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  1. What's your favourite queen,s beast

    1. Lion 2. Unicorn 3. Dragon 4. Bull 5. Griffin
  2. No, only a basic knowledge of colour chemistry. The sun emits white light, which is split into it’s component colours and scattered by the elements in the atmosphere. Any perceived colour change is due to the filtering and not to the source of the light.
  3. Indeed, the heat/light emitted from the sun is not perceptibly different today than it was hundreds or thousands or even tens of thousands of years ago. It’s the stuff it’s filtered through before it gets to us that makes it appear different. It’s the atmosphere that’s changed, not the sun.
  4. Novel Uses for Fake Silver

    I needed something solid to prop up the leg of the dishwasher, so started with a fake Sunshine Mint 1 oz bar (an eBay purchase in 2011, refunded). This wasn’t quite thick enough so tried 2 together. This was too thick. Step up to the plate a fake 2009 Panda (another 2011 eBay purchase, not refunded, as it took me too long to realise they were fake). Perfect. Take that dodgy bloke from Humberside, your fake silver came in useful after all, and you taught me a valuable lesson early in my stacking adventures.
  5. ‘Today, Conservatives and Labour are pretty much the same. Most Tories are pro EU (Socialism). Most Labour are pro EU (Socialism).’ I don’t agree with much of what you said, but I agree with this part. However, for the recent past both parties (and the EU) have been crony capitalists, not socialists. We live in times where the gap between the richest and the rest has never been greater, very little redistribution of wealth (socialism) going on there. You seem to be objecting to the acceptance/proliferation of more socially liberal views on how we live our lives, which is an entirely different issue.
  6. We were talking about the U.K., not Venezuela.
  7. I’m still confused. Are you telling me that the free market loving Tories have been socialist all along, as they’be been in power for most of my lifetime.
  8. I wasn’t aware we’d ever had socialism, I must have missed that.
  9. Generally, this sounds very similar to here. Nobody seems able to cope with nuanced views or deviation from the accepted norms anymore. Every dissenter is now an extremist (some no doubt are). Personally I’m a very socially liberal leave (Brexit) voter, which makes people’s heads explode with confusion.
  10. ‘Edit, I think it has something to do with the fact that both women were going to interview one of your outspoken and controversial citizens named Tommy Robinson.’ Tommy Robinson has been known to incite and take part in violence. Therefore coming to the U.K. to interview him with the likely intention of using that interview to publicise their own agenda, is probably why they were denied access.
  11. Possibly to do with this: Perhaps it could be to do with the time, last year, when his group allegedly took a boat into the Mediterranean Sea and targeted the Aquarius ship, which was being operated by the charity Doctors Without Borders. They were detained over the stunt, which was held to push their conspiracy theory that non-governmental organisations such as Doctors Without Borders are part of a human trafficking operation. This is a decent summary of the current situation: Nick Lowles, chief executive of the anti-racism campaign group Hope Not Hate, says there has been a shift in who the UK government considers to be a threat. He says that "during the last two to three years the government has taken a very strong position against hard-line neo-Nazis, extreme Holocaust deniers, banning many who've attempted to enter the UK." "What's new about the banning of Generation Identity activists such as Martin Sellner, Brittany Pettibone, and their increasingly alt-right friend Lauren Southern, is that the government has signalled that it's going after 'softer' targets on the hard right," says Lowles. "These are people who have huge reach on social media, they are peddlers of online hate, and as our recent State of Hate report highlighted, the online reach of right-wing hate preachers can have disastrous consequences." "The irony is that the far right have long called for the British government to take firm control of our borders. Now they are doing just that."
  12. Today I Received

    4 of these, in very nice condition.
  13. Anniversary somali Elephant

    Maybe, but silberwerte.de have always been closely linked with the Elephant series, so they may have had them before others.
  14. Anniversary somali Elephant

    I think they’ve been in stock for a couple of weeks in some of the German dealers.
  15. Anniversary somali Elephant

    They could be had for around 24-25 euros on release about a month ago (silberwerte.de, cheimgauer). That price lasted a day or so.
  16. Reverse Proof Libertads

    Saw these on Thursday evening and couldn’t resist ordering the 5 oz.
  17. for sale US Gold

    I have for sale: 1897 $5 (Half Eagle) - £255 1986 $5 Commemorative Statue of Liberty - £245 I'll even throw in the slabs. Postage £2.50 1st Class signed for (at your risk) or £7 Special Delivery. If buying both it will have to be Special Delivery. Payment by bank transfer or Paypal f+f.
  18. 10p Coins

    The Westminster website is now saying April for delivery due to heavy demand.
  19. Today I Received

    2012 1/4 oz panda

    They are famous for their terrible customer service. You’re not the first and won’t be the last....
  21. 10p Coins

    Unfortunately for him and the rest of the flipping fraternity, Change Checkers now have them on eBay at £2 each.
  22. 10p Coins

    I think the Westminster site is getting crashy now. Placed one order, but can’t cope with my second one.
  23. 10p Coins

    There’s a James Bond coin on eBay, already has 6 bids up to £5.50. May be a wise investment after all.
  24. Nectar Points Offer

    4 x Nectar points on eBay this weekend (2nd - 5th).
  25. Has anyone made this mistake?

    If you’re going to go down the route of cancelling the auctions (which I don’t recommend on reputational or ethical grounds), be sure that you would be comfortable with the same thing happening to you as a buyer.