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  1. Worth a punt on this I think, I just noticed the Panda Bars from this series back in 2013 are fetching £280-340 now. The Kruger is likely to hold more collector interest than the Philharmonics or Kooks did. For some reason coininvest are selling these for 133 Euros more than GS.be!
  2. Was Apmex but not through ebay, we don't have ebay bucks in the UK
  3. Common date, but normally well out of my price range. I had a splurge!
  4. The bottom of the horses mouth would worry me from a grading perspective, unless that's just a reflection
  5. Apparently this is the 5th in a series of world coin bars, just from a quick look on Ebay realised prices - the Philharmonic & Kookaburra sets are selling for £195 a couple of years after their release. My question... is there anything that makes it more likely the Kruger set sees an increase in value from its current price?
  6. There are clear hairlines visible so are NGC saying this was part of the minting process or does the edge damage override the cleaning!? The edge damage thing is so harsh, it's the sort of thing that would put me off sending things in. For example, i've seen MS64 graded 1887 half crowns go for 4x what I paid for mine, but would NGC give this beauty a details grade for the edge nick at 10 o'clock?
  7. $50 + an extra $26 because i'm in an Extended Area (?) But then that's the same for a $200 order as it is a $4000 order.
  8. Interesting... did they charge you the correct VAT ok?
  9. Anyone with any recent experience of how this goes? Recently made my first order with APMEX and fully aware i'll get stung 5% VAT customs if they do it correctly, or 20% if they don't and will have to claim it back. I've been searching but cannot see for the life of me any definitive procedure once the order hits these shores. Do UPS sent a bill first before delivery attempt? Deliver first, send an invoice later? Pay on delivery? Also their tracking updates are all over the place, what's this mean? Castle Donnington, United Kingdom 2:33 Documentation required for import is incomplete or missing. We are working to obtain this information. 2:13 Your package is at the clearing agency awaiting final release. / Your package was released by the clearing agency. 2:13 Your package is at the clearing agency awaiting final release.
  10. Might be worth keeping an eye on Ebay. I know some people snap up all the swiss francs they can get at way under value. Plus of course, you'll get Nectar points if its a regular thing.
  11. That's interesting to hear, do they have a seperate listing for Vicky shields on their site or is it a case of phoning and asking? I've never ever seen them do it.
  12. HGM state their bullion grade is a coin ensured that it is not worn beyond normal wear and tear (their words) I've received 1 sov and 2 half sovs totally blind from HGM and received 3 x 1901's The sov had a little edge ding and probably an old cleaning, the first 1/2 sov had a fair bit of wear and the 2nd was quite nice. None of them were anything other than normal wear, I know your issue was with Atkinsons, but the debate is whether a 1cm scratch is normal wear and tear. I wouldn't complain at anything I get from HGM as they don't sell bullion at extra premium for dates or condition like Atkinsons - the only issue I would have buying bullion grade from Atkinsons is that you are bound to get their worst coins as they list their best seperately.
  13. I'm not sure how this will help with your rugby shorts, but for those selling or re-selling coins try this: PM's/Cash aren't covered as stated but collectable coins are I recently got a refund for a silver 5 reichsmark lost in post sent to Germany and filed it online here, quicker than filling in forms. Got a refund in 5-6 days. https://royalmailemailform.datasquirt.co.uk/ You'll need to upload to them the proof of the cost of the items to you, eg paypal payment if bought online, proof of posting form (or signed for number) - proof of buyer payment to you for the item if applicable and a screenshot of all relevant ebay pages. Edited to also note that they'll only refund you the amount you paid for the item, not what the buyer paid you.
  14. Anyone else dabble in this series? The premiums are high but the mintage low and the quality is first class. I am a bit confused about what is what though, they could really do with some info put out about which series is which. As far as I can tell there is a 2014 & 2015 Elephant which I believe is a yearly series on its own. And the Zebra & Rhino are the first 2 coins in a new series.