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  1. Sunday night metal chat

    Geertop 4 seasons tent. Complete with snow skirting.4 seasons tents are more likely to have condensation on the inside due to the temperature difference between inside and outside in the colder seasons. Letting the tent breathe to reduce the difference will lead to a drop in temperature somewhat inside so a well researched sleeping bag or other arrangement would be preferable. Also, having a footprint or groundsheet under the tent decreases the temperature difference between the ground temperature and inside temperature. The footprint can also be used for picnics daytime and an extra roof, if necessary. The footprint is in the small black bag. The fly sheet also allows other items to be stored inside but not inside the tent section itself. NB always make sure the footprint is larger than the base area of your tent itself. That gives you an extra “porch” to put other items, boots etc. Having wet, sweaty clothes inside the tent increases moisture inside the tent (and the likelihood of condensation) and should be securely stuffed into a closed plastic bag, if kept inside. Also got tiny 12 hour candles that I may melt down and refashion and bacterial soap, aluminim foil and duct tape (duct tape is super super useful outdoors). Most regular soaps are not antibacterial. They just have an aroma. Choose wisely. Got a bunch more Onishi cook in the bag (all come with a spoon inside) meals and my mrs chucked in some stuff she has....whiskey and some other goodies I have yet to go through. Still more coming. Everything chucked in a big box to be separated into family or daddy weekends away and earthquake etc emergency stuff.
  2. Sunday night metal chat

    Although, while we are at it....will go down to my mate’s place near the ocean and test drive everything.....and maybe get a surf in.....it has been a while...... The biggest rookie error with this type of emergency/longterm camping is to not test everything before using it for real.....dont be a rookie And of course, set your own personal parameters....who is it for ? Why ? How long ? Lightweight portable or car/bike carried? Hybrid set up or just fun etc etc ? Each set up is as different as a fingerprint and serves different purposes.
  3. Sunday night metal chat

    Here are my homemade briquets..... cotton wool teased wider and soaked in candle wax....ignore the box....those are wetlights
  4. Sunday night metal chat

    More coming...charged up the Anker Power Bank at home (in the field will be charged with solar power if necessary by the Ravpower fold up solar panels) and tested its charging ability on an ipad mini this morning. The ipad was at 10% and was at 36% in 22 minutes.....that is pretty good ! a 26% delivery to an ipad in 22 minutes. I will test it on a laptop later and post the results. When the new rucksack arrives, it will be interesting to see how the lifestraw family filter fits into it...it will need the most care....but I love a challenge
  5. Sunday night metal chat

    When you pack it all up, barely larger than an ipad.
  6. Sunday night metal chat

  7. Sunday night metal chat

    Buckle up. Here come a bunch of photos.....but once all folded up only takes up a tiny part of the 34L rucksack coming next week.....the solar panel can lay flat, stand up in a triangle, be attached to the back of your rucksack or to the tent to catch power. Power bank to store excess power (actually the heaviest item) Youtube the knife model to see what it can do. Superb item and a hole in the casing to let out rainwater etc....i will customise it of course with paracord etc....
  8. Sunday night metal chat

    Doritos are stupid food (oh the humanity) but they could save your life one day as a firestarter
  9. I remember saving all my halfpenny coins.....loads and loads of them, properly impossible to carry......to buy my first skateboard waaaaaay back in the 70s
  10. Initially, this. Wonderful lecture and well worth watching the eight episodes. 5 million views for an old codger giving a lecture about arithmetic?? What's going on? You'll just have to watch to see what's so damn amazing about what he (Albert Bartlett) has to say.
  11. Sunday night metal chat

    And finished off this week’s upgrades with a geertop double layer 4 seasons 2 person tent (could get the wee one in if necessary but Mrs Oldun will be getting her own tent she said, which is sensible....to go in her rucksack) and I added a geertop xxxl double sided groundsheet which could double up for picnics and a bivouac/topsheet all for £74 delivered....all kit I added this week can be carried and work in all weather without any fuss......that is the main focus thanks for this thread.....I needed to replace some gear and this reminded me
  12. Sunday night metal chat

    Just spent the afternoon home on my day off looking after my kid who is fine and bouncy but running a temperature with a cough. Soooooo, Daddy spent his time buying the Teton Sports Scout 3400 rucksack, RavPower 16W two socket solar panel charger and the Anker Powercore 20100 2 port mobile battery. Keeping it light for movement rather than staying put as staying put, we have everything we need. I also make some homemade briquets by stealing my wife’s cottonwool buds, spreading each one out in each ice tray compartment, melting candles in a glass jar floating in boiling water and then pouring the liquid wax into each compartment, covering the cottonwool. Then, let them set and you have super cheap briquets for starting fires. Might as well do something useful while I’m nursing my little girl
  13. Greetings from Virginia

    Welcome. Solid and good crowd here.
  14. Sunday night metal chat

    Just been refreshing some basic kit...Trying to order a firesteel armageddon gobspark with extra magnesium but their website wont let me continue due to where I live....sent them a mail. Got some wetfire tinder blocks coming as well as a Mora Knife Companion Heavy Duty MG and Alpha Rice Series packets ehich are little stars for on the move.. These you wont know but they provide a great meal in a bag. The meals are good with hot water but perfectly delicious to eat in just water. http://oishii-j.com/shop/05-en.html Mind you, in the event of anything, everyone goes and sleeps in local elementary, junior and senior high schools where sleeping mats, blankets, water and basic foods etc are distributed to everyone in the community - everyone just goes to their nearest one wherever they live across the land...it is very organised and easy for helicopters to land in the sports fields, if necessary etc. All over the country there are huge storage containers in every village, town and city with supplies to be delivered to each school, if required. Mind you, I still like to have my own affairs sorted out. It is good practice and an excuse to take the family into the countryside for fun.
  15. Sunday night metal chat

    Was not aimng this at nuclear, just general.....no fun being in a chemical warfare suit for 5 days in the burning heat of summer somewhere in West Germany (as it was then) pooping through a flap and sucking food through a mask straw....no fun at all.....let alone trying to fight...and sleep.....and Russia and its eastern block was very much a threat at the time....right before it collapsed spectacularly. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SXWVpcypf0w