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  1. BNT - Do not use - Bunch of cowboys - Please read

    I can't say that my order wasn't eventually filled only because someone else backed out but to give credit to BNT can confirm I received mine as above and paying approx £525 over 5 months as agreed at the time and not the higher price. I got quite lucky as the price rose literally a minute after I purchased. So they definitely could have sold this for £275 more but have honoured the original buy. Be interested to know if the others in this thread either backed out/still waiting or got theirs in the end?
  2. BNT - Do not use - Bunch of cowboys - Please read

    Well would you believe what arrived out of the blue by special delivery this morning from BNT? Over 2 months after ordering and long after I had given up on getting this Paying via 5 monthly installments of £106 as per original plan. In excellent condition, so no sloppy seconds either...
  3. What % of your stack should be bullion?

    Fair play to those that do, but I'd just get bored stacking the one coin over and over... as mentioned above I think a little % should always be there that can easily be shifted should the need arise.
  4. From £12 to £13

    When you were buying 1oz coins @ £32-£35 in 2011 then £11-£12 spot is hardly any movement at all
  5. Today I bought this good. Buy or Bad ???

    Ouch! We've all been there at some point. Best advice I was given was know is to know exactly what you are buying and what its value is and it will save you in the long run however much the spirit on your shoulder in screaming in your ear.....' buy the shiny... buy the shiny....' you will learn to resist!
  6. Scottsdales 1oz Bu Ghana leopard mix up

    That was 100 Old Cedis though, not current tender. Will be interesting to follow the price from here on out, many times i've seen coins hit a peak and then slowly make their way back closer to the initial purchase price. The 2012 Dragon was one example, I bought at £35, the price shot up to £70 for a few months and then you could probably pick one up close to £35 not long after. There is definitely a 'peak' price for this coin somewhere. It's difficult to judge as although it won't have the collectability of the Lunar series, the mintage is way lower for the 100 Cedis.
  7. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Does this include my 3 by any chance? Don't worry i'm a patient sort and fully understand what a pain in the arse customs are.
  8. Scottsdales 1oz Bu Ghana leopard mix up

    Couple sold at that price too and a couple overseas for £41-42 Now do these continue to go up, or will they soon hit 'flip' point?
  9. Sorry to bog out on this after expressing early interest.... was holding out for a few more African Leopards but they raised the price by over $5
  10. There was a certain point when the BBC went from just reporting news to influencing news with their agenda and i'm not sure when it was. Or maybe it was always like that and I only noticed recently.
  11. Euro passporting is such a minor part of the Citys business. The EU cannot prevent Euro trading in London, they would have to prevent NY from doing so as well. Not going to happen. Dublin, Paris, Luxembourg & Frankfurt put together do not do a fraction of the clearing London does. Most of these new 'jobs' moving to Frankfurt are brass plate moves. For every 200 jobs in Frankfurt, 5000 stay in London.
  12. No other country is in the UK's position. 2nd highest net contributor, own currency & central bank, world financial centre etc. Not saying i't won't happen, but any 'punishment' of the UK given we are the EU's best customer, that we are propping up Eastern Europes jobs market and that lots of Euro finance is churned through London is basically the EU shooting itself in the foot. They'll feed crap to the media for another 18 months and then agree a position where it looks like both sides can spin a position that they came out on top.
  13. I Ignore most of the UK media on Brexit entirely, they're either looking for clicks or have their own agenda to spin. The EU need this to work just as much as the UK. Londons financial centre basically runs the Eurozone system right now, the EU are very much looking at a cliff edge too if suddenly they cannot access London. The EU & UK will agree a FTA as close to the single market without actually being the single market. Bottom line for the UK will be no ECJ law, and since there is no legal justification on any Brexit Bill - anything this country does cough up will be dependent on getting that FTA.
  14. Scottsdales 1oz Bu Ghana leopard mix up

    It might be but as seen in this thread, the quality is mixed. You would need to scour these carefully before submitting, MS70's may be hard to come by. For me, I need to see genuine interest in the coin as a collectable rather than a bunch of stackers like us generating interest and buzz by trying to get on the flipping train.