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  1. Something to put your stack into perspective

    It is fascinating. Great chat
  2. Does anyone carry a coin or piece of silver daily

    Always carry a bit of gold with me ccording the technical treatise, The Elements Third Edition, written by John Emsley and published by the Clarendon Press, Oxford in 1998, the average person's body weighing 70 kilograms would contain a total mass of 0.2 milligrams of gold. The volume of this gold in purified form would be 10 nanoliters. If this refined gold were formed into a solid cube of purified gold, the measurement of each side of the cube would be 0.22 millimeters. By comparison, the human body contains 43 kilograms of oxygen, the most abundant element in the earth, as well as the human body. Other elements found in the human body include 16 kilograms of carbon and 7 kilograms of hydrogen. While the role of gold in the physiological processes of the human body was unknown for many years, it has recently been determined that gold plays a role in both the health and maintenance of the joints, as well as being a key element in the transmittal of electrical signals throughout the body. Of interesting note, the human body contains 1.0 gram of Silicon. This element is commonly found in the presence of gold in nature and its metabolic function is currently unknown. https://www.gold-traders.co.uk/gold-information/how-much-gold-is-found-in-the-human-body.asp
  3. Something to put your stack into perspective

    If you took the height and weight of 50 people, what are the chances of the “mean average” person actually existing in that group ? Forget tecnicals. I am referring to the real world, as in the jet fighter cockpit case earlier (the reason, by the way, I believe we have adjustable car seats).
  4. Something to put your stack into perspective

    So what about if one or two people have one arm in that data set ? You have a median but will there be an “average” human based on that in the group ? No.
  5. Something to put your stack into perspective

    Did you know that an average person probably does not exist ? https://www.thestar.com/news/insight/2016/01/16/when-us-air-force-discovered-the-flaw-of-averages.html
  6. For me, No. 1 is the kicker with No 3 a close second.....zero anonymity that could come back to bite you hard if/when the law gets changed in the future and retro actively appled. Good luck to everyone but I am not touching it with a bargepole thinking I am smarter than a government who can change the rules at whim. This means that while digital currency exchange businesses will not require a licence to operate from the Isle of Man, they will need to register with the ‘FSC’ as a ‘Designated Business’ (for anti-money laundering purposes) under the proposed Designated Business (Registration and Oversight) law. Other Isle of Man businesses will be subject to the same regime; including, estate agents, accountants and lawyers. You can find a copy of the consultation document and the draft legislation here. Registration with the FSC will be a prerequisite requirement for businesses wishing to operate as crypto-currency exchanges in the Isle of Man and operating without such a registration will be illegal. One way or another – either by an industry code of practice or by guidelines issued by the FSC – minimum standards of anti-money laundering practice will be expected and required by such businesses so that they comply with the Proceeds of Crime Act 2008 and presumably the Terrorism Finance Act 2009 (although this isn’t mentioned). For more information about Isle of Man Anti Money Laundering laws see here Based on existing Anti-Money Laundering law it seems certain that crypto-currency businesses will require appropriate systems and procedures to be put in place to guard against such crimes; specifically:- (1) Identification documents: Certified identification documents will need to be obtained from clients – certainly for transactions above a certain threshold value.(2) Training: Staff will require regular anti-money laundering training so they are equipped to recognise hallmarks of suspicious activity and understand the steps required of them if they form a suspicion of money laundering.(3) Source of funds / source of wealth information will be required from clients – again most likely for clients engaged in transactions above a certain threshold value.(4) Formal Procedures adopted: Businesses will need to adopt and implement formal compliance and anti-money laundering procedures and appoint experienced Money Laundering Reporting and Compliance officers to oversee operations. Once registration is granted the FSC will be responsible for monitoring the business’s compliance with the law https://www.middletonkatz.com/the-wonderful-truth-about-the-isle-of-mans-burgeoning-bitcoin-business/
  7. The moment you go to cash in or out of cryptos, you are open and have to produce paperwork/proof....that is for sure.
  8. How does it get around government taxation ? Cryptos wont get past that in my lifetime that’s for sure.
  9. Does anybody know where to ...

    Pick a national standard 1oz silver coin from every country you want to in the years you want to - makes the presentation box much easier to source ? Lovely idea by the way
  10. 1/4 oz Gold Queens Beast Bull MS70 - On Ebay

    I have tried both methods, buying raw and getting graded and buying certainties. Lion bought raw graded = ms70 Griffin raw = waiting to send off for grading Red Dragon raw graded = ms69 Unicorn certainty already graded = ms70 Unicorn raw = ms69 and sold. Bull certainty already graded = ms70
  11. It has been a year now. Is another foi request going in to get “Despatched Sales to End April” 2018 ? @Pampfan Magnificent effort last year
  12. 1/4 oz Gold Queens Beast Bull MS70 - On Ebay

    Love to get one but they dont ship my way......
  13. Today I Received

    Received an Isle of Man 1980 one pound 22ct proof yesterday https://colnect.com/en/coins/coin/80486-1_Pound_Triskele_Over_Map_-_Gold-I60_-_One_Sovereign_1_Pound_Bullion_Coinage-Isle_of_Man at bullion price paid last week @arshimo2012. Had a helluva job cracking it out of its plastic covering without damaging it. There was some very heavy bond/glue to undo (see pics with flecks of material on outside and pics once removed). Right at the end, I managed to fingerprint it but was planning to send it off to ncs for conservation anyway. I could find only one graded on either ngc or pcgs and that was a pr67 on pcgs https://www.pcgs.com/pop/pcgsnolookup.aspx?s=520796....and will be taking it to my lcs tomorrow to see if it can beat that and then the 2-3 month wait begins..... I had a choice of a couple of coins but went for the one most people wouldn’t have probably. I like British coins and the bullion price with a young queen’s head on it from the Pobjoy Mint that has lost the contract now makes this one a getting rarer and rarer addition (it is already almost 40 years old).....and in “sovereign” 22ct gold with a one pound designation. The Triskelion over the map is a striking design and I did go to The Isle of Man back in the early 90s to watch Norton win the TT for the first time in decades ! https://www.iomtt.com/TT-Database/Events.aspx?meet_code=TT92 &era= What a tremendous climax to TT week 1992 when the A McAlpine (IoM) Senior TT provided a race-long battle between Steve Hislop on the Norton - The White Charger - and Carl Fogarty on the Loctite Yamaha. They swapped the lead practically every lap - and finished up setting a course record lap and the fastest ever speed between them. At the end of the first lap Carl led Steve by 1.2 seconds with Robert Dunlop (Norton) just 3.4 seconds down in third place - and all three had lapped at over 121mph. At the end of the second circuit Steve led Carl by 2.8 seconds with Robert some 15 seconds down in third place. By half distance the lead had changed again - Carl had a one second advantage over Steve with Robert still in third place. Lap four saw Hislop back in front by 7.4 seconds. For the first time in the race the lead did not change at the end of the fifth and penultimate lap - and the gap between first and a second was now 5.4 seconds, with Robert Dunlop still holding on to third, brother Joey having retired on the previous lap. And so to the final lap - Fogarty set a new absolute lap record in 18 minutes 18.8 seconds equal to 123.61mph. Hislop was just a second slower, and also inside the old record, and took victory by 4.4 seconds to give Norton their first Senior TT win since 1961. It was a hell of a two weeks and I rode round the TT course on “Mad Sunday” when there are no speed restrictions whatsoever. Indeed , our bike gang jackets had the Treskelion design with “Mad Bastards” written underneath it and the “59” black and white patch on the shoulder (British bikers will get the significance of that one).