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    The one time i've bought from them, they more than likely broke EU laws by declaring it as medical supplies and it was dumped inside my back door with no signature
  2. Drop shipping can kill your ebay ratings if it goes wrong because you're relying on a third party to ship. For me at least its far more worthwhile flipping silver or even numismatic coins on ebay.
  3. 2018 5,000 Francs Republic of Chad African Lion

    Is this the same series as the 2015 Chad Hippo & Benin Rhino? I've not kept up with semi-numis releases recently.
  4. for sale 9ct Gold 1977 Silver Jubilee medallion

    I had a few of these before, I think they are hallmarked too. Good price @shawy2510 i've seen them go for £50-70 on ebay if the seller has got lucky.
  5. This MUST be a scam right?

    It's a classic Ebay strategy. There used to be really good junk lots on Ebay, I remember filching a ton of foreign silver from them back when it was $45 spot. These days its 99% dreck with a load of old junk coins and as someone has said strategically placed 'good' items. My favourite is the mention on some listing of 'totally unsorted'...... which means 'I've totally sorted through this lot'
  6. Is silver stacking a loss leader?

    I got into silver at the wrong time... 2011 when spot price was $45+ and youtube shills were everywhere. I don't think I ever sold a piece of pure silver bullion for profit to this day But it did turn me into a collector of numismatic old coins, something which I would have considered nerdy just a few years ago. And I now stack gold. I actually barely even look at the spot price these day, the money I have in my metals is frankly what I would have blown on trash before so I don't see it as an investment but as a store of wealth.
  7. Biggest disappointment on buying

    Mine have to be the Ghana 100 Cedis 'error' Might just have got unlucky but all 3 I had (moved them on now) turned milky real quick.
  8. Silvergoldbull

    I've received gold from them, took about 7 days... no problems, didn't even need a customs declaration.
  9. Bankers are against Cryptocurrency? Sat it isn't so...
  10. Selling silver

    Back in the day when we saw near $50 silver, if you had made that statement on youtube comments you would have been branded a non-believer by a ton of people Never saw the point of 'prepping' myself but each to their own, they'll be the ones laughing I guess should anything doomsdayish ever happen.
  11. Most expensive coin

    Last general election, got an amazing price on no overall majority.
  12. Most expensive coin

    A Gold St Gaudens $20.... not willy waving, just got lucky on a bet and had the funds for something I didn't think i'd be able to get for a while. I reckon most peoples average price would fall into the first category, or the 2nd if you just stack Sovs and nothing else.
  13. Royal Mint Star Wars Medals

    Weirdly though according to ebay completed listings you could have picked these up for £80 delivered a week ago? But no bids? From completed sales I can see a couple have sold for £125
  14. I've got on board Crypto in the last few months especially. But only with money i'm prepared to lose... and I intend to withdraw any profits back to metals. It is absolutely the wild west out there in terms of investments.
  15. Advice needed for a new member.

    I reckon that's right but only if you are buying like that to begin with and not paying premiums. From my experience, a no-problem coin will sell for £1-2 more than a milked, dirty example. It shouldn't matter with bullion but it does.
  16. The Four Generations of Royalty 2018

    Agreed.... I avoid all modern Royal like the plague. Always going to end up having to sell it for less than you bought it for. The UK as a whole is fairly positively royalist, but the types who have a pic of the queen on the wall and buy every piece of royal tat produced are few and far between.
  17. Looking for advice on face to face sales.

    You talk to your neighbours about your stack!?
  18. Magic Year When Tarnish is Good?

    I have no problem with numismatic coins having toning at all.... I think the problem being referred to on the other thread is on modern collectable bullion that commands a premium. I wouldn't immediately rule out non-tarnished coins of the 1800's as suspicious. It all depends on lustre Here's one of my sixpences which has original lustre.... And here's one of my USA collection... now I suspect this has probably been cleaned even with tarnish, which is why I have been hesitant to send it for grading
  19. A Whizzing Tale

    And its very hard to tell from just an Ebay photo sometimes. I would say for a non noob, although the others blatantly stand out as whizzed.... that 1964 Kennedy from pic alone looks like an UNC with lustre just from the photo.
  20. Looking for advice on face to face sales.

    I'm ok with posting out to forum members and having a 'return' address on the back, but randomers who are local coming to my house? Not so much.....
  21. Looking for advice on face to face sales.

    Do you really want the buyer to know your address?
  22. Thanks for the reminder, saw this last night and forgot about it. Pity any bullion deal on Amazon sucks
  23. 1928 Wreath Crown

    An easy EF I think on the reverse, the thistles & roses are 95% intact The obverse is EF detail too, but it would all come down to how much those nicks hurt when someone is looking to buy. Maybe the obverse is gVF/aEF because of it.
  24. Description of these 2 Crowns

    Neither are proof, the one on the right may have been gently cleaned but its difficult to tell from photos. I would say they are both EF. The book mentioned by sovsaver suggests to look for wear on the orb under the cross and on the chain across the body on the unicorn
  25. for sale or exchange 1907 Edward VII Florin XF 40-45

    Ah yes! It's unusual for someone from the UK to reference the US grading scale initially so I was confused. Yes, definite Sheldon scale XF. If you were to offer that to a UK coin dealer as XF he'd give you a funny look