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  1. Wait for a bus and then three come along. Late evening delivery, sourced locally complete with requisite scuffed cheek. Just bullion and keeping one of each type in both 1/4 oz gold and 2oz silver, so no drama.
  2. Good vibes getting it sorted out. This may or may not be the right moment for levity but hey, hopefully, this will be looked back on happily Parcelforce can be a right pain from experience.
  3. Ordered this one way back in early February I think it was. I'd forgotten all about it. The field really is that wondeful black proof.
  4. You can't go wrong with sovs but if you feel the urge, get a 1/4 Lion at a good price and set it next to a sov for a while and see which one you prefer. QED
  5. Having said that, just bought Peter at 70 quid just today and one each of the upcoming ones at 57. Done and dusted My kid is going to love me
  6. More frivolity
  7. Two 2017 20th anniversary trident privy Rm coins sourced locally.....came in capsules so a nice bonus to keep the two set runs I have up to date
  8. It isn't a 1989 or a 2017 proof sov, that is for sure but it is a first from a major recognised mint of its flagship coin. That will put a floor on the price, wherever that is. Everyone is guessing where that is. Neither optimists nor naysayers know for sure and for the price of a good night out or a tank of petrol, people are willing to pay. That is fine. Nobody else's business. If the majority sell, the price goes down. If the majority keep, it goes up. Now then, back to that good night out....I will take that AND the proof happily. Stay balanced
  9. Knock yourself out https://www.noguchicoin.co.jp Just under £23 each if you buy a roll of 25 as of typing. Like I said. Hardly worth the effort. And unless you are going way way west, you wont be collecting them.
  10. Utterly frivolous buy Antiqued 2016 Queen's Beast 2oz Lion
  11. Probably not worth the cost of exchange rates and shipping for you guys though. In fact, definitely not.
  12. Jaysus ! I got them cheaper on the other side of the planet....ouch !