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  1. Mine wasnt loose thank goodness. I just popped the lid a little for the photo but I can see how it could come loose in transit. I would advise anyone buying to ask the seller to have the coin capsule taped or firmly secured somehow.
  2. Sourced locally for a not stupid price. Small card on the left is a disclaimer saying the mint takes no responsibility if the capsule has been tampered with.....so if you buy one, video yourself opening it from sealed as proof in case the capsule comes loose. It is not a screw capsule just a push down one
  3. Typo of course.....and juggling a 2 year old at the same time !
  4. Surprise surprise, mcm reloa their gun with more 70s first release black holder krugs now back up to 149 pieces. The algorithmic force is strong with this one...
  5. Terrific Sunday read https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2017-03-09/how-to-become-an-international-gold-smuggler?utm_source=digg&utm_medium=email https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-03-16/gold-company-manager-charged-in-vast-peruvian-smuggling-scheme
  6. A now very old chestnut
  7. Not quite following your english there steve. edit...yes it really does...but graded in the first 30 days after the 70s in various forms etc have gone out....teehee hee...that my friend is called a parabolic top... theyve seen the popularity of the "first release" name and punched it through creating yet another layer of bullshit grade as a first. This has got algorythm behind their set up written all over it...not even human so everyone is wasting their time complaining...coz the computer doesnt care This is pure mathematic algorythm imho...they cant lose because the "they" isnt human and doesnt need money
  8. More follow through on my thesis on wording psychology and colours. At the 70 level, black holder and wording first release is clearly the preferred buy.
  9. Lol...even looks like the case they have put them in will rattle the living heck out of the coins too. Have we reached a peak moment with these now ? I think this marketing effort for these rolls is it!
  10. I was initially thinking of chasing an all ms70 set having got lucky with a lion 1/4 oz off the shelf being graded 70 but I have since refocussed and will maybe sell the lion once the whole series has been issued and those who have chased need my ms70 lion to complete their collection....something like that.
  11. https://www.moderncoinmart.com/2017-great-britain-1-4-oz-gold-queens-beasts-the-dragon-25-coin-ngc-ms70-er-exclusive-great-britain-label.html 16 left of the 70s
  12. Just spent 100 bucks on a good meal with good friends. Coins are inanimate. 20/30 bucks either side bothers me not:)
  13. This