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  1. What ..... after Brexit for our Silver & Gold ???

    Legally, that is correct. Politically it is absolutely binding though. Far too many people do not think of the consequences of the government ignoring this, you will basically say to a whole section of society (many of whom voted for the first time in their lives) that they do not have the democratic means to change society and that their vote means nothing. You get a version of UKIP on steroids, or possibly worse. That's why it will happen, in whatever form that takes.
  2. eBay prices vs current Silver price

    Damn, those prices are so recognisable lol, I think I got into stacking a few months later than the high that year. I can't remember when the big downward crash began.
  3. Coin info needed

    Look like replicas to me, sadly.
  4. Scottish stackers

    Next day delivery is next day delivery. Unless the OP means potentially face-to-face...
  5. Is patience a virtue/ long wait for a coin.

    I've forgotten most of it but back in the days of the old Astra satellite I learnt quite a bit just by watching the German football shows. Not so much by the show 'Tutti Frutti' which was most appreciated by this 15/16 year old (now watch as no-one has a clue what that is.....)
  6. Herd Anticipation

    Ha, wait until Comrade Corbyn and his marxist chums enter No.10.....
  7. Fake and dramatic news

    Said this before on here I think, but as a forty-something.... my eyes have been opened to MSM agenda setting rather than news reporting. It may always have been this way, but I've noticed it and look out for it now.
  8. Official 2017 Christmas prize draws[emoji318]

    Prize for Draw 16... it's sealed .
  9. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    Never used them, recommended for any particular reason?
  10. Official 2017 Christmas prize draws[emoji318]

    With 'spotting'
  11. what is your best silver bargain

    My best bargains have been numismatic finds. My best being an a near UNC 1902 Hong Kong 20 cents for Melt, sold for £100 If I remember
  12. What would you buy next ?

    PM's are reliable and stable and a store of wealth. I see BTC as speculation, I would definitely cash out of Cryptos into metals though... would not want that going through a bank.
  13. What would you buy next ?

    Over on the bitforum ( which I should post more at) I started a thread 2 months ago asking how I could justify buying BTC at $3,800 It's now $11,600...
  14. What do you think??

    Hmmm, fair play to the guy (or gal) he isn't exactly misleading anyone as to what it is. The only debateable part is the 500 Mintage which could be stated better. The end work is about a 5/10 in appearance for me, but people are buying them. They're selling for £45..... is it worth his time for the £25-30 profit? Looking at his feedback, people seem to be happy. Bizarre...
  15. Floor safes for precious metals

    Rather than start a new thread, thought i'd add on to this... What about storage in floor safes of slabbed coins? Sure you may throw some PM's in there that condition is secondary as its just bullion but how would you go about storing NGC & PCGS graded coins? It must get quite cold/damp below ground level.