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  1. One of our very own members here kindly shared an excel sheet. I've tried to attach. Hope it works. I've had trouble downloading it. Stack Spreadsheet.ods
  2. https://donbailey-mexico.com/libertad_mintages.shtml Widely regarded as the definitive Libertad man.
  3. She is a cracker.
  4. Walk in......walk out. PR70 Deep Cameo 500th Anniversary 1989 £2 Double Sovereign. Population 5. 1/2, full and double in the collection now. I must say, I think the double shows off the design so much better and has tremendous eye appeal. Of its type, this is as good as it gets. fyi, pcgs uses deep cameo and ngc uses ultra cameo, so in that sense there is a total population of 27 (ngc 22 ultra cameo/pcgs 5 deep cameo)
  5. Already done it this year for The US private customer so they had the die ready to go for the silver one, that's for sure but no fractals so i think that's a non starter to be honest. Or, they go with any of the dies for any of the coins they have got from the past for both silver and gold (including fractals), which could be one of dozens so gawd knows in that case....and all bets are off....roll the dice. If they do, though, it will piss off some collectors who thought the numbers were fixed.....OR, they could pick and mix from the years gone kinda like you do with sweets - that'd be fun to be honest, In my bones, I still think it will be the standard classic Britannia and Trident with shield but Lizzie seems to either be teasing us with the "different" or it actually is. Time will tell and Lizzie aint telling
  6. Reeded edge this time ? Resurrection of the 1997 with incuse for the silver ? Couple of weeks to go....wonder what it'll be ?
  7. Glad you followed the lead. Well done. Now to go buy shares in boxing and green plastic popcorn making companies because I think The RM is about to get its arse slapped with lots of requests for proper packaging.
  8. We have a winner http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4700752/Royal-Mint-executive-claimed-45-000-expenses.html
  9. https://tax.thomsonreuters.com/media-resources/news-media-resources/checkpoint-news/daily-newsstand/bitcoin-seeks-recognition-from-u-s-gaap/ “If you can’t get an audit, you can’t go public, so it’s a major hurdle,” she said.
  10. 1989 500th Anniversary Double Sovereign PF70 Deep Cameo. Only 5 graded Deep Cameo PF70 on the planet so quite excited about this one. Pick it up Wednesday - that gets me the half, full and double now. The full is a PF69 and the half is PF68 and were both bought raw a few years ago and graded a year or two after, so not unhappy with the gradings I got for them at the time. To have chanced upon a PF70 Deep Cameo as I was surfing some old haunts on the net was a bit of luck and it was a national holiday, so most hunters would have been on holiday, I'd like to think. Will flog a few standard bullion pieces to subsidize and consolidate.
  11. It may well be where we are getting to the point where actual old school physical letters are needed to be sent to The Head of The Royal Mint rather than emails which can be easily robo answered by robo supposed managerial customer service staff ? Don't complain to the customer service managers. Give fair warning that you will complain directly to THEIR boss. And if nothing happens, complain to their boss and so on....I would say The Executive Management as they are responsible for day to day, the Head of which is Adam Lawrence and then work up to The Board of Directors if necessary http://www.royalmint.com/aboutus/board-of-directors http://www.royalmint.com/aboutus/corporate-governance/supervisory-board-terms-of-reference http://www.royalmint.com/aboutus/directors http://www.royalmint.com/aboutus/corporate-governance/executive-management-team-terms-of-reference http://www.royalmint.com/aboutus/chiefexecutive
  12. I really hope people who had to send their coins back get made whole. I don't mean financially. I mean the RM can actually replace the coin with good ones, properly packaged (make sure you request better packaging if they do offer the replacement - don't wait for the coin to arrive back at The RM. mail them ahead of time, so you don't get caught out twice !). Let us all know how it goes. And I have just sent off a very harshly worded email asking why no emails of despatch had been sent to me for the two items I received on Saturday. How would I have known if they had gone missing or been held ? I would not even known they had been despached ! It is an appalling oversight and have demanded an explanation or I will be speaking to their seniors.
  13. 100% agree. This type of packaging is the minimum level to be expected, not an email "requested" special level. People are spending some serious moolah and The Royal Mint need a serious rocket up their backside from all their customers.