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  1. @Numistacker Might be a good idea to put up a time you will be removing them from sale here.....never know, it might nudge an ummer and arrer.....
  2. Someone please explain this to me

    Supply demand. That is basic economics...Too many supplied and not enough demand.....
  3. Numi mentioned he was after a set of coins at the top of the thread......oooooh the mystery deepens Good luck in your endeavours Numi.....
  4. Silver Deals.....

    Indeed.....early morning when I posted...........well early for me and my served croissants and coffee with salad and grilled fish.....
  5. Silver Deals.....

    None available....lol
  6. https://protected.fscs.org.uk/About-FSCS/
  7. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milled_coinage
  8. 2018 proof Sovereign - 65th coronation "crown privy"

    Sotd brexit coin of some kind coming for 2019.....you just know it...
  9. 2018 proof Sovereign - 65th coronation "crown privy"

    Similar pattern to the 2017..... So much history being made by the coin, the Quuen and Phil and The UK right now.....
  10. 2018 proof Sovereign - 65th coronation "crown privy"

    So @1500odd left at the rm out of 10,000 or so single sets in a short time. Not bad. @400 left of the 3 coin set @100 or so of the 3 coin premium set A few of the 5 coin set so out of just under 14,000 1 sovereigns made in total, about 2000 remain at the RM..in any set..looking good....the double and quintuplets looking good too......@120 doubles and afew quintuplets only left at RM
  11. The Lion, the Brit, and the Camera

    Lighting still needs a bit more work, if you don’t mind some constructive criticism. Wonderful journey and fast learning curve...enjoy
  12. Today I Received

    This just arrived.
  13. Platinum Wedding Anniversary SOTD Sovereign

    Without even being able to check the quality of the coin.....weird world now with these ngc etc demands of not opening....dont blame them, it is the only way they even have a hope of authenticating and even then, it is extremely iffy. Just a bit unfortunate on the buyer if they want them graded in order to authenticate.