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  1. https://www.scribd.com/document/340090461/Who-profits-from-bank-rescues-in-the-EU#from_embed
  2. More information about the mints they come from, the history and the minting process etc. Nobody ever goes into detail about where they come from. They just mention the name of the mint, the coin, and that is all.
  3. I still don't get it. Only 1863 of these exist and they are giving them away.....this has to be a sleeper.......or am I missing something ? Or are my figures wrong ? http://www.royalmint.com/discover/uk-coins/circulation-coin-mintage-figures/2006-dated-uk-collector-coin-sales Nice pick up
  4. Any photos of the actual coin front and back ?
  5. Do the Chinese allow managers to be foreign ?
  6. Finally released today and 22% of the 10000 straight out the door on orders from people who ordered last December/Jan (before getting a mail saying the release was delayed until now).
  7. Ordered one last year from the mint and got a mail saying due to be sent out early feb....nothing yet.....they must be busy punting out sapphires and silver beasts ?
  8. for sale

    Always a good idea to include payment methods.
  9. completed

  10. Leicester should have let the players that wanted to leave, leave. That was their mistake.....that and an aging defense in my opinion. West Ham rightly got rid of a dressing room destroying twat in Payet and have been on a tear ever since
  11. Yep. Had some custom silver work done last summer. Excellent communication and very pleased with the results. Super bloke and his missus does some superb art work too.
  12. http://www.powercoin.it/en/cit-coin-invest-trust/2520-historic-guy-fawkes-mask-ii-anonymous-v-for-vendetta-1-oz-black-proof-silver-coin-5-cook-islands-2017.html Second in the series