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  1. not conspiracy but worth an hour. if you don't like research and wading through details about financing, this is not for you.
  2. Ah but which will benefit most from staying in the box or being sent off for grading (assuming all 3 coins were to be graded at the same level)?
  3. Nothing wrong with bu "to a proof standard." rather than, "proof." It states clearly what it is on the link on their website (see above) compared to proof. Coin buying equivalent of kicking the tyres on a car., I guess
  4. That is ok. It is a big old chunk of coin to shift in one go. As for the proof standard bit on a bu coin http://www.royalmint.com/discover/coin-collecting/striking-standards
  5. The last month or so was going so well too - settled in for a quiet summer. Then the RM went and did this Now looking forward to seeing these in the flesh. Very tempting to get the bu graded and I pinged off a very rude email demanding all capsules be tightly screwed in and expecting perfection for the money etc etc. Has a consensus developed as to which of the three is the best choice ?
  6. Minting first and a gorgeous design. No brainer from an historic and aesthetic point of view.
  7. 800 for the p and 525 for the smooth edged. from the RM. I expect a quick sell out of these but we'll see.
  8. I'm in for the piedfort and the smooth edged 2017 sovereign....1000 of those apparently.
  9. Potential interest here. You do realise that after this version, the next one has to be either 250 or 300, then 500 and finally a 1kg......then you really would be a mint........it would be quite the journey.......
  10. Was informed my two arrived safely. Thanks BYB.
  11. Really ? The algorythmns have fed this as front page interest based on....algorythms!! I give up...peak stupidity....I hope...you really switch off the smartphone idiot tubes you may hold.....seriously who givs a ****.... http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-40337450
  12. I'm out. UK election thread is finished.
  13. Oh indeed. My neck of the woods and a long long history.... http://www.formans.co.uk/home.php