the problem. Extend and pretend. Bread and circuses. Well we have it....if anyone tells the truth, they wont get into power. If you extend and pretend, you get to rule the circus and dish out bread for a while even while the whole thing is clearly a lie. Everyone knows but no one is saying and I include the media in this too.
  22. Good points and dont forget how enormously underfunded public pensions are. That is a huge car crash waiting to happen....and student loans.....hanging on til mummy and daddy leave them a house in their will in 1-30 years time.....who is going to buy all these large family houses ? Old people will be downsizing at the same time to pay rising hospital bills and make up the difference in a lowering pension.....etc etc