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  1. Yeah, online buying bulk lots blind is a recipe for losing money usually. The saleroom has a ton of auctions for coin lots online and by the time you add on premiums, delivery costs etc.... and the fact you are competing against 'in the room' bidders who will have had a closer look your % chance of success is minimal. My best result was actually luck on Ebay about 3-4 years back, as I was trying to put a Canada Small Cents collection together and I snapped up about 300 mixed for £3+P&P. It was a terrbile picture but the guy stated lots of different dates and mostly Canadian. When it came there were about 25 Small Brass Chinese Empire coins mixed in with the lot worth about £300!
  2. No, the British political class got us into this 'mess' by lying to the electorate for the past 40 years about the direction of the EEC/EU. It was utterly inevitable this was all going to come to a head like it did because of their collective uselessness of whatever colour political party. The leave vote was far more than about money. I voted leave simply because of the democratic deficit that had built up over that time, with governance moving further and further away from people. We were going nowhere with the half-assed in/out position of the UK. My view was whatever the result we need to go the direction decided to the max - either all OUT or as one of the countries with the highest GDP actually running the EU alongside the Germans & French by joining the EURO. In the end I have the utmost confidence in British politicians to do neither, fudge it and leave us in a worse position than before.
  3. He's far more of a danger to this country than Brexit ever was (and that's from a floating voter who has voted Labour in the past)
  4. Do I have a strategy yet?

    This even happens to me just with collecting/stacking all the time over the past 6 years. I can lose interest for a bit (whilst still keeping my collection/stack of course) and go a few months without buying a thing. Then all it takes is one new coin release, or bargain that piques my interest and whammo i'm right back into it like crazy.
  5. 1919 - 1920 50% or Sterling & Gothic Unboxing

    According to Chris Perkins Collector Coins GB (2014) there infact are 1920 Sixpences & Threepences in .925 He remarks... 1920 Sterling Silver coins have slightly stronger details particularly on the serifs of the 'E's. Most dealers don't distinguish as both are worth about the same. This was the first time I had ever heard of such a thing tbh. Would be interesting to snap up a bunch of worn 1920 Coins and send off for melt to see the result.
  6. storage boxes for NGC slabs - UK purchase

    Thanks for that, would probably do the job for me as I have a mix of PCGS & NGC - would these take a few CGSUK as well?
  7. My first sovereign

    A much better description than my 'plasticy' !!
  8. My first sovereign

    I'm sure this is obvious and well known amongst Sov collectors but why do older Soverigns look SOOOOOOOO much better than modern ones? I mean, they scream GOLD to me, whereas the 2006 I have just has a kind of plasticy appearance ( its genuine I assure you lol)
  9. Not had this problem yet, but i'd ask them their name, branch location and position within the bank and that you are going to call your bank to confirm its legitimacy. At the moment i'm inundated with calls from India with strong Indian accents who always have western names like David or Angela who would like to inform me about either my boiler or government grants. I've yet to find out what their game is as i just hang up but presume its just to get my ID.
  10. 2017 Swan PROOF Coin ON SALE NOW!

    I guess its Perth Mint so should be OK.... but i'm steering clear of bullion proofs right now. A few milk spots over time and your 80% premium is gone.
  11. $20,500 Gothic Florin

    Its a gorgeous proof, but my 2013 Spink has this at £5750 and Spinks prices are usually OTT Here's my 1873 (any excuse to show off a Gothic Florin!)
  12. A package arrived today!

    I recognise that as an Ipswich/Colchester twang I think, i'm from near there originally Congrats madstacks
  13. Import charges from outside the EU

    Definitely IMO, but I don't know how easy that is considering they've identified your item wrongly on the customs form. As per HMRC
  14. Import charges from outside the EU

    Yeah, they've got that completely wrong. I bought a slabbed double eagle from Apmex and paid no VAT at all - infact UPS rang me to let me know all I had to do was sign their form saying I was taking delivery of 'Investment Gold' and there would be no VAT to pay.
  15. What do you stack and why ?

    I'm probably unlike most here in that I don't 'Stack' I am into Numismatics now having drifted there from Silver stacking at its height in 2011-12. £35 an ounce... ouch. I guess that's lying as I am stacking in a way but i'd rather get a slabbed gold double eagle these days than 4 tubes of Britannias.